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A recognized leader in business education and research. Established in 1919 and based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.

Paul, the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota is a recognized leader in business education and research. Its focus on experiential learning, international education, and maintaining strong ties to the business community exemplify the school’s commitment to excellence. The Carlson School offers 13 degree programs for more than 5,000 current students. An alumni body of nearly

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Students brighten our campus community so much — but we recognize how important it is that between semesters, they reconnect with their communities at home. To help them focus on that, the Carlson School will be pausing all social media posting from December 22 through January 7.

Spend time with loved ones. Soak up some time away. Then return to campus, refreshed for another semester. We’ll be back on January 8; see you next year!


The “most wonderful time of the year” never goes by without chocolate chip cookies getting made in the Prenkert household, as you can see in this video.

”From our family to yours, season’s greetings and happy New Year! Deb, our sons (Calvin and Grant), and I are overjoyed to be part of this special community. Here’s to a bright and productive 2024.” —Dean Jamie Prenkert


After 15 years, another volume of the album “A Minnesota Holiday” is hitting Kowalski's Markets near you! Phil Thompson, ‘07 BSB, uses both his Entrepreneurship degree and musical talents to arrange this annual charitable collection of music and give back to the community.

“We’ve partnered with Second Hand Heartland since the pandemic, as hunger needs have been really high, and it’s important to me to tie the charity in with the need,” Thompson says. “For every dollar raised, it provides three meals. It’s pretty amazing the impact it makes.”

Past years of the album have included some of the state’s most famous artists: Bob Dylan, Brian Setzer, and Sheila E., to name a few. This year’s milestone Vol. 15 lineup is no exception, with tracks by former NBC's The Voice contestant Kat Perkins, Grammy Award-winning The Sounds of Blackness, Minnesota Orchestra trumpeter Charles Lazarus, and more.

Find out more about the album (like where to listen and purchase!) here:


One word describes Yinebeb Kebede, ‘25 BSB, and his academic journey: unique.

Most people earn some sort of degree before creating a business, but Kebede breaks the mold. While still attending high school in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Brooklyn Center native founded a nonprofit to assist schools in his family’s home country of Ethiopia.

“I've always gravitated toward news about big companies, big business decisions, and even toward the stock market pretty early on—anything correlated to business,” he explains. “I would definitely say it was initiated by my dad's pursuit of business.”

His father originally worked as a real estate agent after their family’s immigration to the U.S. in the early 2000, and he now works as a broker. Kebede shares his father’s interest in Finance, choosing it as his college major. Wait, no—he’s majoring in Mathematics. Or was it Accounting? Or MIS?

Oh, that’s right—he’s quadruple majoring in all four.

His titanic academic load was made possible by the Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program through the Minnesota Department of Education, allowing him to earn college credits while still in high school. Kebede credits his advisor and the Carlson School’s admission team for helping his goals become a reality.

That same spirit of assistance has permeated Kebede’s time at the Carlson School, where he’s supported by the Bennett and Sharon Morgan Family Scholarship and the Frederick Grose Scholarship. In kind, Kebede hopes to support others in the campus community, as he stays involved with organizations like the Carlson School Ambassadors, National Association of Black Accountants - UMN, Emerging Leaders of Color, and Diverse Leaders for Tomorrow.

“I had a couple of mentors who had done a lot of impact in terms of promoting diversity,” he remembers, “and that’s something I’ve found myself to be super passionate about, not just within the school itself, but with diversity in corporate America and greater society.”

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In BA 1011: Leading Self & Teams, students complete the Carlson Acts of Kindness project to learn about teamwork. The project can take different forms — some of this year’s include writing letters to loved ones, playing board games to destress, and interviewing members of the Carlson School community to tell students what they need to hear. Watch that full interview here:

“We spend most of our professional lives in teams. Yet, we rarely consider in any systematic way what makes for an effective team,” said Dr. Yelena Hydrie, one of the instructors of BA 1011 this semester. “This class gives the students an opportunity to learn the science behind designing and developing effective teams and put it into practice in designing and implementing a team project of their own.”

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This , we’re remembering last month’s Green Week! A series of events coordinated by Net Impact with the help of other clubs across campus, the week championed sustainability to students. Some events included a plant swap and craft night, thrift pop-up, alumni panel, and campus clean-up.

Learn more about the week here:

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Schedules are busy and brains are full as many students take their finals in these last couple weeks of the semester. The undergraduate program team and Carlson Business Board collaborated on a finals celebration last week, to give everyone a welcome chance to rest before getting back to grinding.

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Yesterday, Snowflake Spectacular gave students a chance to relax with some winter-themed fun. You could decorate a cookie, drink hot chocolate, craft a paper snowflake, fight with paper snowballs, and write down your “winter wishes” to be displayed on the projector.


Ingrid Hildebrand, ‘24 BSB, highly recommends students try gaining as much as possible from their college experience, and she’s taken her own advice.

“Getting involved has really helped me make the most of my time here,” she asserts, “whether as a peer career coach, an ambassador, president of my business fraternity, or helping with undergrad research.”

The opportunities were myriad for Hildebrand, a double major in international business and management information systems (MIS). Now a recipient of the MIS Quarterly scholarship, Hildebrand discovered her interest in MIS after high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, thanks to a six-week program on AI, data, and machine learning.

“It was very cool seeing there are all these opportunities available in technology and business. I declared MIS after sophomore year,” she remembers. “I’ve always been interested in diverse perspectives and backgrounds, so international business was my first thought. With our study abroad requirement, I knew I’d be more well-rounded graduating from here.” She proved this during her semester abroad at Esade Business School in Barcelona, Spain, where she made global connections.

CoMIS, a case competition hosted at the Carlson School, provided Hildebrand with the chance to capitalize on both her interests and majors. She joined the planning committee and is now co-chair, organizing the 15 national and international teams who will come to Minneapolis and complete their 24-hour case. Meeting students from other schools, witnessing their presentations, and comparing their business educations is a highlight for anyone assisting with the event.

“Having all of these different experiences let me talk about them a lot during my interviews for internships and even the position I’ll be starting after graduation,” Hildebrand says. “They definitely differentiated me.”


Caribou Coffee Chats, sponsored by Carlson Business Board, give students and professors the opportunity to connect one-on-one.

“Every time I meet with a student, I gain fresh insights,” says Senior Lecturer Corey Nelson. “These meetings allow me to discover their thoughts, interests, sources of stress, and everything in between.”

Which professor would you like to grab a coffee with?

Learn more here:


Any alums have recent wedding or baby news? Use this link to send us your information and some photos by December 21st to be featured in the next issue of the Carlson School Magazine:

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The Carlson Global Institute hosted an “Around the World” tour last week in the atrium. Each table represented one of the Carlson School’s many study abroad options, with past participants present to answer students’ questions. We hope some of you chose where you’d like to complete your international experience based on their input!


If there’s one thing Avery Lash, ‘24 BSB, has learned during college, it’s to trust herself.

Graduating from high school in Plymouth, Minnesota among a class of around 850 students, Lash didn’t mind a crowd and knew she wanted to go to a top business school. After a few college tours, she realized she was drawn to the environment of a big school and the energy it gives its students.

“When I was holding my Carlson School acceptance letter, I was like, ‘This feels right. This feels like a place I could thrive,” she remembers.

Even well into her time as a student, Lash found her resolve tested when friends recommended she apply to join the Carlson Consulting Enterprise (CCE). They knew her creative and strategic thinking would benefit the programs’ real-world work, and convinced her to apply despite some apprehension.

“Prior to that, I didn't really understand what consulting was,” she explains. “But I got in, my team was amazing, and they supported me. It’s crazy to think that an academic experience can have such a great impact on your life; after that first semester in CCE, I realized consulting was the place I wanted to end up.”

Lash will rely on her new-and-improved sense of self as she finishes her time at the UMN and prepares to begin her career after graduation.

“I've learned how to be authentically myself because I feel like I belong here,” she shares. “I'm surrounded by people who appreciate me and want to see me succeed — my peers, the faculty, the staff, they all support me. That’s what it means to be a Carlson School student.”


In case you haven't heard, it's Give to the Max Day! Join the Carlson School community in support of our students, and donate to any of our 21 campaigns:

Staples for student needs, scholarships for student success, mental health programs for student wellbeing — these and more will ensure the best possible experience for students while they attend our school. Please help us continue teaching the next generation how to use .

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When Pattie Björnson (then Knight) met her husband Mark Björnson while attending the Carlson School, he mentioned he had long-term goals to have a large family, a big garden, and live out in the country. Months later, they started dating, and decades later, they built and now manage Björnson Vineyard in Salem, Oregon.

Their journey to viticulture hasn’t been simple. It involves a biking trip across Europe that provided inspiration, Wine Studies classes at a community college that augmented their business education, and the ancestral grape responsible for all your favorite chardonnay, riesling, and aligoté wines that sets them apart.

Read their full story to discover why their business, not only their movie-like love story, is special:

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Lunch events were held during , which celebrates all those University of Minnesota students who are in their family to pursue higher education in some form.

Almost 1 in 10 Carlson School students are first-generation, and we’re grateful they’re part of our community. To their families: know they’re working hard to make you proud!


Now that it snowed, we just have one thing to say: we'll miss fall on campus. 🍁🧡


Irene Fernando, ‘07 BSB and Hennepin County Commissioner for District 2, recently shared 5 things she’s learned in the fall issue of the Carlson School magazine:

1) Believe in what’s possible.
2) Remain unwavering in your values.
3) Study the system to make it better.
4) Empower youth.
5) Bet on yourself.

Read her full explanation of each lesson here:

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Pickle Palooza was hosted by students from MKTG 4076: Digital Marketing, and let attendees try out homemade pickles, play some pickle ball, and wear plenty of green. The event will help these students build web and event-building skills.

Photos from University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management's post 10/23/2023

Miriam Manna, '24 BSB, spent six months at the Stockholm School of Economics. She took challenging courses for her MIS major, but also made time to join the cheerleading team and solo travel across Europe.

“There's so much more to life than the Twin Cities. There is so much to explore, so much to see, so many different people to talk to. It’s awesome to know that I now have a global network of friends.”

Read more about her experience here:


Featuring Prof. Andy Whitman from our Department of Finance:


Did you know Dean Prenkert plays tennis? Do you know his favorite stitch? His ideal beverage? His goals for the Carlson School? Find out these answers and more in this cover story:


Diego Rojas, ‘25 BSB, knows a thing or two about community.

For one thing, he’s lived in many. Though he came to the University of Minnesota from Spicer, Minnesota, Rojas moved around while growing up, spending time in North Carolina, Colorado, and Arizona. His family makes regular trips back to Mexico, giving Rojas a unique multicultural lens throughout his life. That view was pivotal in his college decision.

“I knew I wanted to go somewhere where there were many different perspectives and backgrounds,” Rojas shared. “I was looking for something that you’d find in the big city.”

Rojas had always known he’d go to college, especially with the cultural importance placed on education by his parents, who met while attending university in Mexico. It was his father who convinced Rojas that the versatility of a business degree made it worth pursuing.

“This is a blessing from my dad,” Rojas reflected. “He’s worked so hard his entire life to provide me with this opportunity, so I’m not only going to do it, but I’m going to do it well.”

Rojas initially built community elsewhere on campus, focusing only on his classes when at the Carlson School. He soon realized existing networks were available there for him to explore. By joining groups like THRIVE and the Carlson Consulting Enterprise, he began to feel more connected with the school and the people he saw in its halls.

“The more I get involved at the school, the more I can see how much the school offers,” Rojas explained. “That transition from feeling like I’m here to get my degree to feeling like there’s an actual community here has been really cool.”


The Fall 2023 Carlson School Magazine is out NOW! The focus of this issue is “Leadership.” Meet the new dean, read the succession story of Red Wing Shoes’ fourth-generation CEO, and find out how two alums’ vineyard is making history.

Read these articles and more here:

Photos from University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management's post 10/12/2023

An immigrant from Nepal, Senior Airman Lujana Thapa, ‘24 MBA, decided to join the Air Force Reserve to give back to her adopted country. Meanwhile, her corporate experience at Cargill inspired her to pursue her MBA. Thapa completed her first year of the program this spring and began her deployment over the summer.

While on her mission overseas, Thapa is pushing herself to fulfill her service duties and stay on top of her studies. She shares how her military experience inspires her and what it takes to stay balanced in this Q&A:


Yara Bustillo, ‘25 MBA, is as versatile as the water she’s fascinated by.

A former chemical engineer now gaining business experience, Bustillo specialized in water treatment and enjoys water in all its forms. Tracing water through its stages has a certain relatability, as she traces her own heritage to multiple locales.

Bustillo was born in Taxco, Mexico, a town known for its silverwork where she still maintains ties for her own silver e-commerce business, but she grew up in Ixtpana de la Sal. Her mother comes from Chalco, near Mexico City, while her father is from Nicaragua and built a special place in Bustillo’s heart for Central American culture.

“It’s always a really complicated question, ‘where I’m from,’” Bustillo says. “Even in Mexico, answering this in Spanish still makes me go through all of this explanation.”

A Fulbright scholarship and corporate partnership brought Bustillo to Minneapolis in January 2022, where she worked at JonnyPops and began the part-time MBA program at the Carlson School. Arriving in the middle of a Minnesota winter didn’t deter her. In fact, she loved every part of it.

“I thought it was so cool, eating a popsicle that’s frozen while everything outside is frozen,” Bustilo recalls. “Walking in the snow, hearing the sound of it, that was totally new to me. I love how we have all the seasons here, because having water like this in all its states, it’s amazing.”

Now, Bustillo continues her studies in the first year of the full-time MBA program. Though the waves may get rocky, she knows she will weather the storm.

“I am in such a privileged position to be here, and that comes with a lot of responsibility that’s not always easy. But I will honor this huge opportunity by learning what I can and becoming my best self.”

Photos from University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management's post 10/06/2023

150 employers, 700 recruiters, and 1,392 Carlson School students collided at the Carlson School’s career fair. Whether seeking full-time or internship opportunities, every student who walked in the door was bound to make a connection with someone!

Photos from University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management's post 09/30/2023

Great day at Huntington Bank Stadium for Carlson School Day, complete with a victory for the Minnesota Gophers! Thanks to all who celebrated with us this Homecoming weekend.

Photos from University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management's post 09/29/2023

We’re of our alums who were honored during the 2023 University of Minnesota Alumni Association awards ceremony last night! They include:

Shannon Peloquin, ‘06 BSB — U40 (Under 40) Alumni Leader
Carlson Women Global Connect — Outstanding Alumni Society of the Year
Scott Wallace, CMA, ‘80 BSB — Alumni Service Award


Lisa Knight, ‘90 BSB, is a 2023 Canadian national tennis champion. This win is the latest in an athletic journey that includes her time at the Carlson School. “My tennis scholarship to UMN was my dream. Achieving this was over the top,” she says. Wish her luck as she heads to the world championship in Mexico City next April!

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