Anchors & Adventures

Anchors & Adventures

Helping women create everyday Anchors so they can spend more time living their Adventures!

Anchors & Adventures was created to help women tap into their true potential and start Living Life On Purpose! Our goal is to create a safe, friendly environment where women can start thinking about making small, conscious shifts in their everyday life that will uncover the amazing person they are meant to be. Through our workshops, planned adventure trips and service projects you will explore the

Marietta Goldman Group LLC 07/23/2017

Marietta Goldman Group LLC

Hey Ladies..I am so excited to begin offering healing circles to women who are struggling with any kind of health challenge, concern or crisis. As a cancer survivor who got caught in the conventional medical system I learned a ton about how to heal the body naturally. Our journey can be made so much better by just knowing we are not alone. If you are interested in joining a terrific bunch of ladies all looking to find the balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing you have come to the right place. Connect with me in the comments below and I will add you to our closed FB group for True Healing. If you are willing to open your heart I promise the universe will remind you that we can all heal together. Check out my website for more details at You really can take back your power and start healing from the inside out!

Marietta Goldman Group LLC You can make a shift from living your life from a place of fear to opening your heart and living from a place of love. Your body wants to heal. It's time to REMEMBER that all you need is already here. It has been with you all along. Your illness is a gift that is helping you step into the women you…

Timeline photos 06/22/2017

Thanks Alexa Haddock Bigwarfe for all you have done to help us create and spread the word about Positively Intentional!! We are thrilled to be a part of Kat Biggie Press!

If you are looking for more happiness, less stress, unlimited energy, greater connection, better health and a tribe of women who value their gifts and talents and know they want to share them with the world, check out these amazing women! Anchors & Adventures and their new journal: Positively Intentional: A Journal for Rocking the Anchored Living Lifestyle here:

Tribe of Anchored Living Ladies | Anchors and Adventures 06/08/2017

Tribe of Anchored Living Ladies | Anchors and Adventures

OK ladies it's finally here. When you shared with us that you wanted to find a group of women to connect with as you were making healthy changes we heard you. We totally get that creating healthier habits is so much more fun when you have a tribe to share it with. So head on over to our website and check out how easy it is to join our Tribe of Anchored Living Ladies (TALL Group) - Just enter your email address and we will send you a FREE Sample of our Game Plan which acts a monthly road map for embracing the Anchored Living Lifestyle. Can't wait for you to get started!!

Tribe of Anchored Living Ladies | Anchors and Adventures Are you looking for your tribe? A group of like-minded women who are excited and energized about working together and sharing tips and strategies for creating and living their best lives? Do you crave connection and support? Looking for a place you could go each day to get the encouragement you des...

Get Positively Intentional! 06/05/2017

Get Positively Intentional!

Anchored Ladies!

We've got so much great stuff going on right now and we want you to be the first to know about it all!!

Our new book, Positively Intentional, is on amazon and ready to be publicly launched! We're about to unveil a monthly Anchored Living Game Plan that will allow us all to connect and support one another as we get intentional about living our best lives! And we are beginning to make plans for getting you all involved as we partner with the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation to host a super fun Corn Hole tournament in the fall.

We will be sending info about all of this in the coming week so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you haven't already, please join our Thunderclap for Positively Intentional by clicking below and then clicking Support with Facebook. We are SO excited about all that's coming and having you with us!!

Get Positively Intentional! I just supported Get Positively Intentional! on

Get Positively Intentional! 05/31/2017

Get Positively Intentional!

Have you heard? Our book is on amazon!! Yay! Please join our Thunderclap campaign now to help us spread the word on June 13 when we officially launch to the world. Just click below. It only take a few second, truly, and it will allow us to reach many more people than we could possibly on our own. Thanks so much! You rock!

Get Positively Intentional! I just supported Get Positively Intentional! on

Boss Mom of the Week: Marietta Goldman - Boss-Mom 05/25/2017

Boss Mom of the Week: Marietta Goldman - Boss-Mom

So excited to be the featured Boss Mom of the week - thank you to all the lovely ladies in this group whose support and encouragement help me juggle two businesses and three kids all while trying to write a book! I couldn't do it without you!!

Boss Mom of the Week: Marietta Goldman - Boss-Mom Marietta Goldman is an Eating Psychology and Integrative Health Coach. She's also a cancer survivor, a mother and our Boss Mom of the Week.

Timeline photos 03/31/2017

Take some time to pay attention to the areas in Anchored Living that can help support your nutrition - stress, sleep, energy, mindfulness, movement, gratitude, positivity, spirituality, service, connection and communication.

Timeline photos 03/30/2017

Timeline photos

New Journal Provides Access to Anchored Living 03/29/2017

New Journal Provides Access to Anchored Living

Thank you Natural Awakenings Richmond for highlighting our new book in the March / April edition of your publication. We appreciate your support and are excited to have the final print version available real soon.

New Journal Provides Access to Anchored Living Anchors & Adventures is a women-owned wellness company created to help women find the daily anchors they need to have in place so they can free up time to start living their adventures.

Staying Anchored: Nutrition | Anchors And Adventures 03/28/2017

Staying Anchored: Nutrition | Anchors And Adventures

Do you struggle with sticking to a healthy diet? Are you frustrated because you know what to do to get healthy but just can't seem to make it a consistent way of life? Check out our latest blog post to learn more about how getting intentional in the key areas of Anchored Living can really support your nutrition goals.

Staying Anchored: Nutrition | Anchors And Adventures “Real food doesn’t have ingredients. Real food IS ingredients.” – Jamie Oliver Nutrition is a topic that creates a lot of buzz. Are you Paleo or Vegan or Vegetarian? Do you only eat raw foods or follow a Mediterranean diet or consider yourself a Nutritarian? Do you eat grass fed beef, think you shou...

Timeline photos 03/16/2017

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 03/16/2017

Did you get/give your dozen today?

Timeline photos 03/14/2017

Love this definition of connection! You go, Brene!

Timeline photos 03/14/2017

Great advice for living s long, healthy life!

What's Kamada's secret to living to age 102? "It took me a long time to realize that beauty is within. It comes from not worrying so much about your own problems. Sometimes you can best take care of yourself by taking care of others. Eat your vegetables, have a positive outlook, be kind to people, and smile."

Photos from Anchors & Adventures's post 03/13/2017

Thanks to the great ladies who joined us today for our Communities in Schools Bus Tour. We loved hearing all about the amazing work CIS and the school site coordinators do each day to support children and families in our community. We can't wait to lend a hand.

Timeline photos 03/13/2017

Wisdom from the Kid President!

Staying Anchored: Connection | Anchors And Adventures 03/12/2017

Staying Anchored: Connection | Anchors And Adventures

Ginger recently turned 50. In our latest blog, she shares an important reminder she got as she reached this milestone about what's truly important in life. Check it out!

Staying Anchored: Connection | Anchors And Adventures I turned 50 yesterday. I spent the day at a dear friend's funeral. She turned 50 last May. She will not turn 51. I am heartbroken. Like me, she has two school-age children who taught her how to love in ways she never dreamed possible. Unlike me, she had to face the reality that she would not be he...


Communities In Schools of Chesterfield - Bus Tour!!
Monday, March 13th

Anchored Ladies!

You are invited to “get on the bus” to learn more about what Communities In Schools of Chesterfield is doing to make a difference in the lives of students and families in-need in Chesterfield County Schools.

We will begin our tour at Chalkley Elementary School at 9:30am and end up back thereby between 11:45 and noon. In between we will visit and meet with CIS coordinators at Chalklyy, Falling Creek Middle, and the Carver College and Career Academy.

For those who are interested, we can also meet earlier that morning at BridgingRVA and carpool down to Chalkley.

PLEASE RSVP to [email protected] or by commenting here by Wednesday, March 8 so we can give numbers to CIS.

Feel free to bring a friend (or two) who might like to learn more about CIS schools and Anchors & Adventures!

Timeline photos 03/02/2017

Here's a gentle reminder to breathe in positivity today!

Staying Anchored: Positivity | Anchors And Adventures 03/01/2017

Staying Anchored: Positivity | Anchors And Adventures

We love the saying "Energy Flows where Intention Goes" - the more often you can see life from the positive the more positive you will find in your life. Check out our latest blog post for Positivity to see if you are looking at life through the eyes of Pooh or Eeyore!

Staying Anchored: Positivity | Anchors And Adventures “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorite characters. When I was in college in my early 20’s a good friend of mine suggested I read the book The Tao of Pooh and I absolutely loved it -if you have never read it I strongly recommend chec...

Timeline photos 03/01/2017

Tell us something positive about your day today!

Timeline photos 02/28/2017

Count me in!

Timeline photos 02/25/2017

Want a boost? Spend some time enjoying nature's beauty and connecting with all that it offers your heart and soul this weekend.

Timeline photos 02/24/2017

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 02/23/2017

For some reason this cracks me up so much that I can ignore the typo!

Staying Connected: Spirituality | Anchors And Adventures 02/21/2017

Staying Connected: Spirituality | Anchors And Adventures

Check out today's blog for tips about getting back in touch with your heart and soul.

Staying Connected: Spirituality | Anchors And Adventures We’ve Got Spirit. Yes, We Do. We’ve Got Spirit. How About You? Remember this cheer from high school? I do. The cheerleaders would shout it out to encourage everyone to come together and pull for our team. What they were reminding us (and the opposing team) was that we were collectively passionate a...

Anchors and AdventuresUpcoming Events » » February Service Social 02/15/2017

Anchors and AdventuresUpcoming Events » » February Service Social

REMINDER: Our February Service Social is tomorrow (2/16) @ 7 pm. Come join us as we continue to connect and explore ways we can give back to our community. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WE ARE COLLECTING BOOKS for Falling Creek Middle and Westover Hills Elementary Schools. Reading levels between 3rd grade and 8th grade. Hope to see you all tomorrow night!

Anchors and AdventuresUpcoming Events » » February Service Social Join us for a time of connecting and giving back to the community. This month, we will be collecting books to help out Falling Creek Middle and Westover Hills Elementary School. Reading levels between 3rd grade and 8th grade – including graphic novels, non-fiction, bi-lingul and Spanish.

Timeline photos 02/08/2017

Calling all working women in the Midlothian area!


Do you work from home and find yourself sometimes feeling lonely?

Do you wish there was a way you could work in a professional yet beautifully decorated working environment that would allow you to connect with other savvy female entrepreneurs?

Do you have any interest in a co-working space where you could pursue your work passions creatively while building a community of like-minded and supportive women who are all looking to prosper?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please let us know. We are exploring ways to provide entrepreneurial women with a productive, professional work and meeting space where they can connect with other businesses, have access to educational workshops and grow together to make our local community even stronger.

Please comment below if this is something you are interested in.

Please also share our post with all your friends on Facebook to see if they know of anyone else in our area who may be interested in a female collaborative workspace.

Timeline photos 02/04/2017

Listening mindfully can really deepen your connections. Make an effort to listen mindfully to a friend or loved one today and let us know how that goes!

Timeline photos 02/03/2017

Pay attention to what you are eating - not in a way that judges - but in a way that reminds you that each bite nourishes your body, mind and soul.

Timeline photos 02/02/2017

Take a moment to get mindful before spending. Many of us are impulse buyers---no judgement, I love to shop. Just a reminder that getting mindful and becoming aware may actually help you save more and spend less.

Timeline photos 02/01/2017

Here's to finding more mindful moments and living from a place of joy, peace and love!

Timeline photos 01/29/2017

Timeline photos




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