Olive Oil Taproom-Midlothian, LLC

Olive Oil Taproom-Midlothian, LLC


Did the Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar on my Vanilla ice cream like suggested and it was amazing!
Just made a purchase here and they were kind enough to throw in the gift wrapping. Very nice people and I was in and out quickly. Thank you!
Happy to say three friends and I decided to go to Olive Oil Taproom yesterday for some new culinary ideas. I felt like a child in a candy shop wanting to try all the samples. Three Balsamics and one olive oil bottles came home with me. (one went to a neighbor) Tried one with last nights dinner, a large splash of Bourbon Maple Balsamic went into mashed butternut squash and it was a hit with all of us. Today I plan on looking up some recipes for Shrub drinks. I will be returning.
Hey girl ,hunter loves the sugar replacement, its the best
Ugh. Closed! What am going to do now.
Do you have any more of the balsamic/OO bags that you just "Add chicken, beef, pork, or seafood" to for a meal?
Please update the opening hours I just drive to the store on Sunday to find it closed 😞
Please update your opening hours. I just drove here on a Sunday to find you aren't open. Bummed.
Our thank to Cody and Hannah for the after-hours tasting Friday. We all had a great time and enjoyed the start to our evening!
I'd love to post a pic but your setting won't let me.
Lew and I missed you on Friday, but Cody took good care of us! I'll be back to see you soon!

An Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic Vinegar Free Tasting Room 90+ Flavors. Come for the Education & "Taste the Difference".

An Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic Vinegar Free Tasting Room 92+ Flavors.

Operating as usual


Happy early St. Paddy's Day . Nappa Cabbage wedge salad with all the flavors drizzled into the nooks & crannies! Stop in and "Taste the Difference."


Good Afternoon "Devoted Tasters". We are . If you have a referral, please let us or them know. Stop in to talk with us! Be a part of our


Happy 25th Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Grant. We hope you enjoy your customized basket! Made with Love & Appreciation!

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Good Sunday morning "Devoted Tasters". We, like you, were disappointed when our Smoked Chaabani OO was discontinued. So, we put our heads together and blended our own using our Olivewood Smoked OO & Cayenne Chili OO 👍Now, this month only, we have "blend your own" Olive Oils or Balsamic Vinegar at a discount. Imagine how -Endless your creativity can be! Breakfast Frittata anyone?

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Happy RVA: Vegan friendly Butter infused OO & Maple Balsamic Vinegar veggie crunch. Just blister them with OO, salt, pepper & finish with your balsamic! (Uncovered, quick sear 5-8 min.)
Lick your fingers while no one is watching!😘


Good Monday Evening We apologize for not posting Sunday. We got really busy with a few renovations before we opened up the store for you guys. As always, we enjoyed meeting and serving you and the guests you brought to see us!

Italian Chicken-Sausage Pasta Sauce Night:


•8 ounces uncooked rigatoni
•16 ounces Italian sausage (spicy or mild) diced
•2-3 Chicken breasts cut into 1 in. pieces
•1/2 medium onion chopped
•3 cloves garlic minced
•1 can diced tomatoes with juices
•1 can crushed tomatoes
•1/2 cup heavy/whipping cream
•Fresh basil, torn
•Salt & pepper
•Freshly grated parmesan & cheddar cheese to taste.


Boil a salted pot of water for the pasta. Cook the rigatoni al dente according to package directions.
Meanwhile, sauté the sausage & chicken meat, onion & garlic with Olive Oil over medium-high heat in a skillet until browned (about 8-10 minutes), stirring occasionally.

Add the canned tomatoes to the pan. Simmer the sauce for 10-15 minutes.

Lower your heat. Stir in the cream, basil (if using), and season the sauce with salt & pepper as needed.

Cook for another minute or two and then toss with the drained pasta. Add in the cheeses until melted. Baking Optional! Serves 3-4 Enjoy!


Happy You know what makes this complete? O&V (& a glass of Crisp White 🥂).
"Taste the Difference"
•Garlic & Neapolitan
•Rosemary & Sicilian Lemon
•Persian Lime & Honey Ginger
•Chipotle & Red Apple
•Organic Red Wine & Hojiblanca


Good Sunday Morning "Devoted Tasters". The sun is shining🌞 A quick breakfast bowl of whole fat yogurt, fruits, flax seeds, a drizzle of Cobrancosa EVOO & Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar will put a smile in your gut health. Stop in today and "Taste the Difference".


Happy Friday#RVA A little humor goes a long way! We look forward to seeing you guys this weekend!👍🫒 "Stop in and Taste the Difference".

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Happy Valentine's Day to all of our New & Returning "Devoted Tasters"-Customers!💕


Just a Friends Post using our products. Thanks Richard & Sharon. We love you guys!

Sear, marinate, then Grill-Smoke 140 • deg. Send me the recipe please!

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Superbowl weekend calls for quick appetizers. Valentines Day next week: Stop in & pickup a Great Pairing. Welcome Hojiblanca 🫒🫒the King of Green. We've got You Covered.


Happy Humpday . As we finished up with our inventory checklist, we found we have ample amounts of our Rosemary Garlic Spanish Olives. The brine is addictive with less sodium and the amphorae shaped, glass containers can be upcycled to pickle your own veggies or grow healthy sprouts. Buy one-Get one 50%-OFF starting today!


Good Monday morning "Devoted Tasters". It is soup season. Let's bring it to a new level of "Flavor":

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Soup: The base for Pasta, Crab, Chicken, Tortillas or a Toasted grilled cheese.


2 red bell peppers deseeded & chopped fine
One chopped celery stalk
¼ large sweet onion also chopped fine
4 garlic cloves (secret add olive oil & microwave 25 sec. The skin peels off and they've softened. So just mash them up with a flat side of your knife)
½ tsp.each smoked paprika, chili powder, Italian herbs, pepper & spicy chipotle spice;
Add in can of rotel tomatoes low sodium
Using our Tuscan OO 2 tbls, sauté all your ingredients until tender translucent & juice reduced to a slight thickness
Cool for a bit & blend in a food processor;
Next, add 2 cups chicken or veggie broth to your stock pot, 1 cup of Clamato juice & 1 cup of tomato sauce. Add in your emulsified roasted red pepper sauce & veggies
Bring to a high boil for 10 min. Then reduce to a low simmer stirring occasionally with a lid off.
Stir in 1oz of Sherry vinegar & a swirl of Traditional Aged balsamic for sweetness & depth without adding sugar with 3 slices of lemon (skin on)
After another 20 min. (on low simmer), to incorporate all of the flavors, Remove from the heat & remove the lemons.
Once the sauce is no longer bubbling, add in one cup of cubed soft cheese such as Muenster & ½ cup of heavy cream; stir until melted
When ready to eat, place back on low simmer until creamy & warm.

Top with Crab meat, Chicken, Beans or colorful Tortillas for a rich, flavorful creamy Roasted Red Pepper soup.

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It's ❄️❄️'g...enjoy seeing it & not accumulate.

Good morning "Devoted Tasters":
It's Heart Health Month and Beyond:

We Have Many New Things to Share with YOU this Month and YOU will be the first in the Know:

****We want to help reach YOU and your family in sharing our Healthy Products. Starting this month, we have "FREE" Shipping the first weekend of every month:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday until October, 2023

****The last weekend of every month, we will have 30%-OFF on pre-filled bottles of extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar (select flavors). Now, you can try a new flavor discounted at 30% as just a little incentive to spread your wings a little to try something new and add to your favorite collection.

****Our "very much anticipated" Northern Hemisphere Greek Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil has arrived and WOW!! It has tested in at the highest Bio-phenol and Oleocanthal levels we have ever seen. (See the Attached Certificate of Analysis below).

****This EVOO should not be cooked with and only should be used as a finishing oil and taking a tablespoon per day for its anti-inflammatory properties.

****We have our Certificate of Analysis, and the Ultra Premium Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece tested in at 1,900 ppm (parts per million). Being this high, our Kalamata is very limited.

****So, stop in to get the education, experience and "Taste the Difference".

Let's Celebrate Healthy 💕


Good Sunday afternoon "Devoted Tasters". Lunch calls for seared-braised Cauliflower Salad Steaks.

We used our Pesto EVOO, Lemon juice, salt, pepper & homemade Pesto we've wintered over by freezing in mason jars! (Sear-braise them first, and add a little vegetable or chicken stock into your pan. Just enough to steam the steak. Let it simmer and reduce until fork tender). If you can't have dairy, omit the homemade Pesto because our Pesto OO is 💯 &


Good Friday "Devoted Tasters". So here is the deal, we posted a Chicken Chili picture with no recipe because we did a dry run on a video. It's difficult getting out of your comfort zone🤣 It's a a little Bob Ross (ish).
who loves
Enjoy your weekend Everyone!


A little late, but Chicken Chili.. it's getting cold!


Good Monday morning "Devoted Tasters". It was great meeting you all this weekend. It was awesome seeing our returning customers restocking their favorites & trying other flavor combinations, but just as awesome seeing new faces!

Have you tried our Espresso Dark Balsamic & Chipotle Olive Oil (BBQ base) with beef short ribs? Low & slow is the key:


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Happy RVA. Back by popular demand this weekend: Serrano Honey Vinegar (sulfite-free). Try using this as a marinade for Air-Fryer chicken thighs. Marinate overnight, rub down each piece with olive oil & a dusting of your favorite Spiceology dry rub and you have crispy, juicy chicken with a little heat! (We've expanded our collection of flavors) "Taste the Difference".

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Good Friday morning New & Returning "Devoted Tasters". New Crush Season means discounts for you! Stop in and "Taste the Difference".


One Sauté pan meal with different flavors:
•Cobrancosa EVOO for the tenderloin
•Lime EVOO for the Asparagus
•Garlic EVOO for the peppers & yucca
•Neapolitan Balsamic at the end with the pan juices. A little goes a long way.
Have you tried yucca or cassava?
(make them look like fries, they'll never know the difference).
Yucca is high in C, B & A as well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron, and it's higher in and potassium than potatoes.


New Season 2023:


Good Friday afternoon and "Devoted Tasters". This weekend starts our FREE SHIPPING on any online orders the first weekend of every month until October, 2023. Https://theoliveoiltaproom.com We wanted to give a little thank you to your extended family members who you gifted with our products because you gave them what you enjoy! Please keep them in the loop on these savings!


Happy Hump Day Super Salad Wednesday. Let's get those healthy winter leafy greens & raw veggies into your day! Open those bottles and experiment with those flavors "Taste the Difference"!


Happy New Year 2023! "Be safe & Eat Something Good".


Good Friday morning: Needing a Hostess gift? "We've got You Covered"


NEW YEAR 2023! Holiday weekend hours: Saturday we are closing at 2pm & Closed Sunday. We wish You and your Family Happiness, Good Health & Safety.


Good Monday morning We are Open today (regular hours 11-6pm)! Holiday Deals are still on this week or until sold out! We make the perfect gift of "Health and Flavor"!


Merry Christmas-Happy Holidays!! to everyone!


Merry Christmas Eve!


We just wanted to take this time to let you know that "You", our customers, are Greatly Appreciated. Thank you so much for your continued support for the past 10 years!💯 We truly enjoy your returning visits and meeting you and your families! We couldn't do this without your loyalty & support. Here's to 10 more!! Happy Holidays however you celebrate! (Customer repost 💜).


Holiday count down...5 more days! We've got You Covered 🎅🎄

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TGIF : We are still preparing Gift Baskets for under the tree & Hand Deliveries during your Holiday travels to friends and family.
"We've Got You Covered" every day & especially this Holiday Season!


Christmas 🎅🎄 Day update for Gift Delivery:


Good Saturday morning New & returning "Devoted Tasters": During the busy month of the Holiday Season, you may not have the time for a full blown meal. Around the Wells' family, we do a lot of quick dips! Just add your favorite olive oils 🫒🫒& Balsamic Vinegar and we're all covered!!!

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Happy Labor Day 2022
Best Customers & Team.
Olive Bar Tasting Open
Need a Holiday Hostess Gift? We've got you covered #RVA : Local, Consumable, Healthy Choices to make your Holiday Merry ...
Sale, Sale, Sale......





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