Legacy School of Dance

Legacy School of Dance


Our First Toy Drive was a HUGE success!!

We collected over 500 toys and donated to 3 different organizations! Guilford Police Department, East Haven Rotary Club, and Children's Community Programs Of Connecticut! We are grateful that these organizations worked so close with us and accepted our donations.

We are completely blown away by how much of a difference our community made by coming together and trying to make sure children do not go without this holiday season. We want to say thank you to everyone who donated, shared our posts, showed up, supported, and believed in us. We could have never made this happen without your continued support!

To the following businesses who donated, showed up and became family - THANK YOU!

The Roofing Services of New England and Family
Lela and Matt's Car Care Clinic LLC
Community Nursery School
Mascara and Mane
Psychic Medium Lisa D'Angelo O'Connor
Connecticut State Paving
Donnie's Drywall and Home Improvement llc.
Hair by Serena Paige
Legacy School of Dance
J Beauty Lounge LLC
Snip Snaps
Asphalt paving by GW llc
Asphalt Solutions

Thank you to FASTSIGNS Waterford - Tony for the signs for our trailer event! We can’t wait to work with you again soon enough for some big ideas we have.

Ann Marie thank you for your dedication and the constant tweaking of the signs you made for our toy drive and stuff a trailer event!

This toy drive was just an idea last year and to see it all come together and actually happen just shows us how blessed we are and how together we can make a difference. We can’t wait to start working on the toy drive for next year!

Moffett Line Striping’s 2nd annual toy drive here we come! ❤️

Thanks Jen for the dad dance!!! Hoping to see more dads and grand dads next week, it’s going to be epic!!!
ISO: size large adult leotards. Or plus size kids.
For sale $10
Brand new make up stool never used.
For Sale $25
Brand new changing tent that was used 1 time. Paid $43 for it
Hi Everyone I have a few items for sale if anyone is interested that I will be posting today
So much fun even the cat (Anabelle) gets involved!! 😂🐈❤️

A student's smile is our only measure of success! Learn to dance and have fun at Legacy School of Dance!

Whether your dream is to dance for a lifetime, or to dance for fun, Legacy will be the perfect dance home. Legacy focuses on each student that enters the studio, as each one is extremely important to us.

Operating as usual


Legacy is SO EXCITED to open our doors to THE ONE AND ONLY….

⭐️International Teacher & Choreographer
⭐️Creator - The Parent Jam
⭐️Executive Producer - Disney Fam Jam
…and so much more!

Phil’s experience and accolades are just one small piece to the amazing person you will meet and be inspired by…

We welcome dancers from Legacy and those in the surrounding area to join this amazing opportunity.

We promise, You do NOT want to miss out! Phil is truly motivating, energizing and inspiring in all he does!

Mark your calendar, ADVANCED HIP HOP CLASS WITH PHIL WRIGHT, Friday, December 9th at 5:00pm!

$30.00per dancer if you register before Wednesday, Dec 7th.

$50.00per dancer if you register on or after Wednesday, Dec 7th.



The class will fill on a first come, first serve basis! Enroll today! www.legacyschoolofdance.com, email at: [email protected]


Wishing everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🦃! ❤️


To our Men and Women in uniform, past - present - future, we thank you ❤️🤍💙.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy 🎃 Halloween! Legacy studios will be closed tonight, Monday, October 31st. 2022!


This week is our 🖤ANNUAL FALL FUN WEEK🧡!

October 24-October 29th all dancers may wear a Halloween 🎃 costume or alike to class, or dress up for one of our Fall Fun SPIRIT Days!

Monday - Maui Day 🌴
Tuesday - Disney Day 🐭
Wednesday - Yee Haw Day 🤠
Thursday - Throwback Day ❤️
Friday - PJ Day 💤
Saturday - Super Hero Day 🦸

Excited for a FUN FILLED WEEK!

Photos from Legacy School of Dance's post 09/28/2022

✨Introducing our 2022-23 ✨ Competition Dance Team 💙💜 So excited for this season and we can not wait to see how each of you grows in this year! We believe in you! ⭐️And we are so proud to call you a Legacy Dancer💜💙.


| | 💜💙


So excited for today ✨! Season 13 kicks off and we can not wait to get into the studio with you! 💙💜💙💜.

Let’s go!



Congratulations Naomie! ✨. We are so excited to celebrate your accomplishments, and cheer you on! You are such an amazing person and we are so proud of you. Keep dreaming and believing! You can do it all 🌟!! Tony E Colden Scholarship Winner 💜💙. Thank you Tony Colden JR Scholarship Committee and for such an amazing opportunity💙💜

| | 💙💜


Hoping all of our dancers have a GREAT FIRST DAY of school! We are thinking of you all and wishing you a fantastic year 💜💙

| | 💜💙

Photos from Legacy School of Dance's post 08/14/2022

A ✨NEW✨ dance season begins Monday, September 12th, 2022!

Call or email today to register and reserve your place in class. Many classes are filling. All classes will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Register online at:

Call us! 804.272.9152

Email us! [email protected]

Excited for a new season!
| | 💙💜

Photos from Legacy School of Dance's post 08/06/2022

✨NYC✨. So many moments and so many memories💙💜. So proud of these dancers as they exhausted themselves in dance. They learned about and from dance legends (and met some too)❤️. They danced beside incredible talent. They saw amazing productions and enjoyed dance to the fullest. They also ate well, shopped plenty, walked a LOT and laughed often.❤️❤️❤️. Until next time NYC✨.

| | 💙💜

Photos from Legacy School of Dance's post 08/04/2022

When you meet a dance legend …. Thank you Ms Sue Samuels () for an awesome class.

Photos from Legacy School of Dance's post 08/01/2022

Thank you for an inspiring class! You give your all to each student that enters your studio. Thank you! 💗💗

Photos from Legacy School of Dance's post 07/25/2022

All smiles for a wonderful 6-week summer session💜💙. So proud of our Littles💓💓💓💓💓💓

| | 💙💜

Photos from Legacy School of Dance's post 07/15/2022

Such an amazing week with these little lovelies! 💜💙💜. Great job ladies and gentleman on a fun-filled, dancing week! 💓💓💓


Gearing up for a fun-filled fall dance season! Our 13th season begins Monday, September 12th! 💜💙.

Enroll TODAY to reserve your place in class.


All classes fill on a first come, first serve basis.

| | 💜💙

Photos from Legacy School of Dance's post 07/01/2022

Congratulations 2022 Intensive Dancers💙💜💙. We are so proud of you and your hard work! It was an exhausting fun time!

| | 💜💙


2022 LCDT End Of Year Gala💫

Such a beautiful way to bring this year to a close💙💜💙💜. Thank you to our Dance Mom Squad for creating such a special event! Much love to all! #2022

| | 💙💜

Photos from Legacy School of Dance's post 06/17/2022

Such a fun dance camp week with these little cuties! They worked hard, laughed and had tons of fun. Such a joy. Thank you and 💙💜💙💜


⭐️MEMORIAL DAY⭐️. Remember & Honor♥️💙♥️💙


It is hard to believe our 2022 season came to an end but we are so excited for summer!!!!! ☀️☀️☀️

Dance with us this summer! We have three amazing opportunities for dancers of all ages, multiple styles of dance, and different skill levels. 💜💙💜

| | 💙💜


Guess you could say our spring SHOWCASE has been a SUCCESS! We dance, we celebrate and we have tons of fun 💙💜💙💜. Enjoy💫


So EXCITED for our Spring Showcase 2022, 💫A MOMENT IN TIME💫

and our Legacy Littles Showcase 💓 MOTHER GOOSE NURSERY RHYMES💓

Three shows this coming weekend, tickets will be sold at the door. ($15pp)

Powhatan High School
1800 Jude’s Ferry Road
Powhatan VA 23239

A Moment In Time:
Friday 5/13, 5:00pm
Saturday 5/14, 11:00am

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
Saturday 5/14, 9:00am

Looking forward to a fun-filled, celebratory weekend💫

| | 💜💙


Final Senior Spotlight, Lauren Coles. 💫

I can recall the moment your mom walked into the studio and said “I would like to sign my daughter up for a dance class. Just one class, no more, just one”. It feels like yesterday. We decided on ballet as the focus which began your technical studies in dance. We then reeled you in, year after year. We are even more thankful that your Mom agreed to everything we threw your way over the years. You have become a dynamo on the competition stage. Excelling in every genre. You asked for nothing over the years, and truly worked for everything you received. You have a quiet way about you, focused and driven. However you can say so much, with a simple lift of your eye brow. You have amazed us with your power and grace. The perfect combination of infinite ability to soar, and land without a single sound. AMAZING! 💫. You are often my example to younger dancers, and I clearly state that you are an anomaly. A one of a kind. When you dance, and you are feeling your moment, you stop people in their tracks. We cannot take our eyes off of you. 💜. You are beautiful inside and out, and we are so thankful to be a part of your journey. WE LOVE YOU💜💙 and although some would say this is the end of an era, we hope that this is just the beginning for what is to come for you. is lucky to have you. We know you will WOW the dance department at JMU💜. You are extremely talented, but you are also dedicated (rarely miss a class) and consistent. You have the ability to hear music better than anyone (including instructors). We may have to FaceTime you next year to help us find the right beat or to help explain hitting the correct accent in the music. Please Come home often, you will be missed! 💙💓💜Our doors are always open… and you know, we need good dance teachers too! 😉♥️. We would love to have you with us as much as possible - guest teacher? Master class? All the above. 💙💜. The world is your oyster, go be amazing!!💓


| | 💙💜


Senior Spotlight with Toria 💜💙
(Aka “Tor-e-uh” or Tor-I-uh”)


You have made your mark, and have left a footprint that will be unmatched. You are the perfect blend of personality and talent. I do not know how we were so lucky that you chose us years ago💜💜, but we have so enjoyed every minute. It has been a true privilege to be a part of your story. You lift everyone around you. You hate in class “chit chat” because you just want to dance. You will call someone out for their wrong doings, but you will forgive and help them get back on track. You lead by example. We knew you were special, but to hear so MANY judges says “that dancer front and center, she is special, she is a star”. was such a gift to us. You win the hearts of everyone. We will miss you in so many ways, but are thrilled to keep you close. Know you have our full confidence and support in dance, and want to help you reach all of your goals. We are also THRILLED to keep you on board as an LCDT Instructor this coming season💙💜. The world is your oyster! We know whatever you set your mind to, you will accomplish in a great way. We are cheering you on (loudly) and looking forward to what is next. WE LOVE YOU💙💜 and I think you know, Legacy is your forever home. Our doors are always open!

💎 #2022

| | 💙💜


Senior Spotlight… with our sweet and sincere Lauren Schmidt💜💙


We are so excited to celebrate you today, as you rarely draw attention to yourself. You enjoy being a part of the group, and will stand in the back or to the side, proudly. When you are front and center, you shine bright too💜💙. We are excited to perform our Sun & Moon Ballet - written by YOU, and we hope to make you proud. Quietly ambitious, dedicated and focused. You have a BRIGHT future ahead of you and we cannot wait to see what comes next. Our Tappin’ 👑 Queen, we will miss your sounds. is lucky to have you next year (but we will take you back anytime 😉). We LOVE YOU💙💜 and welcome you home 💓


| | 💙💓


Our senior spotlights for today with this beautiful lady…. TIFFANY💓

Tiffany, your love for dance is truly unmatched. You absorb yourself in movement and aim to please the choreographer for each piece. Listening to every word and giving 100% of yourself. We have loved having you, even if for a short moment, you made a tremendous impact within our doors. We love that you want to continue your dance journey into instruction and choreography and know that you have a bright future ahead of you💫. Thank you for challenging yourself in each class, pushing for more, and encouraging those around you to step up with you. 💜💙. WE LOVE YOU! Don’t shy away… stay close and keep dancing💓. Our doors are always open to you and we want to see where your journey takes you. 💜💙


| | 💙💜


Senior Spotlight with our beautiful Dakota💫

Dakota (aka “Kota”), we have truly had the blessing of watching you grow from a tiny little firecracker to this gorgeous lady you have become. We are so proud of you, and know that your next steps will just be the beginning of the great things that will come your way. From the soccer field to the stage, you always had endless talent but a humble heart. You were not only gifted on the stage and field, but you were always kind and caring to others around you. We will always be thankful that we were able to be a part of your journey. WE LOVE YOU💙💜. You are such a special part of our Legacy family, and our doors (and arms) will always be open to you! You will be greatly missed 💓


To all of INCREDIBLE DANCE MOMS, Thank you! You are such an important piece to our family 💜💙. You help in so many ways, and stand back and cheer us on in the wings. Your love and care is felt all the time. From dance taxi duties, to sparkles and fixes, to hair and make up, to cheers and applause. You always bring your A-Game! Thank you! We love our DANCE MOMS💜💙💜

Hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day!

| | 💙💜


Our senior spotlight continues with SOPHIE💫!

Sophie, you entered our doors two years ago, in the midst of a pandemic, from another state, and you made a tremendous mark within our doors. Your energy is infectious, your love for people is truly genuine and your ability to bring the fun makes you a one of a kind. You have a heart of gold. Embracing everyone individually, and loving others for what makes them unique. You love big and you love deep, and it shows in all you do. We would love to keep you longer, as you have brought so much joy and happiness with you. You will be greatly missed! Thank you for the laughter, teaching others to take time to laugh and for rolling with everything that was thrown your way. You have a successful future ahead of you at and we hope you come home often to see us. Your time here may have been brief, but it feels like you were always here with us. You are one of us, always💙💜 WE LOVE YOU!


| | 💙💜



So we are planning for a fantastic summer session! Let the summer fun begin!

June 🏖6th is around the corner and the kick off for our SUMMER DANCE CAMPS! Camps are filling, call today to enroll and reserve your place in one or more of our six camp weeks!

Ages 5-10 years old

Summer Dance Camp Weeks:
Dance Camp 1: June 6th-June 10th
Dance Camp 2: June 13th-June 17th
Dance Camp 3: July 11th-July 15th
Dance Camp 4: July 18th - July 22nd
Dance Camp 5: July 25th - July 29th
Dance Camp 6: August 1st - August 5th

Each camp week will be filled with exploring different styles of dance, choreography, technique, and fun! Each dancer will experience the joy of dance while also making great friendships!

Bring on SUMMER☀️☀️☀️

| | 💙💜


MACY!! You have been such an amazing addition to the Legacy💙💜Fam! We love your heart, maturity, work ethic, and compassion. You have the gift of seeing the good in all people, and the wisdom of knowing when to distance yourself. You lead by example in all you do. You are a true role model for others. Kind, respectful and caring. You are also a born leader, who raises everyone around you. We know you have an amazing future ahead of you, as you enter .tech! Dream big! Believe in yourself! And know your Legacy family will always be here for you💙💜💙. WE LOVE YOU!


| | 💙💜

Photos from Legacy School of Dance's post 05/02/2022


What an amazing way to end our season. You have been a DREAM TEAM💙💜. From our dancers, to our families, to our instructors - everyone’s love and support was felt all season. You stepped up in great ways on and off the stage. We were beaming with pride! Your professionalism was perfection. We are so appreciative and thankful for each of you.

You earned your accolades and recognitions. You brought home trophies and tiaras. But ladies and gentlemen, this year you became ONE TEAM like never before. You knew each other’s dances, and would stand in the wings dancing with those performing on stage. You embraced your differences, and learned to TRUST each other. You gave big hugs, laughed until your bellies ached, and truly loved each other in a big way and it showed - on and off the stage. 💜💙💜💙. May this be the beginning of many more seasons like this…. I wouldn’t change a thing. ❤️


Thank you for a wonderful weekend.


Choreography Awards for

Crowd Pleaser for

1. GREASE - Production
2. FIX YOU - Petite Level
3. BIG SPENDER - Teen Level
4. CONCRETE ANGEL- Junior Level
5. SHE BREAKS - Senior Level

Two DANCER OF THE YEAR opportunities…
1. Lauren Coles 🌟
2. Toria Donaldson 🌟

Title Winners
1. Henry Williamson 👑
2. Taylor Ligatti 👑

Tital Finalist:
1. Mary Carter Graham 💫
2. Dejanae Williams 💫
3. Gabby Adkins 💫
4. Jordyn Adkins 💫
5. Faith Stevens 💫
6. Taylor Price 💫
7. Lauren Schmidt 💫
8. Molly Moorman 💫😘

And so MUCH MORE….. 💜💙

| | 💙💜

Videos (show all)

Guess you could say our spring SHOWCASE has been a SUCCESS!  We dance, we celebrate and we have tons of fun 💙💜💙💜. Enjoy💫
So EXCITED for our Spring Showcase 2022, 💫A MOMENT IN TIME💫 and our Legacy Littles Showcase 💓 MOTHER GOOSE NURSERY RHYME...
Mother Nature got us again…. But the roads look OK!  So we are happy to say…. WE ARE OPEN!!  We will see our regular cla...
Congratulations Naomie!   We are so proud of you!!! 💙💜. You so deserve this opportunity and we know will be an amazing a...
We are OPEN today!   Drive safely, stay warm and let’s DANCE!  ❄️ ❄️
Mother Nature has arrived in a snowy way.  Due to weather predictions and current road conditions, Legacy Studios will b...
A new season begins, it is hard to believe that we will be starting Season 12 on September 13th!  Enroll in classes toda...
Happy Father’s Day to our Legacy Dance Dads!!!!  Whether you are helping to keep things running behind the scenes or ste...
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🤩🤩🤩 Way to go Gracie!   You are a star!   Can’t wait to see you in class too💙💜. #waytogo #dance #starquality #glissade #...
Another budding Legacy Star, Katelyn!  Beautiful job!  We are so proud of you💙💜. #challenge #pasdechat #stepofthecat #yo...




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Midlothian, VA

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We offer dance classes in many styles including: Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Broadway Jazz, Jazz Funk, Contemporary Jazz, Modern, Contemporary Modern, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballroom, and Zumba. We work with children ages 2 to adult.

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