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Operating as usual


"Some of you may be aware that we've had some unwanted or unkind behaviors toward our school and our peers this school year. Mr. Fowlin is a phenomenal speaker and his message of kindness and inclusion is one that all will benefit from hearing."


This was in the weekly message to the Midlothian High School community:

"Promenade Message:
As we noted in our reminder message sent to students/families who attended the modified prom (Promenade) this past Saturday, we are looking to continue to improve upon our practices and processes when planning future activities and events at our school. We heard from various community members about concerns related to the Promenade theme , which potentially could have been avoided with a more proactive and intentional approach at gathering a wider range of input during early steps with work teams.
The first steps toward this end will start with a debriefing session with a student group this week. The goal is for all students, through our support and actions, to feel that Midlothian is a safe and inclusive environment and that each school-wide event makes all our students feel they were involved.
Our hope is to engage a broader representation of our school community to enhance planning phases as well as build out opportunities for higher levels of volunteerism with implementing these projects once they are designed. We will continue to explore communication methods to best reach our diverse community.
Moving forward, we will be seeking student input on how to better design our processes so that we can incorporate our entire community during each stage, as well. As always, thank you for your ongoing support throughout the school year."

Test Registration for 2021 PSAT/NMSQT 01/07/2021

Good evening Midlo families,

This is an important reminder from Midlothian about the PSAT registration deadline. Please see the message from the school testing coordinator below:

If your student has not yet registered for the in-school PSAT/NMSQT (scheduled for Tuesday, January 26), the deadline is TOMORROW (Friday, January 8).

Here is the CCPS link to register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf586u_TYEDh99gmZeRNGdKs6WuM-Cl7QOxyCz_ueC8uFCHsw/viewform

If you are unsure about whether your student is already registered, contact the Counseling department to clarify.

More information about test day will follow shortly.

Thank you,

Steven Lagow

Test Registration for 2021 PSAT/NMSQT National Test Date: TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2021 (8:30 am - 2:00 pm) Chesterfield County Public Schools will offer the PSAT/NMSQT to all ENROLLED 11TH GRADERS at no cost to the students. Students will need to register here to participate. Registration Deadline: FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 2021 Testing Locations...

Photos from Midlothian High School IB Program's post 12/04/2020

This email was just sent out to our families...


Included in today’s email update:

The Public Health Committee’s latest recommendation: Remain in a virtual learning environment and monitor data to see if Chesterfield is ahead or behind the curve of a regional uptick. Next steps for a possible return of students to in-person learning: School Board work session on Sept. 14. Cohorts for student re-entry updated to bring back all grades at the middle and high school students at the same time under the hybrid model. Potential timeframe for re-entry of students in Cohorts 1-4. Other information the school division will be sharing prior to the virtual opening on Sept. 8.

Team Chesterfield families and staff members,

The Public Health Committee charged with identifying and monitoring key public health metrics for an eventual return to in-person instruction recommended Tuesday that Chesterfield County Public Schools delay consideration of the potential re-entry of students. Committee members wanted more time to review public health-related data to determine if a regional uptick in hospitalizations was symptomatic of a larger issue that Chesterfield County will face in the coming weeks, and to learn more about a Virginia Department of Health (VDH) database that has Chesterfield County listed as being in substantial community transmission (labeled as the red category).

The School Board will receive another update from the committee on Monday, Sept. 14. If local and regional public health data continue to remain stable or trend downward, if there is progress in the VDH’s hiring of contact tracers for our community, and if there is a reduction in the wait time for COVID testing, the School Board could consider returning Cohort 1 students to school on Sept. 29.

The committee reported a decrease in the average number of daily cases in Chesterfield County and a reduction in the percent positivity of tests administered in the Chesterfield Health District from Aug. 13-25. (Both metrics are now in the yellow category of a green-yellow-orange-red measuring system used by the committee.)

The average number of COVID-related daily hospitalizations from Aug. 9 to Aug. 23 dropped in Chesterfield County as well. That metric, however, increased by 25-plus daily throughout the Virginia Department of Health’s Central Region, of which Chesterfield County is a member. The regional spike, a review of data under consideration for publication on an upcoming VDH website that shows Chesterfield County as in substantial community transmission (red category), and a projected increase in cases around the Labor Day holiday gave the committee pause. The committee also expressed concern that contact tracing and access to quick COVID tests results were not immediately available in Chesterfield.

As a result, the committee will reconvene on Sept. 14 to review another two weeks’ worth of data.

At its Sept. 14 work session, if the data continues to remain stable or trends downward and there is positive movement in terms of contact tracing and testing, the School Board could move forward with reintroducing Cohort 1 students back into schools for in-person instruction. The School Board will continue to receive updates every two weeks, with the intent of continuing to bring back additional cohorts of students every two weeks.

Cohorts for re-entry

Students have been grouped in cohorts for an eventual return to face-to-face instruction.

Cohort 1: Select Special Education Level 2 students as determined by IEPs (Grades K-12) Cohort 2: All students in Cohort 1 and all students in prek to second grade; Career and Technical Center students Cohort 3: All students in Cohorts 1 and 2 and all students in Grades 3-5 Cohort 4: All students in Cohorts 1, 2, and 3 and students in Grades 6-12 (this combines the previous 4 and 4a cohorts discussed at the Aug. 11 School Board retreat)

Cohort 1 students would attend school four days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). Wednesday would be a virtual learning day. All services will be provided in the self-contained (special education setting) as determined to be appropriate by the IEP team and with parental consent.

As Cohorts 2-4 are reintroduced, they will attend two days a week and learn asynchronously three days a week. Group 1 (last names A-K) would come to school on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Group 2 (last names L-Z) would attend Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesdays would be a cleaning day with virtual learning for all. (Level 2 Special education students would continue to attend four days a week as Cohorts 2-4 are reintroduced.)

Potential timeline for student re-entry

If data improves, the next decision point is Sept. 14. The earliest possible return dates would be:

Cohort 1: Returns to in-person instruction (4 days) on Sept. 29 Cohort 2: Returns to hybrid in-person instruction (2 days) on Oct. 12 Cohort 3: Returns to hybrid in-person instruction (2 days) on Oct. 26 Cohort 4: Returns to hybrid in-person instruction (2 days) on Nov. 9

Other information coming your way prior to the return to virtual learning

During the next two weeks, the school division will share information about what the return to school (virtual and in-person) will look like. This will include information from the school and division levels.

Division-level information will include: access to a weekly call center, assistance with Chromebooks, tutorials on our student learning management system (Canvas), a new Parent Hub with tons of useful information for families, information about the federal free lunch program, school supplies, bus routes, etc.

School-level information will include: a welcome from the school principal, direct communication from a teacher to make sure the student knows how to engage on Sept. 8, a review of the grade level and classroom’s schedule, expectations for virtual learning, etc.

Thank your for your continued support of Chesterfield County Public Schools!

Tim Bullis
Executive Director, Communications and Community Engagement
Chesterfield County Public Schools


Important information about internet access was just released.
Here is a copy of the email:

Hello, this is Chesterfield County Public Schools emailing with an offer for free home internet.

Chesterfield Schools is preparing for the 2020-2021 school year and contacting families that may not have home internet service. It is anticipated that nearly all students will receive part of their instruction online. While internet access is available in the parking lots of all Chesterfield Schools, the school division is focused on providing students with access within their home.

Comcast Internet Essentials is a program that offers low-cost internet access for qualified students. Normally, the cost is paid by families. Due to the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Chesterfield Education Foundation and Chesterfield County Public Schools are partnering to cover all costs for home internet access for the entire school year. Students that receive free or reduced meals are eligible to apply.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, you need to apply so that Comcast can send you information in the mail. Go to LearnFromHome.ccpsnet.net to complete the interest form. If you need to express your interest over the phone, you can call 639-2688.

Thank you.

Home Internet Request Form


A message from Midlothian:

Greetings, Midlothian Community. This is your principal, Shawn Abel, with a special message related to Chromebooks.

As part of Chesterfield County Public Schools’ plan to start the school year in a virtual learning environment, all prek-12 students will be provided with a personal learning device (Chromebook) for use at home or school when we eventually return to in-person instruction.

Any registered Midlothian High School student not yet assigned a school division-issued Chromebook can come to the aux gym on August 20, 2020, between 7:30am -11:00am or 2:30pm - 6:00pm. Please plan to park in the student parking lot and enter through door 25 and exit through door 26.

No appointment is necessary, but facial coverings or masks are required and social distancing guidelines will be followed. Your student does not have to personally attend, but parents are asked to provide their child's student ID number in order to receive a Chromebook.

If you are unable to make our school’s assigned distribution date, please review this document to locate the best time at the nearest elementary school to you.

Unlike previous years, there is no Chromebook fee this school year. There are no forms to complete either. Hotspots will not be available at this event. If you have Internet-access needs, please contact our school directly, at 378-2440.

We are excited to provide this learning tool to our students, and look forward to reconnecting with them in September. Please let us know how we can assist your family with this transition.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and as always, Go Midlo!


A message from our Superintendent, Dr. Merv Daugherty:

Team Chesterfield families,

As the 2019-20 school year wraps up, my leadership team and I remain focused on preparing for the 2020-21 school year. What that eventually will look like remains largely unknown at this time.

Two things are known for sure and have been for a long time: We miss our students, and we want them physically back in our schools learning from our outstanding teachers. The latter part, though, can only happen when it is safe for students and staff members to return within identified parameters.

Our path forward this fall largely will depend on orders from the Governor, guidance provided by the Virginia Department of Education, guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and input from the county government’s Risk Management team. Given how rapidly things have changed during the past three months, it would be difficult to tell you with any certainty what the first day of school might look like … or when it might be.

We do know our return to learning will be scientifically guided based on metrics identified by state and local leaders, and will be done when conditions are appropriate. The safety of our students and staff remains our top priority.

My team and I are planning for a variety of possible scenarios, including but not limited to:

All students are allowed to return to campus, and school begins on time as normal.

Our school year is delayed, and we have to modify our instructional calendar for a later start date.

Students are allowed to return to school, but not all at one time, meaning we have to operate in shifts to meet crowd-size restrictions and social distancing guidelines. This hybrid model could have some students learning from school while others learn from home, and then switching places on other days.

The school year begins with required attendance in virtual classrooms, with teacher instruction provided and assignments distributed, collected and graded (in person or electronically).

Given the timelines suggested so far for the phased reopening of Virginia and the limitations initially described within the phases, it is not difficult to see some combination of the above being implemented during the first semester. If crowd-size restrictions remain in place, it obviously will be impossible for most school divisions to bring in entire student populations.

As we review potential options, we are receiving many suggestions from the federal, state, and local levels about what the reopening of school could look like. There are many logistical challenges to work through with many of these suggestions, though. For example:

While it may be somewhat easy to separate a reduced number of students once they are in schools, social distancing could be a challenge on school buses. A 72-student school bus might only be able to hold one-third of its capacity if 6 feet of separation is still required. This challenge must be considered by state and federal leaders as plans are developed and recommended.

It also is not realistic for middle or high school students to remain in the same classroom throughout the day due to the diverse/different schedules each student has. (Some sixth graders take English 6 but Math 7; some high school freshmen are in classes with upperclassmen for core subjects like math/science and for electives as well.)

Regardless of the path taken this fall, one challenge we are actively working to solve is the digital divide. We are studying potential opportunities that would allow all school-aged students to have a school division-issued laptop or tablet (for our youngest students) next year. Through community partnerships, we are hopeful that we also could provide free Wi-Fi service or hotspot devices to families that do not have Internet access at home.

We will continue to tackle challenges and take advantage of opportunities as they come our way, and we will keep you updated as soon as decisions are made. We continue to appreciate your patience as we navigate this uncharted path. Together, we will come through this stronger as individuals and as a community.

Dr. Merv Daugherty


Congratulations Mr. Spewak - Midlothian HS Teacher of the Year!!

The below was in Dr. Abel's Weekly Message on Friday.

Teacher of the Year:
Each year, one deserving teacher is recognized by their peers as the Midlothian HS Teacher of the Year. This year's recipient not only serves as one of our most innovative, dedicated, and supportive teachers, he also serves as our very successful International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator for the past several years. He meets several of his students at door 34 each morning at 7:45am to provide them an opportunity to obtain assistance and collaborate with one another. Under his leadership, our IB program earned the highest diploma rate (90%) in nearly two decades. Please join me in recognizing our 2020 Teacher of the Year, Mr. Spewak!!!!!!


Just a reminder...April 24th is the deadline to make schedule changes.


Just a reminder to check with your students. Course verification sheets will come home with students today. they will need to be signed and returned ASAP!


Dear IB Students and Families,

1) IB Q and A: Tomorrow, March 31st at 8pm- We will be holding our Digital Meeting to answer any questions you all might still have about IB coursework, scheduling, and Teaching and Learning moving forward. Due to guidelines from the county, we have been asked NOT to use Zoom, and instead will be utilizing Google Meeting at 8pm using the following link meet.google.com/wwa-hmrc-pkv, which will also be sent out as a Calendar Invite. Please fill out this survey if you plan to attend so you can pose questions and gain clarity on developments some clarity. Once you click the link, please mute your microphone. This is open to students and parents!

2) ALL Junior and Senior Diploma Candidates Submitting an Internal Assessment for May 2020: Important Updates- As the seniors found out on Friday, IB has retracted the deadline extensions for Internal Assessments. This means all coursework is now to be uploaded by the original deadline. This means, in order for all work to be verified, authenticated, and submitted with all components, I will need all portfolio and IA pieces no later than April 16th. This will affect all seniors, as well as junior students in IB Business Management and IB Psychology.

I have created a Canvas page for Seniors which will provide updates, guidelines, and direct communications from the IB office about the status of their portfolio submissions. By Wednesday, all other junior students submitting Internal assessments will also be invited. All students should have received direct guidance from their IB teachers about any missing components, or where they should be in the drafting and revision process. Please note that these assignments will not be graded on a CCPS grading scale or entered into the gradebook, unless portions of the IA took place prior to March 12th. Teachers will provide feedback and scores to provide feedback and offer a predicted score. Please follow all directed steps, but also feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

3) Reminder: Volunteers Needed for IB Scheduling Meeting (digital) this Thursday, April 2nd @ 7:30: Each year we hold an event for our rising 9th graders to go over the scheduling process, as well as to recap the main elements of the IB program. We try to have IB teachers and students available to answer questions and to share insights into our program, as well as members of the IB Parents Council to offer the family perspective. Please respond to this email if you are interested in helping out.


Peace and Joy,

Mark D. Spewak

National Board Certified Teacher

IB Program Coordinator

English FTE

Midlothian High School

Meet Real-time meetings by Google. Using your browser, share your video, desktop, and presentations with teammates and customers.


Team Chesterfield families,
Important, positive updates regarding Chesterfield County Public Schools’ meals service during the current school closure:
To meet the needs of students during the COVID-19 school closure, Chesterfield County Public Schools continues to provide meals for students for pick up without charge; regardless of race, color, national origin, s*x, age, or disability; and without discrimination. Meals will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis at the sites and times on the attached schedules.
Please note these important updates to the distribution of meals:

Children no longer have to be present to pick up meals. To pick up meals without a student present, please tell the CCPS staff member your student’s first and last names as well as their age.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, two lunches and two breakfasts will be provided for each child.

On Fridays, three lunches and three breakfasts will be provided for each child.

No meals service will be available on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Please see the attached documents for updated distribution sites.
0329 meals update.pdf
Equipo Chesterfield familias,
Actualizaciones importantes y positivas sobre el servicio de comidas de las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Chesterfield durante el cierre actual de la escuela:
Para satisfacer las necesidades de los estudiantes durante el cierre de la escuela COVID-19, las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Chesterfield continúan brindando comidas a los estudiantes para que los recojan sin cargo; independientemente de su raza, color, nacionalidad, s*xo, edad o discapacidad; y sin discriminación. Las comidas se proporcionarán por orden de llegada en los sitios y horarios en los horarios adjuntos.
Tenga en cuenta estas actualizaciones importantes para la distribución de comidas:

Los niños ya no tienen que estar presentes para recoger las comidas. Para recoger comidas sin un estudiante presente, dígale al miembro del personal de CCPS el nombre y apellido de su estudiante, así como su edad.

Los lunes y miércoles, se proporcionarán dos almuerzos y dos desayunos para cada niño.

Los viernes, se proporcionarán tres almuerzos y tres desayunos para cada niño.

El servicio de comidas no estará disponible los martes o jueves.

Consulte los documentos adjuntos para ver los sitios de distribución actualizados.
0329 meals update spanish.pdf
Tim Bullis
Executive Director, Communications and Community Engagement
Chesterfield County Public Schools

Chesterfield County Public Schools | Innovative. Engaging. Relevant. 03/29/2020

This is a message from the Chesterfield County Food & Nutrition department to update you on three important changes beginning this week to our feeding program.

First, we will only be serving meals on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, you will be provided with 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches.

On Fridays you will be given 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches.

Once again we will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Second, you will no longer be required to have your child with you at pick up. You will be asked to provide your child’s name and age to the staff so they can make a record of this.
Third, we will be sending home heat and serve food options beginning this week. We will be providing cooking instructions. We will also be providing an allergens list for the food items you receive.
Once again any child, between the ages of 2 and 18, who would like meals may participate.
Please visit www.mychesterfieldschools.com for a complete list of school and off-site locations and times.
Please stay healthy and be safe.
Chesterfield County Food & Nutrition Department

Chesterfield County Public Schools | Innovative. Engaging. Relevant. This is an historic day in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Unfortunately, it is not the history that you or I probably care to be a part of.

IB Q and A: Tuesday, March 31st RSVP 03/28/2020

Dear IB Students and Families,

As a follow up to my message earlier this week, I wanted to quickly touch base about a few items:

1) IB Q and A (digital meeting) - for all IB students and parents: Tuesday, March 31st at 8pm- We will be holding our Digital Meeting to answer any questions you all might still have about IB coursework, scheduling, and Teaching and Learning moving forward. Please fill out this survey (see attachment) if you plan to attend so you can pose questions, select your preferred platform (I know that Zoom is blocked on Chromebooks), and help me best prepare information for the IB community. Please fill out by Monday, March 30th at 5pm. I will send out an invite/ reminder on Tuesday morning (via email) with the link to the meeting, and protocol for video conferencing (how to join, mute mics,etc.). This is open to students and parents!

2) IB Seniors: Very important Updates- I will have an IMPORTANT announcement and update coming out to you this afternoon regarding portfolio submissions, as well as our next steps forward. You all will also be receiving an invite to a new Canvas site called Midlo IB ( thank you Mrs. Hill for helping create it!). It is essential that you all accept this invite so you can be fully up to date with announcements from IB, as well as from the IB Office and your teachers. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions!

3) Volunteers Needed for (upcoming 9th grade) IB Scheduling Meeting (digital) next Thursday, April 2nd @ 7:30: Each year we hold an event for our rising 9th graders to go over the scheduling process, as well as to recap the main elements of the IB program. We try to have IB teachers and students available to answer questions and to share insights into our program, as well as members of the IB Parents Council to offer the family perspective. Please send an email if you are interested in helping out.

In closing: As always, please reach out with your questions, comments, and concerns. Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you all go out and enjoy the lovely weather. Take care, stay well, and be in touch.

Peace and Joy,

Mark D. Spewak
National Board Certified Teacher
IB Program Coordinator
English FTE
Midlothian High School

IB Q and A: Tuesday, March 31st RSVP In preparation for our Q and A meeting next week, I would like to offer a space for you to ask any questions you may have about your schedule, IB coursework, or Teaching and Learning moving forward. Please provide these questions no later than 5pm Monday, so that we can be sure to look over your inf...


Dear IB Students and Parents,
Good morning! It is day 4 of distance learning at Midlothian High School, and I wanted to check in with you all and provide a few updates. As you all have probably heard or seen at this time, Chesterfield County has extended closures until April 13th. With that said, all teachers will be providing a new batch of lessons and activities per week to help support your learning at home. I have been in close contact with IB teachers, and have been discussing the most effective ways to ensure that students are getting the best preparation and support for portfolio submissions and IB assessments moving forward. We continue to welcome your feedback, and I would like to answer any other questions you might still have (more info below).

In the meantime here are some updates from IB, as well as some steps moving forward for students still in need of recording their LANGUAGE A or LANGUAGE B Internal assessments. This is a bit lengthy, but very informative. If you prefer to view it via GoogleDoc, here is the link:

Backwards Planning: IB Q&A regarding exams

Portfolio and IA deadline extensions

Recording Internal Assessments Using Distance Learning Tools: Language A, Language B, and ToK.

How Can We Support You? Parent and Students please fill out this survey

1) Backwards Planning: IB Q&A regarding exams: As of
yesterday, the IB organization communicated that it would maintain the May 2020 exam schedule. Clearly, this would create challenges moving forward, especially with administering internal assessments, successfully gathering portfolio components, and preparing students for exams.
However, the IBO will be re-assessing the situation, and will publish a decision no later than March 27th (see response below).

The information listed below in the Q&A format presents the
rationale behind these decisions, as well as the supports and
alternatives we may have at our disposal. More information
will be coming out as soon as we know more in light of ongoing
developments. In the meantime, these are the policies that will
shape our decisions as we proceed:

Is the IB going to change the May 2020 examination schedule?
We are gathering feedback from schools, students, universities and official bodies to determine the most judicious way forward. It is critical for us to ensure that the options we provide for our schools globally are done with compassion for our students and teachers, and fairness for the difficult circumstances our students and educators are experiencing.
Ultimately, we want to ensure that our students have every chance of success as they pursue university entry or future career plans. Our students are at the forefront of our thinking as we navigate this extraordinary global pandemic.
We are working through these options with the utmost urgency and will provide you with a decision on the May 2020 examination session no later than 27 March 2020. Further information on the options available to you and your students will be provided following the decision.

Will the IB cancel the May 2020 examination session?
The May 2020 examination session for Diploma Programme, Career-related Programme and Middle Years Programme will be continuing as planned. As a global organization with over 180,000 students registered to take exams this May, we have a duty of care to ensure that those students who can sit their exams are provided the opportunity to do so. We want to thank our educators for working so hard to minimize the disruption to students’ learning during this difficult time.
We are treating the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic is presenting for our global community very seriously. We will continue communicating with our schools about any adjustments that may need to be made to enable their students to sit their examinations.
Why can’t the IB move the examination session?
Creating examinations for over 200,000 global students each year takes a considerable amount of work, with the work beginning at least 18 months before the date that students will finally sit the exam paper. Behind this process, there is also a large infrastructure of printing, posting and scanning the papers that underpins the session. These companies carefully schedule their work to ensure they can support multiple assessment bodies across the world throughout the year. If we moved the examination session these companies may not be able to support the IB.
In addition, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak is affecting different parts of the world at different times and is a rapidly evolving situation. Currently, there are schools globally who are not affected and whose students are preparing to take their examinations in May, while for other schools, it is not yet certain that they will be open for the exams. Even if we were able to move the examination session, we may find the same problem as now, with some schools able to sit the exams and others not.
We understand this is a very difficult time for schools who have been under extended closures and have provided comprehensive deadline extensions to reduce pressure on schools.

2) Portfolio and IA deadline extensions: For those of you who are in the middle of an Internal Assessment, whether it be a Psych IA, recorded Oral Commentary, or an Art Exhibition, etc., Please know that the deadlines for these projects and papers have been extended. Guidance has been given to your teachers, who will work with you on the the next steps as well as the expectations for final submission and deadlines. We want to be vigilant that any feedback on these assignments will be offered as guidance, and will not be evaluative. In other words, they will not impact grade or GPA in any way, but serve as valuable suggestions for improvement as you revise, refine, and perfect your product.

3) Recording Internal Assessments Using Distance Learning Tools: Language A, Language B
Completing assessment components: I have been in contact with IB Teachers administering recorded Internal Assessments, and we are developing plans for holding recorded sessions for Spanish, German, and Language and Literature (11th Grade). Using the direct language and guidance from IB regarding recording and assessing internal assessments using distance learning tools (see below), we are creating protocols and procedures to ensure a safe, fair, and secure environment in which to hold these recorded sessions. Students in these courses should expect communication from their instructor within the week offering more information. Here is the language from IB:
How can we use video conference / video calls for language oral assessments?
Due to the evolving nature of the situation for schools, the IB has re-visited this scenario and has created a policy around conducting remote oral activities without the need for physical invigilation.
Maintaining academic integrity is paramount in the completion of IB assessment and examinations. Therefore, teachers conducting any of the assessments, listed above, must ensure that they are conducted in full adherence to the guidelines described in the relevant subject guides and assessment procedures when trying to replicate the conditions followed when completing such tasks in the school.
For language orals, please ensure that the principles and procedures below are adhered to:

Copy of any abstract / stimulus sent to the candidates must be clean copies

Copy of any abstract / stimulus sent to the candidates must not be previously known / discussed with the candidate

Preparation time must be supervised (remotely)

Notes taken during the supervised preparation time must be short

Notes taken during the supervised preparation time must only be consulted and not be read during the recording time

The room should be free of any written material on the walls/ceilings, regardless of whether these appear related to the subject being examined (some judgement may be required regarding visual material) **

Only one blank piece of paper must be available on the candidate’s desk for note taking**

** students can be asked to show their rooms with their mobile phone cameras (walls and areas underneath their desks) to confirm that no unauthorized materials are visible/hidden.

4) How Can We Support You?
Let’s face it, it has been a strange week :) However in a time of increased uncertainty, communication is absolutely essential. Hopefully the Midlo IB Student Q&A sheet sent out this week was a good start, and it is my hope that communications from teachers as well as IB Student Council reps have helped support students and fill in any gaps in communication.
In an effort to strengthen communication and to improve upon practices utilized this week, I am asking all students and parents to fill out the following survey, “How Can We Support You?”
In it, you will find questions about how well distance learning went this week, as well as questions soliciting feedback and even advice from our students. Thank you in advance, as this feedback is incredibly helpful, and aids us greatly in creating the best experience possible for students.

Final Thought: Let’s pace ourselves- It is crucial that we take care of ourselves during this time, both mentally and physically. As students wrestle with what items to prioritize, I cannot encourage you all enough to UNPLUG for a little while, and take time for personal growth, exercise, and relaxation. There is so much digital content flying at us right now, and so much with which we feel we need constant connection, but please take time to breathe, make reasonable goals, and focus on the things that are truly important.

In closing: If you made it this far in the email, I would like to thank you all for your flexibility, hard work, and patience as we navigate uncharted territory. As always, please reach out with questions, but more importantly reach out with your ideas and feedback. Let me know how I can support you!


Peace and Joy,

Mark D. Spewak

National Board Certified Teacher

IB Program Coordinator

English FTE

Midlothian High School

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Located in Midlothian, Virginia, Swift Creek serves over 1,000 of Chesterfield's best students!

ASES Library ASES Library
13200 Bailey Bridge Road
Midlothian, 23112

This is the page for the Alberta Smith ES Library.

The Center for Teaching and Learning at Brightpoint Community College The Center for Teaching and Learning at Brightpoint Community College
800 Charter Colony Parkway

The CTL @ Brightpoint Community College promotes student success and a culture of excellence through professional faculty development.

History With Ancient Allen History With Ancient Allen
Midlothian, 23112

Welcome to Ancientallen.com, where we will bring the stories of the past out of boring statistical textbooks and into a more enjoyable storytelling format.