Childbloom Guitar Program of Boise

A comprehensive musical education program through the guitar for kids. Specially trained instructors. Parent involvement encouraged. Multiple locations available in Boise/Meridian.

Operating as usual


Just this week, another of our great students, CI, was notified that he won the Childbloom Company's Christmas Contest. Founder, Kevin Taylor had this to say: "Your entry had perfect rhythm, a beautiful, consistent tone and was very musical. What a great job!" Keep up the good work, CI!

[03/11/19]   We are very proud of this young student, RM, who recently won a national contest. He entered the Childbloom Company’s “Reading Book” contest. Entrants were asked to play 2 tunes for a short list of selections. Here is what Founder, Kevin Taylor, said about R’s playing: “..your scores were perfect: perfect accuracy, perfect rhythm, perfect tone AND you received extra points for your interpretive elements.” Well done, RM!
Here is RM playing Komodo Dance and Tomorrow’s Bells.


Komodo Dance


Tomorrow's Bells

[08/27/18]   Sometimes, good practicers become bad practicers. Discover "Why?" And when bad practicers become good practicers, don't forget to discover "Why" then, too.

[07/08/18]   Practice Tidbit #15
Teacher/student rapport is critical for learning. Take teacher complaints to the teacher. Don't let your child hear you complain about the teacher. It can ruin the rapport before any conflict you might have is solved.

[07/02/18]   Practice Tidbit# 14
Parents must learn to say only positive things about the music learning at home - even when the reality is negative. Let the teacher correct.

[06/25/18]   Practice tidbit #13
Sometimes, kids need, and like, a lot of parental coaching. Sometimes, the same child will hate it. Parents must respond accordingly.

[06/19/18]   Practice tidbit #12
By the time a child is 15 years old, parents don't motivate substantial practice. It must be self initiated.

[06/04/18]   Practice Tidbit #11
For kids 10 and up, the most motivating forces are new music, successful performances and overcoming obstacles.

[05/28/18]   Practice Tidbit #10
For young children (5-7) the learning curve is very quick. They often can 'get it' with only a few correct tries. But, their memory isn't very "sticky" unless they have regular repetitions.

[05/14/18]   Practice Tidbit #9
Reward systems don't grow motivation. They can help focus motivation.

[05/07/18]   Practice Tidbit #8
Don't give up unless you wan the child to give up. They .rely on you

[04/30/18]   Practice Tidbit #7
It is actually a sign of interest, not just interest, if the child likes the lesson but doesn't like to practice at home.

[04/23/18]   Practice Tidbit #6
When parents talk about the music in the home with appreciation, the kids will respond by playing more.

[04/18/18]   Practice Tidbit #5
Setting practice goals is important. Students learn more when they are trying to learn more.

[03/26/18]   Practice Tidbit #4
To initiate practice, simply put the guitar in the beginner's hands. What do you do with a guitar in your hands? You play something!

[03/19/18]   Practice tidbit #2
Children are possessive about their instrument. This is good. That means you can pick up the guitar yourself and try to play it to stimulate your child's practice!

[03/12/18]   Practice Tidbit #1:
Take the guitar out of the case as soon as you get home. Kids are more likely to pick it up and play if it is already out.

[03/05/18]   The Meridian site still has room for 8 year olds. There are 2 new classes: one on Monday evening and one on Tuesday evening. Late 7 year olds and early 9 year olds could also join in. Classes are underway, so hurry and give me a call if you are interested.
Kelli at 208-375-9868

[03/01/18]   Childbloom has national contests from time to time. Students from around the country send their entries to Austin to be judged. Announced today were the winners of the annual Christmas contest. Two of our students, Ben B. and Liam W. were listed among the winners! Congratulations , gentlemen! Well worth your effort, I'm sure. I letter from the president, Kevin Taylor, and prize money will be on the way soon!

[12/09/17]   Join us tomorrow for our annual Christmas recital! We would love to see you!

Tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. 9th
11:00 am
Whitney Baptist Church
2309 W Dorian St, Boise

Refreshments to follow!


Andrew travelled to Seattle to see his grandparents and played for a group at the retirement center. They sang along with him when he played pieces they knew! It was an amazing experience, both for him and for the people who were privileged to get to hear! Way to go Andrew! Keep it up!


Bella Corda played in the park last week. We call this a "Sound Oasis." We sat and played while people passed by. Some stopped and listened. It was a lot of fun for all involved.

Bella Corda is our advanced ensemble and we take opportunities to perform for the community.

[07/13/17]   Are you loving this hot weather? I know a few of you are. I want to encourage you all to remember not to leave your instrument in the hot car. It softens the glue and it can come apart! Today, I picked up a guitar from a friend and had some errands to run, so the guitar went with me into the stores.

If you have an event before or after your lesson, check with your teacher to see if there is an extra guitar for you to use so you can leave yours home. Otherwise, you may just be packing it with you.

My friend and luthier, Dave Boehlke, says, "Treat your guitar like you would a little puppy." Take great care to protect it in this heat!


This is one of our beginning students playing blindfolded!

[07/07/17]   Attention all 7 year olds!
We are looking to round up some kids for the Meridian site. If you have a 7 year old ( or someone pretty close), who wants to play guitar, give us a call.


Childbloom Guitar Program of Boise's cover photo

[06/16/17]   ”My daughter has been in the Childbloom Program for 9 years and absolutely loves it. In addition to learning to play guitar, she has learned theory, developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of music, and has gained a tremendous amount of confidence by performing."

Mike H.

[06/16/17]   “Collectively, as a family, we have taken piano, guitar, saxophone and cello lessons. Childbloom is the best music experience our family has ever had.”

Laura K.

[06/15/17]   Welcome to the Boise Childbloom Guitar page. We have had a presence in the Treasure Valley for over 20 years
and are excited to share the growth of the program. We would love to hear from you.


Childbloom Guitar Program of Boise

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Komodo Dance
Tomorrow's Bells
This is one of our beginning students playing blindfolded!




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