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[08/19/20]   I wanted to update everyone that I left Vance Medical and focusing my time
On homeschooling kiddos. This is short just a quick update. Check here for updates in the future.

[09/19/18]   Since the spring I was planning to return to work and then one thing after another seemed to need attention first. I needed to take my family practice boards for recertification and that took the whole summer. The next day from taking my boards a home was for sale next to my parents and so now we are moving to boise next to grandma and grandpa. We are just starting a remodel and I get to be project manager. Just when you try to make plans life happens to make plans for you. I’m so excited to spend time with my kids in the new garden and have a fun summer after our summer was mom studying and babysitters. At this point I’m not making any plans to return to work soon. I appreciate Tami Sandmeyer and her support with all my patients. Take care and God bless, Melinda

[05/09/18]   I’m returning to work part time and will be partnering with Tami Sandmeyer NP at Alpine Wellness Clinic. I will be starting June 1st. I need to update website and open my schedule for appointments. Looking forward to partnering with former patients and new patients on their health journey.

[05/01/18]   There is some exciting news coming. Please stay tuned and I will be able to share with you next week.

[09/15/17]   I am so blessed to be the mother of my 3 little ones and I'm enjoying it so much and so are they. I am sorry to say that I am not going back to work as anticipated. I'm going to stay home as long as needed. So with that said it could be a couple years, not sure. I'll post here if life changes, as it sure does. 04/05/2017

Welcome to Eagle Health and Wellness! (208) 938-4040

Eagle Health and Wellness will be closing as of April 1, 2017. With Dr. Elstun on sabbatical and Melinda Hughes taking maternity leave many factors have lead to this difficult decision to close the practice.

If you are an established patient of Dr. Elstun your paper chart and electronic chart will remain at the existing office for a few months.

Melinda Hughes PA-C will be taking maternity leave for ~6 months and all her paper patient charts from 2010-2014 will be stored at Total Body Wellness Clinic, 26 S Baltic Pl #100, Meridian, ID 83642, phone (208) 884-7564. You can contact the above office to get a copy of your paper chart. If you have been seen at Eagle Health and Wellness then you also have an electronic chart from 2016-2017 and can contact Eagle Health and Wellness for patient portal access.
When Melinda has completed maternity leave and has decided where to practice she will have several ways to communicate this to you: By page Hughes Health, email,and Total Body Wellness Clinic.

Melinda can not prescribe or practice medicine until she is working with another physician, so as of March 31,2017 she can not refill your medication. Since Dr. Elstun was Melinda's supervising physician and still available as the physician owner of Eagle Health and Wellness please contact your pharmacy and have them send your refill request to Eagle Health and Wellness. If they can send an electronic medication refill, Dr. Elstun will be able to refill medications quicker.
I know this is sudden and with many working parts the decision and implementation of closing the practice did happen quickly.
Please take care and be well, Melinda

[07/07/16]   Melinda Hughes, PA-C was born and raised in Meridian, Idaho. Melinda was taught at a young age to be a pioneer of new ideas as she was homeschooled. Melinda graduated from High School in 1996 and then attended Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon. There she earned her Associate in Applied Science, with highest honors, specializing in Surgical Technology.

Melinda returned to Boise and worked full time at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center as a Surgical Technologist, in trauma surgery, while also attending Boise State University full time to
finish her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree.

As Melinda worked with many health care professionals, she learned there were several different options in addition to doctors and nurses. For instance, she met several P.A.s (Physician Assistants) and learned that they have the same education base as doctors.

However, P.A.s are trained as generalists; therefore, they can change specialties at any time; whereas medical doctors train in one specialty area and very rarely change specialties. This career diversity offered the broad medical range she was looking for in her practice.

Melinda graduated from B.S.U. in 2003, Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and then took a year off to serve on a medical mission trip. Melinda traveled to Chile for a surgical exchange program and was able to assist in surgery and helped develop a cultural/medical exchange, which she found extremely rewarding.

Melinda was then accepted to the Duke University Medical School Physician Assistant Program,which was the first PA program in the U.S., and it continues to be one of the top three PA schools. At Duke the Physician Assistant’s education program is four years of medical school condensed into two years. Melinda graduated in 2006 completing the Physician Assistant Program from Duke with a Master of Health Sciences.

She then joined Terry Reilly Health Services in their mission “to care for the underserved.” In her four years of service at Terry Reilly, Melinda was concerned about the limited knowledge of health care professionals in nutrition and integrative medicine. In her quest for answers to this
concern Melinda has extensively studied, developed expertise, and treated the following areas: Nutritional Medicine, Functional Medicine Integrative Medicine, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

These areas include: (see the following chart)

(this chart did not cut and paste in order)
ADD/ADHD/Autism Digestive Disorders
IV Therapy
Allergies GERD, Reflux, Low Libido(Sex Drive) Pregnancy Planning
Anemia Heartburn, Ulcers, Lupus Postpartum Health
Annual Exams/Physicals Irritable Bowel Synd, Memory problems
Amino Acids Crohn’s, Ulcerative Men’s Health Procedures:
Arthritis Colitis, parasites. Menopause &
Asthma IUD placement, Pap.
Autoimmune Disorders Food Allergies Mood Disorders:
Breast Health Fibromyalgia Anxiety, Bipolar, OCD,
Candida/Yeast Gout Depression, PMS. Psoriasis
Chronic Fatigue Headaches, Migraines Scar Therapy
Detox Heavy Metal Problems Skin Rashes
Diabetes Hormone Imbalances Multiple Sclerosis Sports Physicals
Eczema High Cholesterol Neurotransmitters Thyroid Problems
Endometriosis Hypertension Obesity Uterus Problems
Erectile Dysfunction Insomnia Period Problems Weight loss
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS)
skin biopsy, mole removal, wart removal,

Melinda cares for her patients by relating to the whole person by finding and treating the root cause of their problem and not just treating the symptom. She is a passionate learner, and it gives her great joy to teach her patients, thereby empowering them with the knowledge to understand their medical circumstance so that they can be a part of the healing process with Melinda as they understand their bodies and take control of their health. Melinda is married with two children and enjoys spending time with family and friends in outdoor Idaho.

What does PA-C mean?

Physician Assistant Certified.

To earn and retain this designation a Physician Assistant must pass the national certification board exam every ten years and complete 100 CME every two years, which confirms that the
individual has maintained a high level of expertise in all specialties of medicine.


Hughes Health PLLC

[02/10/16]   It has been quite a while since I've posted anything, life with 2 kiddos is so full and blessed. IM if you would like an update on Hughes Health. 05/28/2015

The Alkaline Diet » Discover Alkalinity
If you want to lose weight and win money check this out. Ask me how. The SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program is the ONLY Alkaline Diet System on the market that decreases the acidic environment of the body causing rapid body fat loss, optimal health, strength, endurance and an incredible overall sense of well-being. * 04/13/2015

Fragrance Is The New Secondhand Smoke

This is why I stopped wearing perfume and using products that have fragrance as an ingredient. I love to use pure essential oils!!! Did you know that 75% of perfume chemicals are phthalates (endocrine disruptors)? Our daily exposure is dangerous: fragrance is the new secondhand smoke.

[02/21/15]   No baby yet!! At 39 weeks and 5 days. We can go till March 8th, so we will see. Baby and I might share March birthdays! One morning Camille ran into the bedroom and asked, "did the baby come out yet!?" She is so excited to have a baby to care for. 01/30/2015

Events | Traditional Wellness Wisdom

Raine Saunders is hosting this event in Boise! This is an amazing class and group of people to support you in your health journey. Check it out. The principles of this workshop are based on the information found in Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride’s book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS). Although it is not mandatory to read, your understanding of the content in this book will enhance your workshop experience.

[12/28/14]   Friday I had amazing family come help me move out of my office. The patient charts are now all over at Debbie Sullivan's office. I look forward to seeing you all at the open house on January 5th 4-8pm at Debbie's office.

[12/24/14]   Ron and I are moving my office furniture Friday December 26th. We will be at my office by 1030 am with truck and trailer. We will need help loading some boxes and have desk,bookshelves, filing cabinets. Office is 319 9th Ave S, Nampa. We will drop most off at our home in Meridian and take the giant filing cabinet with patient files to the new person's office in Boise and Ron will need help unloading that. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas! 12/22/2014

Schedule a Visit Today! - Amen Clinics
Doctor Amen is the most brilliant physician specialist in brain health. To schedule an appointment, call us at 1-888-564-2700, or if you prefer, fill out and submit this quick-response form below and a Patient Care Coordinator will contact you within 24-48 business hours. 12/22/2014

The True Cost of Processed Foods

I hope this link works. It is the cost of healthy food compared to processed food. People now do not have an excuse to Not eat healthy. The real cost of processed foods isn't the one you find on your grocery receipt. Processed foods cost you health, beauty, and much more. Find out more now, and save yourself the financial and physical burden... 12/18/2014

Metta Health Care Metta Health Care - Home

If you are unable to come to the open house, check out Debbie's new office. She will be sharing office space with Dr. Ann Huycke MD Where We Make Living Healthy - FUN! If you're looking for the cutting edge in Natural Medicine, you'll find it at Metta Health Care!

[12/15/14]   Dear Patient,
It is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement from my medical practice. With the arrival of my second baby, I will take an extended sabbatical from practicing medicine to more fully embrace the call of motherhood and to spend more time with my growing family.
I am pleased to inform you that I will be transferring the care of my patients to Debbie Sullivan, N.P. Debbie owned a successful family practice in Florida, prior to moving to Idaho to be closer to her own family.
While I considered other providers to continue your medical care, there were none that fit my criteria as well as Debbie. Debbie’s family practice background is very similar to my own background which will bring a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to your care. Additionally, Debbie’s passion for natural healing will be an ever present pillar in your care. The decision to transfer your care to Debbie has been supported with careful planning and much prayer.
I will be seeing patients by appointment until Monday, December 15. My Nampa office will be closed December 20th to January 4th. The transfer of your care to Debbie will be effective on January 1, 2015.

The good news is that Debbie’s office is now scheduling appointments for January! If you have an appointment with me scheduled in January, then your appointment will be with Debbie. If your January appointment conflicts with Debbie’s existing schedule, Debbie’s office will contact you.

Care Plans:
To ensure your continuity of care, Debbie and I have arranged to consult over your lab results, when needed. Debbie will also review any pending lab results with you that come in after my last day of appointments. Additionally, we will collaborate on your care, when needed, to make sure your transition is as smooth and seamless as possible.

If you already have a care plan in place, Debbie will continue that plan for you. Please consult her regarding future adjustments. Due to the limited amount of appointments on my schedule this month, I ask that you do not call my office and request a change to your care plan without making an appointment.

Contacting the Office:
Since my Nampa office phone line is shared, you may find it easier to leave a voice message or to email a brief message to [email protected].

Calling the pharmacy is the best way to refill your prescription, as the pharmacy’s fax form will have all of the prescription information on it. I have notified the most commonly used pharmacies of the transfer, so that the pharmacies will send refill requests to Debbie starting January 1st. In order to prevent any delay in receiving your refill after January 1st, please remind your pharmacist that Debbie is your new provider.

Meet and Greet:
Both Debbie and I invite you to our “Meet and Greet” at Debbie’s office located at 4501 W Alamosa St, Boise, Idaho 83703 on Monday, January 5th from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. We hope you can come, meet Debbie, see her office and visit with me, as well.

In order to stay involved in improving the health of those around me, I have partnered with 7.2, The Alkaline Company. This new partnership allows me to continue to educate others on the importance of an alkaline lifestyle in addition to the other healthy practices I have advocated in my practice. I have already introduced these products in my practice and some of you have already experienced benefits. If you have questions or would like to give the alkaline products a try, please contact me at [email protected] or visit for more information.

Thank you so very much for allowing me walk beside you on your health journey. I am confident that you will be in excellent hands with Debbie and will enjoy your partnership with her as much as you have with me.
May God bless you in every way!
Melinda Hughes PA-C, owner of Hughes Health PLLC

[11/21/14]   Tonight's event on Alkalinity was fun! I love educating people and empowering them to vibrant health!!!! I do have 2 more events if you have not made one yet. Tomorrow, Friday at 10am at 11311 W Peconic Dr, Boise and Saturday 4pm at 5718 Howard Lane, Nampa. Hope to help you with your health, weight goals, and preventative health plans. 11/19/2014

Vaccine flu shots still contains 25 micrograms mercury - 100 times the concentration of 'mercury-loaded' fish

What do you think??? Vaccine flu shots still contains 25 micrograms mercury - 100 times the concentration of 'mercury-loaded' fish 11/19/2014

This is What Happens To Your Body If You Drink Honey-Lemon Water In the Morning More and more, people are concerning themselves with their overall health. Drinking water in the morning is a great way to get your body’s functions going 11/19/2014

Immunologist Admits Babies Only Vaccinated to 'Train Parents' During a conference a PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent admitted that babies are only given vaccinations up to the age of one in order to 'train the parents' to get 11/19/2014

Supplement Stock Up Sale The end of the year is near and time to stock up on vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Use the last of your HSA, FSA, etc to stock up on your most needed supplements. All supplements are 10% off and a select few are 35% off. Stop by the office and stock up before we are closed for the holidays. J…

[11/19/14]   The holidays are fast approaching and some of you are dreading the weight gain that comes with all the food. Have a plan in place. Come learn how you can use food and nutrition to help you curb those cravings and actually loose weight during the holidays!!!
Melinda Townley Hughes's photo.

End the Year Healthy and Trim with Alkalinity
Thursday at 7:00pm
Hughes Health PLLC (Inside Nuzum's Naturals), 319 9th Ave S, Nampa, ID, US




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