Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program

Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program


Christie Fit
Christie Fit


Out here getting ready to teach pedestrian safety for my paid work at Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program and giving a ride report for the trip from downtown Boise out to south Cloverdale.

Cloverdale is a challenge south of Overland as so many people in southwest boise know. The road is two lanes, 45 mph, and without proper shoulder and a discontinuous sidewalk on both sides. It’s not comfortable and Im sure it’s slated for a 5 lane treatment. The overpass, with raised bike lanes actually works pretty good, though I wish the curb wasn’t rolled.

Emerald Overpass: Class III barricades are on both sides of the bridge where pedestrians would be walking. ITD has no plan to fix this and the city of boise identified the 5 mile overpass as more critical. Both are critical and pressure to fix them for the comfort of ALL users must be applied.

I’ve got more, but the school bell is about to ring. Stay safe out there, and enjoy the ride.

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Spring is here and it's a wonderful time to ride a bike. If you've got young ones who are learning the rules of the road or could use a refresher, come join us Saturday for a bike rodeo at Kidfort! We are really excited to partner with Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program, Boise Bicycle Project, Boise Police Department, Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), and of course Treefort Music Fest to help keep kids safe!
Join ACHD Commuteride, Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance, and Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School at this virtual Bicycle Friendly Driver Class on April 5! Details below. Let’s get there safely, Treasure Valley!
Interested in becoming a bicycle-friendly driver? Join Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance Board Members Lisa Brady and Tessa Greegor on April 5 at 10 a.m. for this 1.5-hour virtual Bicycle Friendly Driver class offered through AARP’s New Knowledge Adventures program. The Bicycle Friendly Driver class provides participants with knowledge of how to navigate our streets safely and legally with people on bikes, while understanding the latest bicycle-oriented street designs. Classes are open and free to the public. Sign up: Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School programACHD Commuteride AARP Idaho
There's a brand new edition of the Safe Travels, Treasure Valley newsletter available for your reading pleasure. Learn winter safety tips from Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program, the holiday transit schedule, a travel sustainably shopping guide from Downtown Boise and much, much more. Visit #safetravelstreasurevalley #newsletter
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Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program says wear your helmet! Take their advice and be safe out there!
Thank you to all teams that joined us at Ada County Highway District (ACHD) for Cranksgiving. We had so much fun being part of a wonderful event to put Thanksgiving meals into the hands of those who may not have had a warm meal. Thank you Dave Fotsch Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program Valley Regional Transit Vincent de Paul Cranksgiving Boise Downtown Boise Association and all those that volunteered. Special thanks to Clairvoyant Brewery for hosing the after party celebration.
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This morning members from Caldwell Health Coalition and Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program passed out reflectors to students at Van Buren Elementary Bobcats. These will help them stay visible when walking to school or standing at the bus stop when it's dark outside.

We would also like to thank St. Luke's Health System for donating our crosswalk signs. We love working with our community partners!
American Planning Association-Idaho Chapter Leadership Award announcement:

This award recognizes an individual or group that has demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to good planning and making great communities happen through service to their community, region, or the state. Community volunteers, advocates, elected, and appointed officials, and journalists make valuable contributions everyday to the long term success of their communities in the implementation of good plans. Planning professionals are eligible for this award. This year the Elected Official winner is #GardenCity Mayor John Evans! Congratulations also go to Volunteer, Lisa Brady with Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program! Congrats to all the winners at the 14th annual APA Conference!

(Mayor Evans' clip starts at 7:49)
Hey! It’s Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School program and the Whitney bike club picking up bike lights! We’re at Cassia park until 7!
What an amazing day it was! Thank you to everyone who joined us. Thank you to the amazing groups that helped us! Boise Civil Air PatrolTreasure Valley Safe Routes to School programRidgeline Bike & Ski Ada County Highway District (ACHD)
ACTION ALERT: Your voice is needed to stop a very bad bill from moving out of committee. H320 is in front of the House Transportation Committee, tomorrow, March 16 at 1:30pm. This bill is a terrible bill from the standpoint of road safety. It would take away a requirement for driver education classes. The fiscal statement includes " Idaho families and taxpayers hundreds of dollars per child." This says nothing about how much it costs per child, per person, per crash, per fatality that is caused by poor driving. Operating an automobile is not "automatic" for anyone and we should take driver training seriously. Last year the requirement for instructor hours was dropped to just a small amount more than a student is required to receive to learn how to drive. We are going backwards and it is at the expense of the safety for all road users.

Here is the bill: and specifically the statement of purpose:

To remove mandatory driver's education law in the State of Idaho and replace it with the following:
Age 14- Apply for learner's permit (and pass written exam); record at least 50 hours of supervised driving by a licensed parent or guardian 21 years of age or older. Age 16- Apply for intermediate license (and pass state driving exam); includes Graduated Driver's License rules, which have been proven to be safer and more effective than driver's education classes. Age 17- No change to current law.
The end balance of the State's Driver's Education Fund for FY 2019 was over 4.9 million dollars and 2.2 million for FY 2020 (according to the Idaho Public Driver Education Annual Report, created 8/30/19 and 9/3/20). If driver's education classes were made optional and parents could have the option to teach their children to drive, it would save Idaho families and taxpayers hundreds of dollars per child.

Today you NEED to contact the House Transporation Committee and let them know you do not support this bill. Not only is your life on the bicycle at threat, but the livelihoods of public and private drivers ed teachers are on the line. This is NOT OK for anyone.

Here are the members of the committee, you can email them and call. You can testify tomorrow. Do it. It matters.
Committee Chair: Joe Palmer [email protected]
Vice Chair: Gayann DeMordaunt [email protected]
District 8: Terry Gestrin [email protected]
District 12: Rick Youngblood [email protected]
District 1: Sage Dixon [email protected]
District 21: Steven Harris [email protected]
District 20: James Holtzclaw [email protected]
District 22: Jason Monks [email protected]
District 11: Scott Syme [email protected]
District 23: Megan Blanksma [email protected]
District 4: Jim Addis [email protected]
District 29: Dustin Manwaring [email protected]
District 5: Brandon Mitchell [email protected]
District 2: Doug Okuniewicz [email protected]
District 7: Charlie Shepherd [email protected]
District 17: John Gannon [email protected]
District 18: Ilana Rubel [email protected]
District 16: John McCrostie [email protected]

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Safe Routes to School is a program designed to encourage students to walk and bike to school to promote a healthy lifestyle, reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and enhance quality of life in our communities.

Operating as usual


We’ll be at the @childrensmuseumidaho for a fun bike rodeo on May 14 from 10-12. This is our rodeo map which is similar to what we do in schools. The most common comments we get are how fun it is, but also how it’s like learning to drive!


We had a great time learning about the @boisebicycleproject from Mindy! The @whitneyelementarybsd Wolverines on Wheels bike club rode down the big hill (and back up!) to see BBP’s new bike storage and even got to pet Ned!


When the snow flies in May and we already canceled our fall rodeo at Shadow Hills, we got creative. Many thanks to the school for allowing the tiny rodeo to occur in the gym, to the students for making the best of it, and for our volunteers. It takes a village!

The kids now know how fun it is to ride on the gym floor!


Hey ho! There’s snow! A quick reminder that we will still see folks walking and biking today, plus roadwork is happening. Please watch for everyone and use due care!


“…crosswalks are kind of like stop signs, cars are supposed to stop for people in them.” -2nd grader at Frontier Elementary


Dang has it been a busy and fulfilling week! We’re working with all classes at Peregrine Elementary School for a bike rodeo and all we have is this one picture of our new stop sign set up.

To say we’ve been running is no understatement, and we are thankful for the volunteers we’ve had. Today we battled rain and wind, and the students took it all in stride. At one point we looked out at a first grade class, all on bikes and scooters, and our hearts were full.

We are booked for the rest of this school year, but we’re already scheduling next year, so reach out today!


Thank you @highwaysafety_id for these great backpacks! The kids in the @whitneyelementarybsd community center bike club is packed up with snacks and water for our after school rides! Visible and very cool! #


An excellent reminder from Ada County Highway District (ACHD) and our law enforcement agencies.

Please follow the traffic laws. You ask people biking and walking to do this so you should walk that walk when you’re talking that talk.

Be predictable by using turn signals, stopping at stop signs and lights, looking left right, left right before turning, and yield to pedestrians!

Our friends at the Ada County Sheriff's Office shared important information yesterday about stopping for school buses and we wanted to continue that conversation.

Be mindful of school buses and make sure you stop when it’s required – it’s the law!

🛑On any road with three or fewer lanes, vehicles traveling in both directions must stop.

🛑On a road with four or more lanes, vehicles traveling in the same direction as the bus must stop. ⚠️Those traveling in the opposite direction can proceed with extreme caution.

Keep our students safe and be an engaged driver. 🚌


*EDIT 4/8/22:we put this picture up because we don’t really agree with this sign. Youth use many things to get themselves places and we need to recognize it.*

Yesterday we saw about 210 kids during our 3 school visits! Things are looking a little more “normal” and we’re booked through the end of this school year. If you want to get something on the schedule for next year, let us know right away!


What’s better than a bike rodeo? Two bike rodeos! It’s a perfect time to bring your kids out to learn about bicycle safety. We have sessions beginning at 11 and 4. Come see us at Kidfort tomorrow!


Kidfort Bike Rodeo coming up on Saturday, March 26! Two sessions, 11-1 and 4-6, bring your bike and helmet, swag for the first 100 kids! We’re setting up at 12th/Grove at the Kidfort Lot. FREE! Come say hello and test your skills. Oh, and there’s milk and cookies to finish off the ride, thanks @treefortfest @highwaysafety_id @boisebicycleproject @treasurevalleycyclingalliance @boisepolicedepartment


Spring is coming, are you ready?? What this means to us: bundle up in the morning, have room in your backpack for everything in the afternoon!
The best way to dress on these early spring days is layers! A windbreaker on top of a fleece on top of a tshirt is a great way to fight the cold in the morning and be comfy in the warmer afternoons. A hat and gloves for morning, and sensible shoes for walking or biking with whatever socks make you happy.


Well parents, we’ve got to tell you: stop means stop. Too many young people raise their hands when we ask if they’ve ever seen someone run a stop sign or red light. Nearly all raise their hands and we shake our heads. Following road law makes the road predictable and keeps our youth safe. Oh, and use those turn signals! 🚴‍♂️


School zone traffic is challenging for the safety of everyone. We know you have to drive sometimes, but can we rethink school zone congestion?

Dropping off a few blocks away can be a game changer for everyone. You have easier turning movements as drivers, students get extra steps in before school starts, and students walking or biking in don’t have as many challenges right at the school zone itself.

Let’s hear from you about challenges you might have and how we can help.

Stay safe out there and enjoy your ride.


Drivers, remember, parking close to a crosswalk is dangerous and likely not legal when there isn’t a stoplight. While observing release traffic today, several students had issues with oncoming traffic and we can see why.

Please pay attention to how you have parked , especially in school zones and high pedestrian areas!

Maximum Walk and Roll 03/03/2022

Maximum Walk and Roll

Have you ever really looked at your streets and thought about the good and bad of it? Have you asked your kids what they think about their favorite street or road to ride or walk on and why they like it?

We saw this video shared in a webinar about involving youth voices in planning our streets and it's pretty fun. Over the past few years, we've seen more of a push to involve the younger users of streets in planning, and we think it important to do this.

Let's hear from you, what do YOU like about a street you walk or ride on? What don't you like?

Maximum Walk and Roll A zippy ride exploring how everyone, including kids, can design and create streets for maximum walking and rolling. Created in collaboration with the Safe Ro...


Hey everyone! Rodeo season is coming and our tiny crew is booked solid. If you’re thinking of a bike rodeo, we are taking fall bookings right now.

We will be at Treefort on Saturday, March 26th at the Kidfort, where we’ll be doing two rodeo sessions. 11-1, and 4-6. More details later, but get it on your calendar!

Walk & Bike to School 02/28/2022

Walk & Bike to School

HEY! Bike and Roll to School day is coming up on May 4th! May the 4th, you know, May the 4th be with you! Get ready for the day, learn more about what it's about, and get promotional materials through the National Walk and Bike to School website.

We do have some swag we can provide for events, though it's first come, first served as we don't have tons.

Registration opens March 8th, so mark your calendars!

Walk & Bike to School Walk to School Day will now be known as Walk & Roll to School Day and Bike to School Day will now be known as Bike & Roll to School Day. The events have new names, new logos, and new resources to help with planning and promotion, but the goals of the events remain the same.


Spring is on its way and we want to remind you about a few safety tips!

We have a few videos on our YouTube channel that cover some very common questions we get in class. Check out our Common Crashes video and post any comments or questions you might have.

Remember, we all travel by different modes and need to share these spaces together. Be safe out there, and enjoy your ride.


What does a three shot latte do to the SRTS team? Keeps us going in middle school! Thanks @hillsidejuniorhigh for treating us today!


Love our program? Let us know!


Please watch for pedestrians. There are many visual reminders out there, but if humans would just look for other humans, we’d be doing fine.

Photos from Boise Police Department's post 01/21/2022

We are here to remind you to drive safe and for the conditions. Slow down in the snow!

West Ada PE teacher's lesson goes 'cosmic' 01/17/2022

West Ada PE teacher's lesson goes 'cosmic'

We work with so many amazing teachers! Mr. Fulwood has had us out to Galileo many times over the years and we set up a massive bike rodeo with him, which is so much fun! We celebrate you today, Tim Fulwood!

West Ada PE teacher's lesson goes 'cosmic' Tim Fulwood says his students may think they are just playing, but they are actually learning skills and gaining knowledge.


A reminder. We’ll keep on sharing this because it’s important. Clear your window fully so you have a 360 view. Lives depend on it.


This is an excellent reminder for everyone! Make sure you have cleared ALL of the windows on your vehicle, fully. Lives depend on it.

Friendly reminder to take the time to scrape or clear your ENTIRE windshield! You can't drive engaged if you can't see properly out the window..

We've made it through the first few storms of winter. Running low on windshield washer fluid yet? Now is a good time to double check and refill!

Let's be for winter driving and keep our roads safe together.

Arleigh - Bike Shop Girl on Twitter 12/27/2021

Arleigh - Bike Shop Girl on Twitter

While we’re on winter break, this is a perfect time to do a few things. First off, rethink your idling in school zones. Here’s a good Twitter thread on the air quality issues caused by idling.

We see this in the mornings and afternoons at so many schools. If you’re concerned about air quality, turn the key off.

Arleigh - Bike Shop Girl on Twitter “A thread on why this is so important. 📷: @biculturalbrokr”


Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and sending a reminder to be safe and wear your helmet! It’s fun to ride with your friends and coworkers! @boisegreenbike @valleyregionaltransit we love working with you!

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Amazon Wish List of items we need to restore used bicycles. These items may also be purchased locally. Message us for more information.


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