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Virtual Preschool Teachers

Today we learned how to be virtual Preschool Teachers!

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Virtual Preschool Teachers
Today we learned how to be virtual Preschool Teachers!

We learned all about safety from Officer Garza yesterday! Just in time for the Bike Rodeo Today! Check out our next post...

Christmas Program Sneak Peek #3 Our Two Year Old kiddos are so fantastic at the actions! We can’t wait to see them on De...

Christmas Program sneak peek #2 kiddos like these born performers are what our Preschool Director looks forward to all y...

Christmas Program Sneak Peek ... these are the PreK kiddos!

Zoo phonics teaches kids to recognize upper and lower case letters along with their phonetic sounds and a bonus it makes...

Here's a sneak peek at our End of the year DVD we can't wait to show it to you on Thursday at Graduation!

Preschool Fundraiser

Yes!!! JESUS LOVE ME! We finished our love theme in chapel with this song!

Okay time for a sneak peek of the Christmas program. Don't forget to save the date December 16th 10:30 am!!!!

He's got the Whole world in his hands! I sure enjoy chapel with these sweet kids!!!!

Learning new songs!!!

We are back at it again making pizza with Johnny's Pizza!

More Pizza Chef's!!!

We are making PIZZA!!! With Johnny's Pizza!

We are celebrating Presidents Day today!!!!

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful students and Families!

Christmas Program Practice for our Wednesday kids! We can't wait to share this with you on Friday at 10:30!

I got to visit with these sweet kids today! Here is a sneak peek of our Tuesday Thursday kids practicing for our Program...

There is a Monkey singing for us at the zoo today!!!

We had a blast singing about water cycle today!