Extreme Life Changers Church International, Memphis, TN Video August 25, 2020, 9:23am

Videos by Extreme Life Changers Church International in Memphis. Shalom people of Yah if you are interested in our new series of teachings please contact me by email. [email protected]

A Sunday word with pastor R.

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A Sunday word with pastor R.

Your faith has made you whole.
A Sunday word with pastor R.

Shalom the change starts with me.
Ministry information.

Don’t give up on each other don’t give up on your marriage....don’t divorce over evil speaking, work through hard times ...

You’re Invited to join the fun....Bible Study Saturday’s at 5pm

A Biblical educational moment from ELCMI

Join our team...bible study is our foundation.

Teaching on being faithful, (3 minute message)Enjoy bible study and please right the scriptures down for your records th...

Please shear 😇🙏

Imitating Yeshua in your life.
Pastor R. Teaching on imitating Yeshua, and the four P's of there vision.

The ministry from Kenya Africa
The power of Yah.......

A Covenant making God
Pastor R.is preaching on how Yah is a Covenant making God.

A Mothers Day message
A mother that knows Yah!

Mothers Day
The teachings of Dr.Rich telling mothers to love Yah

The power of God Yahuah
The teaching on fulfilling Yah's well

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