Mother Nature Learning

Mother Nature’s Learning provides educational opportunities to the Memphis Community about natural sciences such as herbalism, mycology, zoology, and more.

Mother Nature’s Learning Center will foster loving care, attention and acceptance while encouraging independence. MNLC provides a child-centered environment that is conducive to a child's intrinsic motivation to learn. MNLC will provide opportunities for children to learn a variety of skills including, social skills, language skills, math skills, and athletic skills. Mother Nature Learning Center (MNLC) provides daily childcare in a classroom environment for a classroom of 5. MNLC will accept children who are between 18 months and 4 years. Some exceptions may be made on an individual basis based on each child’s individual needs. MNLC relies strongly on the Montessori method as well as attachment parenting philosophies.

[08/06/18]   I have two spots open, one full time M-F 7am-3:30pm and one part time MWF same times, Full time is $150/week and includes gluten free and vegetarian food. 3dpw is $120 and includes food as well. 6W-5y. Infants spend their days right next to me (I only accept one infant) and walkers and up spend their days outside!

[07/17/18]   I have a fall spot opening! M,W,F 7am-3pm. Message me for details!

Janet Lansbury - Elevating Child Care

"...programs must be aggressive about serving all kinds of families. And it’s not just tuition help that’s needed, she said. Because children are outside in all kinds of weather, families may need help ensuring their children have access to high-quality clothing and gear.

“It’s incumbent on these schools to offer some kind of assistance because right now the government’s not doing it, nobody’s doing it,” she said."

[05/23/18]   Summer care is FULL! I'll have two-three full time spots opening for fall (mid august) for cottage school/daycare age. I can work with you on part time care too.

Janet Lansbury - Elevating Child Care

If we make it our job to insulate our children from the normal disturbances of life, they never learn that they are capable of navigating them. But if we accept their feelings with confidence, their coping abilities develop and strengthen. The storm will eventually pass.

Uncomfortable, messy feelings are the cure rather than the problem...

Janet Lansbury - Elevating Child Care

A parent would like to help her 5-year-old become more emotionally resilient and I offer her my advice in this podcast. There's also a transcript included for those who prefer to read (or skim).

I hope this is helpful!

Teacher Tom

STEM education is not a complicated thing, children are already doing it when we leave them alone to pursue their own interests in a lovely, varied, and stimulating environment. We can, however, destroy their love of science, technology, engineering and math by turning it into the sort of rote learning that involves authoritarian adults dictating what, how, and by when particular knowledge is to be acquired or skills learned.

Gettin' Sticky With It - 5 Homemade Glue & Paste Recipes (Gluten-Free & Vegan recipes included) - Natural Hippy Homeschool Series - The Hippy Homemaker

Going to try these! I've used flour before but we have a couple gluten sensitive kids who also tend to eat things. I try to keep things cruelty free too. Most of these fit the bill for us! AFFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: In order for me to support my blogging and social media activities, I may receive monetary compensation for links to products from this post. However, I only recommend products that I personally love and use myself!.Glue is the fiber that binds our crafts together. It holds th...

Teacher Tom

This is hard stuff we're working on here in preschool. And, for the most part, that's pretty much all we do at Woodland Park: figuring out how to get along with the other people. Most days aren't so hard, but there are moments in every day when things don't go the way we want or expect them to and then, on top of getting along with the other people, there are our own emotions with which we must deal. Academic types call it something like "social-emotional functioning," but I think of it as the work of creating a community.

Janet Lansbury - Elevating Child Care

We had a beautiful moment yesterday here. One of my childcare kiddos was getting increasingly aggressive in his interactions with the other kids. I managed to step in just in time to block a punch. We had an extra kid that day and his favorite playmate's attention had been occupied by the guest. I waited until they all loudly expelled their side of the interaction. I said, "Yes, the hitting isn't ok. I'm not going to let hitting happen. But what I am seeing here is that X is feeling left out. I think he wants to play with you two and is too upset to know how to ask." All three kids visibly thawed a bit. The other two kids got a look of empathy, apologized and went and grabbed the toys they felt necessary for him to join in their play and handed them to him. Everyone went back to playing. A little bit of acceptance goes a looooong way.

Nothing could be more comforting and powerfully healing than feeling accepted by our loved ones when we are at our worst...

RIE Parenting Basics (9 Ways to Put Respect into Action)

Here is wonderful explanation of the pedagogy I use as the basis of care for infants to age 2. In recent weeks, several readers have asked me to write a post they can share with family and friends to explain Magda Gerber's RIE basics. Admittedly,

[02/25/18]   Hi! Just an update: I have two full time spaces left. I have two part time spaces left for two days a week. I also have after school care available but no pick-up yet. Let me know what you need! Spots will be filling up fast!

Are You Smarter Than A Slime Mold?

Pretty cool science! Did you know slime can solve mazes?

Follow me to Deep Look! ↓ More info and sources below ↓ I really hope you guys check out Deep Look, it’s one of my favorite chan...

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4459 Garnett Rd
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