Kingsbury International Club

K.I.C is a cutural club founded by students, who's goal and mission is to Enlighten, Encourage, and Enforce Kingsbury's student diversity. Kingsbury International Club (KIC) is Kingsbury HS first cultural club that is student-ran.

KIC organizes extravagant cultural programs for students and the surrounding community. To experience the diversity of our school and as well as celebrate different cultures. KIC aspires not only to display the variety of cultures, but encourages the student body to engage actively. KIC consists of a variation of interactive celebrations of the three major cultures and ethnicities at Kingsbury HS:

Operating as usual

[08/14/13]   To "KIC" start the year we are asking for the student's help. The first program will be on Latin American culture. We are looking for guys and girls wanting to learn traditional dances from Latin America. Experience is not required and nor Latin origins. Comment or Like if you are interested. More Details to come. Thank you for your support. Gracias por su apoyo.

[08/09/13]   The 2013-2014 school year has begun! It's time to embrace the diversity at Kingsbury. Kingsbury International Club will start another season of performances showcasing the unique cultures of Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Middle Eastern. Stay posted for events coming up.

[07/01/13]   Hey GUYS! Kingsbury International Club is Looking for executive members to join. Like Vice Presidents and delegates. Are you interested in furthering KINGSBURY cultural diversity and putting up programs. Respond to this post or message!. The new school year is coming close! JOIN NOW! It's opened to anyone who wants to express their background or simply help!


HEY students support our PAGE :D


2013 Graduates of Kingsbury HS.

In behalf of your class President:

Yet again, SENIORS this Thursday, June 6th from 12-2pm in the Library. There will be a Yearbook Distribution & Signing Party and pizza and soda will be provided for all, courtesy of Mr. Fuller .All Seniors are invited to the Distribution & Signing Party.

It would be great if all the seniors attend the ceremony of the FIRST EVER, 2013 KHS TIME CAPSULE. What do you put in a time capsule? Some ideas are : sentimental items like a trophy, photos of your times at KHS, or even a video saved on a DVD or USB of you and friends. There at hundreds of things you can put in a time capsule. The significance of a time capsule is that you put items that will remind you of your past once its opened years later. If you have any questions or comments please message them to the LINK BELOW.

PLEASE SHARE && PASS this to all your 2013 GRADUATES! Hope to see all of yall :D

"2013 Graduates of Kingsbury HS" is a page created for the senior class of 2012-2013 and it is a way to keep up with classmates, KHS events, and reunions.

[06/03/13]   Did you know :
the national anthems of Japan, Jordan, and San Marino each have only 4 lines. Wow!


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[06/03/13]   HEY STUDENTS, did you know that Tennessee is bordered by 8 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia - more than any other in the US. Aren't we just special?!


2013 Graduates of Kingsbury HS.

Hey 2013 Senior LIKE THIS PAGE for 2012-2013 UPDATES and EVENTS! SHARE THIS LINK!

"2013 Graduates of Kingsbury HS" is a page created for the senior class of 2012-2013 and it is a way to keep up with classmates, KHS events, and reunions.

[05/25/13]   Like 2013 Senior Class Page for UPDATES !!!

[05/23/13]   Attention Seniors, In behalf of your Senior President, through K.I.C's page, YOUR DIPLOMAS will be available TOMORROW FRIDAY MAY 24TH at 12 in the AFTERNOON or maybe even earlier. I suggest you get there at least ONE HOUR early , just in case so you can get it faster or not wait too long. PLEASE pass this message to any other senior . AGAIN tomorrow in the afternoon DIPLOMAS and OTHER DOCUMENTS will be available for pick up. Thank- You

[04/26/13]   Anyone or the people who would like come to help set up, please be at STREETS at 5:30! This program is going to be GREAT ! ;D See you all there! :D

[04/26/13]   Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! ATTENTION STUDENTS! If you want to receive your extra credit points please bring a small flyer of the program for a stamp or attend the program and at the end of the program you can get a flyer to get a stamp!!! We plan to make this GREAT! Also there will be Asian Art for SALE!$$$ raging from $3-$150! From Jade to Golden Vases!!! for more info comment or message! :D


Hey you guys!!! !K.I.C is seeking FEMALE MODELS for some traditional dresses!!! Like the one below. We will meet at Streets At 4 o'clock this FRIDAY! If you are interested please comment/ message to this comment for further details like sizes and height!!!. We look for all colored models! :D

[04/14/13]   Sorry Guys! There was a typo on the date! It is FRIDAY 26TH, 2013 at STREETS MINISTRIES! Please LIKE the new photo update and Tag you and your friends! Thank-you all! :D


Sorry Guys! There was a typo on the date! It is FRIDAY 26TH, 2013 at STREETS MINISTRIES! Please LIKE the new photo update and Tag you and your friends! Thank-you all! :D

[04/14/13]   KHS Students! This April we are celebrating Asian Culture Through the Arts! Asia In April! :D Come enjoy,learn, and experience Asian culture and it's history with Kingsbury International Club's 2nd Annual East Asian Cultural Program! :D

[01/02/13]   HAPPY NEW YEARS !! 2013 Another Year With New Beginnings!

[10/11/12]   Kingsbury International Club Needs Helpers for the HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH PROGRAM! Want to be in the program contact our page or reply to this message! You don't have to be Hispanic to Participate.

[09/20/12]   K.I.C Members of the LATIN DANCE TEAM & DRAMA DEPARTMENT will be selling KRISPY KREME DOUNTS (glazed) for our Club's up coming cultural program. Help KIC reach their fundraising goal!( A box of donuts "dozen/12 pieces" is $7 dollars) We will be selling all this week and next week!!! SUPPORT BY BUYING DELICIOUS KRISPY KREME DONUTS!!! :D

[09/19/12]   How's Everyone Doing?


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[09/04/12] I tell you there is so much DRAMA at Kingsbury it's good enough to sell! That's right DRAMA has come to KHS!!! Like acting or putting on shows? Think you got the skills to PUT Up An ACT? Join KHS's DRAMA!! Put all those acting talents to use! That also includes all POETS out there!!! Let show that KHS has an ARTISTIC side through THE ART of ACTING! For more information respond to this comment or message!" To JOIN or Not to JOIN, That is the question!"

[08/31/12]   OYE! Latino De KINGSBURY HS!!! Sabemos que tenemos estudiantes con talentos de baile! Si sabe BAILAR A MUSICA LATINA ENCRIBENSE A " LATIN DANCE TEAM!" para mas informacion contactenos via mensaje or comentario! JOIN THE LATIN DANCE TEAM NOW:D!!

[08/28/12]   ***ATTENTION *** KIC as opened the doors to all DANCERS who are interested in LATIN DANCES. You don't have to be HISPANIC, or even speak Spanish to JOIN the L.D.T ( Latin Dance Team) We are offering Bachata, Salsa, Mexican dances and MANY MORE! This is a great way to show off your talent or your ability to dance! Also GREAT WAY TO MEET NEW PEOPLE!. For More info MESSAGE OR COMMENT!! Hope to see you at the next meeting!!


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[08/21/12]   “Culture is a little like dropping an Alka-Seltzer into a glass-you don't see it, but somehow it does something.” Embrace Diversity

[08/15/12]   Sometimes things don't go according to plan, but we must move on and learn from our mistakes.

[08/13/12]   Second week of school tomorrow! Some are LIKING it , while others are already tired of it! What are you? Glad to be back, or wanting summer back?1

P.s This Coming Week KIC Will Be ANNOUNCED! OFFICIALLY To Teachers First , Later Opened To Students For Membership, Can't Wait !!!

[08/07/12]   Hope you students enjoyed seeing new,old, and maybe different faces in your classes. Hope you teachers enjoyed getting to met your students and getting to know more about them. This was just the first step. The first mile down a long, and accelerated road for your education.

[08/06/12]   Good MORNING KHS STUDENTS!!!! The time has come FIRST day of SCHOOL!!. For some it's their first year in high school, other it's their last!! Make every day, of every week of every month of the year COUNT! These are your YEARS OF MEMORIES! Have a great first day:]

[08/05/12]   How's everyone doing? KHS students enjoy your LAST SUMMER WEEKEND!!!


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Kingsbury International Club

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K.I.C is a cutural club founded by students, who's goal and mission is to Enlighten, Encourage, and Enforce Kingsbury's student diversity.

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