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"The goal of the kindergarten and beginner division is to cooperate with parents in teaching their children foundational lessons of life such as: obedience, self-control, love and reverence for God."

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The baby is finally here! What do you think the keepers Animal Adventure Park should name the calf?


Mission 360˚ TV - Just for Kids

Mission Video :)

Children had a special place in the heart of Jesus. Today our first Mission 360º episode, just for children--and the young at heart. Watch inspirational and ...


Kindergarten Year A Quarter 3 Episode 1: "Hannah’s Special Baby"

Here's a video to complement as we learn about Samuel.

Have you ever felt really sad about something? So sad that you cried? That’s how Hannah felt. “May . . . God . . . grant you what you have asked…


3ABN Kids Network TV 24/7 Christ-centered children's programming

Great programming for kids!


K-B-1Q-L01: A Child Like Me

Happy New Year Everyone!
I know it's been a while since we've had a post, but we are back and ready to encourage each other and to continue to raise our kids in the fear of the Lord!
Our lesson this month is: "Little Jesus, the happy helper"
*Please read: Luke 2:21, 39, 40, 51; The desire of ages,pp. 68-83 for reference*
"Jesus is a young child, he loves his mother and father and makes them happy. He listens to them and obeys them. He learns at his mother’s knee. He is kind to everyone—at home, at church, and in the village. He is happy to help others.
This is a lesson about service. Children are by nature self-centered.
They learn the lessons of a servant’s heart by example. The same is true for adults. We learn best by following Jesus’ example. This lesson focuses on Jesus’ life as a little boy. As we look at his life
and choices, we can help our children learn that we are the happiest when we choose to treat others the way he did."

How do you show someone that you love them? Do you give them lots of hugs? Are you kind to them? Do you give them presents? Do you do what they ask? Do you help…


Heaven Is For Kids Vol. 1 & 2 by Heritage Singers

Remember the Heritage Singers?
Well here is a blast from the past that I'm sure you & especially your kids will enjoy! These songs have a great message set to tunes your kids will love to sing to. Enjoy! #!/album/Heaven+Is+For+Kids+Vol+1+and+2/6621125 Check out the album Heaven Is For Kids Vol. 1 & 2 by Heritage Singers, available for free on Grooveshark.


K-A-Q2-L13 A Little Boy Shares in GraceLink Kindergarten Animation

Hello everyone just a reminder that 13th Sabbath is right around the corner June 28th!!
This month our story has been "Loaves and Fishes" focusing on sharing here's an animated lesson:

Have you ever been away from home with nothing to eat? One day many people were far away from home at mealtime. But Jesus had a surprise for them! “Do not forget…


KAQ1L07 A Floating Zoo in GraceLink Kindergarten Animation

another video for our Noah and the ark lesson.

What do you do when it rains day after day? The Bible tells about Noah and 40 days of rain. What did Noah do? “Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise.” PSALM…


BK-BJS Illustrated Bible Journey Set

Here's a new Bible book series your children may enjoy & read on their own The Illustrated Bible Journey is a stunning, beautifully hard-bound set of 12 full-color volumes designed to give today’s young readers an exciting, immersive experience in God’s Word! Featuring bold, contemporary artwork coupled with an easy-to-read format, these books tell the classic Bible storie...


KA1QL02 God’s Friends in GraceLink Kindergarten Animation

As we continue our lesson in Genesis: “God said, ‘Let us make man in our image.’ ” GENESIS 1:26, NIV. God made people to be His friends.


Here is a WONDERFUL creation activity book you can download and do with your child. Great addition to family worship & will help your children learn what happened during creation week :)


K1Q12L01 “In the Beginning . . .” in GraceLink Kindergarten Animation

Happy New Year everyone!
This year we are starting lessons in Genesis with the Creation, "God made my world."
Parents, take time to teach lessons from nature this quarter.
Here is your video story link:

Have you ever made a good picture of an animal and felt pleased about it? God made real live animals and a whole new world—and it was very good! “God saw all that…


K4Q11L09 Shipwrecked in GraceLink Kindergarten Animation

This week we will begin lesson 2 for this quarter:
"Paul and the Shipwreck". We're emphasizing Service to others.
Here is a link to the story

Have you ever been on a boat? Was the water calm or choppy? Paul and his friends were on a boat in a bad storm, and something terrible happened. “Encourage one…


Cedarmont Kids - Silver & Gold Have I None

Here is a link to a song the kids LOVE to sing that goes with our story. Feel free to sing along at home :)

Cedarmont Kids: Platinum Collection DVD


P-B-Q3-L05: Better Than Gold!

Hi everyone!
The cradle roll lesson this month is "Peter and the lame man."
Memory Verse: "It is good that" 3 John 5

here's a link to the animated story:

When I help others, I show them Jesus. “ ‘We would like to see Jesus’ ”(John 12:21, NIV).


*Thirteenth Sabbath this coming Sabbath September 28th!!* We will recite all 3 memory verses/songs and sing 3 songs. Also three of our "cradle rollees" are getting promoted!!! Congrats C.J, Ryann, and Claire!! See you Sabbath & have a wonderful week!


K3QBL09 Baby Moses in GraceLink Kindergarten Animation

Hi Everyone! This month we are studying Baby Moses! Memory verse: "Give thanks to the Lord" Psalm136:1
Here's a link to the story
Don't forget the "Do & Say" part of the lessons are fun to do during daily worship :)

Do you know you have angels watching you all the time? Baby Moses had angels watching him. “You are my hiding place.” PSALM 32:7, NIV. We worship God when we…


If you know other families that would be interested in placing their children in these wonderful programs, please share this link with them!

Little Lambs & Eager Beavers registration starts today!!!

We are excited to begin a new year for our Eager Beaver and Little Lambs program starting Sept 4th.

The Eager Beavers & Little Lambs program teaches children, through a variety of hands-on activities, to develop a lasting respect and love for God, for family, for others, for the church and for nature. The Eager Beaver/Little Lamb curriculum is divided into the following lesson themes, My God, Myself, My Family, & My World. Little Lambs is open to children ages 3 and 4. Eager Beaver is open to children ages 4 and 5.

For more info or to register, email us at [email protected]


K3QBL08 Naaman Serves God

This month take a trip with your family to the Mississippi river. Talk about the what the Jordan river was like and the story of Captain Naaman.

What things are very important to you? Your family? Your friends? What about God? Why did Naaman say that God was the true God? “Now I know that there is no God…


K3QBL07 Disappearing Spots

Have you ever done something really nice for someone else just because you wanted to? Naaman had some people doing good deeds for him. “For we are . . . created…


K3QBL06 Little Maid Serves God
Here are more video lessons to go with our study of Captain Naaman and the Little Maid this month. Do you know how to serve God? Little Maid served God by what she did and said. "May . . . God . . . strengthen you in every good deed and word." 2 THESSALONIANS…


K3QBL05 The Little Maid

This week we begin a new lesson "Naaman's Little Maid". Encourage your child to tell you the story in their own way & let them know when they help others they are serving God! Have a great week!

Here's a video you can show during family worship this week.

“Let us do good to all people.” Galatians 6:10, NIV. We can serve God wherever we are.


GraceLink Kindergarten Animation

This video correlates with the lesson for march. Tell the story with our iPad app. Download it at The GraceLink Curriculum provides a balanced program based…


K-B-1Q-L06 Too Short to See

Our lesson this month is Zacchaeus Climbs a Tree, memory verse:
“God is love.” 1 JOHN 4:8, NIV. 2. Pick a "Do and Say" activity this week to do with your child.
Enjoy the annimated story of Zacchaeus together too!

Do you know someone that other people don’t like? Do you think Jesus likes that person? What would you do if you knew no one liked you? " [Jesus] came to seek…


Please pray for those families that are grieving right now because of recent tragedies. May God heal, strengthen, and keep their heavy hearts.


K-A-Q4-L10: The First Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Our Lesson for the remainder of the month of December is: "Baby Jesus Is Born"
Memory Verse: "I Love you, O Lord my strength." Psalm 18:1

The Cradle Roll and Kindergarten class will be presenting a very special Christmas program for 13th Sabbath this quarter, so please make sure your little ones participate! You will find a link to our lesson below, have a great time watching with your child! #

Have you ever been on a long trip? Have you wished you could stop and rest? A long time ago Mary and Joseph traveled to a city called Bethlehem. That trip changed…


K-A-Q4-L01 “Wake Up, Little Girl!”

Our lesson this month is "Jesus Heals a Little Girl". Memory verse: " I pray...that your health is good" 3 John 2, ICB Our theme is: We can care for others. Here is a link to the video for our our lesson:

How do you feel when someone you love is sick? What do you do? “I pray that you may enjoy good health.” 3 JOHN 2, NIV. We serve God when we pray for the…


GraceLink Kindergarten Animation on Vimeo

Hello Everyone! For the remainder of this month we are continuing our Lesson on Elijah. We're back to the Gracelink lessons.
Memory Verse: "My God will meet all your needs." Philippians 4:19 NIV. I also encourage you to teach them Isaiah 33:16 "Bread will be given him, his water will be sure."
Here's a link to a video of our lesson

Tell the story with our iPad app. Download it at The GraceLink Curriculum provides a balanced program based on four dynamics: Grace (Jesus loves me.) Community (We love each other.) Worship (I love Jesus.) Service (We love you too.)


This week we are studying lesson #25: The Fiery Furnace
Memory Verse: "Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us." Daniel 3:17
Make the story appropriate for your child's age, but don't be afraid to teach them the whole story or what may seem to be "over their heads" (emphasize choosing to obey Jesus) you will be surprised how much their little minds can truly grasp.


"The home life and training of Daniel is an example of how our children must be prepared to meet the conflict that is just before us. As a teenager and on through old age, Daniel never wavered in his loyalty to God. When met with the assaults of Satan, he held firmly to principle and duty. This was no accident, but the result of faithful training during his EARLIEST YEARS." AH 484 Keep pressing forward parents!!


For the next 6 weeks our theme in Cradle Roll will be:
"The Boy Daniel" beginning with
Lesson #24: Daniel and his Friends.
During our Daniel theme, the importance of the early childhood years will be emphasized.

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