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Get results fast with an exercise routine customized for you and your specific goals. Our first session will be to assess your current fitness level and discuss what you want to achieve through our training. Then, I’ll create a plan, and we’ll work together to get you results in the most efficient and effective way. Sessions include flexibility, core, balance, agility, and resistance training. I’ll teach you correct form so you won’t get hurt and push you to do your best and get results. Diet is a critical part of your success! I’ll help you change the way you view food and set in motion healthier habits that will be sustainable long-term. My goal is to help you get in shape and stay in shape. Are you ready to get started? Message me to schedule your first session! View packages and pricing at

🌟Watch some motivational videos today! 🌟

Randomly, I clicked on a video featuring @iamjosephmcclendon and got hit with lots of great takeaways that benefit me right now!

It reminded me that a few minutes a day of personal development can SHIFT my whole day!

Thank you 💖

Where are you finding motivation today? 👇🏼

Feeling grateful 💖 that I’m quarantined at the beach with the palm trees 🌴 Less than two years ago, my life in Memphis had completely different scenery. 🌳 Now is a great time to look at how you’d like your life to be different - how could it improve even more? What’s that look like?! It can be yours. 🎉

One of my favorite quotes, and more relevant now than ever 🌟🌟
Do the things that bring happiness and spark joy - at least a few times a day!
If you want a quick workout or my fave meditation, I’m happy to send it to you! 🎉

[03/18/20]   Corona/Quarantine Networking Experiment:

Comment below with type of business you do.

There are still ways we can help one another. Everyone’s business is hurting right now, and through the power of our community maybe you can bring some business to someone during this time that needs it or at least make good connections for when this thing is all over.💡

Can you implement the practice of seeing the bright side of things!?🌟

@aaf_creativezen organized an awesome speaker to share his story and insights today. I’m so happy my community has things like this every month!

Thank you 💖

If you don’t have CLARITY on your outcome, then it doesn’t much matter what you choose.🌟

Next time you feel stressed or worried, ask — what’s my outcome here? What am I trying to get?🌟

A great reminder to be consistent with ACTIONS that lead us to the end goal. 🔥🌟

I teach my clients to do SIMPLE tasks everyday vs big tasks now and then. It’s easier to execute and has cumulative benefits 🌟🎉

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y, Tony Robbins 🥳

I thank you for giving me access to so many things that are a staple in my life today.

Growth Mindset
Outstanding Peer Group
Wonderful Boyfriend
Delightful Besties
Opportunities to Give Back 

It’s been a pleasure to be part of the environment you create for people! 🔥

I love you. I thank you. I appreciate you. 💖

You Rock!! 🥳

#tonyrobbinsbday @tonyrobbins

📸 Date with Destiny 2019

🌟come with us!🌟 link in bio🌟 Tomorrow is a BIG day for IMPACT as we get to learn from @tonyrobbins and @deangraziosi !

We are hosting a watch party for their once-a-year training around making a living impacting others.

That’s what we do in life - impact others and add COMMUNITY 💖 #peergroup changes everything, y’all!

Come hang out, DM me 🔥

Slap 😂 Gotta be in ACTION, y’all. This came from the book : Stop Saying You’re Fine. It’s a great one!
What’s an area of life where you’re ready to create change?! 🔥

Following what society says is the “right path” doesn’t always deliver…
But most people aren’t sure how to find a more impactful and successful career… or they don’t want to take a risk and fail.
I felt that way when I decided to find a way to quit my day job. 😣 Now, I get to take Monday walks with the palm trees 🌴 I still work. I just work on MY terms. I work in a way that fulfills ME and contributes to others.
What if you didn’t fail? What if that hesitation to take the leap for something more fulfilling could be gone forever?
Would you want to hear more? 👇🏼

Last night I accompanied David to his final session of the Landmark Forum. I completed the Forum almost 2 years ago, did a few courses, and declared "I'm moving on." This isn't my vibe. AND I still support my people and seeing if it's a fit for them. I'm not mad. I'm just not that into you.😂
So last night, I'm listening to a conversation between the leader and a guest. She's saying normal things about why it's not a good time for her to do the course {time, money, job, scared it won't work} - and the leader is like " don't you see this way of thinking is holding you back." He said, "WHAT IF I gave you 5 million dollars after you enrolled, would it become a good time then? Would you find a way?" {super abbreviation here}
🌟 Light Bulb 🌟this is WHY events, groups, and masterminds are SO MUCH BETTER than reading a book or asking Siri how to solve a problem. I got to see MYSELF in their conversation. I got to see where I DO THAT even though I'm a graduate of LOTS of courses and read 100s of books.
What I got from their conversation was that he wasn't pressuring her to enroll - he was challenging her to OPEN HER BRAIN to possibility - Possibility that peace of mind, happiness, outstanding relationships, financial freedom, time flexibility.. ALL ARE POSSIBLE.
I can have anything I want, if I LET GO of my 100,000 preferences and rules about life.🔥
Wanna be in a Live conversation? 💖 You can do that with @jasminejonte and Me this week at 3EST. 🎉

And how does one become superior to their former self? 🎉

Focused attention.
Peer group influence.

The self improvement industry is growing like crazy - how do you know what’s the best investment for your growth?

@jasminejonte and I are hosting a Mastermind 101 class all week to help you figure that out! Join us!

This is my “it’s early, and I love meeting with people” face 🎉

Where do you meet and mingle with professionals or like hearted people?!

I’m part of an in person accountability group in Ft Lauderdale.

This week, we talked a lot about self image and how it is a huge part of success.

We spent a few minutes naming the best area of our self image and the one that needs work. I’ve been mulling it over ever since.

Here are a couple belief examples that I use or will adopt :
It’s like me to win!
I freaking rock!
I always have good luck!
My peer group is supportive and inspiring.

Posted @withregram • @jasminejonte
Business with partners is just more fun. 🥳

The age of the solopreneur needs to end. Agree or disagree? 👇🏻

I write this down every time I’m at #businessmastery 🔥 I’m not sure which topic he meant - could have been accounting - and to me it’s about LIFE. So many things have opened for me as a result of SPEAKING something I was holding back.

What about you?

“Hugging” trees is so peaceful to me 🌟🌴 Most days during Business Mastery, I took a sunshine/tree break to recharge, get some air, and check my notifications. To me, being outside is important self care.🌸

Here are a few notes I took this week :

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Fastest way out of fear is massive action!! Try something else. Try something else!!

It has nothing to do with what you’re capable of - it’s the limitations you place on yourself about what’s possible.

Thank you, Tony Robbins for providing the space for transformation. 💖 N O W it’s time for me to implement what I learned.

THAT’S the key 💪🏼🙌🏼

Here’s a concept that’s so simple - everyone can do it - it applies to any situation - and seems really difficult to do sometimes. 😭🎉

What can you do today to TAKE ACTION toward something that’s a little scary?

I’d love to hear from you!

Hello, Tony Robbins Business Mastery 🔥 it’s my 20th event and I’m so grateful to be here! 💖

I’m grateful for these people I get to support or volunteer with.

I’m grateful for the space that TR provides for us to learn and grow.

I’m grateful for the magic that happens here.

You get to say how your life goes.

Believe it. 🌟 @ West Palm Beach, Florida

I like to explore outdoor spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, and conversations! What about you?

Today I explored a new to me place called @bulegreencafe 🌟 I had their decedent moo-moo coffee and this amazing carrot ginger soup 😲 I reallllly want to try making it in my vitamix 👏🏼 what new thing can you explore in the next day or two?!

I pulled a Mystical Shaman Oracle card today - My friend @carolinenoone_ suggested I lay out the cards and FEEL which one I need to choose, versus the shuffle or the fan methods. Not sure if there's a "right" method for this type of woo-woo stuff!
The card STANDSTILL was very validating for me today. It suggested that I need the quiet and the still just as much as I need the action. It is a great reminder that EVERY moment is a beautiful gift orchestrated in my favor. Perhaps that could be hard to agree with - and - what if it's true?

Sometimes self care looks like “girls day” 💖🌸🎉 my life has been enriched so much by having these women as my friends.
For real - set a calendar reminder to create time to just chill and be girls together.🌟

Have you ever noticed a question that repeats in your head like all the time? 🌟

At #datewithdestiny we discovered that question and replaced it with a new one. This is mine.

You may borrow it 🌸

Most days, I get magical notes from the Universe thanks to @mikedooleytut 🌟 Last week, this one stood out to me!

Persistence, Lauren, isn't about knocking on one door until the dang thing opens.

It's about knocking on all of the doors.

Knock, knock,
The Universe
You can get your own at 🥳

“When you hear "you speak your life into existence" what does that mean to you?” @iamjimfortin sent me this question today, and it immediately made me recall my fave quote from 2019. “What comes out of your mouth comes into your life.” @jensincero
Wanna dig into this topic? Send me a DM and I’ll send you the link to the podcast or an audiobook!
Remember - don’t say things you don’t want 🔥 #reframe

I Quit My Day Job, Then What... - Lauren Phelps

{Blog Post} Once upon a time, I had a 9-5 day job, I hated it... I quit it.. and then what happened next?

I became a personal trainer, and then........ What if you could enjoy your work, create a flexible schedule that works for your lifestyle, AND enjoy a positive, uplifting community? Here's how I did it!

Tony Robbins

I wanted you to see this video 🔥💖 message me for better pricing though 👌🏼

2 Passes For The Price Of 1

One Weekend For A Lifetime of Change!

At Unleash The Power Within - Tony will give you actionable tools to transform your life and break through your limitations.

If you're ready to let go of your limiting beliefs and invest in yourself – Learn how at Unleash the Power Within, and join thousands of people who have chosen to pursue their passions instead of letting fear lead the way.

17 Day Challenge : Burpees & Breakthroughs - Lauren Phelps

{Blog Post} I'm so proud of what these awesome people have achieved in such a short time!

Learn more about our new community group. The next challenge starts on July 19!

What if Your Gut is Responsible for Everything!? - Lauren Phelps

{blog post} Did you know that your gut is responsible for sooooo many things from anxiety to digestion.. Y’all – the more I learn about gut health, the more fascinated I become. Gut feelings are a real thing, and so many of our diseases and dysfunctions are actually...

[02/06/19]   Sometimes success stories come in the way of 🛑STOPPING🛑 things. My friend Farah got rid of things she no longer needs after starting an herbal wellness regimen with me.
🛑stopped craving caffeine
🛑stopped craving afternoon sweets
🛑stopped having constipation
🛑stopped buying energy drinks
🛑stopped having high cholesterol
Farah, I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished and everything that's to come! Love you!

What feeling stuck REALLY means | #MindsetReset

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