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Goodmorning & #HappyWednesday

Today is #WorkitWednesday !

Get your business questions answered today by shooting us a DM!

I will be completely honest and only answer questions I know I can. If I can’t answer, I will do one of the following:

1. Do more research, and get back to you.

2. Refer you to someone that may be able to help.

3. Advise you to seek a professional in your specific niche.

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[04/05/20]   Happy Sunday 🥰

Does anyone need:

1. Encouraging words

2. Business help- How to start, need a coach, pick my brain, etc.

I’m here to help!

Post below 👇🏽👇🏽 if you don’t feel comfortable posting below you can inbox me 🤗

[04/05/20]   Does anyone need:

1. Encouraging words

2. Business help- How to start, need a coach, pick my brain, etc.

I’m here to help!

Post below 👇🏽👇🏽

Happy New Year!! 🎆 We have finally arrived into #2020 ! Have you thought about what your top three goals are and what you will do differently for 2020?
For me personally my top three goals are:
1. Automating my coaching business to make money without me being present, networking more, and getting connected with my ideal customers more. #lifecoaching #lifecoachforwomen #personaldevelopment #professionaldevelopment @dreamworksccllc


2. Save up 10-15k by the end of the year #financegoals #personalfinance #savingsgoals


3. Reading my bible and and aligning with God more for the spiritual growth I need.
#spiritualgrowth #spiritualgrowthjourney #loverofgod #alignment

What will I do differently? I will dedicate the time i need to do the work weekly and plan it out week by week. I will set one to two goals per week and go for them with a plan. I will continue to workout to keep my physical goals going, but will start incorporating yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️.

This is not a race and I am my own competition! I simply only want to provide a better experience for my coaching clients, hit my finance goals as a baby step to a lager goal, and let God lead the way in everything I do.

My 2020 will be the best year of my life because I am the author and I have the pen! ✨🥰
#spiritualalignment #financialgrowth #buildingwealth #buildingrelationships #goalsettingtips #actiontaker #goalachiever #womenscoach #entreprenuercoach #careerdevelopment #selfcare #selflove #newyear #newgrowth #discoveryou #grateful #happiness #takeaction

[07/10/19]   Question:

How will you walk more in your purpose today?


Don’t get discouraged because of rejection. Sometimes it’s the best thing that will ever happen to you.

#Goodmorning beauties and gents! Happy #humpday #happywednesday
As you go through your day remember that it is okay to make mistakes and that it is okay to give yourselves grace!
It’s so important to realize that you are not perfect and that okay! That is actually the #goal !
A #perfect person is someone who no longer needs to learn and or grow. They know it all and they have arrived! 🤦🏽‍♀️
How will you practice giving yourself grace today?
#selflove #paparazziconsultant #wearitwednesday #selfdevelopment #selfencoragement #glowup #givegrace #certifiedprofessionallifecoach #passiontwists #5dollarbling #5dollarhabit #affordablefashion #affordableaccessories #workingwomenwednesday

[06/25/19]   Once I shifted my focus, I started seeing more success.

It hit different when you go harder for something you truly want.

When is the last time you tried that?

Go hard for YOU.

[06/16/19]   Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers! We appreciate you! ❤️

[06/15/19]   It’s small business Saturday!! Let’s connect to each other so we can support each other! Drop your social media handles for FB and IG below! 😁

Here are mine:
TNT Jewels
Trinkets ‘N’ Jazz Beauty Supply Plus


[06/14/19]   Happy Friday! What goals did you accomplish this week?

Who is ready to get serious? Comment Me!

[05/20/19]   Does anyone need help starting their own business but they are not sure where to start?

DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC

[03/04/19]   What are some things that you think a life coach could help you with?

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[02/20/19]   🗣Don’t share your glasses that contain your prescribed vision with someone else and expect them to be able to see clearly with your prescription. It will be blurry, unclear, & questionable....ALWAYS. You have everything you need to do the work. EXECUTE! 😉

L3 Television

Check out my interview on The Style Center 💕

This episode features local entrepreneur Taneka Johnson. She will talk about her two businesses TNT Jewels and Dreamworks Life Coaching and Consulting. She also will be showing off some of her latest paparazzi jewels.

DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC

DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC

Timeline Photos

[12/04/18]   Goodmorning Dreamers! We know we have been absent for a bit but we are in the process of reorganization, restructuring, removing, and redirecting!! We want to be able to bring you more services, better client centered content, and continue to perfect our craft in the most effective ways.

We will be relaunching in 2019 stronger and better! We appreciate the love and dedication that you have shown us and we hope to bring something that all aspiring entrepreneurs, current entrepreneurs, and even the everyday working person use and grow from.

Please bear with us as we prepare for our relaunch and we hope to see you in 2019, ready to kill these clear and defined goals of 2019!!!

Be blessed, stay strong, and keep pushing!!

-Taneka Johnson
CEO/Owner of DreamWorks Life Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Look just understand this!! You are in competition with no one!! Your own journey at your own time! For cus on bettering the person you were yesterday!

[10/08/18]   When you forget your “WHY” you lose focus. When you lose focus, you have no purpose. When you have no purpose, what are you really doing?

[10/02/18]   Today is #TuneitoutTuesday !! Today how will you tune out all of the negative space, people, or things around you? How will you ensure that they don’t effect your day? Let’s tune out the negativity and the clutter and invite some positive vibes in our lives! These could be people at home, work, or just while your out and about! Get to work and #tuneitout !

#WearitWednesday is brought to you today by TNT Jewels VIP and DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC !! All of the jewelry featured in the stock photos (white background) are available for purchase!

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So this resonates with me so bad i have to post it again. I am so glad i chose to go into industrial organizational psychology (i/o psychology; psychology of the work place) because it is so interesting. Especially when i personally encounter things at work that make great case studies and discussion posts for my school work.

This speaks on so many levels. We spend over half of our lives at work. Our coworkers are literally our family because they see us more than our family does from working long hours and trying to meet the demands of employers. The least employer can do is create a space where people can literally just work in a healthy and thriving environment. The environment should not be so toxic that they stop wanting to come, or their work habits change, or they feel so undervalued that they do not preform! People are depressed literally walking into a job they hate everyday! Not because of their co workers and sometimes not even because of their work load, but simply because of the reason outlined in this statement. Learn what it takes to have healthy and thriving work environments and i promise the production of your employees will increase through a willingness to preform by showing them value and peace of mind. You won’t have to beg, threaten, or insult. You won’t have to micro manage or secretly spy. You won’t have to have employees that are top performers regularly, and all of the sudden not perform, or care to, because of being undervalued, under appreciated, overpressured, and overlooked.

You’ll thank me later!
#success #motivation #goals #growth #mindfulness

The only limits you have are the limits created in your mind. Beat the odds. Write the vision & Make it plain! Make the impossible possible by simply just believing YOU CAN AND YOU WILL! ❤️ Have a great day!!

Get your #Blessed #Booked #Busy shirts by yours truly @dreamworksccllc inbox me today!! S-xl is $25 plus size is $30!

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Get your #Blessed #Booked #Busy shirts by yours truly @dreamworksccllc inbox me today!! S-xl is $25 plus size is $30!

#shirts #shopping #entrepreneur #tshirts #hustle #grind #blessedbookedbusy #shop #lifecoach #coaching #entrepreneur #hustle


Other people probably will not understand your vision or why you do what you do, but it’s none of their business. God gave you a vision and He gave it to you alone. It wasn’t created for others to understand. Go make it happen!

Get your #Blessed #Booked #Busy shirts by yours truly @dreamworksccllc inbox me today!! S-xl is $25 plus size is $30!

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In this case Tea BUT...
Today is #TestThursday !!

How many of you feel like you are going through a test in this current season? Well truth is you probably are. I just wanted to stop by and remind you that it is only a TEST literally! New beginnings are on the way, your uncertainty about something is getting ready to clear up, your weakness is about to become strength, your hard work is about to become noticed, your faith that was wavering is about to become stable, your business is about to flourish, whatever you touch will turn gold, that idea you have but not sure how to start is about to come to life, whatever you speak, so shall it be! IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL!!!

So chill out....Drink some Tea/Coffee, put on some gangsta rap & and deal with it! IT’S LITERALLY ALMOST OVER! ❤️😘


@dreamworksccllc is looking for people like you! We are in search if anyone who wants to get started on their dreams, start accomplishing their goals, and unlock their potential! Know anyone like that? Is this person you? Get started with your free consultation today!

#swipeleft #lifecoach #goalsnatcher #goalsetting #accomplishment #motivation #resources #growth #ican #affirmations #gethelp #beattheodds #development #personaldevelopment #coaching #lifecoaching #empowerment

[07/12/18]   #TryitThursdays
What is something that you have been wanting to try, but you have either been scared to do it or didn’t know where to start?

Goodmorning!! I would like to invite all of you all to this wonderful event!

Come for an evening of Fashion N Finance!! During this event #TNTJEWELS is bringing your favorite $5 jewelry for you to shop on a budget! While shopping for your favorite $5 pieces, PHP Agency will present about the importance of financial literacy, the benefits of breaking family curses and becoming more financially stable, and find out how you can improve your finances! This event truly has something for everyone!

This event is open to the public and feel free to bring someone with you that can benefit from this event and important information!

Dress is business casual please! Thank you!

This event will occur July 14th 3pm-6pm & July 15 1pm-4pm.

Join me here today!! @dreamworksccllc will be in the building!! Come stop by my table to learn more about #lifecoaching #mentoring #goalsetting and so much more! I also wil be bringing you so motivational speaking today! Make sure you come see me now! I will have a freebie self-care checklist at the table and flyers too. Thinking of doing a give away as well!
#901coach #901 #goalsnatcher #goodmorning #motivation #eachoneteachone #life #coach #memphis #southaven

Join me here Sunday at this wonderful beauty and barber hair show!! I will be omg the building bringing your encouragement and motivation! Get your tickets Now!

[06/12/18]   Today is #TackleitTuesday! What are you doing today to ensure you meet your goals for the week?

I will be preparing details for my launch party and brainstorming my ideas a little more. I will also be meeting today to learn about book publishing and podcasts.

How about you? Let’s motivate each other! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

@dreamworksccllc: DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC is currently accepting clients for your life coaching and personal development needs! Inbox, call, or text 901-654-6346 now and let’s set up a time for your free consultation, plus the first two coaching sessions are FREE! Know someone that may need these services? Share this with them! ❤️ #goalsetting #goalsetter #hustlasambition #shopping #vision #visionboard #writethevisionmakeitplain #writethevision #makeitplain #ladyboss #lifecoach #lifecoaching #goalsnatcher

@dreamworksccllc: DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC is currently accepting clients for your life coaching and personal development needs! Inbox, call, or text 901-654-6346 now and let’s set up a time for your free consultation, plus the first two coaching sessions are FREE! Know someone that may need these services? Share this with them! ❤️

Get your “Write the Vision, Make it Plain” #goalsnatcher shirts by

Understand the importance of writing it down and planning and then effectively executing! They are pre order for $30 until June 30th and come in the colors seen below.

Thanks for the support! ❤️

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Check out the great things @thewomandoctor is doing! My #FutureDoctor babes you do not have to be alone in you dissertation process! Get a professional to help you today! ❤️
#doctoralstudent #futuredoctor #blackwomen #womenempowerment #women #growth #goals #education #graduate #studies #bookworm #booksmarts #dissertations #research #development #scholarship #scholar #swipeleft

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