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Operating as usual

🎉🎉🎉 In celebration of our Third anniversary, all of our workbooks are on sale for $20.20 and our worksheets for $8.17!!!

The year of 2020 has not been all bad despite what people may be saying! Some have had some major wins during this pandemic and there will still be many more that will!

Let’s push to still make your vision clear this year and get a head start on 2021!!

I have so many workbooks for new business owners, current business owners, and seasoned business owners! I guarantee that each will make you think and see differently in your business!

Check DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC for reviews and see what people are saying! 🎉🎉🎉

Visit the website to shop: www.dreamworkslifecoaching.com

🎉It’s a celebration 🎉

7-28-2017 is when I birthed my first (legally established) business!

I remember I didn’t have a clue how to start a business and how to do the business papaerwork, but I left work determined that day that I would start my business because I had a dream to have my own coaching and consulting business.

I didn’t know how I was going to get clients or where they would come from, I just wanted to START! So I did! And here I am 3 years later still doing it!

Most business fail within their first 1-5 years!

But because I constantly invest in myself and want to see myself and my business continue to grow, it will never be an option for me to FAIL. Take your lessons, use them to grow!

I’ve had my own “Coach Hurt” but I didn’t let that stop me from finding another coach that would get me headed in the right direction and reflects how I desire my business to be one day! So don’t let that be an excuse as to why you don’t invest in yourself and your business to grow.

We will have a sale that will start tonight! I will announce the details of that sale this evening!

If you would like to sew a seed to DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC we would appreciate it! We have some really solid supporters and we thank you for however you have supported us over these 3 years!

Venmo: @Taneka-Johnson-4
Cashapp: $dwlifecc

‼️‼️‼️Just a heads up! This is the last week I will be offering free business credit consultation calls until September, and they may not be free then.

If you are on the fence about this information you may want to come off of it.

This is a free 30 min call to teach you how to build your business credit without any use of your personal credit.

Who this call is for:

1. Looking to build business credit the right way and learn to use it to its full advantage.

2. Those looking to eventually mass merchandise a product.

3. New and current business owners who want to ensure their businesses are set up correctly to take advantage of this process.

These steps are exactly what I used to build $75,250 in business credit, without using my personal credit! I’m sure it will be $100,000 by the end of the year.

Don’t miss out on this information because you are scared orla what your personal credit looks like or scared to grow. You will wish you had of started sooner or the right way later down the line.

Booking link: https://dreamworkslifellcscheduler.as.me/?appointmentType=13166748‼️‼️‼️


Fund your Operation Like a Big Business

Join us today in our Saturday Masterclass! See y’all in the chat room!



Waking up to new business credit like 😜

Another $2000 tradeline!

This now puts DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC at $75,250 in business credit built without use of my personal credit at all! You don’t need good personal credit to start your business credit journey!

Who needs to learn how that’s possible? 👇🏽

Some of y’all don’t like to work though and are content and comfortable where you are.

Self improvement and personal development will always be at the top of my list!

As a business owner, it is important to be self sufficient! It is also important that if you are not sure about a certain area of your business or personal development, that you hire a professional to help you.

A lot of you google yourselves right into a hole because you don’t want to pay a professional.

Let that fear go because it will show up in your everyday actions and in your business.

Need a coach? Want results? You can hire me. DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC
Specializing in Life coaching, business coaching, and business credit coaching. 👇🏽

[07/21/20]   Y’all got these business credit consultations booked booked this week with DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC !!! Come on with the heat then!!! 👇🏽 Who else is ready to book their free 30 min session?!

You know I teach you how to get started building your business credit without using your personal credit in a free 30 min consultation call right?


Click the link in my bio
Tap the third button
Book 🤗

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Are you still wanting to know the steps to build business credit without using your personal credit?

Are you still looking for a way to fund and grow your business?

Book a free 30 min consultation call with us so we can get you started in the right direction!

Learn the steps I did to acquire $73,250 in business credit without my personal credit being impacted and my scores in the 500s!

Book here:


Did you still need to book a business credit consultation call with us?

We are still currently accepting time slots on our calendar!

Learn how you can build business credit, without your personal credit being considered!

Then use this business credit to grow your business and move to the next level!

Book your free 30 minute session here:



Ideal Client Workbook

Most times when we are getting started in our business we are wanting to help all of the people and serve all of the people. Well, technically it's not our job to help and serve everyone, because everyone is not our ideal customer. It is very important that we know how to identify our ideal customers as business owners and service providers. You should have your ideal client mapped out to the "T" so you know exactly who your services or products benefit and how they benefit them. How is your brand language speaking to the people you wish to have as consistent customers and clients? Ready to figure it out? Dive into this workbook and I promise you will see and understand differently! When you're done, let us know how you liked it by leaving us a review on our site :-). Happy Dreaming & Executing!


dreamworkslifecoaching.com Are you just starting in your business? Are you having a hard time trying to identify your ideal client? Have you gotten stuck on how to properly market to your ideal audience? This workbook is for you! In this workbook we take a deep dive on what factors play into determining your ideal customer/cl...

It’s #smallbusinesssaturdays

What’s stopping you from starting your business?

Would you take advantage of a free 30 min session to talk about it? Book your session at the link in my bio!
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#ThankfulThursday #2

It truly makes my heart glad that I can impact the lives of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even career driven people!

I just want to publicly thank @Kaila Augustus for taking a chance on DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC and trying out our journals and workbooks! This review made my day completely yesterday!

So yea I’ve basically been an author for a year now and didn’t tell anyone 🤦🏽‍♀️. But these two journals and workbooks are my favorite. I truly poured my heart and soul into them for them not to be cookie cutter material!

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, current business owner, or even a career professional, these workbooks will make you view your journey completely differently! I was so inspired when I wrote them and God definitely help me create them in the way I wanted them!

Get yours today at the links in the comments! Share this with someone you know who needs it!

*Materials are copyrighted*

[06/24/20]   Happy Hump day!!
Know this 👇🏽

Consistency helps build the dream but discipline is what secures it! Get disciplined about your goals!

Need help? Check out our workbooks here: www.dreamworkslifecoaching.com

@dreamworksccllc DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC strikes again!

I’m loving the conversations that I am having with small business owners about getting their business together to start building their business credit!

See what Celeste had to say above and why you should go ahead and book your free 30 min session for building business credit without using your personal credit!
It’s a proven process that works!

Book your session here so I can help you too!
https://dreamworkslifellcscheduler.as.me/?appointmentType=13166748 (click link in bio then click on 4th link down)

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Why haven’t you booked your business credit consultation yet?

Are you concerned about acquiring business credit because of your current position with your personal credit?

You can start your business credit journey without worrying about your personal credit!

If you want to learn how, book your free 30 min consultation here:


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Let’s chat!

During small business Saturday, don’t forget your service providers!

I love what I do as a coach and I thrive off other people’s success! Results mean everything DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC !

If I am not helping you get results, then what’s the point of me being your coach?

Some services that I provide are:
-Life Coaching to get you and your personal life back on track!

-Business Coaching to help you start your business or grow your business! If you are stuck and trying to determine next steps, I can help there too. Need help with branding, marketing, or taking your ideas from paper to reality? Let’s get it done!

-Business credit coaching to help you understand how business credit really works & how you can start your journey without having to use your personal credit at all! Trust me this information is not what you would typically hear and it’s been proven these steps work. I’ve built $73000 in business credit myself and I’m currently coaching others to use the same steps i did!

See anything that interests you?
Book some time with me here 👇🏽
and let’s come together to get an action plan going!


That thing you’ve been praying for....that you decided to go ahead and put a little work behind and trust God on...it’s coming into fruition!

Don’t stop! ✨

Why haven’t you booked yet? Don’t you want to see what business credit (when properly built) can do for your business?

There are some really important key elements you need to have in place that I discuss with you on our call.

Trust me, you want this free information and you want to learn how to grow from it! You can start building business credit without any use of your personal credit!!!

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Okkkkaayyy! 💕💁🏽‍♀️

A lot of the time we get stuck in our business because we are too busy seeking validation from people!

Don’t let that be you!

Grow and be confident in your brand and your industry and you won’t have to seek validation from the people who don’t matter anyway!

Wake up and start showing up as how you truly want to be! Let’s build confidence! Start your journey today!

DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC


Who is ready to take back control of their life? Will you start today?

- DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC

@dreamworksccllc still has 7 slots available this week for business credit consultations!

Get them now while they are free! Trust me, you want this info!

If you ever plan on one day wanting funding for your business, you need to build your robust business credit profile.

If you ever want to see your items on the shelves of stores, you need a robust business credit profile.

Did I mention you can start building business credit WITHOUT impact to your personal credit? Doesn’t matter if your personal scores are in the 400s, 500s, etc. It can be done!

Business credit is not like personal credit and is handled quite differently! I can explain to you how to make you more comfortable with the process.

If you would like to know more about how this can work for your business, book your free 30 min consultation here:

Check out what others are saying about their consultations 👆🏽 #swipeleft


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[06/11/20]   Business credit consultations without use of your personal credit from DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC are still open! Get your free 30 min consultation now by booking below! Share this with people you know need it!

[06/10/20]   #TopicTuesday with DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC
: If Amazon extended a biz credit line of $11,500 to you to grow your biz, how would you do it? Let’s chat 👇🏽

Have you ever thought about the way that you show up in your business?

Do you think your results could be a bit better if you just decided to try?

What types of things are holding you back and why?

As you go through your day today, ask yourself these questions and what you need to change to see the results that you really want to see.

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[06/09/20]   The way you show up in your business will show up in your results!
Read that again!
How are you showing up?
-DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC

My evening has been so amazing! And I know the rest of my week is going to be too!

1. I booked a new Life Coaching client and she’s very eager to get started.

2. I was able to help two young ladies learn how to start their business building journey.

Walking in your calling is the best thing you could ever do!

If you haven’t booked your Free 30 business credit consultation yet, I encourage you to do so.

Stay tuned for #TopicTuesday tomorrow! I got something I want to discuss with y’all just to see where your head is at.

Now I got to get some work done for DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC ! See y’all in the morning!


[06/05/20]   Where are my night owls?
What kind of topics would you like to see DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC talk about for business, side hustles, life coaching, biz credit, & leadership coaching?
#letsconnect 👇🏽


I’m so thankful that God has given me a second chance to use my gifts and use them effectively!

This time there is no giving up or doubting myself. I know the gifts I have can help thousands and I’m ready and willing to work!

DREAMWorks Life coaching & Consulting, LLC has digital products available on our site to help you with business start up, goal setting, mindset shifting and more!

Go here www.dreamworkslifecoaching.com to check out our shop and purchase yours today!

We also still have free 30 min consultations and discounted pick my brain sessions available as well! Just click here: https://linktr.ee/srv_my_royalty

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Memphis?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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