TN Safety Spotters "Animal Friends Teaching Children"

TN Safety Spotters  "Animal Friends Teaching Children"


Piper knows the spot to eat!

We had a special guest, Piper, join us for lunch on the patio. Piper is with TN Safety Spotters "Animal Friends Teaching Children" and Memphis Fire and Life Safety Dogs

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Izzy, the therapy dog, will be joining her friends from TN Safety Spotters "Animal Friends Teaching Children" and Fire Museum of Memphis (Official) to teach us some new fire safety tricks. The fun will begin on Tuesday, July 20th, at 11:00.
Izzy, the amazing therapy dog, will be visiting Memphis Public Libraries on Thursday, July 22nd, at 11:00. She and her friends from TN Safety Spotters "Animal Friends Teaching Children" and Fire Museum of Memphis (Official) will be giving us a firetruck-full of fire safety tips. Join us for ways to make this summer even more fun for the entire family!
For this second to last Friday of 2020, we give you Astro as our #FabulousFriday pup. Astro's human told us, "Astro read to the kids at the Fire Museum of Memphis Breakfast With Santa today. Not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or Astro!" 😍 Astro is a proud member of TN Safety Spotters "Animal Friends Teaching Children" , living and in Tennessee, USA. Wishing you all a peaceful and safe weekend.
Love the TN Safety Spotters! Love their Mom too!
😍🐾 Precious Izzy .....
and her Special Siblings of the TN Safety Spotters "Animal Friends Teaching Children" are members of the Bolivar Fire Rescue Department and Memphis Fire dogs. These Dalmatians have been rescued and are deaf. They are also Memphis Fire and Life Safety Dogs working at the Fire Museum of Memphis (Official)
Reaching, teaching children. Deaf therapy dogs, fire safety dogs teaching children fire education and safety programs. These are interactive, age appropriate programs. Animal-assisted therapy in hospitals, nursing homes, abuse centers, grief camps, correctional facilities and special events.
Patricia Belt, Deaf Dog Trainer and Handler, Therapy Dog Inc. evaluator,AKC CGC instructor/evaluator, @Reading Education Assistance Dog Instructor
Happy Mother's day to you
Yesterday Lottie Dot took her final ride in a fire truck. Our hearts are with Lottie Dot’s Mama Spotter, Patricia Belt, founder of the TN Safety Spotters "Animal Friends Teaching Children" and Memphis Fire and Life Safety Dogs.

Lottie Dot was born deaf and tossed by her breeder out into a snow storm on an Oklahoma highway to die. Patricia’s son was driving to the hospital to visit his mom when he noticed movement in the snow. He pulled over and rescued the pup from certain death. He smuggled her into the hospital where Patricia was receiving treatment for cancer. Patricia decided to keep her. When leaving the hospital, a little boy kept saying “Lottie Dot. Lottie Dot.” He couldn’t say lots of dots, and the name Lottie Dot stuck.

Patricia and Lottie Dot learned sign language together and began racking up the achievements. First, she earned her Canine Good Citizen award. Then Lottie Dot became a registered therapy dog. Over her 14 years, Lottie Dot gave and accomplished more than most hearing dogs do in a lifetime. She became the very first deaf therapy dog to ever be awarded the AKC’s therapy dog award, which requires a minimum of 400 hours of therapy work.

Throughout her life, Lottie Dot worked with veterans at the VA Hospital, kids at St. Jude’s, helped kids gain confidence in their reading abilities, been a fire safety instructor, teaching kids how to stop, drop and roll, then crawl low to safety. She taught kindness with the Kindness Revolution, and anti-bullying instructions. The work Patricia did with Lottie Dot earned recognition for multiple awards, including The Spotter Mobile, a Toyota Highlander presented to them as part of the Toyota Cars For Good program.

Please join us in wishing Lottie Dot safe travels to Rainbow Bridge. Condolence hugs and lots of love to our friend Patricia and the Spotter Pack for the loss of such a remarkable and life-changing companion. We know there’s a mighty big hole in their hearts today.

to meet Ms. Patricia Belt and Lottie Dot of the TN Safety Spotters "Animal Friends Teaching Children", you were blessed. Lottie Dot was an award winning and internationally recognized therapy dog that was deaf. You may have met Lottie Dot at the Fire Museum of Memphis on one of our field trips. Along with fire safety awareness, Lottie Dot taught children about how to spot a bully and how to help those being bullied. I also enjoyed reading time with Lottie Dot. I had the honor of covering several stories about Ms. Patrica and Lottie Dot when they lived in my area. One story I enjoyed writing was when they were nominated and won a new vehicle that enabled the TN Safety Spotters to continue their work.

Lottie Dot took her final ride today and will be missed.
Please say a prayer for us, we lost one of our fur babies today.
*Please Share Everywhere*
My sister's daughter, my niece's puppy a family pet (brindle female Am. Bully short full tail 7 month old) has been stolen from the front yard in Midtown/University Area by 3 Caucasian males in a Greyish/blue Malibu.
Please if you can, care, or respect the breed. Be on the look out and share my post.
Pm or call 9547407565 or 9016064323
*Reward is offered*
The Diehl family misses you all!! ❤️❤️❤️

Registered Therapy Dogs/ K9 Safety Educators. Exceptional Deaf dogs provide AAT, hospice visits, Fire/ Life Safety Skills and R.E.A.D programs.

Registered deaf Therapy Dogs travel the Mid South area visiting schools, fire stations, and special events teaching Fire Safety, Anti-Bully, Bicycle Safety and Dog Bite Prevention Programs. Animal-assisted interactions in hospitals, abuse centers, schools, libraries helping children in times of difficulty. As Registered Reading Education Assistance Dogs, these special dogs work with children with

Operating as usual


Lottie Dot used to do this all the time!

Did you know?

It's called the "greeting stretch" and it's often carried out when dogs are walking your way, looking at you.

Brenda Aloff, in the book "Canine Body Language, A Photographic Guide," describes this form of stretching as "a posture used only towards someone the dog likes and with whom he is comfortable."

When dogs perform the greeting stretch, their ears are relaxed and they often show soft, squinty eyes pointing towards the owner. The posture involves lowering of the front legs, while their back legs are raised. The front legs are often lined up together, but the elbows don't touch the floor.

Sometimes, as these dogs stretch, their back legs will stretch out too behind them, sometimes being dragged a bit in a silly way.

Discover other reasons dogs stretch:


Just a reminder!

As spring rolls around and we all take more walks. Remember that the only dog a toddler should walk is on wheels. If your kiddo wants to help you walk your dog try adding a second leash they can hold to walk along with you. For really young kiddos this option may not be safe for them or the dog. In this case, providing them with a cute toy like my daughter has in this image is the safest option for both dog and child.


Thanks for sharing Karen Vinyard!

Mobile uploads 03/13/2022

If your trainer has to use force to teach your dog life skills, get a new one!

Like the other F&LS Dogs, Piper is being trained force free. One example:
When she and I went down this stairway she got halfway and stopped. She was unsure of herself. So we sat there looking out at all the people and cars going by and when she was ready walked down the rest of the way.
No forcing her to do go anywhere she wasn’t sure of. This only takes a few extra minutes and can make a difference for the rest of time.
A few hrs later she went down the entire stairwell w/o hesitation and with a bounce in her step. Total confidence.


The Spotters are Reading Education Assistance Dogs and love to have children read to them!




Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!!
Today is your day!!


Great idea!!

Let us egg your house, well, your yard at least!!!!! Your child can wake up Easter weekend to a yard full of candy filled eggs and a personalized note from the Easter Bunny himself!! 🐰You can place your order at the link listed below or in-person at the McNairy County Carl Perkins Center. 🐣
Eggs will be delivered and dispersed in your yard the night before. We will egg yards within McNairy County. You can choose to have your child hunt for their eggs on either Saturday or Sunday morning!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗


Dogs in schools: taking the lead towards wellbeing for all - Human-Animal Interaction 03/02/2022

Dogs in schools: taking the lead towards wellbeing for all - Human-Animal Interaction

Dogs in schools: taking the lead towards wellbeing for all - Human-Animal Interaction Tue, Mar 8, 2022 MST @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am - This webinar is based on findings from two international research projects, which asked nearly 1000 teachers about the involvement of animals in their practices. We will give an outline of the reasons why teachers say they involve animals in teaching and....


Emergency Resources


Caesar has never given up! What a trailblazer!!


Izzy had fun at the Raleigh Branch Library today.

The new Raleigh Library is beautiful! Izzy and Lovie made friends instantly.

Timeline photos 02/20/2022

What a great day!!

Happiness is a warm puppy 💕

Timeline photos 02/20/2022

Timeline photos

Teachers ARE HEROS. Many don't know that teachers have other requirements outside of teaching including suicide prevention training in over 20 states. In the first six weeks of 2022, with all states participating, TN leads with 4,989 trainings & Florida 2nd with 4,116 trainings.


Sweet truth!

With eye upraised his master’s look to scan,
The joy, the solace, and the aid of man;
The rich man’s guardian and the poor man’s friend,
The only creature faithful to the end.

Author: Anonymous
Artist Stephen Hanson



Happy Spottie Valentines Day everyone 🖤🤍🤎

Dog Love Photo Contest 2018 CLOSED 02/14/2022

Ember and I fell in love immediately!!! She will never again be neglected or thrown away!!

Patricia Belt meets her new puppy Ember


Isabella Spotters Delight "Izzy"

One of our Spotters has a birthday today!
A party will be at the Fire Museum tomorrow!
Happy #11 Birthday Izzy!
This video was made in 2014. It recognizes the solid foundation of good friends and family of her amazing journey.
She still enjoys her work which makes me realize we’re doing something right.

Photos from Memphis Fire and Life Safety Dogs's post 02/13/2022

Friends helping friends!


Love Is...


May We Raise Children Who Love The Unloved Things
by Nicolette Sowder
Artist Kari-Lise Alexander

May we raise children
who love the unloved things – the dandelion, the
worms & spiderlings.
Children who sense
the rose needs the thorn
& run into rainswept days
the same way they turn towards sun…

And when they’re grown &
someone has to speak for those
who have no voice
may they draw upon that
wilder bond, those days of
tending tender things
and be the ones.

Mobile uploads 02/09/2022

A reminder for our Spotter friends.
Keep up with our adventures by visiting the Memphis Fire and Life Safety Dogs page.
It’s rare to meet deaf working dogs.
We rescue, train and prepare them for certification to work. We support the special work they do in the community and throughout the midsouth areas.
They are a sight to see!

Timeline photos 02/03/2022

Happy Birthday, Ernie!

Happy Birthday, Ernie! We hope your day on Sesame Street is filled with tons of fun, laughs, and Rubber Duckie!


Happy 5th Birthday, Ember!


“When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” - Fred Rogers ❤️

Photos from TN Safety Spotters  "Animal Friends Teaching Children"'s post 01/28/2022

Today we attended Rivercrest Elementary Career Day. We’ve been going for years!
The first 5 years Lottie Dot and I visited. Since then Izzy and I have attended and she seems to enjoy it more each year. I think Astro went one year too.
School Counselor, Lori Johnson, does a fantastic job of organizing the event.
Your donations allow us to participate in events like this and we are grateful!

A frightened little dog is rescued from drowning in a Florida canal by dolphins – Dog Inspiration 01/27/2022

A frightened little dog is rescued from drowning in a Florida canal by dolphins – Dog Inspiration


A frightened little dog is rescued from drowning in a Florida canal by dolphins – Dog Inspiration A frightened little dog is rescued from drowning in a Florida canal by dolphins admin | January 24, 2022 | VIDEO | No Comments Dolphins are intelligent, curious mammals who have been credited with saving humans and animals in distress on several occasions. They are known for having a good time, but....

Hen With Hearts Covering Her Feathers Spreads Joy To Everyone Who Sees Her 01/25/2022

Hen With Hearts Covering Her Feathers Spreads Joy To Everyone Who Sees Her

Happy Hearts!

Hen With Hearts Covering Her Feathers Spreads Joy To Everyone Who Sees Her Hen With Hearts Covering Her Feathers Spreads Joy To Everyone Who Sees Her Nature is amazing. From vivid colors found only on beautiful flowers, to majestic mountain ranges, to shining stars peering out of galaxies far away, there is never a shortage of beauty. Nature can also package animals in the...


Dogs too!


I was standing in the grocery store checkout line, and a small boy walked past me—once, twice, three times.
When he came back the fourth time, he was holding his mother’s hand.
“That’s her,” he said.
He pointed at me.
“Don’t point, honey,” said his mother.
And then to me she said, “My son’s class is reading The Tale of Despereaux. He thinks that you’re the author of that book.”
“I’m the writer!” I said.
“Oh,” she said. “How lovely. Is it okay if he asks you a question?”
“Absolutely,” I said.
“Go ahead, honey,” she said to the boy.
This child looked up at me and said, “What I want to know is will it be okay? Will the mouse be okay?”
“Yes,” I told him.
“Oh,” he said. “Good. Now I can relax my heart.”
“Yes,” I said again. “You can.”

Oh, his heart!
Oh, my heart!
Oh, all our hearts!


Today we honor and celebrate the life, legacy, teachings and dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


In memory of Betty White, please consider donating to your local animal shelter or favorite rescue. Let’s keep Betty White's legacy alive.

Our Story

WE are the TN Safety Spotters, a non-profit charitable 501 (c) (3) organization. WE are therapy dogs and K9 Public Safety Educators.

WE sponsor the Memphis Fire Dogs, Paws To Salute, VA Therapy Dogs, and are the offical Mascots of the Kindness Revolution.

Videos (show all)

Lottie Dot keep the students at MHS smiling
The Safety Spot
Mddleton High School CDC Class
True Love Will Never Fade
Izzy....A very special therapy dog
Lottie Dot at Bolivar Elementary School/ TN Safety Spotters
Memphis Fire Dogs, Firefighter's Best Friends
Izzy goes to NAD Kid's Camp
Let's Fly Away
Lottie Dot placed 5th in AHA's Hero Therapy Dog Awards
K9 Educators Saving Lives of Children




TN Safety Spotters is a non profit 501 (c)(3) Charitable Organization and operates entirely on donations. Your donations are appreciated and are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
Donations can be sent through PayPal on our website or
Mailed to:
PO Box 242091
Memphis, TN 38124



Memphis, TN

General information

Dogs teach children in ways adults cannot. Using well trained therapy dogs ensures each facility that the dogs are reliable, predictable and controlled. Therapy visits include; hospice visits, abuse centers, detention centers, schools and special requests.
Insurance information available upon request.

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