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Helping business leaders learn how to motivate and engage their people for over 30 years.

Training ≠ Development | The Centre Group Understanding the differences between training and development

Stop What You’re Doing and PLAN! | The Centre Group The importance of planning and how to accomplish it.

So You Want To Change Your Culture! | The Centre Group Is culture a manifestation of “how we do things around here” or does culture set the tone for actions that follow?

The Toothpaste Can’t Go Back in the Tube! | The Centre Group Ms. Lisa is an incredible pre-school teacher. I just had the opportunity to watch her deliver a lesson to her students on the topic of “Words that Hurt.” As a visual aide and hands-on activity, Ms. Lisa creatively used a tube of toothpaste and a paper plate per student. I watched 12 small childre…

Effective Group Decision Making | The Centre Group Understanding your decision-making options and choosing the right option for the situation.

Fit and Flow | The Centre Group How does leadership decide when a person is the right fit for a job?

2014 - 2015 Salary Budgets, Merit Pay, and Bonuses | The Centre Group Overall, total salary increase budgets rose from 2.9 percent last year to 3.0 percent.

A Collaborative Approach to Conflict | The Centre Group A description of 5 Conflict Management Styles used by today's leaders and how the Collaborative Style may work best in the long run.

How to Handle Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace | The Centre Group How in-house and outsourced human resource professionals handle reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

How About Some Crow for Lunch? | The Centre Group How does compensation affect employee satisfaction in today's market?

Is it Time for an Employee to Move Up or Move Out? | The Centre Group For smaller businesses, sometimes employees outgrow an organization. Should you move the employee up or let them move out?

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace | The Centre Group Here are simple some steps you can take to resolve conflict within the workplace.

Can You Handle The Truth? | The Centre Group How do companies handle negative feedback? Do they wait until the Exit Interview to find out about the health of their organization? Here's a good fix.

Make sure you are paying overtime properly. | The Centre Group Determine what overtime is, who is eligible for it and make sure that you are calculating it properly.


Consider the Switch to Paid Time Off Consider the Switch to Paid Time OffPosted on April 1, 2014Are you currently dissatisfied with your traditional time–off plan? Maybe it is time to make a change. Traditional time off plans break down employee leave into separate categories: vacation, sick […]

New Roles for HR | The Centre Group This is not a rhetorical question. The role of HR has been debated and reconsidered in boardrooms across the country for over a decade now. Mutinous arguments to disband the entire operation have been met with zealous battle cries to reinvent the department historically dubbed the “soft side of bu...

Using Compensation to Keep Your Best Employees | The Centre Group Don’t expect to build and sustain a high-performance team unless you are able to attract and retain high-performance employees. The consequences of losing great team members are far-reaching; not only do you lose talent and experience that you’ve developed and may be hard to replace, but sourcing,...

The 3 C’s of Every Successful Employment Relationship | The Centre Group

The 3 C’s of Every Successful Employment Relationship Employee counseling sessions are never easy or comfortable. In the role of outsourced HR representative, I often get asked to facilitate these discussions with a frustrated manager and his/her troublesome employee. Recently, I’ve realized there are three distinct categories that drive success on t...

[02/14/14]   Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Employee Wellness Plans | The Centre Group One of the strategic initiatives used in the modern business world is the increasingly popular employee wellness plan. Healthcare costs continue to rise. Some of this is attributable to the health effects of near-epidemic level obesity and stress from our fast-paced lives. In response to this trend,...

Communication Tips to Improve Employee Engagement and Satisfaction | The Centre Group Are your employees dedicated to the daily grind? Are they devoted to the job? As an employer, the more time you take to help your staff understand the link between their daily tasks and company success, the more they’ll value their positions. Whether you’re dealing with a productive, loyal employe...

Recognize Your Employees So They Don’t Get a ‘Case of the Mondays’ | The Centre Group

Recognize Your Employees So They Don’t Get a ‘Case of the Mondays’ Experience shows that most people don’t like Mondays. In fact, it is probably their least favorite day of the week. No one looks forward to Mondays. Do our employees view coming to work as the equivalent of experiencing a ‘Case of the Mondays’?

[01/01/14]   Happy New Year from the Centre Group! How did you ring in the new year?

[12/25/13]   Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

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The Centre Group specializes in helping businesses improve their bottom line through human asset development by leveraging Compensation Strategies, Executive Search, Employee Attitude Research, Leadership Skills Development, and HR Outsourcing.

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