The Heartfelt Workshop

The Heartfelt Workshop


Blanca is a wonderful teacher and my daughter had a great time at this sewing and crafts camp!
I stopped by today to find out what The Heartfelt Workshop is all about. It’s my kind of place! I love to sew & make things with my hands. As an elementary art teacher, I was thrilled to run into three students from my school. So excited they are spending time this summer learning skills they will enjoy their whole lives. Thank you, Blanca, for sharing your love of making.
My daughters experience during the classes as well as the summer camp has been nothing short of amazing! She absolutely loves everything about this place! I feel so incredibly lucky to have The Heartfelt Workshop in my backyard. My daughter counts down the days until she has sewing class - that’s how much she enjoys it. It’s obvious Blanca and her staff love being there as much as my daughter does. We love it!!
My daughter just finished sewing camp. She loved it! Had fun and said sewing is relaxing--that's a home run in my book. =)
Are you offering summer camp 2018? My daughter wants to make sure that I save that week, if you are!
Sewing classes at The Heartfelt Craft Shop have been a highlight each week for the past year and a half for my middle-school daughter! She is energized when she can create, and this has been an amazing experience for her. She gets to make things with her own hands, with her own creativity--practical, beautiful things she can wear or she can give as gifts. She meets new friends, and she has a wonderful relationship with Blanca. I am always thankful for other adults who can encourage, teach, and uplift my children in ways that I cannot! Blanca is an excellent instructor and role model and has created a lovely, welcoming place!
My daughter loves her sewing class at The Heartfelt Craft Shop! She's learns something new every week and has made skirts, tops, shorts and infinity scarves. She was able to make scarves at home for gifts! The shop is bright, cheery and positive. All the fabrics inspire her creativity. Her love of sewing began a few summers ago at sewing camp with The Heartfelt Craft Shop, we highly recommend the summer camps.
My daughters (11 and 8) love The Heartfelt Craft Shop sewing classes for many, many reasons. Miss Blanca and Miss Polly are amazing teachers. They are always encouraging, patient and helpful. Miss Blanca has the best fabrics to choose from!
My daughter just loves Blanca and the Heartfelt Craft Shop. It is truly the highlight of the week for her to come and create there. The space is warm and welcoming and Blanca is wonderful with the kids.
This shop is my daughter, Wendy's, "happy place"! She loves her sewing class. Blanca Munguia is a gifted teacher.💗
This is a lovely space for my daughter to learn sewing in a warm and inviting environment. My daughter looks forward to it every week, and Blanca is a patient, kind, and excellent teacher.
Simply fantastic birthday party hosted by The Heartfelt Craft Shop. Blanca Mungia is a master crafter and so very skilled at working with kids! She took care of every little detail, including handmade invitation cards, goodie bags, serving dishes, drinks - even a handmade present for the birthday girl! Each girl left with a handmade treat bag, and the craft they made. Best birthday ever!!!

Discover creative abilities, develop self confidence and have fun. Learn the practical skills of hand sewing and machine sewing.

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feeling grateful, blessed, excited, nervous…and sew ready to get started with the remodeling so I can open the doors of Heartfelt in McLean this October!🥳🥳 I will keep you posted! In the meantime, you can sign up for sewing classes on the website! •••••🪡💕


And only in their first- ever- class using a sewing machine , kids can sew these snappy puches! 💕💕I am always so impressed with their ability to learn so quickly and enjoy their smile when they finish! 😊I love teaching kids to sew! Thank you for the opportunity to teach your amazing students!

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Ready, set, sew! Registration is now open for sewing classes! Learn the practical arts of hand+machine sewing and have tons of fun sewing+creating beautiful things! 🪡💕Only 6 spots per class, sing up soon!

The Heartfelt Workshop updated their address. 08/31/2022

The Heartfelt Workshop updated their address.

The Heartfelt Workshop updated their address.


I have been quiet but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on Heartfelt and myself! I was taking my time to organize my thoughts, my wishes, my mission, the possibilities, the opportunities.

It took me more than a decade and a half to figure out the kind of work I want to do and I definitely want to continue to share my love of sewing with kids.

I also want to keep sewing and making beautiful things with my favorite Liberty London fabrics.

My creative brain comes up with all sorts of fears and loser thoughts, but my mind has learned (still learning)to switch to faith and trust.

Sooooooo, today I signed a lease to open Heartfelt and The Cherry on Top under the same place! A shop and a workshop together! McLean, here I come! @thecherryontop_handmade

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After closing Heartfelt, I needed to recharge my batteries and the best way to do that was with a trip to Nicaragua. We celebrated my dad's 80th birthday with an unforgettable party🥳 I hugged my parents every day💕 Spending time with my siblings, nephews and nieces was a real blessing. I came back with a heart full of love& energy💕
Back in Vienna, my family helped me remodel our jacuzzi room into my new Heartfelt Workshop at home! I am so excited to have a wonderful space for my creative mess 🧵 🪡 I decorated with some of the decorations that were up on the shop and it looks amazing. I have missed sewing with my students so much and can't wait to get back to teaching sewing again. I visited a creative space in Arlington called ...we are cooking something and I will keep you posted 😊
Now, I am in NYC moving Fatima in her new apartment. I am so excited for her and the new step she is beginning. Listening to Fernanda @global_rewired teaching her Pinnacle class...relearning about the magic of optimism.…summer, please stay awhile!

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Thank you, thank you to the amazing sewing fairies that shared their talents and love of sewing at Heartfelt! 🥰Most of you were my students! Callie, Juliette, Anna, Eve and Jane, thank you for making this year so special at Heartfelt!! So blessed to have worked with you doing something that we love!! Keep being so wonderful and keep sewing forever! ⭐️ 🧵 🪡 💕 @ferrara.jane @evemsanford @calendriaa @jemanise @_annanorman


One of the greatest gifts of Heartfelt has been the friendship Polly and I have built. Thank you, Polly, for sharing your talents and kindness with me and the students all these years. I am sew grateful for you! You are off to North Carolina soon and I can’t wait to visit you in your new home and have a sewing retreat. Vienna, for now, and then wherever I may be, my home is always your home (and Chuck’s too)You made Heartfelt a wonderful place my dear friend! @iggydoglover


7 years ago today I got the keys and tomorrow is the last day!! The Heartfelt Workshop has been better than I could have ever dreamed- beyond grateful for all the support, the hundreds of students I was blessed to sew with, the thousands of yards of fabric we turned into great things, the wonderful times spent with my amazing students- It’s never easy to let go of something so special…I keep these treasured memories in my heart forever. 💕 Excited to find out what is next for me!


a heartfelt update- The spring of 2022 brought many difficult changes. My family has been planning to move to Puerto Rico since last year. A twist of fate changed our plans last minute. Though we are staying in Vienna, Heartfelt will not. 😢

With much sadness and hope I announce that Heartfelt will close its doors at the end of May 2022. As hard as it is, I had given my word to transfer the workshop when I moved, and honoring my word is of utmost importance to me.⭐️

But worry not, one can't leave a sewing enthusiast behind! At the same location on Church Street, @artistry27studio will take over and continue the sewing and crafting fun starting June 1st, just in time for summer camps! ☀️

Heartfelt is still my dream. I have given it my heart + soul for the past 8 years, so we will see where this change will take us. 💕

Thanks for your support through these amazing years. 🥰 Stay tuned!


beautiful work by this so very talented student, she made her own and I am so proud of her! 🌟


thanks to all the parents that voted for Heartfelt and our summer camps. Believe me when I say we plan each camp thinking of our campers, so that their experience is meaningful. We plan every detail so that summer at Heartfelt is memorable, and it has been! We have campers who have joined us for 8 years!! @artistry27studio is planning amazing camps for this summer and camps are almost full, so sign up soon! 🌞 🧵 💕


I don’t known what to say other than- how cool is that she can make and design her own shirt? Amazing work!! Happy weekend! 💕💕


I get to enjoy these happy faces after finishing their beautiful dresses! 💕💕


the groundhog saw his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter 😱 but we are dreaming about summer! there are 10 weeks of fun camps, limited to 8 kids per session. sign up at (link in bio) starting February 7!! @artistry27studio


I am sew happy to announce that Callie will keep Heartfelt and its mission going when I move to Puerto Rico.🤩 Callie is talented, kind, brave, determined, smart and simply amazing. 💕She will pour her heart and soul and will turn Heartfelt into Artistry27 Studio💕
I have no doubt in my mind that Artistry27 Studio will be a special place for your kids to be happy and knowing this makes it less difficult to leave Vienna, Heartfelt, my wonderful students and their families. Forever grateful that you have supported my dream and Heartfelt for the last 8 years and now I invite you to support Callie and her dream Artistry27 Studio ✨✨ @calendriaa @artistry27studio


As cold as it has been these days, there has been a lot of summer planning ☀️ 🧵
Sew happy to annouce that summer camp schedule and registration will open in a week! 🥳🥳 Be ready for Monday, February 7!


The crazy sewing ladies of Heartfelt wish you a fun and spooky weekend!!! Get lots of candy!!! @iggydoglover @calendriaa

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Amazing work by this talented girl! I so admire my students’ creativity and determination, these girls are so amazing+strong+adaptable+dreamers+doers+gogetters+strong+kind+more! Happy day of the girl to all the girls in the world!


Today was the last day of 9 weeks of wonderful summer camps. I am so grateful to the Heartfelt parents that trusted their amazing kids to us. Thanks to Callie, Polly, Juliette and Fatima @calendriaa @iggydoglover @jemanise @fatima_jerezm for working with me. Special thanks for Fatima, (my daughter) who started with me, in my basement, 8 summers ago when I dreamed of Heartfelt. She has been there since day one supporting me, helping me build my dream, until today, last summer camp before our family moves to Puerto Rico. Thank you, Lord, for everything.

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Strawberries 🍓 and 💕 Happy Friday!!!!

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Avocados! 🥑

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I was impressed with how easily they understood paper piecing, they are Sew talented!! 🧵


Ready, set, register! 🧵 🪡 Come sew with us this fall, registration is OPEN!


Big sister said: I want to make something for my little sister. And she did! She was on top of every detail, hand embroidered the pocket with her sister’s monogram, choosing the prettiest fabric, etc. The result: the prettiest dress, a happy little sister, a confident and amazing big sister and a proud sewing teacher. Absolute loveliness!!! 💕💕💕

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This week went by sew quickly! The kids had such a fun time and so did we! Happy weekend everyone, I know I will rest and sew a bit!

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Fun, fun week with these talented campers. This group is particularly special to me, some of these girls have been part of Heartfelt since day 1, seven years ago!!! I am so blessed to see these amazing girls grow and to share my favorite thing with them. Thank you, Lord, for everything.

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These colors were my inspiration when I was dreaming of the shop in 2014. We have been sewing at Heartfelt since 2015 and it has been an amazing journey. Helping kids discover and use their super powers has been one the greatest rewards!!! Come sew with is this fall! Registration opens July 25th!!!


Happy campers, yeah!

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Sewing, painting, cutting, laughing, ripping...what a fun week!!! We read a beautiful book, The Quiltmaker’s Gift (thanks @jemanise )and reflected on giving, how giving makes us happy!! 💕💕wonderful week!!


Found this in the streets of London. Sew, bake, design, write, paint, arrange, plan, creativity is in you! Happy Saturday! 💕🧵🪡☀️


Found this in the streets of London. Sew, bake, design, write, paint, arrange, plan, creativity is in you! Happy Saturday! 💕🧵🪡☀️

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Sew magical week had a happy ending!! These kiddos did a magical job sewing by hand, with a sewing machine, painting, creating, sew fun!! 8 more weeks of summer camps to go! Yay! 🧵 🪡 ☀️ 😊


After a summer camp day...hours of creativity!!! There is still time to sign up for camps, join us!!!! 🌞

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And just like that yesterday we closed the 6th year of sewing school, and it’s been a wonderful year at Heartfelt!! 💕These students have made amazing things. I get emotional, always try to see past finished flamingos and dresses and bags, and see their dedication, persistence, creativity, self confidence, in essence, I see their power!! I see how amazing these kiddos are and I am so grateful to be able to share fun afternoons with them. Thanks to the Heartfelt parents for their support!! Thanks to @calendriaa @iggydoglover @jemanise for making work so fun. Thank you Lord, for everything!! And now, let the summer camps begin!!!!!!


Yes, we can!!! Sewing knit is not an easy thing for a beginner sewist, and this girl took the challenge and did a fantastic job!! I tell my students to not be afraid of hard things because we can totally do them with dedication, perseverance and self confidence! Hard doesn’t mean impossible-

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