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Thank you very much WG!
I asked for a simple chart with no characters because JJ gets distracted fast & it’s perfect!! Also very durable we have had this one for 5months now & nothing has peeled off.! Very satisfied and it really is doing its Job!
Thank you WG!! It’s perfect for my sister-in-law’s collection 🦌

Handmade custom crafts and supplemental learning aides. All custom orders require a 20% deposit to start.

PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to reach out to me with an idea, craft, or image, I will let you know if I can confidently accomplish it.

Operating as usual

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💐Mother’s day baskets!!
Limited availability

🌺Basket Includes:
Plastic Flower Tumbler (can add name)
Wine Glass (Wife,Mom,Boss)
Candle (Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed)
Eye Cream
Set of 2 Hand Cream
Dove Body Cream
Flower Loofa
Satin Sleep mask
Set of 5 pink face masks
Cactus Coin Purse


Linda Lee Garcia Ashley Ponce VillaSamantha Yahayra RamosDeedee YoungYamili ZapataCel RiveraMonica OlivarezAmber Marie Bryan

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Easter wreath raffle
🐰Hoppy Easter❕
I will only be doing one raffle for Easter so get your numbers!!
3$ a number OR 5$ for 2 numbers‼️


🙏🏼Thank you all!! ✝️

1. Linda Lee
2. Cel R
3. Ashley P
4. Deedee
5. Amber B
6. Cel R
7. Yamili Zapata
8. Spin Again
9. Spin Again
10. Linda Lee
11. Linda Lee
12. Spin Again
13. Deedee
14. Monica O
15. Spin Again
16. Spin Again
17. Spin Again
18. Samantha R
19. Amber B
20. Monica O
21. Ashley P
22. Samantha R
23. Ashley P
24. Deedee
25. Amber B
26. Yamili Zapata
27. Spin Again
28. Spin Again
29. Ashley P
30. Spin Again
31. Spin Again
32. Deedee
33. Linda Lee
34. Spin Again
35. Amber B
Ashley Ponce VillaCristina GuerraChristina RiveraDaleena C. BorregoSamantha Yahayra RamosMaria RivasFrancisca Alma FloresLinda Lee GarciaEvangelina TorresMarisela PerezLoraine YeseniaStaceyTina ProctorJekka JessicaDeedee YoungYamili ZapataAmanda Janelle MartinezSergio HernandezJuan VillarrealRicardo GomezYeya RodAngie TrevinoJustine AshleyCarla BiancaBalli YvetteHaydee PenaRoxanne L MartinezMelinda A PeñaFrances AguirreJacquelin Azalea Wheaton-GaytanJessica MataNashley NicoleCel RiveraMary OyervidesAna L. MezaKelly VargasCastellanos YvetteCassie LynnetteLV NotaryLeslie Villanueva

Video in comments😍

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Hello everyone!!
So sorry I have not posted in a minute...
I’d like to send my love to each of you for all the support with a mini giveaway.🙏🏼🥰

💚One Lucky Winner
Will receive this St. Patrick’s day breakfast set
❇️Cereal bowl and coffee mug
‼️RULES: like this post and invite as many friends as you’d wish to like/follow this page. Tag your friends in comment section so I know who you invited. 1 friend invite= 1 entry, so the more you invite the more entries 🤗.

Thanks so much for your love and support🥰😍
Drawing to be held on Tuesday evening!! So hurryyyy lol

1 set is also available for purchase 😉

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Limited supply left♥️‼️
Let me deliver yours now 🤗

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💋♥️ Valentine’s baskets available‼️
FREE local delivery


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‼️Shopping late??

I got you! Valentine’s baskets for your Valentine or Galentine💖


Linda Lee GarciaChristina RiveraDaleena C. BorregoAshley Ponce VillaSamantha Yahayra RamosFrancisca Alma FloresEvangelina TorresCristina GuerraJessica Mata@stefanieruiz

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1️⃣ # for 5$ donation
2️⃣ #’s for 8$ donation
3️⃣ #’s for 10$ donation
♥️Let’s close out this raffle and get these beautiful,
1 of a kind wreaths on YOUR door!

♥️FINAL Valentine’s Wreath Raffle‼️

🥇1st prize “love you to the moon and back”
🥈2nd prize “xoxo”

2nd and 14th draw wins♥️
Cashapp $WGVariety

1. Linda Garcia
2. Eva Torres
3. Jessica Mata
4. Francisca Alma Flores
5. Samantha Yahayra Ramos
6. Ashley Ponce
7. Daleena C. Borrego
8. Cristina Guerra
9. Christina Rivera
10. Samantha Ramos
11. Christina Rivera
12. Jessica Mata
13. Stephane Ruiz
14. Samantha Ramos
15. Linda Garcia
16. Eva Torres
17. Christina Rivera
18. Linda Garcia
19. Ashley Ponce Villa
20. Ashley Ponce
21. Daleena Borrego
22. Cristina Guerra
23. Daleena C. Borrego
24. Eva Torres
25. Cristina Guerra

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♥️FINAL Valentine’s Wreath Raffle‼️

5$ donation each number
🥇1st prize “love you to the moon and back”
🥈2nd prize “xoxo”

2nd and 14th draw wins♥️
Cashapp $WGVariety

1. Linda Garcia
2. Eva Torres
3. Jessica Mata
4. Francisca Alma Flores
5. Samantha Ramos
6. Ashley Ponce
7. Daleena C. Borrego
8. Cristina Guerra
9. Christina Rivera
10. Samantha Ramos
11. Christina Rivera
12. Jessica Mata
13. Stephanie Ruiz
14. Samantha Ramos
15. Linda Garcia
16. Eva Torres
17. Christina Rivera
18. Linda Garcia
19. Ashley Ponce
20. Ashley Ponce
21. Daleena Borrego
22. Cristina Guerra
23. Daleena Borrego
24. Eva Torres
25. Cristina Guerra
Video in comments💖

Christina RiveraCel RiveraNashley NicoleAshley Ponce VillaKelly VargasRoxanne L MartinezCristina GuerraLinda Lee GarciaMary Rivera AlcantaraMarisela PerezLoraine YeseniaJessica HernandezStaceyTina ProctorDeedee YoungYamili ZapataAmanda Janelle MartinezRicardo GomezYeya RodSamantha Yahayra RamosAnalia TorresAndrea Celeste SanchezBernadette GarzaCastellanos YvetteDesirae SantiagoErika GomezCassia IrlSergio HernandezVictoria IreneJuan VillarrealHaydee PenaJacquelin Azalea Wheaton-GaytanJanie HernandezJustine AshleyAna L. MezaAngie TrevinoMelinda A PeñaJessica Munoz

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‼️Valentine’s Wreath Raffle‼️
Very Romantic

4$ donation
Cash app $WGVariety

1.Cel Rivera💖
2.Christina Rivera💖
3.Roxanne Martinez💖
4.Mary Alcantara💖
5.Samantha Ramos💖
6.Linda Lee Garcia💖
7.Christina Rivera💖
8.Cel Rivera 💖
9. Kelly Vargas 💖
10.Ashley Ponce 💖
11.Christina Rivera💖
12.Cristina Guerra💖
13.Nashley Nicole 💖
14.Roxanne Martinez💖
15.Samantha Ramos💖
16.Linda Lee Garcia💖
17. Christina Rivera💖
18.Ashley Ponce💖
19.Christina Guerra💖
20.Mary Alcantara💖
Deedee YoungCel RiveraTanya LopezDesirae SantiagoChristina RiveraAshley Ponce VillaErika GomezRoxanne L MartinezMelinda A PeñaJessica HernandezAmber Marie BryanAmanda Janelle MartinezLeslie VillanuevaJc GonzalezCastellanos YvetteMonica OlivarezEvangelina TorresMary Rivera AlcantaraCassie LynnetteChriistiina ChapaEvelyn GarciaAndrea Celeste SanchezAnalia TorresAngie TrevinoYamili ZapataYeya RodLoraine YeseniaSamantha Yahayra RamosBalli YvetteYesenia Rivera GarzaVictoria IrenePriscilla DelarosaCrystal PeñaStaceyTina ProctorHaydee PenaMiriam C PeñaPatricia MossMarisela PerezAna L. MezaBernadette GarzaRicardo GomezJacquelin Azalea Wheaton-GaytanKelly VargasJessica Mata


Wishing you all blessings on blessings! 😍🥰😘

Photos from WG Variety's post 12/07/2020

That last LIVE was very choppy due to signal difficulties and I ended up with 2 videos 😬,but I will leave up so you can see the drawing was fair.
Basket 1 Desirae Santiago
Basket 2 Cel Rivera
Basket 3 Deedee Young

Thank you alllll so so much!! Your love and support are very much appreciated🥰

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❄️ Winter wreath
So elegant, available for purchase!

Photos from WG Variety's post 12/05/2020

Friendly reminder‼️
The GIVEAWAY drawing will be held at around 6 pm tomorrow💖
You have about 24hrs to make your FINAL ENTRIES
JUST TAG 5 friends in ORIGINAL POST’S comment section 🥰😍

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Thank you for your custom wreath order💖
Reeanna De Leon

Photos from WG Variety's post 11/30/2020

🎄Christmas wreath raffle‼️
Candy cane figure colors red, white and silver
ONLY 2$ donation per number
15 #’s
I will be rolling dice to see which spin wins😁
First come, first served... comment on this ORIGINAL POST PLEASE‼️
Cashapp $WGVariety
1. Chriistiina Chapa 💚
2.Christina Rivera💚
3. Jekka Jessica 💚
4.Evangelina Torres💚
5.Ashley Ponce Villa 💚
6.Mary Rivera Alcantara💚
7.Christina Rivera💚
8. Melinda A Peña 💚
9.Eva Torres💚
10.Mary Alcantara💚
11.Christina Rivera💚
12.Ashley Ponce 💚
13.Roxanne L Martinez 💚
14.Christina Chapa💚
15.Eva Torres💚


Today is Small Business Saturday!!
Thanks to any and everyone who has supported in any way from likes, shares, to purchases! Thank you!🥰😘


Today and Everyday
Give Thanks
Happy Thanksgiving All 🦃

Photos from WG Variety's post 11/23/2020

Christmas Wreath Set

*mini trees not included

Photos from WG Variety's post 11/22/2020

Tis the season of giving!!! So let’s have a GIVEAWAY‼️
I am beyond Thankful, Grateful and Blessed for each and every one of you💓
I can’t believe page likes have reached 3 digits already🥰
As a THANK YOU I’d like to host a giveaway with 3 different prize baskets🥇🥈🥉
Tag 5 friends in comment section that do not follow WGVariety yet...THAT’S ALL

Prizes include:
🥇1st prize
Holiday basket “Merry Christmas”
Set of 2 stemless wine glasses
“Jingle till you tingle”
“Warm your mistletoes”
Set of 2 scented candles (2.1 oz each)
“Warm your mistletoes”-scent Vanilla Brown Sugar
Christmas gnomes -scent Gingerbread Cookie
🥈 2nd Prize
Santa basket
Wine bottle holder w/ rose gold snowflake stopper
Coffee mug/candle “Wake up and smell the coffee” -scent Coffee
Wine glass/candle “Liquid therapy” -scent Prosecco
🥉 3rd Prize
Santa basket
Coffee mug “I’m the reason Santa has a naughty list”
Set of 2 scented candles (2.1 oz each)
“Get lit” -scent Snow Flurries
Pine trees -scent Balsam Fir
Set of 3 Bath bombs J-O-Y scent Berry Icicle

Each basket is also available for purchase‼️
*only one of each available

Photos from WG Variety's post 10/22/2020


CLOSED OUT‼️ Thank you all so much for the participation 💖 IT MEANS SO MUCH
@ around 7pm LIVE

Let’s have a raffle‼️ they seem fun 🤣
Prize: Witch hat wreath💜🧡💚
$3 a donation
15 numbers
Comment you number below
I’ll raffle live once all #’s are taken...
Thanks for your participation
No shipping available at the moment*
Cash app $WGVariety
Venmo WGVariety
1 Desi S
2 Crystal Ponce 💚
3 Eva 💚
4 Amber B 💚
5 Amber B 💚
6 Eva💚
7 Desirae Santiago 💚
8 Ashley 💚
9 Diana
10 Ashley 💚
11 Amanda Janelle Martinez
12 Eva💚
13 Mary A
14 Monica O 💚
15 Mary A

Photos from WG Variety's post 10/20/2020

Photos from WG Variety's post

Photos from WG Variety's post 10/19/2020

Thank you Deedee Young and Ashley Ponce Villa for the order! 💖☠️
Dia de los Muertos❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤


Witch hat wreath

Something cute for my witches! 🔮🧹
Witch hat wreath w/ halloween sign
Lights up 💡


Creepy Clown wreath

🤡Funny story about this clown....
He was returned for being TOO SCARY!!

Help him find his forever home!!


Jigsaw wreath

Custom order from my one and only 🥰.

Saw wreath! 🧩⛓💉🩸
“Live or die...the choice is yours.”


Jack and sally wreath

Simply meant to be🖤💜
Thank you Leslie Villanueva for the custom order!!
And for giving me creative freedom🥰😘


Clown wreath

Clownin’ around!! 🤡
Message for pricing‼️


Scream wreath😱

For my scream queens!! 🔪🩸


Sam’s spidey learning board🕷🕸

Go Sam, Go!! 🥰😍
And would you listen to that Teacher!! 💖
Thank you Tanya Lopez for the vid!🤗

Personalized boards 25$‼️
This smart momma pinned it to the wall📌
Finger pointer included👆🏼
Completely sealed for disinfecting purposes
(Yes!, the board can be sprayed/wiped clean) 😃


Halloween clown wreath

Now for the VARIETY!!

🃏 Remember when killer clowns were a national issue⁉️🤦🏼‍♀️ I miss the good ol’ days

Photos from WG Variety's post 09/09/2020

Fundamentals binder 📒🖍
Perfect for some hands on learning‼️

10 pages include:
5 pages of velcro matching
🔸Shapes & numbers 1-10
🔸Colors & direction
🔸Days of the week
🔸Months of the year
5 pages of tracing
🔸Uppercase letters
🔸Lowercase letters
🔸Numbers 1-10 & shapes
🔸Days of the week
🔸Months of the year

All 10 original pages
➕ 2 “about me” pages:
1 velcro matching
1 tracing
Included information:
🔺Phone number

Photos from WG Variety's post 09/02/2020

Thank you ♥️ for your order!! 🤗
Smart momma Mary Oyervides ordered the fundamentals binder so her littles can share‼️

📒Fundamentals binder 20$ includes:
5 velcro matching pages/pieces & 5 tracing pages
1 binder of your color choice
1 pencil bag, 1 marker, 1 mini eraser

‼️Ask for a custom binder‼️ 25$
Includes 2 additional “about me” pages
(1 velcro& 1 trace)
Name on front of binder


👀 Look how cute this 🧜🏼‍♀️ inspired board came out⁉️ I hope Ayvah enjoys it, as much as I did making it♥️

Order your custom Pre-school board now‼️
Only 25$😍
And receive a complimentary finger pointer☝🏼

(In pic) tiara and crown for size comparison...
📏Board is 36” wide x 24” tall


I loooove this season!🍏👻🦃🎁
May the rest of this 2020 be better for us all 🤍🙏🏼


Happy Hump Day! 🤣 🐪
I pronounce it Wed-nes-day !! Lol I’m a bad speller🤦🏼‍♀️

Photos from WG Variety's post 08/25/2020

📒 Pre-school Interactive lapbooks/ busy binders.
Suitable for ages 3+ (small pieces included do not leave children unattended)

Interactive velcro pages (6)
Interactive tracing page (1)
Includes: 1 binder, 1 marker& eraser, 1 pouch, interchangeable velcro pieces.

Pictured below Pre-school materials✏️


📝🖍 Interactive learning board!! Kinder to 1st grade. Suitable for ages 5-7yrs.
Sealed for durability and normal wear and tear.
Velcro pieces for active engagement.
Dry erase areas📝
Comes with pointer☝🏼, dry erase marker & eraser!
Perfect for table top, 36" x 24"

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in McAllen?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Witch hat wreath
Creepy Clown wreath
Jigsaw wreath
Jack and sally wreath
Clown wreath






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