Tru - Strength Performance Center

Tru - Strength Performance Center


Hey Parents,

Coach Andrew here
Andrew Mitchell — Asst. Wrestling Coach

(If you didn’t see it in your Remind app)

I am excited to announce that we have organized an 8 and 12 week ‘ALL-AMERICAN’
Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning Camp
for all of Jackson’s wrestlers.

During the next 8-12 weeks, we will be focused on maximizing your child’s athletic ability and skill level by implementing strategic movement based, functional athletic patterns that will challenge and improve their performance in the following bio-motor abilities:

Core Strength

Days and Times:
Wednesdays: 7-8pm, Saturdays: 10:00-11:00am Tru - Strength Performance Center

If you’re interested please comment here or message me privately. There is a cost for this, but I have made it affordable. And I am willing to work with you and the cost if money is an issue. Please register with me by this Friday!!! Thanks, and I look forward to working with everyone!
Hey everyone, on Sunday June 9th our gym will be hosting the 2019 Ohio Police and Fire Games Fitness Challenge. The competition will begin around 9am with people arriving for warm up around 8:30. We would love to have our members come to judge and cheer on the competitors. This event is not only open to Police Officers and Firefighters. There is a huge eligibility list.

Police Officers, Firefighters, U.S. Marshals, County Sheriffs and Deputies, Highway Patrol Officers, District Attorney’s Investigators, Drug Enforcement Agents, Alcoholic Beverage Investigators, Fish and Game Officers, Parole and Probation Officers, Corrections Officers, Customs and Immigration Services Agents, Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents, Secret Service Agents, Justice Department Agents, Parks and Wildlife Officers, Military Police, Military Fire Fighters, Prosecutors,
• SPOUSES of law enforcement officers and fire fighters, or any other qualifying agency listed.
• SUPPORT STAFF with any above listed agency; this includes clerical, administrative assistants, records clerks, chaplains, civil officers, dispatchers, etc., currently employed by a qualified agency.
• SWORN AUXILIARY OFFICERS, PART TIME OFFICERS and RESERVE OR SPECIAL DEPUTIES – must have documentation showing they have completed the 582 hours Basic Police Academy training required by the State of Ohio, and are currently sworn, in order to participate.
• VOLUNTEER and/or PART TIME FIRE FIGHTERS – must have documentation showing they have completed Basic Fire Fighter training required by the State of Ohio in order to participate.
• EMS – must be affiliated with a Fire Department (does not include private) in order to participate.
• MILITARY – Any active or retired military personnel, or any veteran with a DD214 (or equivalent) and an honorable discharge, is eligible to participate.

If you or someone you know falls in these categories get signed up for a fun day of competing. There is more information and the workouts are listed at
Crossfit Massillon aka the
Tru - Strength Performance Center
I see it opens at 9Am I will be back!
What is today's WOD? It's not on the site
I was wondering if you did parkour training
Question, I have looked up a ton of different protein pancakes, they are packed full of carbs but the pancakes are good for you? How? Are these the good carbs people talk about?
I have to give the up most respect for all who worked out tonight at Tru - Strength Performance Center yall killed it, GREAT job. Steve Harlan way to keep at it and myself well laid out on the mat while Steve and the ladies ROCKED. Impressive job.
Annika was so excited about getting to work out with her dad tonight! Great way to encourage healthy families, thank you!
Update....Ivan went to the MI State Open this weekend and won.....and he is loving it. Starting another trophy case at Notre Dame!
Hi Thom, can you suggest some meals/snack that you can suggest for me while I recuperate? Also, I am allowed to walk on a treadmill with no incline and a slow speed (I guess it beats nothing). I'm open for suggestions because I'm doing a lot of lying down because it' painful to sit.

For anyone who is out there and doubting themselves or procrastinating in any way about joining Tru- Strength, wipe away all your fears and do it! My brother made a believer out of me in just three months. I have seen so much progress and I am happy with the way things are working out for me. I cannot thank my brother and his friends and the other "family members" of Tru Strength enough for all their help and encouragement. I love this place... Please come join us!!!!!

Tru-Strength Performance is a Dedicated Community that is Committed to Excellence and Innovations in High Performance Conditioning, Strength Training and Nutrition.

The Home of CrossFit Massillon and Roehlig Wrestling.

Operating as usual


🇺🇸 Thank you 🇺🇸


Unlock your Athletic potential: STUDENT ATHLETES
- Strength to outlast
- Speed to out run
- Power to run through
* Get Faster
* Improve Reaction Time + Agility
* Get Stronger
* Improve Balance + Coordination
* Develop “Laser Like” Focus
* Gain Confidence
* Train To Perform Better


Want to do something fun!!!
Who doesn't like a little rowing and benching?

The next Rogue Challenge of 2022 is here: The Pump-N-Row Challenge.

The goal: 2000m row for time followed by max bench press repetitions. Each successful bench press repetition completed deducts 10 seconds off your 2000m row time. Lowest calculated time wins.

Registration for the challenge is open now!
1. Register at
2. Complete the challenge between May 20-23, in any location you wish
3. Submit your score and video of your performance using YouTube and the Btwb app

For official requirements and standards, please visit Be sure to use to share your experience!


Still struggling? Not seeing the results you expected?
If you're feeling frustrated with your progress, here's the good news. It likely comes down to the basics and basics are easy to fix.
Call / text (330) 737-1799. We would love to help!!!


It's not too late to get that "SUMMER BODY..."
Starting on April 30th, 2022, we'll be finalizing all registrations for our 5 Week "Summer Body" Spring Challenge...
Our Spring Challenge includes:
- 2 Weigh-ins
- 2 Body Fat Measurements
- Detailed instructions on how to lose body fat without starving yourself
- Detailed instructions on how to correctly use any food tracking app
- Grocery list of the BEST fat burning foods, snacks, etc.
- ALL THE TOOLS and PRIZES necessary for you to finally crack the code to a healthier, happier, fitter version of yourself in just 5 weeks.

... you won't have to give up your favorite foods either :)

- Saturday, April 30th (1st weigh-in + body fat measurement)

- Saturday, June 4th (2nd weigh - in + body fat measurement)

CALL (330) 737-1799 for registration details.


Shoutout to this Special Guy... Sabatino Pendolino!!!
He's doing something and it's working, DOWN 10 lbs. 🎉👇🎉


Shout out to everyone that completed our Nutrition Challenge....
TOP 5 Finishers:
- Ashleigh down 8 lbs
- Diedra down 7 lbs
- Joe down 12 lbs
- Ronald down 11 lbs
- Doug down 6 lbs

Open 02/24/2022


It's not too late to join the Largest Fitness Competition in the world...🌎
➡️ The CrossFit Open ⬅️

Open The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games season kicks off with the CrossFit Open, a three-week international competition where anyone — regardless of fitness level or ability — can compete in the biggest fitness competition in history. Join hundreds of thousands of participants for the Open on February 24...


Safety has historically been one of the biggest concerns with the use of Olympic weightlifting especially in the youth population. The stereotypical view is that these lifts – Snatch and Clean and Jerk – are difficult to perform and therefore, must be less safe. However, in contrast to this view, research has shown Olympic lifting to be extremely safe for all populations especially youth.

Injury rates associated with Olympic weightlifting have been extensively studied over the last decade. Research has shown the injury rates for weightlifting is noticeably safer than many other sports and activities. The overall injury rate per 100 hours of weightlifting was shown to be less than rugby and traditional resistance training with severe injuries being uncommon.

Beyond safety, weightlifting provides numerous benefits for youth including body composition, strength, and power. Researchers also strongly suggest individuals responsible for overseeing, teaching, and coaching the Olympic lifts are trained through an appropriate weightlifting-coaching program such as the Eleiko Weightlifting course.

And finally, researchers agree that childhood may be an ideal time to begin training the movements. With weightlifting movements being more complex in neural activation and motor skill, younger lifters may learn faster and adapt better to the complexities much like learning a language, sport, or any other new skill. The key is proper coaching and progression.


We're getting closer...


Learn the simplest way to lose bodyfat and YOU can shape your body however you see fit...
- Eat Better.
- Feel Better.
- Live Better.
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You can instantly feel better every day. You can instantly be happier every day. You can lose those last 10 lbs. You can be proud. You can be more confident. You can be stronger. Stop wasting time...
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Reason #10 to give a try in 2022:
🔥🔥🔥You Might Surprise Yourself 🔥🔥🔥
It is hard to know what you are truly capable of if you never try!


The Kettlebell Swing is a great full body exercise to build posterior chain strength, endurance and power!
This dynamic movement does, however, have numerous moving parts and performing the exercise incorrectly can lead to injury.
What are some of the most common mistakes?
⚠️ Too much motion in the knee. The swing is a hip hinge movement, not a squat.
⚠️ Lifting with your arms. Think of your arms merely as a guide. The weight should be moved by the hips more than anything else.
⚠️ Spinal Flexion and Extension. If swings cause back pain, you likely flex too far forward at the bottom and hyperextend at the top.
Keep a neutral / rigid spine while using your hips and legs to drive the weight forward.

Focus on form, using good mechanics and you can get in amazing shape training with kettlebells 🔥


“Exercise is King. Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” – Jack LaLanne
Join us for all your Training and Nutrition needs.
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This is a reminder that NOW is the perfect time to start working out and eating better if you want to have an awesome "Beach Body" in time for the summer of 2022 ... 🎯


Mental health is just as important as your physical health. Believe it or not, getting your exercise on with friends is an amazing way to clear your thoughts ❤💓🎯
‼️ Message or Comment Below for more details ‼️


You're never too old to set new goals... 💪
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TRU-STRENGTH PERFORMANCE | Sports Performance Training 12/13/2021

TRU-STRENGTH PERFORMANCE | Sports Performance Training

Better Skills. Better Athlete.
- Improve Your Speed
- Improve Your Strength
- Improve Your Confidence
... FAST ⏱



Join us on Saturday, November 27th for our Annual Thanksgiving "Carve Up Your Abs" Special....


Stop saying...
- I wish 👎
- I need 👎
- I can't 👎
Instead.... Start Doing 👊
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- Start with small steps 🤏
- Be proud of yourself EVERYDAY 🥰
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Now is the time.


‼ Don't let YOU, stop YOU ‼
Training. Nutrition. Support.
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Home of the Fittest In Stark County

Massillon’s Leading Experts in Fitness, Sports Training and Corporate Wellness.

The Tru-Strength Performance Center is the Home of:
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We provide a variety of training options for our Community ranging from 1:1 Personal Coaching, Group Coaching, Sports Training as well as our highly successful Corporate Wellness Programs.

It’s a privilege of ours to help others live a healthier, happier, fitter lifestyle.

Family Owned and Operated.
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