Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir

Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir


Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir, take note! Our singers are back from Choir Tour, and they're ready to "Sing Together, Always," on Tuesday at the Clayton Center for the Arts. Tickets are on sale now for the Homecoming performance, and we can't stress enough just what a balm for the soul those beautiful voices can be. Read on for more info:
It's been three years, thanks to COVID-19, since the Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir who live around the Southeast have had an opportunity to hear the ensemble perform in person.

That all changes next month, when one of the linchpin organizations of the Maryville College Division of Fine Arts embarks on its "Sing Together, Always" choir tour, which will include stops at Maryville First United Methodist Church; Northside Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga; Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rome, Georgia; Morningside Presbyterian Church in Atlanta; First Presbyterian Church - Gainesville, GA; and a March 29 Homecoming Concert at the Clayton Center for the Arts.

Get the details on the itinerary and the program here, and make plans to attend!
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Dr. Dwight Dockery ‘05 received his BM in Music Theory and Composition from Maryville College where he also met his wife, Shelley Maddox ‘05, who was a vocal performance major. After graduating, they both went on to East Carolina University to earn Master of Music degrees, and he continued his studies at the University of South Carolina, where he received the Doctor of Musical Arts. He sang in the Concert Choir under the current choral director, Professor Stacey Wilner, who—along with the late Dr. Larry Smithee—provided him with the opportunities to discover his love of conducting. He said that he is extremely thankful for these opportunities to conduct live ensembles, saying that they are “just not something undergraduate students at larger institutions get to do.” He was also thankful to Dr. Sheri Matascik who helped gain a deep understanding of how music works as well as a love for composition. Besides his musical mentor, he also credited Rev. Dr. Anne McKee as the reason for his return to the church and inspiration to be a leader within it: “Through her spiritual guidance, I saw how Christianity can be a practice of acceptance and love, not just of condemnation and division.” Dockery is currently serving as the Director of Music at 1st United Methodist Church in Maryville. As the Director of Music, he gets to conduct, compose, engage in great texts, and make music with his wife. When speaking about the responsibilities of his position he said, ““As a vocal musician, I get to engage with great texts and great music, but in the church, we combine those two with a spiritual/theological relevance that heightens the art form even more. I take this responsibility very seriously, and I enjoy it immensely.” He is excited to be back home in his hometown of Maryville surrounded by his friends, family, and the beautiful mountains. Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir Maryville College Concert Choir Alumni Maryville College Career Center
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Looking forward to the performance at the TMEA conference!

This is a page for Alumni, Friends, and Family
of the Maryville College Concert Choir~

Operating as usual

Photos from Maryville College's post 07/21/2023
Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 06/14/2023

Even though we couldn’t take photos or videos inside of the chapel, we wanted to make sure we shared the images we could from this special excursion to Rosslyn Chapel. Our conducting students all had the opportunity to conduct a piece during a short concert and then we explored. This thinly veiled space was palpable in spirituality, creating a reflective moment for our students.

The quiet of the crypts under the chapel, the peace of lighting a candle in prayer, the awe in the architectural beauty, the sacredness of its history seen inside and along the grounds… it was an impactful experience. We are grateful to have been able to add this excursion to our trip 💛


Performances in St. Giles Cathedral ✨

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 06/08/2023

This concert… THIS CONCERT!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Performing at St. Giles Cathedral was the apex of our tour. The architecture, the history, the people… being in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland and able to create music in this enriching space brought us to an emotional pit stop along our journey. It hit us here that we did it. We finally got to Scotland (after our postponement back in 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak)! 🥹

It was everything we could’ve imagined this moment to be and more. Thank you to all the donors, staff, faculty, alumni, friends, family, and students who made this dream trip a reality. We are forever grateful to have had this experience and will carry it with us for a lifetime. 💛

Recordings from this concert can be found in a following post— click the link in the comments to view them now! 📽️


Clips from our workshop with Paul Phoenix - Purple Vocals! 💜

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 06/03/2023

Our session with Paul Phoenix - Purple Vocals at St. Andrews was filled with beautiful moments in preparation for our concert at St. Giles Cathedral. Thank you for sharing your gift of song with us, Paul!! 💜

You can view clips from this workshop has been posted— click the link in the comments to view! 📽️

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 05/30/2023

This was a concert that will resonate with all in attendance for years! The combination of these two ensembles— the dynamic contrasts of styles and repertoire… the delight on students’ faces as they experienced the transcendent momentsbetween these varied choral ensembles… then combining at the end to close the concert with our traditional Lutkin Benediction was beautiful ✨

We were guests at a combined dinner for these ensembles after the concert. It was a culturally expressive time of connection and fellowship. Thank you,St Salvator's Chapel Choir, St Andrews, for hosting us and for sharing your music and renown Music Centre with us! 💛

You can hear the full concert by viewing the livestream linked in the comments below 🔊

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 05/27/2023

The University of St. Andrews is a beauty to behold— the architecture, the landmarks, the cobblestone streets, the people and their shared appreciation for the arts and heritage… it was a wonderful day touring these historically-rich grounds.

*In our next post, you will hear the choir sing our traditional Lutkin Benediction inside St. Salvator Chapel! Find that post linked below in the comments 👇🏻

*Don’t worry— this is the first of many St. Andrews posts to come. We can’t wait for you to hear highlights from our joint concert with the St Salvator's Chapel Choir, St Andrews and from our workshop with the Paul Phoenix - Purple Vocals, both held in a stunning performance space of the Laidlaw Music Centre!


Clips from our Ness Bank service and fellowship 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛪️🎶

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 05/26/2023

The Sunday morning of our Scotland tour was spent with congregants of Ness Bank Church of Scotland. The service was centered around words of community, love, and prayers for a more just world. Add to their message the music of our ensembles and you have a beautiful memory to hold from that day. And the tea and treats during the fellowship afterward— divine! Thank you, Ness Bank, for your hospitality and community!

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 05/24/2023

Inverness was a special place, indeed— Highland Cows, Boating on Loch Ness to Urquhart Castle, the Breeze, the Flowers, the History… it was one of the (many) high points for our historical and cultural experiences in Scotland… towards the end, you’ll see some of our chaperones even spotted Nessie… though the direction she went is still being debated between the three of them 🤭


We still love you altos 💙

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 05/17/2023

An wonderful concert at St. Giles and afternoon in Edinburgh. Ended the day with a view of the Kelpies (horse sculpture) on our way back to Stirling. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 05/16/2023

Some pictures from our adventures in St. Andrews with the joint concert and dinner with the St. Salvator Chapel Choir, and workshop with Paul Phoenix. ❤️


Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir will perform the second of two informal concerts by American college choirs with contributions from St Salvator's Chapel Choir.
The concert includes repertoire by Byrd, Finzi, MacMillan, Tallis and more.
Free admission.

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 05/15/2023

Today’s musical adventure was a lovely introspective worship service with the congregation at Ness Bank Church in Inverness. The service was followed with tea, coffee and some of the most delicious sweets I have ever eaten. ❤️ Kevin Wilner had many of his own fans. ❤️

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 05/14/2023

Our journey to Inverness, with a little stop for lunch to look for Nessie!

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 05/12/2023

Here are some photos from our time in Stirling, including a green ghost on the wall of the Church of the Holy Rude. 👻

the Campbell's are Coming Stirling 23 05/12/2023

Our first tour performance took place in the chapel of Stirling Castle. “The Campbells Are Coming” is associated with the historic Argyll and Sutherland regiment of this area.

the Campbell's are Coming Stirling 23


We made it to Scotland! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 05/06/2023

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2023– We love our choir seniors!! 🎉👩‍🎓👨‍🎓🍾


Tomorrow is the big day!! Graduation is in roughly 13 hours…how wild. And with that, here is the last senior spotlight of 2023.

Hi, everyone! My name is Paula Morris.I am a soprano from Farragut, Tennessee. have been in the concert choir for four years, and the small ensembles for three. I have also been given the privilege of being a choir historian, and social media coordinator.

After graduation I plan on getting my masters degree at the University of South Carolina in Opera Theater. I am so so excited to learn more about the art I have fallen so deeply in love with and hopefully even have a career in it.

I have learned a lot while at Maryville, and have been presented with opportunities I feel I would not have otherwise had. I will forever cherish and be grateful for all of my friends, professors, and chosen family who made this possible.

Thanks so much, everyone! I love you guys and I look forward to seeing how all of my underclassmen will RISE in their glory!!

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Thanks everyone. 🧡❤️


Graduation is only four days away! We can’t believe how fast it is heading our way. Today our senior spotlight goes to Gabriel Bailey, a truly cherished member of our choir family. Gabe is an extremely talented bass baritone from Maryville, Tennessee.

Gabe has been apart of all of our choirs for the past four years, and this year was the other recipient of the Barraclough Choir Award. This award is chosen by the members of the choir, so we are glad to have awarded it to such a kind and hardworking young man.

As his term of presidency comes to an end, Gabe has many plans for the future. After graduating with his Bachelors in Music Education, he plans on auditioning at UTK and shooting for the full tuition choral conducting scholarship. He will also be teaching in the meantime for experience! Wow! Best of luck to you in your future, we all know you will be such a fantastic leader for your students. We love you, Gabe! Go Scots! ❤️🧡


Happy Administrative Professional Day to our Fine Arts Office Manager Deborah Boling and our Choir Assistant Hannah Strong! We love these two wild and crazy chicks. ❤️ Thanks for all you do to keep us running so smoothly! 💐


Today was our last day of classes. Good luck on finals everyone! And with that, here is our next senior spotlight.

Connor Cowart is a Tenor from Bearden, Tennessee. He has been singing with us for the past four years, and has been a wonderful contribution to our choir. This gentle soul has been a section leader for four years, and choir vice president for two. He was also a recipient of the Heart of the Choir Award, which was well deserved for his hard work and kindness to his peers.

“I plan to go to graduate school right after and open a voice studio! I plan in the future to get a job in the field, either in the school system or church!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Thank you so much for everything you have done, Connor! You have been a dear friend to us all and we are all excited to see where you will go and who you will teach. We love you! Good luck student teaching next semester!! ❤️🧡

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 04/26/2023

Congratulations to Dr. Dwight Dockery, Dr.Jennifer Anderson, pianist and Dr. Ace Edewards for their work with the Community Chorus and Orchestra at tonight’s concert!


After a very busy weekend at Broadway Social and the Rossini Festival, it is time for another senior shout out!

This is Elizabeth Brenneise, a soprano from Blount County.

Elizabeth’s plans after graduation are: Opening my voice studio, and hoping to get a position teaching. Graduate school will in the future after some time getting experience!

Elizabeth has also spent four years in Off Kilter and Lassies, and three years in Leadership. Wow!

She was also a recipient of the Barraclough Choir Award this year, after being chosen by members of the choir.

Good luck student teaching next semester!

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 04/24/2023

We had a busy weekend filled to the brim with music and memories!! From Broadway Social Friday afternoon to Rossini Festival yesterday, our small ensembles represented our campus so well. Congratulations on wrapping up our performance season with with such stride and MC Pride. Go, Singing Scots!! 🧡🎶♥️

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 04/21/2023

Congratulations to MC theatre director Andy Vaught for a wonderful production of the Revolt of the Beavers. Proud of all the Concert Choir members that worked behind the scenes and were cast in the show. Connor Goins, Colin Hood, Elaina Wilson, Jackie Manning, Ian Bailey and Sasha Hoenie! Congratulations to all! 👍❤️

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 04/20/2023

Our conducting students programmed a wonderful concert yesterday! Congratulations to all who participated in the recital choir and a thank you to all who continue to show support for our music education students as they hit these milestones in their academic careers 👏🏻


Next up on our senior spotlight….

Meredith Webb!!!

Meredith is a senior alto from Bristol, TN. After graduation, they plan on moving back home and taking a break. They may even have an art internship lined up!

Meredith has been a valued member of our choir for four years now, and was able to serve their last year here as the choir historian. We are so so grateful for your voice, and shining face in our class. We all love you so much, Mere! Go paint your heart out. 🎨🖌️

Photos from Friends of Maryville College Concert Choir's post 04/19/2023

We are excited for you to hear these ensembles and see our conducting students work their methods. See you tomorrow at 12:00pm for a 12:10pm concert start time in the Harold & Jean Lambert Recital Hall at the Clayton Center for the Arts! 🎼


!!Senior Spotlight!!

Graduation is only two weeks away! Can you believe it? We will be using this time to bring light to our senior choir members whom we love so deeply.

First is Baylee Suit!

Baylee is a music major from Sevierville, and will be getting her B.A. in December. Her plan after school is to take a bit of a break after her studies. She then plans on going to graduate school to get a degree in pedagogy.

Baylee was also a recipient of the “Heart of the Choir Award”, which is absolutely deserved to be earned by this passionate student. We love you so much, Baylee! We cannot wait to see what happens next with you.

MC Choirs ♥️🧡

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Scotland Companion Tour Informational Session!
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Happy Birthday, Dr. Coker!!
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Kicked off the Spring semester with a classic!! 💃🏼✨🕺#dancefriday #moveandgroove #traditions #singingscots #tgif
Off Kilter kicking off the Holiday Season…
Dance Friday, Halloween Style! 🎃👻
Happy Halloween! 👻😬
MC Concert Choir singing the Lutkin Benediction.
The Maryville College Concert Choir performing, "Carol of the Bells"
Maryville College Concert Choir performing, "In the Bleak Mid-Winter"




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