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Video Branding.... Some points to consider as you start.

1. Just get started. The first step is the hardest. Once you post your first video, it gets easier, then easier then...
2. Short and sweet. Attention spans are short. Don't lose your audience with endless banter
3. Have a point and make it.
4. Be consistent but not too much. 2-3 times a week is plenty.
5. Ask for help if you need it.


Video Branding Simplified

A few easy steps to follow as you grow your video branding campaign


Life is filled with realities that you just can't ignore.

* Help as many people as you can get what they want and you will end up with everything that you want.

* A team or a partnership is far more powerful than a "go it alone" mentality

* Momentum, confidence and success are the fruits of action.


Everyone you know... knows everyone you need to know

Your network is powerful if you take the time to cultivage meaningful relationships. Success is not something you chase, but something you attract. In both cases, exposure is key. Quality branding, meaninful content, valuable insight and constant action. Just Do It!!!


Tip of the day!

Am I the only person a bit embarrassed by what I sold in my first sale??

PERFECT Imperfection!


About 4 years ago I cut this cartoon from the local newspaper. I still find it pretty funny. Who has a great cartoon to share....

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The right mindset can achieve anything!

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Video Branding Simplified
Everyone you know... knows everyone you need to know





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