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The Hill is for Jr. and Sr. High School students where young people can come together and build relationships with others and most importantly, with God!

Join us Sunday mornings starting at 10 am.

Operating as usual


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WHO: YOU! If you breath air there is a spot for you to participate in!

WHEN: The district level is March 8-10


Now for the...
There are so many reasons WHY but one of our favorites at AREAONE is not JUST the fact that you have the opportunity to develop & discover your God ordained talents but ALSO, building LIFE LONG friendships, cultivating a sense of family with our crazy crew!!

WHAT IS Fine Arts? Fine Arts is a discipleship tool of AG Youth Ministries designed to help students discover, develop and deploy their ministry gifts.
Beginning of each year, over 65,000 junior and senior high school students begin preparing their entries for the district and National Fine Arts Festivals. Students may enter as many as 75 categories offered in 9 main divisions: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Enterprise, Exhibition, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing.
For more information about getting involved,
contact your campus pastor Clint Wellin
Or contact Lead youth pastors Aaron & Kinu Anderson
[email protected] [email protected]


Areaone Youth Church- Cape Campus

In Case you haven't heard...This month at AO is Leader Appreciation Month! Come early this Sunday & fill out a card for your favorite leaders!
WE LOVE OUR LEADS around here---We honor and value the time they put in each week (with families & full time jobs) to love on YOU crazies!!
So, show some extra love this month-because at AREAONE we know, we cant do it alone & man, we are just so much better together!
#weonechurch #areaone #sharethelove #bettertogether


you know, the time of year where we ALL meet around our flags poles @7.30a to pray for our PEOPLE, our school, our FACULTY, our cities, our state & our COUNTRY---!!!
πŸ™„πŸ™„I know, I's sooo early, and maybe you'll be the first one there feeling "all awkward" 😏or maybe it just seems lameπŸ’© but if YOU SAY YOUR A CHRISTIAN & you DONT just wear the t-shirt---YOU believe the Bible --- YOU KNOW, the one book
that tells us that things break loose, MOUNTAINS MOVE & people are healed & set FREE when we pray with not only 3 or more but when we pray UNIFIED (no matter what youth group you go to-it's KINGDOM)
SO LETS DO THIS-Let's smash these rumors that our gen is entitled, lazy and careless that we are actually THE opposite! We are a generation of fo-real Jesus chasers, UNIFIED, battle ready willing to STAND FOR SOMETHING bigger with EXPECTATION of something higher than even we can imagine!
So, yeah, I'll See YOU AT THE POLE!! #syatp18 #areaone #weonechurch #unified #battleready #globalprayerweek


Areaone-Marble Hill Campus


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Cape First Church

We are so sad to announce that our Kid's Life Easter Eggstravaganza is canceled for this Saturday. Please help us spread the news!

#kidslife #egghunt #canceled


Areaone Youth Church- Cape Campus

Some of you may or may not know that A R E A O N E is on the GO already having a full summer planned.
First, we are headed to The Atlanta Dream Center on the 1st week of June for a Missions trip.
Second, we will be taking the journey to Houston, Texas for National Fine Arts (25 students advanced) at the beginning of Aug!! AND some, are praying to attend BOTH!!!

That said, we are in fundraising mode!!
One of the BEST things about our A R E A O N E students is that they know WORK and do it well!!
So, as you prepare for Spring to arrive and new seasons to approach and maybe you have those projects you have been eagerly waiting to get done...we are your SQUAD.
We run in groups-- both small & large.

If you're interested PM us or email [email protected].
And hey, do me a favor and PASS THIS ON!!!


Areaone Youth Church- Cape Campus

AreaONE Sunday is officially cancelled tonight due to the reports of freezing rain! Your safety means everything to us! So do just that-stay safe...why not, stay in, grab that teddy, put on Disney (anything) and get ready to rock the 2018 Fast5 tomorrow! Stayed tuned for important announcements!! See you Wed night!! #areaone #areaonelife #areaONEsunday #weonechurch #areaoneworship


Our WORD for 2018. C U L T I V A T E. With intention #areaone #areaonelife #areaONEsunday will be CULTIVATING through the POWER of The Holy Spirit: miracles, healing, adventure, salvations, creativity, FUN, new levels, fulfilled dreams, new family, new songs, more shouts and even more breakthrough!! Get excited for all things possible in 2018!!! What's your WORD for 2018!?! Share it with us-we would love to stand with you!! #weonechurch #capefirstchurch #cultivate #preparetheway #gobigger #2018aintreadyforus


Areaone Youth Church- Cape Campus

areaONESUNDAY seriously has the best leaders around!! You know the kind, the ones that serve week after week having many other life obligations (jobs family etc.) but still take a moment to love BIG on a generation without hesitation.
Thank you, I pray you know who you are & just how important & valued you are!!


Areaone-Marble Hill Campus


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REMINDER PARENTS & STUDENTS...#areaONEsunday is switchin' & pitchin' from a different location. Same vibes, same crazie just going to our favorite Southies house! LOCATION: 1000 Ranney in Cape!! House of HOPE✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿✌🏻✌️✌🏼See you thurrr! #oneheartonechurchoneking #familia #ourpeoples #areaone #weonechurch #bringyouplus2 #bringyouplusyourcrew


Areaone Youth Church- Cape Campus

#areaone REMINDER!! Bring those jars THIS weekend!! Together, let's continue to watch our faith come alive through HIS faithfulness!! #areaone #weonechurch #ourpeoples #alltheneighbors


#thisisus #areaonesunday Find YOUR face! If we don't have one, let's get one!!

Block out your schedule for our This is US series | ONE Heart. ONE Church. ONE KING. #areaonesunday #weonechurch #family #ourpeoples


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Areaone-Marble Hill Campus



Thank the Lord for people like Sadie Robertson β€” I dare you to watch this and not feel something. #LiveOriginal #CollegeKids #Plankton


This weekend @ #areaone we will be hosting an all church dunkin! |DELUGE SUNDAY| As we prepare for a next level flood of Spirit & power in our new season at areaONE we are calling an all (yes all! Leaders too) church baptism as a prophetic act proclaiming together as generation, a youth church, a family that we are ready to rid our lives of what (junk) was before and ready for heaven to invade earth! πŸ‘‰πŸΌDM us for more information as you will need parents permission & details of what to expect! #weonechurch #delugesunday #kindombuilders #heartfortheharvest #loveradical #changealifechangetheworld


#areaONE HS Seniors we celebrate YOU this month! Your future is no easy task-yet here you are. So keep your eyes fixed knowing the God of peace goes before you. He had you then & He has you now! Congratulations!! to all who have already taken the victory walk & to those who are yet to receive their next season of life! Well done! #areaONElife #welovethisgeneration #areaone #weonechurch


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#areaonegirls ITS PAR-TEA TIME!!! Join us for the event everyone is talking about! Friday, March 24th sit with some of your favorite #areaone gal leaders and a squad of friends in our own areaONE VIP section reserved just for YOU ---come eat & laugh the night away & you know we never leave an event with out getting out soul fed too!! Grab a ticket from Your youth pastor, call the church office 573-334-4421 (referring to areaONE VIP section)email [email protected] or you can just message us on here to lock on your spots!! Bring a friend & get YOU & HER a VERY special gift (at the purchase of your tickets) We hope to see you ALL THERE!!🌷 #weonechurch #areaone #bringyouplus2 #parteatime


dreamin & schemin' with Jesus (& an incredibly hard working team) has produced such an anticipation for this new thang! Looking for a bible college..? Check us! Now accepting applications fall 2017!! #cfsm #weonechurch #Hesdoinanewthang #revealrebuild #newharvest

Exciting news for this upcoming school year! New name, new look and new vision! More details to come!


THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!! Bring you & your crew to JERSEY SUNDAY! ANY JERSEY | ANY TEAM |ANY SPORT Alsoooooooooo-----Free food | Fun Prizes | Super Bowl!! #areaone #weonechurch #jerseysundaymagic


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Areaone-Marble Hill Campus 11/29/2016

Instagram photo by Cape First Youth Church β€’ Nov 29, 2016 at 1:57am UTC See this Instagram photo by @weonechurch β€’ 4 likes


Areaone-Marble Hill Campus


Happy Thanksgiving from #areaone we are thankful for you! Remember to gobble til' you wobble!! #weonechurch #thankfulforyou


Happy Saturday! Just wanting to share some youth schedule changes for this week and upcoming with you all! Tomorrow evening, we will run the van to AreaONE for service in Cape. Let us know if you can make it! Then Sunday evening, November 20, we will have a youth bonfire in Marble Hill at the church, 6:00 to 8:00. Invite your friends this week and on the 20th! You don't want to miss either event!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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Austin got the gift card.
Youth tree decorating party!  Never boring!
More youth tree decorating!
Pastor Mark and Lucas Teal arm wrestling.
Arm wrestling.





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