Manitowoc Lincoln High School Kindness Campaign

It is easy to hate, but takes strength to be gentle and kind. Some motivated LHS students have come together to spread kindness! With the hectic pace of our day to day life, we often miss chances to be kind to others.

Kindness week is a chance for students, staff, and community members to take a few extra seconds to make someone else smile -- to put someone else before themselves -- to show the world that one kind word can make someone's entire day. We should be kind always, as people are often fighting their own battles that we know nothing about. But this week especially, we make an effort to refresh our spirit and spread kindness!

Operating as usual


Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day"

This video never gets old! Want to feel inspired? Watch this video :)

Watch as the camera tracks an act of kindness as its passed from one individual to the next and manages to boomerang back to the person who set it into motio...


[05/19/17]   Today is Lincoln Kindess CAN-Paign! Bring a can of food to school to donate to someone in need.


Need some service hours?!? Here's a fun way at to get some! Runners are the kindest people :)

Calling all volunteers!

We want YOU to join us for the 2017 Bellin Run! Volunteering is a blast, and you’ll get a special volunteers-only T-shirt as our thank-you for participating. There are plenty of positions from which to choose, so sign up today! Volunteer registration is quick and easy at


Did you all see the new flower for thankful you can comment??!! Give it a shot and see all the flowers!!


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


U.S. Cellular's The Future of Good: Lia Haile

Check out what one person can do! Age is no obstacle when it comes to helping others :)

We met Lia Haile last year. We checked in this year to see how she continues to do good in the community. What she told us will inspire you. U.S. Cellular re...


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An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness

What makes you happy? Have you ever wondered why? Join us as we take an experimental approach on what makes people happier. Behind the Scenes of the episode!... 11/19/2016

Teen Son Is Rejected Before Homecoming Dance. But When A Stranger Shows Up, Mom Loses It

Here is a feel good story! Try not to be happy after seeing this!!!! Daniel, 17, had always dreamt of going to his homecoming dance at school. Sadly, he was turned down by all the girls he asked. You see, Daniel has Down syndrome and has felt the effects of being stigmatized by his peers. That’s when a 10th grader named Kylie stepped up and asked Daniel to the... 11/14/2016

Random Acts of Kindness

This may have been yesterday, but please share kindness today! Even one act of kindness can bring immense light to this world. Challenge yourself to do one act of kindness to a stranger today! Kindness ideas, inspirational stories, quotes, FREE K-12 lesson plans and more.


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Mental Floss

In a time where there's so much hate, we need to be reminded of kindness. This video was shared by a friend who has amazing perspective on kindness.

After weeks of heartbreaking headlines, we wanted to remember how good people can be to one another.


WLHS Final Episode 2016

Congratulations seniors!!!

The final episode of WLHS for the year of 2016. Thank you, Mara and Jovannie for being our anchors this year, I am grateful for our time together as partners...


Timeline Photos 05/14/2016

Appleton woman brings inspiration to neighborhood

Here's a small act of kindness that reaches many in Appleton! Brenda Arts relies on quotes and a blackboard to touch the hearts of passersby.


Timeline Photos 05/09/2016

WATCH: Touching Video Shows Ripple Effect Of Acts Of Kindness

Here's an awesome video showing the ripple effect of kindness. Kindness has no season-- it is just a way of life! Whether it's holding an elevator open for someone or picking up litter on the street, even the smallest gesture can make a difference. In this four-m...


Sophomore testing today and the sun is shining! Beautiful day!


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Even though the sun is hiding for now, students here at LIncoln are wearing their happy color today! Kindness week was a new event around here, so who knows how awesome it can be next year. Kindness is a way of life, not just a week long event. Please like this page if you like to a little ray of sunshine every day!!!!


Today at Lincoln we will be handing out the thank you notes students wrote! If you don't feel like you have been the recipient of an act of kindness, do one for others. The ripple effect is amazing!!!!


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[04/27/16]   What a beautiful day with all the sunshine! There are lots of things going on at LHS today!!

1. Today for kindness week, students and staff can donate nickels for animals in the office. Today is also the last day to write a thank you note of appreciation for someone who has shown you kindness!!!

2. Today we show our appreciation for our amazing administrative assistants who do so many things for everyone in this school. We wouldn't be able to function with out Cindi, Nicky, Mary Jo, Paige, Barb and Teri!!!!

3. Today is also Denim day, where we wear denim to bring awareness to sexual assault.

[04/26/16]   The sun may not be shining right now, but it is still Kindness Week here at Lincoln! Take a moment to write Thank you notes during your lunch period and spread the kindness!!!! Also- donate a children's book in the box outside the office!!!


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The True Story of Kid President

Who is Kid President you ask? Check out this video-

Meet the creative duo behind 'Kid President'! What started as simple fun has turned into something much more. featuring music from our awesome friends: Star ...


We had a fun time giving out smiles on a stick this morning-- so maybe we could see some selfies! Visit the kindness table in the cafe during both lunches to create a thank you note for someone at this school who has shown you kindness in the past! We will deliver those notes for you-- so feel free to make them anonymously or sign your name. Let's spread the kindness!!!!

[04/22/16]   Kindness Week starts Monday! Create your own Smile on a stick, take a selfie and post it here!! During lunch you can also create a thank you note of appreciation for someone in the school who maybe doesn't hear that from you very often. A little bit of kindness goes a long way! #lhskindness




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