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BattleBorn Boxing


Another great workout this am. Pain is gain. Upped my game this week. Go Me :)
Do you like caramel dipped apples? What about chocolate dipped apples?

This year for Christmas I'll be doing something different for families in need.
To raise money for families in need to provide Christmas dinner & 2-3 gifts for each child, my children and I have chosen to make caramel & chocolate dipped apples.
( I'm starting now since alot of people like them at Halloween time )

We will be making

* caramel - large $5 or small $3
* butterfinger bits- large $6.50 or small $4.50
* oreo bits- large $6.50 or small $4.50
* White Chocolate- large $6 or small $4
* Dark Chocolate- large $6 or small $4
* Mixed nuts- large $6.50 or small $4.50

Please help me to help families in need, I dont want to ask those to donate this year so instead my children and I will make these in Hopes to help atleast 5 families with Christmas dinner and a couple gifts for the kids in their family.

I will begin making and delivering next week, they will be made the day before you choose for delivery to ensure freshness.

I accept payment via venmo, zelle and cash.

Please feel free to text me at 832-855-2452 or you can send me a PM on fb.

Thank you, have a wonderful day

Private Training for 1 on 1's, Pairs, or Small Groups Veteran Owned and Operated since 2009.

Operating as usual


.usa and so it begins!


The more ungrateful the kid the harder the world will beat their ass to the ground! Garcia is 1 trick pony. If he chooses not to evolve he will never be amongst the greats of this industry!

Floyd Mayweather is taking Canelo's side in beef with Ryan Garcia 🥊🥊 Motospot bw


If Delusional was a person!

Dillian Whyte speaking to Sky Sports: “I’m not one of those guys that wanna go out on a loss. I fought the best in the world and wasn’t out-classed or out-boxed.”


Mayweather’s toughest opponent! What do you think?


Happy Thanksgiving Combatants we are thankful to have served y’all for over 12!


Victory Loves Preparation

!!!Holiday Specials In Full Effect Until Jan 1st 2022!!!
“No one is guaranteed a new year for a new you! Take control of your life now and let us help you acquire a strength beyond comprehension.”

1. Buy 2 Months of Classes Get 1 Month Free
2. Buy 2 Months of 1 on 1s @ Our Holiday Rate of $30 Per Session get 2 sessions Free
3. Buy 12 Months of any package get 2 Months Free.

*No sign up Fee
*No monthly memberships for Private Clients
*If you see the special through till the end we will honor this special when you’re due again.


Canelo Alvarez calls his loss to Floyd Mayweather as an apprenticeship

Photos from BattleBorn Boxing's post 10/30/2021

Photos from BattleBorn Boxing's post

Photos from BattleBorn Boxing's post 10/30/2021

Photos from BattleBorn Boxing's post


The clients these days are quiet confusing…. Is he slippin a jab or sleepin a jab? I’ll let you decide!


Golden Boy Fight Night




Golden Boy Fight Night

What do y'all think?


Strength that lasts a few sets ain't strength!

Prove me wrong!


Falling star rock chip repair

Falling Star rock Chip repair will be located on site Saturdays from 9-12 by appointment only. They have 25 years of operational experience! So feel free to come on out to 32103 Tamina RD 77354 and there IS a waiting room so come on in for a Complimentary Beer and a repair!

Book your [email protected] via Text. Most repairs will be complete in under 25 minutes!

Been doing business all around the Houston and Conroe area for 20+ years. With this summer heat don’t wait to get your rock chip or crack fixed in your windshield, give us a call or schedule an appointment. 06/01/2020


Enlight of recent events, lack of government support, and the guideline implimented to operate a gym we are now closed to the general public!!! We are a private training facility catering only to 1 on 1s, Couples or Pairs, and US Military Veterans!

As of June 1st we are completely booked from Noon-Close.

If you would like to inquire about a training time. Text the time slot you want and your name to 9366481279 and we will let you know if the slot is open or if there is a waiting list.

I'd say thank you for your understanding but it turns out our certs for caring is expired. We have been operating for over a decade and it's gonna take alittle more then a trash government and man made human error to shut the BattleFit HQ down! Adapting and overcoming is life! If you can't adapt then you're dead! This is our adaption!

For pricing and what is still offered check out I understand that this is not conducive to those who had memberships and I encourage you to check out Schlittles Boxing they are much better at catering to bigger crowds and individuals aspiring for competition.

*All former clients still wanting in just message us and we will find a slot for you if available.

*Effective immediately we can take on no new clients after 12pm Monday-Friday unless you are a former client
** On a side note(Former Client)we will not honour your membership if we continue to not hear from you.

*For inquires about training slots just text the number above and an instructor will respond immediately weither it's vacant or not. Home


Temporary Hours 5am to 11am and 430pm to 730pm Monday-Friday. This is subject to change if the County implements more restrictions.


St. Patties Day Special buy 3 months get 1 Free! End April 17th 2020


Another Week in Paradise is almost up! Make sure you get in and get ya train on!


You can have excuses and you can have results. But you can't have both!

Evolve or Die.


BattleFit Boxing's cover photo


3 slots for ages 10-13 @5:30pm Mon-Thurs! Schedule a free trial Now!


Ole man maybe broken but not dead...luckily old photo and way further along in recovery!


Back to business as usual! Come get a sweat!


Gym is temporarily closed for repairs, we apologize for the inconvenience and will keep everyone posted. Again apologies and thank you for your patience.


Houston Golden Gloves

2020 Houston Golden Gloves. Banner made by Amber Sports


Combat Boxing Solutions has led us through a decade of Authentic Boxing and Combat Strength and Conditioning in Magnolia TX and its neighboring communities. It is now time to grow or go! What this means for you? Nothing... You will still be lead by some of the communities greatest Combat Vets that to this day have impacted thousands of lives since launching in July 2009. Change is good... And at the end of the day it's a name and if that effects you on an emotional level then we are still the same instructors that dont care about your tender feelings!

Combat Boxing Solutions 2009-2019 it was Blessing watching you grow!

BattleFit Boxing 2019-TBD... Let's change the world!


BattleFit Boxing


We're coming Texas City!!!


BT Sport

And the moral of the story is?

Woooooow! 😳

Sam Maxwell was losing and being taunted by his opponent all fight and then did this with 10 seconds to go!

Incredible knockout 👊


~0500-1200 hours Monday-Friday St Patty's day special~ Contact Former US Army Retired NCO Mark Cummings or text direct 2818836470 for more details on how you can re-engage those new year resolutions. Mark has spent the greater part of the last decade leading, inspiring, guiding, and commanding some of the best combat ready soldiers in direct combat! Now he is here to combat the tangents that refuse to allow you to achieve your goals! Since joining the Team he has maintained a 100% success rate in weight loss and strength gain!!! So you can wait till next year and undoubtably fail again... or you can walk through these doors and create a ripple in your life that cant be stopped! CBS has been here for a decade owned and operated by US Veterans and the longest last Combat Sports Facility in Montgomery County! See yall soon! This special ends April 1st!

Boxing-KickBoxing-Muay Thai-Combat Logical Strength and Conditioning-CQC-Nutrition


“There is no such thing as a natural puncher. There is a natural aptitude for punching and that is different. Nobody is born the best. You have to practice and train to become the best.”
— Cus D'Amato


BattleFit Boxing's cover photo


Congrats to the team this week that left it all in the ring at GG19!


CBS will be offering ALL federal workers a 90 days free membership in addition to a $30 dollar visa gift card to the 1st 12 Federal Workers workers that make contact. We will not donate to “non-profits” So if you are a federal worker not getting paid and need assistance send proof of Federal ID and a brief summary of you current situation. CBS will do its best to assist while the government pretends to work! You are absolutely not forgotten!

[email protected]
Text 9366481279

*This offer expires the day after the shutdown ends.

*All individual in the program will be locked in for 90 days from their start date.

*If you lack integrity and take advantage of this opportunity and we WILL find out and you WILL be subject an appropriate response.

CBS Ownership


GG19 we bout ready!

Our Legacy

BattleFit Boxing was Founded in 2009 by Former US Army Combat Veterans, All Army Boxers, Level 3 Combatives Instructors, and Master Fitness Instructors. The Owners and Operators have close to 2 decades of hand to hand combat and fitness experience. The only difference between us and other Striking and CQC gyms is our program has been combat tested in a modern war and has met above satisfactory standards with deploying combat solders, private security contracts, and S.W.A.T.

We have 3 levels to our program all supplemented with Combat Logical Strength and Conditioning. Level 1 Boxing Level 2 Muay Thai and level 3 Ground Fighting.

We are not a competitive gym though we have an invitation only fight team. Our primary focus is giving people a level of strength and conditioning that have never known along with a skill set that can give them the ability to defend what they love in life.

So wither your in it for the weight loss or just next level strength and conditioning we have a program for you and we absolutely look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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Victory Loves Preparation
3 slots for ages 10-13 @5:30pm Mon-Thurs! Schedule a free trial Now!
Ole man maybe broken but not dead...luckily old photo and way further along in recovery!
GG19 we bout ready!
Never to young to learn!
"If it's snowin we throwin"  Creating results in the elements since 2009!!!  So imagine the masterpieces we forge inside...





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Monday 5am - 7:30pm
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Friday 5am - 12am
Saturday 9am - 12am

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