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Ethos School of Music offers a full range of private, classroom, and ensemble music classes. Through our proven programs, we develop independent, life-long musicians.

Music school that offers piano, cello, violin, organ and vocal lessons to dedicated students who want to learn from great music teachers.

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At Ethos, we often teach that growth in music is about learning from every mistake, because in practice, they are unavoidable.

At Ethos, we often teach that growth in music is about learning from every mistake, because in practice, they are unavoidable.

Photos from Ethos School of Music's post 04/11/2021

Today, our founder and director, Khoren Ouzounian, was awarded 2020's Top Music Teacher by Steinway. Congratulations!!

Sounds Influence the Developing Brain Earlier Than Previously Thought - Neuroscience News 02/14/2021

Sounds Influence the Developing Brain Earlier Than Previously Thought - Neuroscience News

Music and it's effects on the brain have been the most important area of neuroscience over the last two decades, and we still have so much to learn.

Sounds Influence the Developing Brain Earlier Than Previously Thought - Neuroscience News Mouse study reveals sound appears to alter connectivity in auditory processing areas earlier in development than previously thought; even before the ear canal opens.


[12/21/20]   If you are trying to familiarize yourself with Beethoven's music this year during his 250th birthday celebration, here is a great place to start! 12/16/2020

10 of Beethoven’s most stirring quotes about music

Just two days till the Ethos Chamber Players present BEETHOVEN! at Glade Art Gallery in The Woodlands. For information and tickets, visit our webpage and look under our events tab. In the meantime, enjoy these quotes from the titan of music. It seems Beethoven was forever reeling off wise, philosophical quotes about music. As the world marks 250 years of the German revolutionary, here are some of his most memorable lines.


Ethos School of Music

Come celebrate Beethoven's 250th Birthday with Ethos Chamber Players at the Glade Art Gallery in The Woodlands. 12/05/2020

Ethos School of Music Student Christmas Recital 1 [LIVE]

Join us for our first student recital for the Fall Quarter 2020. Tonight, Friday, December 4 at 7:00 PM.


Our winner for the 2020 Musical Jack-o-lantern contest! David Jenson wins:

Eyebrows: Quarter Rests
Eyes: Half and Whole Rests
Nose: Eighth Rest
Ears: F-Clefs
Mouth: Eighth, Quarter, and Whole Notes 11/08/2020

Pianist dad documents daughter’s musical journey from baby to five years old

This is the joy of music. This is what it's all about. Five years of piano playing, from one music-loving dad to his baby girl...

[10/23/20]   BEETHOVEN!
Presented by Ethos Chamber Players
November 7 @ 3:00PM 10/16/2020

Acton Interview: Khoren Ouzounian and Emma Adams

Recently, one of our students at Ethos asked to interview our Founder, Khoren Ouzounian, for a school project. She asked some very interesting questions about excellence and mastery. Emma is a student at Acton Academy The Woodlands.


From Minuets to Pirates | Landon Jenson - YouTube

From last year's student recital series, we present Landon Jenson playing music from the Baroque to the present. Congratulations on a fabulous performance! From Minuets to Pirates 0:00 Introduction 0:10 Minuet Suite from: Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach 1. BWV Anh 115 in G Major (Christian Petzold) ...


Hilary Hahn plays Bach Violin Concerto No.2 in E Major BWV 1042- Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen

Because the world needs beauty and light at this time.

Johann Sebastian Bach Concerto for Violin No.2 in E Major (BWV 1042) Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen Conductor: Omer Meir Wellber 00:00 Allegro 08:05 Adag... 08/31/2020

ETHOS SCHOOL OF MUSIC | Imagine ⚬ Invent ⚬ Inspire

Hello Ethos Fans and Friends! We are about to launch our new website and we're giving you a preview! Let us know your thoughts! Imagine Invent Inspire EthosImagine ⚬ Invent ⚬ Inspire WELCOME TO ETHOS Ethos is more than a music school. It is a philosophy of living–of experiencing life at its fullest and reaping the rewards of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. At Ethos, our philosophy and mission are simple and stra...

[08/13/20]   On a lighter vein: Are you having trouble encouraging your children to practice? This may help. Tie it to food delivery...


Debussy | Clair De Lune | Performed by Khoren Ouzounian

Our founder recently lost a dear friend and made this to honor him. Enjoy.

Clair De Lune (Claude Debussy) Performed by Khoren Ouzounian at the Ethos School of Music Ethos.School


At Ethos every year we do an illuminated manuscript project. It teaches the students theory, history, notation, art, sight singing, and a multitude of musical disciplines.

Here is a before completion picture of one of our student manuscripts. We'll post the finished product at the end of the month.


Four Pieces of Contrast | Emma Peducini

In this installment of our summer exam series, Emma performs four contrasting pieces. Enjoy her beautiful sense of color and expression.

Four Pieces of Contrast The Avalanche, Op. 45 No. 2 (Stephen Heller) Solitude (Joyce Grill) Dragon Fly (William Gillock) Reflections (Dennis Alexander) Perfo... 07/03/2020

Montgomery County parents weigh educational options for school year

PLAN A, B, & C all in ONE!

With the recent announcement that public schools are unsure about how they will be conducting school in the Fall, and with many warning that lockdowns may happen again, parents are unsure about continuity in their children's educations.

Don't let their uncertainty run your life.

Here at ETHOS, we have a solution. Because of our partnership with online accredited schools we can offer you the best of both worlds.

1) A proven and fully accredited online K-12 school.

2) Daily class times with trained teachers and mentors.

3) Extra curricular classes in the arts, including orchestra, choir, and athletics.

4) À la carte options for homeschoolers.

5) Flexibility to "miss" school without missing classes due to illness or travel.

To learn more, contact Ethos today!

[email protected] If Montgomery County schools do not change their anticipated start dates for next school year students could be back in the classroom in just six weeks. While no one knows what the next school year will look like yet, parents are considering what options they have for their students.


Maxine The Turtle's Wild Ride | Kayson Stanworth

Another installment in our summer exam series. Here is the first of Kayson's three sets, "Maxine the Turtle's Wild Ride." In this set, Kayson tells the story of the courier turtle, Maxine, who falls asleep on the Ethos deck swing after delivering a piano. When he awakes, the school students have left him a refreshing meal of oranges and lemons.

At Ethos we explore music and expand the imagination! Congratulations Kayson! What a great job!

Maxine The Turtle's Wild Ride The Tired Turtle Express (Christine Donkin) The Swing (Chee-Hwa Tan) Oranges and Lemons (English Folk Song - Arr. by Boris Berl...


Wild Mignonette (Gurlitt) and Atacama Desert (Rossi) performed by Bree.

Enjoy the first in our summer exam series! Here is Bree Johnson performing her third set from Exams 2020. We are so proud of her accomplishments this year! Keep watching as we highlight the accomplishments of our students. Congratulations Bree on a spectacular performance.

Ethos offers professional recording services. Contact us for details.

The third set of Bree Johnson's 2020 Exam. Professionally recorded at The Ethos School of Music.


Alessandro Scarlatti - O cessate di piagarmi

Azayra also had to prepare a vocal jury for her last semester at Baylor. Recorded at Ethos with her father, Khoren Ouzounian, accompanying.


Greig - Violin Sonata No. 3

Yesterday Khoren Ouzounian and his daughter needed to record the Grieg violin sonata #3 for her last jury at Baylor. They did it in one take, and while not perfect, it was passionate. They'll be performing this work for the school as soon as restrictions are lifted.


Why Can’t We Be Freinds

From one of the great students at Ethos School of Music. Here, we teach them to Imagine, Invent, and Inspire!

This was my first song that I have ever wrote and been wanting to do this for a while. Like and subscribe for future releases.


In 1897 -Yale University School of Music, New Haven CT, becomes an All-Steinway School.

[03/16/20]   Why let COVID-19 disrupt your entire life and especially your child's education?

Here at Ethos we are constantly looking for ways to improve education for our children and our communities. Recently, we began exploring online education for our students K-12 which would give them the flexibility of classroom instruction when convenient, but online accessibility for when life demands attention to other things.

We have found that solution! For additional information contact us at [email protected] and watch for further releases as we launch our new classroom optional learning initiative.

[03/13/20]   Hello Everyone!

We hope that this finds you well and enjoying your Spring Break. As you are all probably aware, our world is facing a threat from the COVID-19 coronavirus and we wanted to address our plans to deal with this issue here at Ethos. First of all, we want to be sensitive the health and needs of our students, teachers, and their families. Consequently, at Ethos, we are taking a multi-pronged approach to this issue.

1) We will continue school as planned for the Academy starting next week. We will also continue private lessons for the Conservatory on the following basis.

a) We are encouraging any student or teacher who is feeling ill for any reason, has had contact with a person who is ill, or who is displaying any symptoms of cold or flu to cancel/reschedule their lessons. During this time, we will be flexible, and we will not enforce our regular attendance policy that requires a doctor's note for sick cancellations. We will offer make-ups for all lessons missed due to health issues.

b) If you typically have lessons in one of the small studios upstairs (A-C), you may request to receive your lesson in a larger area where you can keep greater distances of personal space. We will make the main stage and classroom A available for private instruction if you feel that studios A-C are too restricted in space.

c) All students and teachers must wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds immediately before and immediately after each lesson.
All teachers will wipe down door handles, keyboards, and chairs with a disinfectant wipe between every lesson. Teachers should also use an air disinfectant before and after every lesson. Wipes and air disinfectant will be provided in every teaching space.

2) All group classes and recitals for the Conservatory will be postponed in the month of March. Once local authorities have a better handle on the virus and the outbreak, we will reschedule these events.

While we know that this coronavirus poses a small risk to our students and community, we want to be sensitive to the health and wellness of our students, families, and staff. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information contained in this email, please reach out to Khoren Ouzounian at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you in the coming week and filling this world with wonderful music!

The Ethos Team


Tom Lehrer said “Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.”

And our Cason plays it well. 02/25/2020

Student Callie Video One | ETHOS SCHOOL OF MUSIC

Our Student Callie did an amazing performance. We look forward to working with all our students to find their voice among the notes. Student Callie Video One Gabriel Grimes February 24, 2020 Video Leave a Comment Our Students Are a Joy to Hear Don’t forget to request information on our early enrollment and save a seat for your student. We would love to have you. InstructionTrainingX

[02/21/20]   Among his friends, Beethoven was a notorious space-cadet. Once, while speaking to family friend Cacilie, she noticed him zoning out. When she demanded a reply to what she’d said, his answer was, “I was just occupied with such a lovely, deep thought, I couldn’t bear to be disturbed.”

[02/20/20]   Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. He was a crucial figure in the transition between the classical and romantic eras in classical music and is considered to be one of the greatest composers of all time. 02/17/2020

High School Students Do Better In Science, Math And English If They Also Take Music Lessons

Students actually do better in STEM studies when they add music to their lessons. A new study shows that students who take music lessons in high school perform better in science, math and English. 02/12/2020

Cello: History, Fun Facts, and Benefits of Learning — Winchester Stage Music Center

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Cello? Here is an interesting blog I'm sure you'll enjoy reading. The cello has been delighting music lovers for hundreds of years now, thanks to its lively and vibrant sounds and warm tones that match the human voice pitch.


Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven

Love me some Ludwig.

Ethos School of Music

Ethos School of Music is a private education institution committed to developing great minds and great musicians.

Ethos is not just about teaching music. While we do offer group classes in a variety of music disciplines, our partnership with Laurel Springs online academy provides every child with the opportunity to join a world class accredited school while enhancing their music education through our programs. Additionally, our large ensemble classes for choir and orchestra will enhance any homeschool or even public school experience.

The after-school Conservatory Program offers private lessons on a variety of instruments and in a variety of fields, including piano, organ, voice, violin, viola, cello, composition, conducting, and more. To enroll, simply contact us at [email protected] for registration materials or to answer any questions that you may have.

Ethos School is dedicated to their students and strives to provide a developmentally rich experience.

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Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven
Landon and the piano




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