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IN FORCE911, a mobile panic button and two-way communication platform used for when seconds matter most.

#protectwhatmatters We have made it our mission to save lives through the deployment of our best-in-class school safety technology in public & private schools all throughout the nation!

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After Uvalde shooting, Texas State asks Legislature to fund school safety, police training 01/11/2023

After Uvalde shooting, Texas State asks Legislature to fund school safety, police training

Do you think each state prioritizes school safety funding or is it only after tragedy strikes? School districts must remain pro-active in their approach to school safety instead of reactive.

Does your child's school prioritize school safety?

After Uvalde shooting, Texas State asks Legislature to fund school safety, police training The university asked lawmakers for $79 million for a forensic science academy, statewide active shooter and school safety training and other efforts.

Home - IN FORCE911 01/09/2023

Home - IN FORCE911

Did you know 2022 was a record year for targeted acts of school violence? According to "The Conversation" there were 257 shooting incidents in which a gun was fired or brandished in a school.

More unsettling, between the years 2018-2022 there were 57 school shooting deaths than the previous 18 years combined.

These tragic events aren't going away, they're increasing each year! Visit to learn more about the mobile panic button!

Home - IN FORCE911 IN FORCE911 enables direct communication with police officers, dispatchers, sheriffs, and other first responders in real-time by removing technological and human barriers from the process of reporting an emergency.


From all of us at In Force Technology, we wish you a happy, healthy and safe New Year!

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And You Think Halloween is Scary…?

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IN FORCE911 Monthly Newsletter October Edition

Local schools and police departments working to decrease delay times in case of mass shootings 05/25/2022

Local schools and police departments working to decrease delay times in case of mass shootings

It’s unimaginable that we have to live in a world where school massacres are an every day reality and threat. It’s heartbreaking we have to prepare for unspeakable acts of violence.

As we have seen too many times, school shootings are on the rise. During this heart wrenching time as we mourn the tragic loss of life, we remember it’s important to be prepared for the worst by implementing the best layers of safety at our schools. This preparedness protects our community, our teachers and staff and our children who are the future.

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, TX.

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Amesbury Public Schools to Add Enhanced Layer of School Safety


Today we remember and honor the lives lost on April 20th 1999

The Columbine school shooting massacre must never be forgotten. We need to continue to learn and grow so these incidents become preventable, and better understood. Hopefully one day we can say school shootings are at an all time low. For now they are and continue to be at an all time high.

Let’s do all we can to prevent these terrible tragedies.


We have to remember that guns are used as protection. Guns don’t fire on their own. They are activated by human minds that make choices, and human hands that pull the trigger.

Someone who uses a gun for harm and ill intent has the mindset to commit this act no matter the tool.

Gun safety and mental health care have become increasingly important. Authority figures need to stay active and vigilant at screening warning signs.

We must help the current and future generations put a stop to school violence.


Students are afraid to attend school with the recent uptick in school violence. This generation is experiencing a school violence epidemic. Let’s help protect school communities by adding IN FORCE 911 to your school’s safety protocol.

Cass County implements real-time emergency response system in local schools 03/23/2022

Cass County implements real-time emergency response system in local schools

IN FORCE 911 is excited to announce its technology has launched in Cass County.

Cass County implements real-time emergency response system in local schools The technology is essentially a real-time text chain between the school districts and local law enforcement in case of threats and other emergencies.

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Cass County Sheriff Leads County Wide School Safety Initiative

6 Teenagers Are Charged With Murder After Iowa School Shooting 03/08/2022

6 Teenagers Are Charged With Murder After Iowa School Shooting

In Force911 sends the Des Moines community our prayers and condolences. We are saddened to hear of this terrible and heartbreaking tragedy.

If there was a chance this could have been prevented, that law enforcement could have been quickly informed of the situation, wouldn’t you want that chance for your community?

Please take a look at In Force 911’s preventative safety APP.

6 Teenagers Are Charged With Murder After Iowa School Shooting A 15-year-old was killed and two other teenagers were injured in the shooting outside East High School in Des Moines, the authorities said.

'Tsunami' of woes: U.S. school shootings spike amid pandemic stress 02/23/2022

'Tsunami' of woes: U.S. school shootings spike amid pandemic stress

September 2021 - February 2022 in this time
period there have been 141 school shootings.

Let those facts sink in. Let your heart weep about the hurt, anxiety and pain that kids, parents, teens and teachers are faced with daily. These communities are being torn apart by tragedy. We can blame the pandemic, mental health, non nurturing environments. The fact is, outside circumstances are always going to exist and we need to find ways to confront and control them.

IN FORCE 911 offers a way to do just that. IN FORCE 911 is able to prioritize lives with its real time mobile panic button. This mobile alert system signals law enforcement instantly sending the exact location of the shooter and blue prints of the buildings lay out. This helps quickly stop an active shooter in their tracks by law enforcement arriving quicker and the ability to know where a safe location is in the school.

Below is a quote from a Reuters article by Brad Brooks. If you would like to read the full article. The link is included at the end of the post.

“We know that a lot of things that prevented violence, like after-school programs and sports, are still not up and functioning in many places," she said.

"The pandemic," Peterson added, "has shown us that schools are so much more than schools. They really hold our society together and hold our kids together in many ways, from mental health to physical health to food security. And we lost that."- Jillian Peterson (Criminology professor at Hamline University)


'Tsunami' of woes: U.S. school shootings spike amid pandemic stress Signs are emerging that the challenges of the pandemic are worsening gun violence in American schools. Researchers studying the phenomenon worry it will only grow.


IN FORCE 911 wants to wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Safe Valentine’s Day!


Have a wonderful weekend! Always stay safe and help keep others safe.


IN FORCE 911 enhances school’s safety and continually keeps schools safe with real time access and real time responses.

“Following the return of most U.S. schoolchildren to full-time, in-person learning, a raft of anecdotal reports indicate that violence may be rising in K-12 schools.”-Stephen Sawchuk
Statistics provided by Education Week, Article by Stephen Sawchuk

Photos from IN FORCE 911's post 02/07/2022

Photos from IN FORCE 911's post

Contact - IN FORCE911 02/03/2022

Contact - IN FORCE911

Reach out to us with any questions you may have about what IN FORCE911 provides! If you’re interested a live demonstration of how it all works click the link below!


Contact - IN FORCE911 IN FORCE911 enables direct communication with police officers, dispatchers, sheriffs, and other first responders in real-time by removing technological and human barriers from the process of reporting an emergency.


IN FORCE 911 provides schools, students and faculty a mobile panic button. This safety app arms faculty with a safety tool that quickly alerts and guides law enforcement to the active threat in real time. If you take a moment to read below how awful violence and heinous shootings contribute to everyday mental health, you will see anyone, even on a secondary level of just attending a normal day of school can experience anxiety and fear about potential school violence. IN FORCE 911 provides a safety measure that creates a safe school with a plan of action.

“Mass shootings are a first-line traumatic event that can potentially trigger post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in people who are directly exposed, as life and limb are under direct and violent threat. Children, in particular, are even more vulnerable; multiple studies have shown that childhood trauma has more lifelong and pervasive effects on young developing psyches, both in terms of their psychological worldview, and their physiological systems that handle stress and anxiety.

On a secondary level, the threat of mass shootings throughout schools is also damaging to mental health; safety and security are always paramount to a child’s healthy psychological development, and this constant anxiety and sense of danger will disrupt that sense of security, and put all children at risk of developing anxiety and mood disorders.”-
Jean Kim MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University, Medical Officer at the FDA


🍕🍕🍕Fridays are the best day of the week! Kids get pizza or calzone for lunch, have an extra recess, and talk with friends about weekend plans.

But what if you’re scared at school and don’t feel safe? You can’t enjoy pizza Friday or playing on the playground.

There isn’t a perfect solution to stop school shootings or the emotional discord that goes along with threats and violence. What can be done is having a plan, being prepared and making sure schools have a IN FORCE 911’s mobile panic button. Kids will feel safe knowing they have a plan in place.

IN FORCE 911 has created an advanced technological APP that adds a very important layer of safety and security. A preventative measure creating a short cut for those reporting the threats and those responding. What it comes down to is reducing time and saving lives.

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Monday mornings can make us cranky! What if today you made a choice to help in the journey to stop school violence?

Wouldn’t every Monday look a lot brighter! Let’s take necessary measures to keep schools, students, and faculty safe in their home of learning and teaching. All schools deserve the benefits of IN FORCE 911’s safety app, providing unmatched technology and preparedness.

A shield of protection with the press of a button.


IN FORCE 911’s mobile panic button allows schools and faculty the ability to plan, prepare, secure and prevent school violence. Check out all the features this safety app can bring to your school.


So many physical and emotional attacks and incidents wreak havoc each school year. Are you protecting what matters? Is your school ensuring the safety of its faculty and students? IN FORCE911 is a mobile panic button and two way communication platform that cuts down response time and saves lives.


Happy Tuesday everyone! 👏

IN FORCE911 adds a layer of continuity and safety all across schools and classrooms.

Extra protection everyday for faculty and students. Does your school have IN FORCE911’s safety app?


This statistic was pre-pandemic. We as a nation, as community members need to make school safety a top priority. Violence is happening, more lives are being threatened and lost with each passing year. We can do better and make a difference in our schools. IN FORCE911 has is a tool that allows safety to reign throughout public and private institutions. It’s January, let’s make this the safest year yet by asking if your community schools are prepared for the worst by utilizing IN FORCE911’s safety app.


Just over 30 percent of teachers said they “often” or “sometimes” fear for their own physical safety while at school. They are most concerned about gun violence or school shootings. (There have been 14 school shootings with injuries or deaths this year, according to Education Week‘s tracking.) 2018

Teachers shouldn’t be fearful to go to work everyday. They should be able to lead and supervise in a safe school setting. While in school teachers are our children’s protector’s. They are there to guide and comfort their students. How are teachers able to protect and teach when they themselves are fearful?

IN FORCE911 is a safety solution. It gives teachers and faculty instant access to law enforcement during an active shooter situation. The software allows teachers to be prepared, they have the ability to send their exact location and the precise location of the threat, cutting down time drastically, ultimately protecting and saving lives.


Now that the New Year is here. Let’s make this the safest school year possible. Safety is achievable if we are prepared. Being prepared means having IN FORCE911 at the fingertips of your children’s teachers and staff. To learn more about our mobile panic button and all of its extended safety features, take a look at our website.


We are heading into the New Year. It’s time for new beginnings, better days and safer ways. A plan of action to keep schools safe. IN FORCE911 delivers a new way to feel safe at school with a mobile panic button that alerts law enforcement instantly during an active shooter situation. It gives school leaders control. It allows them to send their exact location and the threat location, saving time, saving lives. Find out if your school has this IN FORCE 911 safety measure in place.


It’s the magical time of year to be thankful for our friends and family. To share special moments and make lasting memories. Let’s take a moment to be thankful for those who keep our family, friends, communities and schools safe. It’s truly a nationwide effort.

At IN FORCE911 we are thankful for those who are able to spend the holiday’s together safely. To those we have lost due to senseless acts of school violence, they are forever in our hearts and they are the reason for our mission to keep our schools safe!


Keeping schools safe is a mantra that we as a nation prioritize. Schools house our children, our teachers, our future.

Inside those walls, we as a community teach respect, discipline, knowledge, kindness, health and so much more. It’s where we all begin our journey of growth.

Everyone who attends school, works at school or sends their children to school deserves to feel safe. If we feel safe, we relax and in turn are able to enjoy a full learning experience.

Communities across the nation have witnessed acts violence and the uncertainty that these tragedies have caused. We as a nation are in support of having a plan of action, of taking safety measures to keep our schools and the prescious people inside safe.

IN Force911 is a mobile panic button that reduces law enforcement response time to an active threat, saving lives when seconds matter most.

School districts increase security after alleged TikTok videos but officials say the threats aren't credible 12/17/2021

School districts increase security after alleged TikTok videos but officials say the threats aren't credible

All across the nation we are experiencing school closings, heightened security and increased police presences. At IN FORCE911 we are thankful preventative measures are taking place to protect students and staff.

School districts increase security after alleged TikTok videos but officials say the threats aren't credible The videos are said to warn of school shootings and bomb threats. Officials say they're not credible but are erring on the side of caution.

Across the U.S., School Shooting Threats on TikTok Prompt Closures and More Police 12/17/2021

Across the U.S., School Shooting Threats on TikTok Prompt Closures and More Police

It shouldn't take an act of courage to send our kids to school, but this is today's unfortaunte reality.

What has your school adopted for school safety technology and preventative measures?


Across the U.S., School Shooting Threats on TikTok Prompt Closures and More Police A wave of school shooting threats in the U.S. circulating on TikTok and other social media is raising concern among school staff and authorities.

Photos from IN FORCE 911's post 11/16/2021

For Immediate Release!!


Teachers, Principals, School Admins,
We've got your back. You shouldn't have to worry about your safety when you're already taking on the task of changing the world by shaping young minds. You shouldn't have to worry about an intruder bringing chaos to your school when you're already the only peace and calm in many of your students' lives.

🚨 But in the event that those worries become reality, we've got your back. IN FORCE911 is your direct connection to local law enforcement, including off-duty officers, on-duty officers, all first-responders, and dispatch. No waiting on hold, no delays. Just immediate action.

Check out the 🔗link🔗 in our bio for more info on how we can help protect you with the most security and reliability available.


An estimated 4.6 million American children live in a home where at least one gun is kept loaded and unlocked. Should one of those ever make it into your school, we're here to connect you to first responders IMMEDIATELY to protect you.

⏰ Time=Lives🧑‍🏫 and we help save both.

IN FORCE911 is a mobile panic button that instantly connects educators to nearby first responders in the event of a crisis to save lives and reduce loss.

🔗 Book a free demo to learn more at the link in our bio.

💌 Share with your favorite principal, superintendent, and teachers.

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Safety on a school campus is a non-negotiable priority.
IN FORCE911 is an app and computer software that enables educators experiencing a life-threatening situation to silently...
Studies indicate that traditional attempts for law enforcement to inform school administration of a potential threat don...
Teachers,Imagine going to school every day with the security of direct, instant access to law enforcement at the click o...
Life-threatening situations have proven that they’re not ever static, but rather, they evolve and move quickly.⚡️As a re...
Did you know IN FORCE911 doesn't just connect you to police and first responders? 🚔🚑🚒  Our software has an internal comm...
IN FORCE911 is the emergency preparedness app your campus needs.
IN FORCE911 is THE safety solution for schools and law enforcement.
🚨How does IN FORCE911 work?🚨IN FORCE911 uses the highest levels of encryption and security, to alert designated law enfo...
An active shooter situation is one that no one wants to picture themselves in. It’s a nightmare that every educator, par...
Investment opportunity for those who care! Start Engine & IN FORCE911




Mobile panic button and software application used to send an alert notification from a location under threat directly to law enforcement. The application is device agnostic, meaning it can be sent from a mobile phone, tablet, computer, Chromebook or PC. It will also work on both Android and Mac devices!

CJIS-5 compliance enables the alert to go simultaneously to all law enforcement devices as well (mobile phones, in-vehicle computers and directly to dispatch consoles). The alert is received, and a window opens to enable a two way communication platform, where real time updates and details of the threat can be shared.

Our application is also FIPS 140-2 compliant for encryption and security; residing and is hosted in the Government section of the Microsoft Azure cloud.

As officers approach the building, they will have access to customized digital floor plans, schematics and photos of the location, reducing their response time to end the threat. Once the threat is eliminated, the IN FORCE911 application enables first responders to provide and triage medical aid in a systematic and efficient manner. Reunification and accounting for students and staff can also be completed during this phase in a controlled effective way.



230 Broadway, Suite 201
Lynnfield, MA

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