Breakthru Fitness by Eliza

Breakthru Fitness by Eliza


What makes a strong community? Connecting with and caring for one another in these times. Highlands is not just a beautiful place to's a place many love to call home. Check out some of our pictures from our community event last Saturday. Thank you to the vendors who worked so hard and to the Peabody Fire and Peabody Police Department for being a part of it!
*We tried to take a picture of every vendor but we did miss a few! Big shout out to the Torigian Family YMCA for always participating and being so kind to our residents!

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Monday Motivation ⁣
with TSR Member, Eliza Nelson of Breakthru Fitness by Eliza

"Remember when you were a kid and you took your brand new sled to go down the hill in the fresh snow?⁣

There was a couple of tracks that were already packed down ( those would be the obvious choice to go down—you would move quickly, you would know where you would end up, and it would require no work).⁣

But there is always that other part of the slope that is just as possible, just as available— that is the path that might take some extra work initially to pack down, it will be slower going, it won’t be as busy, but it is a road that YOU can choose at any time.⁣

And soon enough, the more you practice, the more you show up on that new path, the more you commit to choosing this new road, the more smoother it will feel as you sail along.⁣

I would ask yourself this: “where am I choosing to just go in autopilot?”Just because we are used to choosing a certain path or pattern of behavior doesn’t mean it’s your only choice.⁣

Let me say that again: You ALWAYS have the CHOICE!⁣

At ANY time you can move yourself to a new part of the slope, a path not packed down yet. It will take intention, patience and practice, but with support and a little time it IS possible. You got this!"

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Living a healthier, fit lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated, but you do need a PLAN. My passion

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 07/22/2021

Timeline photos

➡️I haven’t always felt strong.
➡️I haven’t always felt like I knew what I was doing in the gym. (I was that girl who did the same exercises every time Bc those were what I knew or didn’t feel too self conscious doing in front or other people)
➡️I haven’t always trusted that lifting weights is really going to give better (lasting and sustainable) results than endless hours of cardio. I loved me some elliptical 😅🚴🏻‍♀️

But that’s not what I choose to focus on. Its too easy to be sucked into that helpless void that I remember so vividly. It’s too easy to begin to dwell on how I used to beat myself up and punish myself with extra cardio or how I would stress about going out to dinner with my friends or family. (I know how to order now to enjoy myself with pretty much any menu because I know how to fuel my body and I have experimented more with what tastes amazing is to be ENJOYED not stressed over.)

It’s good to remember where we came from but let’s be careful to look back in love and kindness to that old self—she didn’t know a better way because that is the path that she had to walk in order to get to where she is now. Yes it was painful at times but I have been there and can empathize and be right there when someone explains to me their relationship with themselves, food, or body shame.

✅Now I just want to focus on what lies AHEAD and what POSSIBILITIES are open and available to anyone who chooses to invest the time and energy in themselves—nothing gets me more excited when someone has a breakthrough and has that moment (or culmination of moments) when they finally see and FEEL the difference of living a healthy lifestyle and putting in the work—because here is the thing: we ALL spend energy in one way or another when it comes to our health and fitness—we either spend it stressing over how we feel (or how clothes don’t fit or how we wish we could change) or we spend it taking ACTIONABLE steps that allow us to be able to give time, attention and focus to other areas of our life.

Because here is the other thing (and this is a warning⚠️😉 )—once you begin to feel amazing, strong, confident, open to life and BELIEVE in yourself everything is possible💕


Any Apple Watch ⌚️ people out there?? Omg The best is when it yells at you to “STAND UP!!” or “BREATHE!!”😂

Believe me, SIRI, I would if I wasn’t attached to a pump every time you so politely suggest it!🐮

Yes step count is a little lower than normal these days as I’m recovering from a C Section 🤰🏻 but there is a season for everything! 🤗

❤️Anyone who is outside of their normal routine with fitness—hang in there!! We WILL get through this time.

1️⃣Focus on what you CAN do for your body and your mind. There is always something.

2️⃣Maybe instead of trying to get a run in the morning which may not be realistic for some, maybe you can set a step count for yourself! ✅Movement is beneficial outside of physique goals!!

3️⃣ Anyone else tend to catastrophize a current scenario and believe that it will last forever and you will end up at the worst case scenario?? 🙋🏻‍♀️❌That’s never good. And you don’t want to pave that way in your mind and then end up following it because it seems “familiar.” Allow yourself to ENVISION the BEST case scenario and see if that leads you to much more empowering paths😉

4️⃣ Find ONE thing you can do to START your day off right! (Clients, you know we are talking about hydration and leaving cell phone in a faraway room within the first 30 minutes of waking up) Practice keeping that promise to yourself and see notice how it makes you feel! And then KEEP DOING IT!!

5️⃣When you start a new routine or habit, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It’s just outside of your comfort zone. Think of the hundreds of times you’ve been a “newbie” at work, in a relationship, with a social situation or when you’ve starting new activities before. It just takes CLARITY about how this will benefit you and REPETITION.

You can do this!! What have you got to lose except that feeling of being stuck? Freedom is in your hands 💪🏻☺️

Note: if you don’t have a Fitbit or Apple Watch, your phone 📲 counts your steps for you in your “Health” app 🙂

Is there anything that you are doing differently for your health/fitness this year??


Timeline photos 10/26/2020

“⁉️How do I stop snacking at night⁉️”

1️⃣ Decide if snacking after dinner is getting in your way. (Is it effecting the quality of your sleep, your weight loss goals, your energy the next morning, your ability to be present or actually relax at night?)

🔆If YES, decide if you want to work on this. You get to choose.

2️⃣ Are you eating enough of the RIGHT foods throughout the day or are you “winging it”?

🔆If you are starving or so low energy end of the day that you just eat anything that’s easy access.

🔆If you are trying to “be good” by not eating actual meals, that’s a surefire way of making less than beneficial choices later (read: won’t help your goals!)

🔆Putting a little effort into balanced meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with protein, veggies, healthy fats and carbs is a game changer for preventing sugar crashes, cravings and relying on “will power” at the end of the night.

3️⃣ Experiment with replacing this nighttime habit with something with a better outcome.

🔆Get curious about what will help you relax and sleep peacefully. Reading a chapter of that book, warm tea, a shower with yummy body wash, 5 minutes of stretching, etc.

4️⃣ How do you feel when you DON’T go into autopilot and snack at night?

🔆Is it a feeling you want more of? What are the positives that will come from feeling better?

5️⃣ You CAN make new habits!! Two of the Laws of Behavior Change ( ) is to make it 1. Obvious and 2. Easy.

🔆Ex: if you want to make tea at night, put out your favorite mug with the tea bag right next to it in plain sight. Never underestimate the power of suggestion;) By the same token, put those snacks on an inconvenient shelf or better yet stop buying the damn cookies 💪🏻😎😉

➡️Be CLEAR about what you want, be HONEST about what is stopping you, try something NEW that you still enjoy, and give it REPETITION and TIME 🙌🏻You will be surprised and proud of how you will feel🤗🤗

Timeline photos 10/21/2020

🌺Beautiful visual and reminder that what you focus on grows.

You only have so much energy to put forth, why not pour it into something that will help manage and see those other areas of your life with a healthier and more grounded perspective? ❤️



Have you ever felt like you are always going to struggle?

Like you are never going to be enough.

Like you are always going to end up messing up.

That you will never get a handle on those habits that always seem to sabotage you.

That you will never be normal.

That you will always have to “start over.”

I remember feeling like I was in a never ending loop. Groundhog Day. Most days I would wake up just in survival mode. On the days that I was lucky enough to wake up hopeful I would inevitably be sucked into a downward spiral that made me want to avoid seeing people, avoid talking to anyone who might ask me how I was doing, avoid mirrors or clothes that made me feel like I had failed myself.

I had such a terrible relationship with food, with my body. What’s crazy is I’m not sure that anyone would have picked up on it because from the outside I was successful at work, I had a good group of friends, I would keep things light and joke around all the time.

But inside I felt like I was living in a prison I would never escape from. I honestly thought I was just going to be one of those people who never felt free or confident. That I would have to spend so much energy on pretending that I would feel drained at the end of the day when I came home to my empty room.

If you are nodding your head to any of this I encourage you to take a bet on yourself.

Stop spending your energy convincing yourself that you will never be “normal” and start building evidence that you want, deserve and can HAVE something more. Much more.

Instead of wasting energy on gathering reasons why you CAN’T, go out and take action on reasons and ways that you CAN.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but building confidence and integrity with yourself takes daily action and commitment to the existence that IS in your grasp.

Start small. Start not because you hate where you ARE—start because you can’t stop thinking about where you will GO and how you will FEEL. ❤️

Take a chance. Take daily action. Keep going. 🙏🏻


Hey guys!!

Does anyone have any dumbbells they are looking to sell??

Much appreciated! 🙏🏻


I had the best time talking with **power on her podcast!

It was amazing having the opportunity to connect with Tricia who has a true passion as a RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) to empower women with the knowledge to step into a healthy lifestyle!

She started the **power podcast to spread helpful and tangible advice for those who want to know more about how to integrate health into their lives!

We talked about HIIT training, all or nothing mindset, post workout nutrition, if weight training makes you bulky, how to boost your metabolism and how to set up a workout routine that works best for you!

✅Check out the link🔗 in the comments below to listen!!🎧


🔥Yummy Breakfast Idea!🔥

I know it sounds crazy, but have you ever mixed your eggs into your oatmeal before?

I tried this a few years ago and I’m telling you it is so good and is incredibly versatile when making flavor combinations!

The key is to cook the scrambled eggs separately and then mix it in to cooked oatmeal.

Thismorning I was feeling like fruit and chocolate soooo:

➖1/3 cup oats 🥣
➖4 egg whites + 1 whole egg 🥚
➖1/2 cup fruit ( 🍌 🍓 )
➖1 tbsp chia seeds
➖1 tbsp almond butter
➖2 tbsp
➖1 tbsp Lily’s Dark chocolate chips
➖cinnamon and 4 vanilla stevia drops

✅Mix together and enjoy!!!

⬇️Macros (grams):
38 Protein
55 Carbs
21 Fat
(530 Calories)

What is your favorite breakfast food??


‼️8 lbs down in the first month of her program!!🔥🔥

We are focusing on
✅ Short term and long term goals
✅ Trusting the process
✅ Balanced and personalized nutrition
✅ Strategies to stay energized all day
✅ Weight training
✅ Making it happen with busy work schedule
✅ Following the plan one day at a time

Nice work, chica!!! I’m so proud of you but seeing you take pride in your wins and being excited about your progress is awesome!!!

Keep crushing it!!😈🙌🏻


Morning Brew

Not even mad about this❤️😌

Have you ever tried adding a touch of whipped cream to your coffee?

I love sprinkling cinnamon (tastes good but also good for blood sugar levels)and adding some almond milk and a couple of drops of vanilla flavored liquid stevia for sweetness!

So good!!!


Fresh Berry and Cocoa Nib Parfait

This was Berry Yummy!! 😋😆🥰

There’s something about a Fresh Fruit Parfait in the summer! ☀️ There are so many options to experiment with and enjoy!!

✅Topping Ideas:
•Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries
•Sliced Peaches and Cinnamon
•Cacao Nibs
•Lily’s Unsweetened Chocolate Chips
•Powdered Peanut Butter
•Almond Butter
•Chia Seeds
•Rice Chex or other cereal for crunch
•Whipped Cream

•Greek yogurt has 3x the protein as regular yogurt and 1/4 the sugar
•Get the unsweetened Greek yogurt—it will be plenty sweet with all the fruit and toppings!
•Try 2% for extra creaminess (I love Fage!)
•Mix in 1/3-1/2 scoop of your favorite flavor of protein powder for added protein!
•Take your time to prepare and eat slowly to enjoy!!🥰

What other meal ideas would you like to see more of?🤗


I really can’t imagine doing anything else. 💕

It’s always been about each of you individually. Although I have visions for how to evolve and bring you more in the future, getting to know and working with each of you has been bigger and more meaningful than I ever could have dreamed.

When people ask me “what keeps you so motivated” I usually say that I’m NOT always motivated or that I don’t believe in motivation.

Both of these are true.

But what I DO have is an intrinsic drive and desire to be the best I can be because I owe it not only to myself but to the people who look to me for help or direction.

So much of what I give to you is from what I’ve learned, read and experienced in my own journey.

Because I have done it wrong before—I’ve had zero self confidence and no energy. I’ve spun my wheels when it came to working out and tried to “tough it out” with crash dieting only to crash and burn and have lower self esteem than when I started. I’ve read the articles in magazines about the “best celebrity diets” and thought that I would suddenly have self worth if I “lost the weight.” I was looking out there instead of what I needed in here ➡️❤️

What I want to give to that person out there is what I needed when I was going through all that—to be seen, to be met where I was at, to be encouraged not beaten down, to be given strategies that work for ME and MY body not what helped Charlize Theron lose 10 pounds of water weight before the Oscars.

I feel like all of that struggle was worth it because it made me find my own answers, look to science and actual research not a 1/4 page column or IG post for “how to lose body fat.” Now I can see through and cut through the noise and can guide others to discover their strength, confidence and to finally reach their goals.

I love you all! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey—I can’t wait to see where you will go! 😍💕🔥🔥💪🏻


‼️❤️so proud!! 🙏🏻🤗🤗

Eating more, stressing less and has more energy than ever!!

If there is one thing that I wish I could shout from the mountaintops it’s that “you don’t have to feel like s#%%* to see progress!!”

What if you could feel amazing AND see results?

What I love most about my career (this is a hard thing to choose) is helping women feel alive again, teaching them how to fuel for LIFE, encouraging them to trust in themselves, supporting them to better self-awareness and healthy habits, and seeing them thrive as they gain INNER and OUTER strength!

Nourishing our bodies is a HUGE cornerstone to health and often we find that you don’t need (or want!) to beat your body down with hours of workouts or eating next to nothing because you’re afraid of gaining weight or you think that’s the only way you’ll see any progress!

10/10 times we see that a BALANCED, APPROPRIATE and SUSTAINABLE approach to a healthy lifestyle is the most effective and everyone is happier and more successful!

Investing in your health and fitness is priceless and nothing feels better than feeling like yourself again ❤️🤗


Love seeing you guys feeling energized, motivated and ready to make the most of your day!!! ❤️❤️💪🏻💪🏻 Life is what you make it and I am so grateful to be able to be a part of your journey!!

Accepting new virtual and online clients for Fall!! Sometimes all you need is a plan and that accountability and you’re going to feel in the groove in no time!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻😎

Just message me to get started!


Officially holding my breath to put my shoes on. Do they still make Velcro sneakers 👟??

Photos from Breakthru Fitness by Eliza's post 09/04/2020

✅Sesame Ginger Crunch Chicken BLT Salad✅

Been craving all the 🥓 this pregnancy, but here is a way to make it soo good!! 😅

Grilled chicken
Turkey Bacon
1/2 Avocado
Mixed greens
Chopped celery, onions, carrots
Red Bell Pepper
Everything but the Bagel seasoning
Fiber One sticks Cereal (for a bomb crunch)
Primal Kitchen Sesame Ginger Dressing

Protein: 37
Carbs: 28
Fat: 21
Fiber: 14

High Protein, healthy fats, tons of micronutrients, fiber and tastes amazing!!

Photos from Breakthru Fitness by Eliza's post 08/28/2020

❇️☀️Healthy Breakfast Idea ☀️✅

Starting the day with eggs today!

⁉️ 🍳 Did you know Whole Eggs are a complete protein and helps:

-Build cell membranes
-increases HDL (good cholesterol)
-brain health and signaling
-build cell membranes
-eye health
-muscle maintenance and repair

➡️I like to add a good amount of protein, greens and healthy fats to my breakfast whenever possible because it keeps me satisfied, stabilizes blood sugar and gives me good energy all the way until lunch 👌🏻🤗

Protein 39 g
Carbs 20g
Fat 20g
Fiber 9g

2 eggs
2 egg whites
1 turkey bacon
2 cup sautéed spinach
1/2 tomato
1/2 avocado
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 tsp coconut aminos
+Everything but the bagel seasoning, garlic + onion

Photos from Breakthru Fitness by Eliza's post 08/24/2020

Breakfast thismorning ☀️

This was so good I thought I’d share!🤗🤗

✅ 2% Fage Yogurt
✅ Cinnamon
✅ Blueberries and strawberries
✅ Fiber One cereal
✅ Chia Seeds
✅ Powdered Peanut Butter
✅ Cocoa Nibs

You can really get creative with toppings for a parfait—I love a good crunch and something sweet and fresh like berries, but you could add 🍌 bananas or some peanut/almond butter 🥜 or maybe even some h**p seeds!

The PROTEIN AND FIBER (from the chia seeds, berries and fiber cereal):
☑️ keeps you full until lunch
☑️ protein aids in lean muscle synthesis and repair, metabolism, making hormones, enzymes, skin cells and cartilage (and more!)

Healthy FATS (from chia seeds, cocao nibs, yogurt and peanut butter):
☑️ Blood sugar regulation
☑️ Hormone health
☑️ Absorption of essential nutrients
☑️ Cellular health

CARBS (from everything here):
☑️ Body’s main source of energy
☑️ Fuels the Brain
☑️ Heart, Kidney and Nervous System health
☑️ Provides energy for and helps repair muscles from workouts 😎🙌🏻🔥

I hope this helps you!! Have a great Monday!!!🤗❤️

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