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The clock is ticking but it's still not too late for us all to do our part and use the channels of communication available for voicing our concerns to the leaders we allowed to have authority over our affairs. Please call now - it takes only a few minutes - and every office answered the phone except Rep. Sanford where I was at lease able to leave a voice message. Make sure they document your name, address, and phone number. #lovewhereyoulearn #lovejoyproud

We are a small group, accept no money, spend no money just when it is time to support our small but mighty school district we tap into the subscribers here to disseminate information and literature.

Your vote MATTERS to grow LISD's facilities for your kids
Your vote MATTERS to safely transport your kids to and from school and activities
Your vote MATTERS to improve Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Your vote MATTERS to improve Fine Arts programming
Your vote MATTERS to improve Safety & Security
Your vote MATTERS to keep LISD's technological edge
Your vote MATTERS to boost our 5A facilities for sports 07/20/2019

Best Schools in Lovejoy Independent School District - See details about Lovejoy Independent School District. This year, Lovejoy Independent School District jumped 1 slots in our statewide ranking, and ranks better than 99.8% districts in Texas. 10/09/2018 » Required Identification for Voting in Person

I would like to invite you to the sites listed below. This is information regarding school finance for Lovejoy ISD and the State of Texas. The site is nonpartisan, education focused. It is person over party and purple over being blue or red. Elections are soon and it is to your advantage to be informed about the crisis that LJ and all Texas school districts are experiencing in regards to funding.

Also, if you are new to the district or if you have moved recently within the district, TODAY is the last day to register to vote. Go to to find out if you are registered or to print the online application. It must be filled out, signed and mailed with TODAY'S postmark in order to vote in the election Nov. 6. Voting is a privilege, don't let it pass you by.

[email protected]
Instagram-lj4txpubliced The General Election will take place on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Last day to register to vote is Tuesday, October 9, 2018. Early voting takes place from Monday, October 22, 2018 – Friday, November 2, 2018. To learn more about ID required for voting in person, check out the FAQs. 08/19/2018

Richardson, Dallas and more: Why Texas school districts are asking voters to raise taxes

It’s just not Lovejoy feeling the crunch.....

Powerful statements from the article.....

-"We've tried to do more with less, if you will, for a long, long time," Bono said. "We've reached the point now where we can't do that any longer."

-"When state contribution continues to drop ... you have to do something to get money to our schools," he said.

-Now, more than one-third of public school districts have hit the cap, according to the Texas Education Agency. That includes Plano, McKinney, Wylie and Coppell school districts. (Lovejoy hit our cap with the last bond election)

-The district could also follow Frisco ISD's lead and charge fees to students to participate in extracurricular activities, such as athletics and fine arts. But that could prove burdensome; more than half of Richardson's more than 39,000 students come from low-income families.

We have done all we can to support our schools at the local level. Lovejoy has shrunk their budgets dramatically in all kinds of ways. It is now Austin’s turn to do what they can to help the tax payers of Texas fund their schools. More and more, public school officials are done waiting on help from Austin. The state's complicated and dated public school finance system has... 08/18/2018

Lovejoy ISD adds panic button for teachers

We will be seeing this in a few days.

Lovejoy ISD adds panic button for teachers
(Via WFAA) At Lovejoy Independent School District, the superintendent is launching a new safety feature for all campuses.


So proud of Lovejoy ISD! The new rating system came out for Texas schools and we received one of the highest rankings around. We received a total of 97 points AHEAD of Highland Park-96, Southlake Carroll-96 and Frisco ISD-96. Take a look for yourself at
#lovewhereyoulearn #welovelovejoy


Pastors for Texas Children

"It's up to legislators to come out of public school finance hearings this summer with the goal of revisiting this policy and finally overhauling the system — so the very kids they were trying to help won't be hurt."

AMEN. 07/05/2018

Do your schools get your property tax dollars? State to pull millions from D-FW districts

Take a look at how much the state is taking from DFW. This money is redistributed, but most of it ends up in the state General Fund. This is basically money laundering. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has to go. The next step is to give public schools even less and give a huge sum of money to Private and Charter schools. Property taxes continue to rise, but increasingly for taxpayers in North Texas, those dollars aren’t going to local school districts.According to... 06/01/2018

Advocacy Alert: Urge Gov. Abbott to fully fund school safety

Governor Abbott should be commended for developing protocols for additonal safety in our schools, but he can not expect underfunded schools to pay for the expense. The funding identified in the Governor’s plan equals little more than 1% of our state's Rainy Day Fund. He has $11 billion dollars in his rainy day fund he can use for these mandates. The costs cannot be carried by our school districts and taxpayers, already overburdened by the rising costs of educating more and more students in need of academic, social, and emotional interventions. The state’s Rainy Day Fund can and should be used to pay for these essential improvements on every campus in the state that needs them. 1-800-TALK-PTA | 408 West 11th Street | Austin, Texas 78701 | A Message from Texas PTA President Lisa Holbrook and President-Elect Sheri Doss We commend the Governor's response to the Santa Fe school shooting by unveiling Wednesday's action plan. But it is absolutely essential that the sta... 05/17/2018

Texas ranks 36th nationally in per-student education spending. Here's how much it spends.

Texas ranks 36th nationally in per-student spending. Total spending on public education has stayed relatively steady over the past decade. But who is paying for it has shifted. 05/11/2018

Analysis: Lawmakers can turn to a bag of tricks to balance state budget

More proof that our money is not going where they say it is going. With an official forecast that less money will be available, the next state budget is tight. The finance folks are looking for money to make it balance, but don't fret: They've got plenty of tax-avoiding, budget-balancing tricks in their bags. 05/07/2018

Ed Passalugo, guest columnist: State leaders reduce school funding, spur our property values, taxes

I really liked this article. Straight forward and not biased. We can’t be gullible taxpayers more driven by party loyalty than common sense and basic math. I serve on the Texas Municipal League Board of Directors. I’ve been on the Hewitt City Council the past eight years, serving as mayor for three years, mayor pro tem 05/06/2018

Paid for by Empower Texans: Ads Target Brownwood Voters

Empower Texas has long tentacles even to Lucas. Steve Duke, who just won a seat in the City Council election was funded by Empower Texas. Lucas City Council is not school friendly. We must wake up and go to the polls. The Political Action Group known as Empower Texans has officially endorsed Mike Tittle in his candidacy for Brownwood Mayor. But who are Empower Texans, and what is the goal? 04/29/2018

Challenger: State share of school aid plummeted after 1980s A statewide candidate says state government has whoppingly slashed its share of spending on public schools since the 1980s. Scott Milder, a former Rockwall City Council member challenging Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in the Republican primary, poses and answers questions on his campaign website including: 04/29/2018

Texas teachers' pay is average. But their pensions are among the lowest in the country. Benefits for Texas teachers have been a point of contention between educators and lawmakers for years — and often a hot topic at the Legislature. But where does Texas fall nationally when it comes to teacher pay, health care and retirement benefits? 04/29/2018

Texas gets an F on school finance North East ISD is suddenly property rich, but roughly half of its students are poor. The district will likely need more property tax revenue to cover costs, but it will soon be sharing its property tax revenue with the state, which is failing to cover the education costs. 04/29/2018

Why More Than A Million Teachers Can't Use Social Security About 40 percent of teachers live in places where their state or local pension is the only safety net they've got. 04/07/2018

Will the truth about Texas' Robin Hood plan lead to its demise? Dallas News: your source for breaking news and analysis for Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and around the world. Read it here, first. 03/05/2018

Things you should know about voting in a Texas primary election

Dont be ignorant at the polling precincts. Be a prepared voter. You can only in a runoff if you vote in this primary. Please let your voice be heard. The 2016 Texas primary elections are underway! As you prepare to go to the polls, here are a few helpful tips to remember. Primary election basics The majority of Texas elections are determined 03/05/2018

Choose Public Education Election Day

Good Info here..... DID YOU KNOW? The majority of Texas elections are determined in the primary election.* Tomorrow is Primary Election Day, a critical day for the 5.4 million students in Texas public schools. They need your voice to elect state leaders who understand the importance of a quality education for every chi...

[03/05/18]   Dan Patrick is advocating to give teachers a 10K increase. He does not want to give us the funding to do so, but to focus our budgets on teachers. How can we do that if we have already lost 6 million? It's an unfunded mandate to our ISD who will be forced to cut non-essential programs that are not required by state law in schools, to pay for those raises. Dan commented himself -just cut the nonessentials like athletics, band, fine arts, campus police just to name a few.
#candan #milder4ltgov #band #athletics #art #safety

[02/24/18]   This is an answer from Scott Milder in response to a Texas PTA questionnaire.

Given recent public statements by policymakers about controlling property value increases, please describe your plan for reforming the current system of school funding to ensure that it is adequate and equitable for all students, regardless of where they live.

Local homeowners pay too much. The state does not pay enough. Texas has the revenue to adequately fund education without a tax increase, but improper spending priorities at the state level have resulted in a system that places a disproportionate share of the burden on local taxpayers through property taxes. In the 1980s, the state funded 68% of school expenses, and now the state’s share is 38%. Local property taxes have had to make up for this difference, and that is not the proper way to fund schools. I will work hard to eliminate waste in the budget so the state can direct more general revenue to schools without increasing taxes. I will also require that all funds collected for public schools be allocated back to public schools, which amounts $2.8 billion this year alone! I’ve got a few other ideas in the works as well, but am not ready to reveal. They do not involve raising taxes.

[02/23/18]   Texas School Finance Commission Conducts Second Meeting

The Texas School Finance Commission met February 8 in Austin. The Commission heard presentations from several groups on school finance trends, including presentations about school finance in other states.
Texas Education Agency Chief School Finance Officer Leo Lopez provided an overview, School Finance Trends (PDF), of how schools in Texas are funded. Recapture continues to be a subject of much interest. The Commission discussed whether recapture should be included in the calculation of the state's share of funding public schools or in the local share. If the state counts recapture as part of their contribution to public education, the state’s share rises from 38% to 42% of the cost of public education. Currently, the Legislative Budget Board counts recapture as part of the local share of funding for public schools.




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