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School of Rock Lubbock provides both in-person and online music lessons for students of all ages. Our programs, camps and workshops for toddlers, kids, teens and adults make learning to play music fun and create great communities of musicians. School of Rock is the leader in performance-based music education. We combine one-on-one drum, bass, keyboard, vocal, and guitar lessons with group practice

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School of Rock 25th Anniversary 01/11/2024

Ever wonder how School of Rock became a global music education brand?

Teddi Tarnoff was one of our first students. Her mom enrolled her in guitar lessons 25 years ago. Now, Teddi's journey has come full circle - she's the Regional Manager at School of Rock Las Vegas West and School of Rock Green Valley.

Hear more about her story and School of Rock's journey to becoming the most revolutionary music school in the world:

School of Rock 25th Anniversary School of Rock is proud to be celebrating 25 years dedicated to enriching the lives of students globally and instilling core values through the power of musi...

Photos from School of Rock's post 01/09/2024

Just look at the passion, determination, and joy shining through these shots of our Rock 101 and Performance Program students from School of Rock Polanco and School of Rock Mexico City 🥹

Photos from School of Rock's post 01/03/2024

We are ringing in the new year from around the world with School of Rock West Cobb, GA and School of Rock Los Dominicos, Chile! 🌎⚡️

Photos from School of Rock's post 01/03/2024

We can't help but rave about the incredible culture that Shelly Norehad and her team has cultivated at School of Rock Highland Heights in Ohio. Here's what one parent had to say about their experience:

"We wanted to give a special shout out and thank you to Alex and Jess, Holden's instructors, who have been absolutely amazing with him. They're always so encouraging and the knowledge they share and patience they have with their students is astounding. Holden feels so "at home" at School of Rock. That's because the culture of the school is one of acceptance, encouragement, and positivity. That's what ALL the instructors, and Louie and Allison, have created. I sent the video of Holden's performance to my sister in Seattle and she was so touched by all of the older students on the sides and front of the stage rockin' out as Holden bravely performed his original song he was so nervous to do. Thank you for the opportunity you all give to students to be themselves, grow their confidence, and of course, learn to value the gift of music."

If you're looking for a place where your child can grow their musical skills while being part of a welcoming community, School of Rock is the place to be.


Recently, the House Band students at School of Rock San Jose had the privilege to perform at an event for a non-profit organization that supports families facing housing challenges. The experience left an indelible mark, not just on the families they played for but also on our students. Here are unfiltered sentiments from some of San Jose's House Band members:

"Performing at the Family Supportive Housing event was a rewarding experience. Seeing the kids in the front row rockin' out was quite inspirational. I wouldn't mind performing there again to just see the kids enjoying themselves listening to the music. Supporting families going through tough times is always a good thing in my book. I truly hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as I did."

"It was one of the most rewarding gigs I've ever played. For me, playing music is about the faces in the audience and making sure they are having fun, and just seeing the eyes light up in the crowd was amazing. I would love to play there again!"

"I thought it was really fun to do, and it made me feel so good to do it for a good cause. They all seemed like they were having fun, and seeing all the kids having fun too made it really fun for me. I really hope we play there again."

"It was awesome performing and bringing something positive to the kids and parents we performed for. They are not as fortunate as us, and performing for these kids was something special that they will not forget, so it was awesome to make a positive impact on them."

Photos from School of Rock's post 12/20/2023

Us featuring smiles, hair flips, and stank face 😤

Photos from School of Rock's post 12/19/2023

School of Rock families don't just show up, they show out - with a wealth of support and homemade merch!

The parents and families of School of Rock students show up in full force to every event and performance. One family, whose young guitarist attends School of Rock Folsom, shows their support by creating custom tour tees and wearing them to his shows.

Jaxon aka Jax Man, picked up a guitar at age 7 and has been nurtured by a family that is deeply rooted in music culture. His grandma attends music festivals and concerts across the country, and his family regularly exposes him to the music they love. Jax's progress has astounded his school's staff - from leading solos to mastering intricate guitar techniques after just one season 🎸

Safe to say he will be bringing a big crowd for School of Rock Folsom's next show!

Photos from School of Rock's post 12/15/2023

Why join School of Rock? Because you get to wear your favorite outfit whenever you want, and play your favorite songs whenever you want. Why else?

“Guitar Hero was such an important tool for exposing kids from the late-’90s to the electric guitar. We’ve got some guitar heroes now – 10 years ago, we didn’t”: Michael Rubin went from playing video games to rocking vintage guitars with 12/14/2023

Michael Rubin started out at School of Rock as a student, then teacher, and now he's being interviewed by Guitar World.

Michael, the guitarist of the rock and roll band, King Falcon, started his School of Rock journey as a student, but before that, his love of guitar began with the video game, Guitar Hero. Since then, he's traded the guitar-shaped controller for a pretty sweet vintage guitar collection - and one of those, a 1957 Fender Stratocaster, has a unique story behind it.

Read this article by Ellie Rogers to find out more about a special guitar that manifested a full-circle life moment for Michael 🎸🎮

“Guitar Hero was such an important tool for exposing kids from the late-’90s to the electric guitar. We’ve got some guitar heroes now – 10 years ago, we didn’t”: Michael Rubin went from playing video games to rocking vintage guitars with He has an awe-inspiring collection of vintage guitars, all with stories to tell, and he plays in one of NYC’s most exciting indie-rock bands. But as Michael Rubin tells it, it all started with Guitar Hero…

Adult Performance Program (Ages 18+) | School of Rock 12/12/2023

It's never too late to learn a new instrument.

Did you know that School of Rock offers music lessons for adults? Sign up for guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, or vocals and get weekly 1:1 lessons paired with band rehearsals. Not only will you enhance your musical skills, but you'll also meet other passionate music lovers and be part of a supportive community.

Join the Adult Program at one of our 350+ locations worldwide!

Adult Performance Program (Ages 18+) | School of Rock Learn to play music in the Adult Performance Program at School of Rock for any skill level - advanced to beginner. Online and in-person classes available now.

Photos from School of Rock's post 12/08/2023

Doing what we love, loving what we do. 🎵

Photos from School of Rock's post 12/07/2023

In the flurry of holiday shopping and gift-giving, here's a reminder that the best gifts are priceless.

Henry, a student at School of Rock White Plains, recently approached Jeff Silverman, the school's owner, and asked if he could take home a broken guitar so that he could try his hand at repairing it. Henry took it home, replaced the neck of the guitar and returned it a few weeks later. When he brought the repaired guitar back to the school, he also presented the old guitar neck to his school's staff. He had transformed it into a remarkable hanging trophy, commemorating the school's 5 year anniversary.

Etched on the back are Henry's heartfelt words: "To School of Rock and Jeff. Thank you for 2 years of fun, music, and learning about being a musician! I hope to stay with SOR 'till I go to college. Thank you!!!! - Henry M"

This trophy now stands proudly in the White Plains lobby for all to see. But it's more than just a display piece – it's a symbol of the lives we change through music every single day.

Photos from School of Rock's post 12/05/2023

The doors are officially open at School of Rock Summer Creek in Texas!

Ken Prodoehl and his team have transformed their space into a proper music haven for the Summer Creek community. They installed huge windows to let in the bright, natural light and created a vibrant setting with colorful accent walls in each of the lesson rooms. The team also recently unpacked their brand-new musical gear from Gretsch Drums, Shure UK, Fender, and more.

Can't wait to report back on the future wins at Summer Creek. Congratulations Ken!

Tammy, organized by Larry Burch 11/30/2023

Your support is needed: help our student recover from a tragic accident.

Just over a week ago, a School of Rock student named Tammy was struck by a trolley while crossing the street. She was swiftly attended to by incredible first responders and thanks to their immediate actions, she was quickly transported to the local hospital, where she remains under intensive care today.

Tammy is facing a strenuous journey to recovery and requires extensive surgery and treatment for injuries, putting an enormous strain on her family.

To support Tammy's family during this challenging time, a GoFundMe page has been set up to assist with the overwhelming medical expenses that continue to mount. Your generous contributions will directly aid in covering the costs of her current care and the future treatments she requires for a full recovery.

Tammy's father says, "I understand that times are tough for many, and it's never easy to ask for assistance. However, any donation, no matter the size, will make a significant difference in Tammy's journey toward healing and rebuilding her life."

Please consider donating at, sharing this post, or leaving a positive message for Tammy and her family in the comments below.

Tammy, organized by Larry Burch Tammy Hi my name is Larry and I'm fundraising for my daughter Tammy. On November 19th Tammy was struck by a PSTA tro… Larry Burch needs your support for Tammy

Photos from School of Rock's post 11/28/2023

Frank Zummo 🤝 School of Rock 🤝SPTS

We are honored to join hands with Society for the Prevention of Teen Su***de and Frank Zummo of Sum41 to support a vital cause on Giving Tuesday. Our collective aim is to raise $2,000 in donations to support SPTS’s mission of helping youth build a life of resiliency through specialized training programs and mental health resources. Your support matters!

Unable to donate? Re-share this post to your story to help raise awareness for teen mental health!

Photos from School of Rock Attleboro's post 11/28/2023
School of Rock | Seasonal Music Camps 11/27/2023

As a busy parent, you don't have time to keep your kids entertained through the summer.

School of Rock music camps are the answer. Your child will learn how to play a musical instrument, make friends, gain confidence, and so much more. Book now and thank yourself later ✨

School of Rock | Seasonal Music Camps Check out School of Rock’s music workshops & seasonal music camps for kids & adults. Learn more about our fall, winter, spring and summer music camps today.

School of Rock | Seasonal Music Camps 11/24/2023

Treat yourself this holiday season ✨

..By planning the perfect summer activity for your child. Don't wait, enroll your kids or teens in a School of Rock music camp before we sell out👇

Find a music camp near you:

School of Rock | Seasonal Music Camps Check out School of Rock’s music workshops & seasonal music camps for kids & adults. Learn more about our fall, winter, spring and summer music camps today.

Photos from School of Rock's post 11/23/2023

Have you ever been to a show or concert and experienced an unexplainable and powerful connection with the rest of the crowd?

We are grateful to experience that connection with our own community every single day. Over the past 25 years, School of Rock has become so much more than a music school. We have become a second home to hundreds of thousands of people across the world. A place where people of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences can truly belong. A place where musicians and music lovers can be their most authentic selves, and experience the magic of music, together.

The incredible milestones we have reached in our 25th year has been possible only because of our community members - the extraordinary individuals that help make School of Rock home. To our incredible students, your dedication to music and growth is inspiring. Thank you for letting us be a part of your musical journey. To the parents and families, your support and trust are the reason we continue to thrive and innovate. To our dedicated staff, your expertise and passion make School of Rock a safe place to learn, create, inspire, and laugh. To our visionary franchise owners, your leadership and dedication to creating positive change in your local communities are the driving forces behind our success. And finally, to our partners, we thank you for your unwavering commitment to supporting our mission to enrich lives through performance-based music education.

The true power of music is its ability to create a sense of belonging and community, and we are grateful to witness this in 352 School of Rock locations across the world.

School of Rock | Seasonal Music Camps 11/22/2023

🚨THEY'RE FINALLY HERE. We've dropped all new music camps on our website! Sign your kiddo up for a School of Rock summer camp near you! 👇

School of Rock | Seasonal Music Camps Check out School of Rock’s music workshops & seasonal music camps for kids & adults. Learn more about our fall, winter, spring and summer music camps today.

Photos from School of Rock's post 11/16/2023

Our students had the opportunity to jam with Anthony Green!

You may know the name Anthony Green because he is a critically-acclaimed musician and the lead singer of Circa Survive, Saosin, The Sound Of Animals Fighting, and L.S. Dunes. Green recently visited School of Rock Doylestown to meet, jam, and share the story of his journey as a professional musician with the School of Rock students at Doylestown, PA.

“I was pleasantly shocked at the skill level, energy, and focus of the kids,” says Green, who performed seven songs from his catalog with an impromptu band of School of Rock Doylestown students under the name Anthony Green and the Green Man Group. “I knew they were going to be decent, but I didn't expect their mastery of all the solos and the intricacies of the songs that we played. It was fun and really impressive.”

Green’s upcoming live performances around the world include solo gigs, cruises, and shows with L.S. Dunes and Saosin. He’s currently working on a new album with L.S.Dunes that will explore sounds in the “trippy and psychedelic punk” vein. In 2024, Green will begin planning special shows and a vinyl reissue of his debut album to celebrate its 20 year anniversary. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to jam with the next generation of musicians, Anthony!

Raising Resilient Teens - SPTS 11/15/2023

The Society for the Prevention of Teen Su***de is hosting parent empower hour - a free webinar on how to help your child be resilient in challenging times.

The presentation aims to discuss some of the difficulties of parenting a child in challenging times. The presentation will help you to dispel common misconceptions, and provide information on the warning signs of su***de.

Join the webinar today at 4:00 PM Pacific / 7:00 PM Eastern

Raising Resilient Teens - SPTS Parent Empower Hour Talking To Your Kids About Difficult Topics Wednesday, November 15, 2023 7:00 pm Free Virtual Zoom Panel Presentation Register Here The Society for the Prevention of Teen Su***de invites you to attend a virtual presentation to discuss some of the difficulties of parenting a teen....

Photos from School of Rock's post 11/14/2023

Our first annual Songwriter Showcase was a huge success!

Last month, five talented students from School of Rock locations around the United States met in Nashville, Tennessee for a 3-day event that gave them the opportunity to bring their original songs to life. School of Rock partnered with the long-standing and renowned music magazine, American Songwriter News, who has featured icons like Taylor Swift, Kings Of Leon, Neil Young, Dolly Parton, and so many more since their first issue in 1984.

American Songwriter gave our students a truly authentic music industry experience and professional songwriting insights by providing both mentorship and panel discussions by accomplished songwriters like Dean Fields, Stone Aielli and Adam James. The students, all 16 and 17 years old, workshopped the songs with the School of Rock Nashville and School of Rock Franklin - Cool Springs House Bands, trying out various arrangements, tones, harmonies, and more. Once the students settled on a final foundation for the songs, they were able to then hone in on different areas in order to perfect each element prior to recording the final version in Music City's legendary Starstruck Studios. The event culminated in a performance at American Songwriter's official headquarters in front of a crowd that was absolutely blown away by the final versions of each of the songs.

Read the article by Annie Reuter here:

Photos from School of Rock's post 11/09/2023

Having a network of 350+ schools means more friends, more collaboration, and more music!

Recently, School of Rock Frisco lent their built-in performance venue to three neighboring schools in Texas. School of Rock McKinney, North Dallas, and Rockwall came together to host their Halloween event, dubbed Zombie Prom (or "Prombie"). This Halloween celebration featured performances from all three of the schools, spooky decor, and a full spread of on-theme food and treats handmade by none other than Kiva Rapattoni, an absolute Halloween queen and owner of the McKinney, North Dallas, and Rockwall locations.

In another part of the country, 5 schools from Washington came together to celebrate their 8th annual Zombie prom - House Bands from Seattle, West Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah and Lynnwood took the stage in costume and rocked the night away, playing through a range of rock n' roll classics and Halloween tunes.

Kiva says, "Big thank you to our friends at School of Rock Frisco who let us use their venue for our Tri-County Zombie Prom party! It was so great to have all three of our schools come together to celebrate Halloween. I'm always so proud of our team members who work super hard and crush an event with their attention to detail. School of Rock people are the BEST people!"


Are you ready to rock your way into the world of music education and business ownership? Join the FREE School of Rock Franchising Webinar on November 14 🤘

Don't miss the chance to explore the exciting opportunities that School of Rock has to offer. Whether you're passionate about music, education, or entrepreneurship, this webinar is the gateway to your next chapter in life!

Here's the top 3 reasons you should register:

1. You'll learn how you can make a meaningful impact in your community through the power of music

2. Find out about the momentum we are seeing this year and how we are bringing music education to students all over the world.

3. Gain valuable insights into our franchise model and get support and resources that will help you thrive in the world of music education.

Sign up NOW at

Photos from School of Rock's post 11/06/2023

Yeah, we got the beat. 🎹

Photos from School of Rock's post 11/02/2023

Melissa Birchett started at School of Rock as a substitute piano and singing teacher, and now she's opening the doors of her very own school in Coppell, Texas!

Melissa's journey through the world of music has been nothing short of extraordinary. She is classically trained, and holds a Bachelor's degree from Pepperdine University and a Masters in Opera Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. After studying abroad, she returned to her home state of Texas and began her School of Rock career as a substitute singing and keyboard instructor. She quickly advanced to instructor, then Assistant Music Director, and then Music Director at another School of Rock in Texas, all while nurturing her desire to become a school owner.

This Saturday, Melissa will officially be opening the doors of School of Rock Coppell, and to celebrate, she and her team will be hosting a Grand Opening event to remember. Along with performances. by the House Band, charity raffle drawings, and music trivia, there will also be a ceremonial guitar smashing (our version of a ribbon-cutting)!

Melissa says, "after being a part of the School of Rock family for nine years, I'm thrilled to be living my dream of owning and running my own school,” said Birchett. “My strong ties to the community, as well as my firm belief in the power of music education, drive me to create a welcoming environment. Here, aspiring musicians of all backgrounds can gather to learn, develop, and flourish.”

Please help us congratulate Melissa on the opening of her brand-new School of Rock by leaving some positive messages in the comments!

Photos from School of Rock's post 10/31/2023

Happy Halloween 🎃🧟🕷️


Music (and a great music teacher) can change lives!

Meet Mary Ellen, a remarkable 74-year-old whose curiosity for bass guitar led her to School of Rock Arlington Heights, IL. Mary Ellen showed up at the school before the it was open for the day, but Jesse Christenson, the dedicated Music Director there, welcomed her with open arms.

Jesse wasn't even on the clock, but sprang into action to find a bass guitar size that suited Mary Ellen best. It was that same day that she decided to sign up for music lessons with Jesse, embarking on an incredible journey of musical discovery. For the past four months, Jesse has been teaching her songs and scales, and in the process, they've formed a friendship.

Mary Ellen says “I am 74 y/o and started taking bass guitar lessons 4 months ago to reconnect with playing music and to keep my arthritic fingers moving. I don't have aspirations (fantasies, yes) of becoming a rock and roll star, but I am feeling challenged and invigorated by the learning process. Jesse has always made me feel that there are no limits, whatever my speed getting there. I wish I had started earlier and I wish there had been something like this when I was younger...but I'm here now!”

Photos from School of Rock's post 10/30/2023

No mom I’m not a band kid 🙄 I’m an AllStar 😏

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