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Videos by Three Star Medical Training in Lubbock. MISSION STATEMENT Be The Change You Want To See VISION STATEMENT Changing the Culture of Bedside Ca

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

Christmas Bloopers 😂🥰

JINGLE ALL THE WAY to a new career! Come join the Mission & the Vision Three Star Medical Training (806)747-4102threesta...

TSMT students showing the grinch Christmas spirit! Extremely PROUD of the class, making a difference!threestarcnatrainin...

Three Star Medical Training students caroling for the residents during clinical. ❤️🥰

⭐️✨💫 Train to become a CNA in 2weeks ☄️💥Call (806)

❤️🎊🎈🎉 EXTREMELY PROUD OF THIS CLASS!!! Every single student will be an amazing Nurse!!!! #DREAMBIG #NURSES

First online virtual training class together for Lab! Incredible group of passionate caring future nurses! Extremely pro...

Congratulations Class 226!!!Taking a tour of the facility! Ready for Level II of CNA CLASS

❤️🖤❤️ I love how my students have a fun learning experience during Lab and crack the whole class up!!! Love it!!! 🤣

🎉CONGRATULATIONS!! to this amazing class!!! Every single one will be an ahhhmazing Nurse! 💉

🙌🙌🙌 Students are ”ROCKING” basic nursing skills!!!! Woop Woop!! 🎉


Come join a rewarding career in the Medical Field as a CNA! Contact THREE STAR NATat (806) 747-4202 for upcoming classes

OMG!!! Lol I totally luv this group of students

💫 Extremely proud of my Day Class students! First day of class and they Rock!!!

Changing the culture of bedside care! Extremely ecstatic & proud of all my students ♥️

Join Three Star Nurse Aide Training for a fun learning experience! Call for (806)747-4102 for information. New Year New ...