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ADHD Couples Success
ADHD Couples Success

Educating, entertaining and inspiring value upon the youth!


There's a brutality that goes way more deep than police brutality. It's a self imposed brutality that we as a society allow to make millions of dollars yearly off our pain. We sing this brutality to each other and recite it over and over. We dance to this brutality and call it entertainment. After 6 years of working with at-risk youth there's one common thing I see all who work with them go up against and that's the music. YG lyrics, lil b lyrics and so on exit the mouth of boys more than sentences they formulate on their own. It's simple science: what you take in the most you easily become. Till we are willing to say "No it's not just entertainment" and see that it's actually taking over minds and actions we will continue to see disrespect look boastful in our culture.
- Amazing father's exists in our culture. Beautiful women exist in our culture. These are the stories we need to share. If you are a Father Rep that hard...boast about it harder than those who boast about avoiding it. If you love family bang that till death. Good things are gangsta and this lie of it being soft is stupid. Flood FB with truth peers. We are the grown folks who will establish order back through being unashamed of what's good and exposing lies for what they are. -a.w-

Spoken word by Aaron White 08/07/2014

Spoken word by Aaron White

Did you know @AaronWhiteLA and @ViergeniWhiteLA are doing a new show!? Bring your youth out to The Black and White Series Live on August 23rd where they will enjoy a powerful theatrical experience! The Black and White Series tackles controversial topics that live in the grey areas of society today. Relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, growing up, dating, s*x and many other topics are covered in an entertaining and heart wrenching way. Get your tickets today! You won't regret it!

Spoken word by Aaron White Spoken word by Aaron White

Timeline photos 04/18/2014

What's happening in the life of The Whites this weekend! Sigma Gamma Rho's 62nd SGRho Western Regional Conference and Aaron White will be speaking at the Blue and Gold Awards Banquet this Saturday April 19th. Eee-YIP for real for real!

Alpha Phi Alpha presents "The Blood They Shed" - Live Theatrical Performance 03/30/2014

Alpha Phi Alpha presents "The Blood They Shed" - Live Theatrical Performance

TODAY! Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Mu Xi Lambda chapter hosts The Blood they Shed in Rancho Cucamonga! Not too late to get tix.

Alpha Phi Alpha presents "The Blood They Shed" - Live Theatrical Performance THE BLOOD THEY SHED is a semi-autobiographical one-man poetic journey that combines the art ofstory telling narrative, poetry and comedy. The story is told from the perspective of a young manraised in South Central LA. The journey through his upbringing takes the audience on anemotional ride leadin...


A new season is coming up and I hope my young people are ready. Slingshot will b hittin' the streets again with our Creative Arts/Life Skill workshops Jan 2014 #2014


Dear Inglewood,
You gave us "The Ave's" so we could have hope. A place to build families and experience the best hood Christmas light spectacle in December. You gave us "The Bottoms" as a reminder of your struggle and the effort it will take to find peace. You built up some of the strongest minds in "The Bottoms" just to one day give their testimony of how they rose "Up". You gave us "Market St" as a public transit junction for us all to meet and be social. All while passing small businesses owned by us to breed a new generation of entrepreneurs. You gave us "The Forum" to remind us that we are champions and to walk with pride. You also gave us "Parks", "Churches" and "Schools" to build athletes, character and our spirituality. All to become the world changers we are today. Lastly, you gave us our best friends, business partners, families and amazing people to grow with so we can show others where we started. Thank you for giving so much to all of us that it's only a must we now give back to you.
Inglewood Residents
By Aaron White.


Be the change you want to see in this world.


This past season working with youth was amazing. From putting together comic books, albums, books and more we had a blast. We saw youth gain understanding of their worth and overcome big obstacles within our time with them. Thank you to every staff, volunteer and youth who participated with us through this journey. Keep our company in your prayers as we get ready for our next season starting soon. We now look forward to getting much needed rest and enjoying just being married.

Timeline photos 08/23/2013

Two young boys in our program had dreams of creating a C.D that would uplift their family and community. Well today we have the privilege of being apart of that dream as we hand them their first album through Slingshot Media. Instead of listening to what's on the radio and YouTube. They now have their own music to play that'll feed their soul with positivity and not darkness. Thank you God for purpose! I love what my wife and I get to do everyday.

Timeline photos 08/15/2013

A kid from our program had a dream of having his own comic book. Well today that dream has come true. My wife took pictures of his drawings and spent hours putting it in a comic book format. Can't wait to see the joy on his face when he see's his dream become reality. Thank you God for purpose.

Timeline photos 07/24/2013

Keep Slingshot Media in your prayers as we continue to grow in purpose and in helping the next generation know their true value.To God be the Glory! Thank you

Timeline photos 07/23/2013

For 3 years now Slingshot Media has educated, entertained and inspired value upon the lives of at risk youth. It's an honor to serve this next generation with my wife by my side. Though this task can be difficult we are strengthen by Gods word and knowing we are called to do this work. We look forward to seeing this next generation excel to greater heights and know their value.


I had an amazing conversation with a truly awesome young man. 15 years old and he's been through the most, but he's still standing. I know that God has a plan for him and I also know one day when he looks back at his 15 year old self he's gonna say..."Dang...I did a good job through all that." with a


What we saw today:
-A teen create his first film
-A teens first time using a professional camera
-A teen dancing to a beat they created
-A teen runaway from their group home
-A teen hear their voice on a mic for the first time
A teen using a stylist to see their art work come alive on an iPad
-A teen call for help because they are close to being homeless
-Teens ask that we stay longer at their group home
-Teens feeling encouraged and loved when Slingshot Media is around.

Through the life changing actions we see and the devastating situations we see our youth go through. We pray that God's hand continues to build this company to help build the future leaders of our community. To God be the Glory!

Timeline photos 06/27/2013

Our youth this week have been creating short films and decided to do all the filming, editing and sound design. Our hearts are smiling at the fact that they are accomplishing goals and working as a team. Thank you God for purpose.

Timeline photos 06/24/2013

We want to hear from you! Our most heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every audience member, friend, volunteer, teen, group home, youth group and family member for coming out and supporting The Blood they Shed's run in The Hollywood Fringe Festival. We had so many amazing shows, laughs and good times with friends and felt overwhelmingly loved and supported. Many more exciting things to come. We are so thankful. For now: u tell one sentence how cud u describe The Blood they Shed?


This world through powerful forms of media is so good at manipulating youth it's scary. Censorship has been thrown out the window and anything and everything is accessible to the youth. The big trip is how adults package up s*x, drugs, violence, etc in seductive forms of media while making a huge profit off the youth. What one generation accepts the other generation will embrace. So many teens are left with the hurts and pains of us adults that they don't see a bright future for themselves and this cycle keeps repeating. What we meditate on we become and there's a huge push to become a self absorbed society through the mainstream media we see today. The solution is to be aware that there is a generation under us that needs encouragement from us adults. There's already enough adults pumping negativity in their ear pushing their latest album, brand,video game, film and etc to them to make a profit. I see over 80 different youth a week who have been abandoned by adults who couldn't handle there responsibilities and it sickens me to see this cycle continue. In order to be a light in places we have to understand there's darkness and us adults who have sense need to expose it. Thank you God for purpose and my prayer is that you give my generation the wisdom to break these chains through your word.

Mobile uploads 06/14/2013

We had a powerful week creating songs for Father's Day and spoken word pieces with our youth. Thank you God for purpose

Mobile uploads 06/11/2013

Aaron and the route to our first workshop of the day...drug and alcohol addicted teens. If this ain't a callin' I don't know what is.


Just had an amazing night with one of the girl group homes we work with. We created spoken word pieces and all of them were fire. We are sooo proud of them. We are now driving back home bumping Mali "Yahweh" singing with our intern. Thank you God for purpose and moments like these.


Our youth aren't angry there just discouraged....Take time to uplift the younger generation instead of tearing them down...Then watch a generation rise to becoming leaders who feel encouraged.

Hollywood Fringe - the blood they shed 06/03/2013

Hollywood Fringe - the blood they shed

It's opening week and we couldn't be more excited about conquering new territory for The Blood they Shed!!! THE FRINGE! Opening night is this Friday at 8:30PM at Let Live Theater in Hollywood! Tickets on sale at or you can even purchase them on our company website

Hollywood Fringe - the blood they shed A one-man theatrical show about the journey of a young boy fighting against the negative draws of media while trying not to forget his roots.


When V and I got married one of our goals was to run a company that would instill value and worth into the hearts of the youth. Well this week we celebrate 4 years of Marriage and 4 years of Slingshot Media.Thank you all for supporting us in the work we do. To God be the Glory!

Timeline photos 05/23/2013

Today I highlight the work of my wife Viergeni who has an amazing gift of bringing a sense of peace to every workshop. I've seen hectic/crazed group homes undergo a peaceful switch when V enters the home. Thank you God for purpose and a wife who yearns to make a difference.

Timeline photos 05/21/2013

These 3 boys told us there tired of the foolishness they hear on the radio. So they decide to remix "all you need is love" by the Beatles. I'm not mad, do ya thing teens.

Timeline photos 05/21/2013

Slingshot Media with our first Intern. We are growing ya'll as a company. Thank you God for purpose and a team.


We are reloading, revamping and recharging for our youth. Amazing projects are coming soon!! Can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they see all the newness!

Timeline photos 05/08/2013

Wife and I making 8 group home girls dream of making a music video come to life. Thank you God for purpose. Never seen so many smiles and heard so much laughter.

Hollywood Fringe - the blood they shed 05/07/2013

Hollywood Fringe - the blood they shed didn't get a chance to see THE BLOOD THEY SHED on 4/20? Well, no excuses now! 5 shows, One VENUE, JUNE 2013. WE in the Hollywood Fringe Festival ya'll! Tickets just went on sale! GET IT and DON'T MISS IT!

Hollywood Fringe - the blood they shed The Blood They Shed is a Broadway-style, one-man show written by Aaron White, Co-Director of the NAACP Award winning play, THE DANCE: The History of American Minstrelsy (featured in Cincinnati Fringe Festival, 2008).

Timeline photos 04/25/2013

It's been 3 years since Aaron and I first started doing workshops with youth in the system. 5 Years since The Blood they Shed hit theaters. I couldn't be more thankful for the purpose God has given us. My prayer today is that we can reach our goal and turn our message into a film and teaching series that can change the lives of youth all over the nation. "Like it", "Share it", "Give it" and "Pray for it".

Timeline photos 04/24/2013

In this picture is a future film maker and community leader. They were inspired by my performance and were honored to take a picture with me. They tripped out when I said I'm more honored to take this picture with them and told them its stories like theirs that inspire me. A greater generation is on the rise and I'm glad to see it take off first hand.


We are floored and overwhelmed by the support last night. A sold out show, a beautiful audience and so much support! Thank you for coming out! Please take a moment to like Aaron White, The Blood they Shed and Slingshot Media.
If you loved what you saw!!!!!!

Timeline photos 04/19/2013

26 Days left and we've raised $180 toward our goal of 20k. Let's get it folks! Anything will help! $50 from 400 people would make it happen! Please share our project with your friends and family! Even if they give a $1. It's somethin!
TODAY I honor Black Student Unions of Southern California for hosting "THE BLOOD THEY SHED" In November 2012. 100s of students experienced the show and were forever changed by it! Thank you BSU's of Southern Cal for all your support!
CLICK here to give:




Los Angeles, CA

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