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MAD Motivation


When last did you have a good laugh? Sometimes we get so stuck in our daily grind we forget how it feels to have a good time. Be it with friends, family or co-workers. Go out and try make someone smile this weekend. Go have a good time and embrace that happiness. We all can Make A Difference
MAD Motivational by MAD Mentors, If someone offers information, help or a service that's valid in present time for free,,Take it. That's called opportunity.
"Information is knowledge, knowledge becomes opportunity & opportunity comes in all shapes & sizes, color or no color. Information is priceless opportunity." Always take time for information & that comes from Warren Buffett, not just him but steve jobs, tai Lopez, they all agree and these are the richest crowds in the world so if someone offers VALID Information, Don't be arrogant or act like ur better than the person giving the information cause u have more atm than them.
Even if the information turns out to be off its never wrong, just out of order.
" Rich get Rich for taking chances, Rich dont stay Rich cause there not humble."

MAD Motivation Helps Motivate, Inspire & Educate New business owners as well as existing business owners in today's Digital era. GO MAD. Make A Differenc


Operating as usual


Stop assuming life throws things in your path making it harder or more stressful for you to live..
Accept the idea that the OBSTACLE is the PATH!!
Accepting this will reveal what's been hidden to you this whole time..


Narrow it down to today & Develop winning habits!!!




Please Scan QR code & send the feedback on what can be done better. Thank you kindly


* MAD Motivated Business Builders & Currency Traders *

( Traders ).. Woodie; woodies pivot points are similar to floor pivot points, the difference being is that more weight is given to the close price of the previous period.
{ Pivot (P) = (H+L+2xC) /4 Resistance (R1) = ( 2xP) - L R2 = P+H-L Support (S1) = (2xP)-H S2 = P-H+L

There will be 5 styles of pivot points added.
There will be Candlestick Charting, Risk Management, Trade Management, Managing your trading strategy, Hedge fund strategies, Commodity Hedging.

Tomorrow at 6pm-7pm PST jump on the Zoom, get more answers to questions & talk about options.

Hope all is well with each of you..

CryptoVision Inc. 04/05/2021

CryptoVision Inc.

Here's some Real Reviews posted on the website I thought I'd share.

( " Dale Bowen
Really wonderful. Great company to work with. They are very knowledgeable and professional. thank you !! " )

( amanda colby
As a solo business entrepreneur I was struggling building my online aspect of it. Jeremiah Hart helped me beyond my imagination. My clientele is building rapidly as is my online business )

( Ashley Gary
Great work. Very fast. Thanks a lot !!! )

( Stephanie Boyle
The guidance and information I got from working with these guys has been completely invaluable. They can and will help you sort out or redirect most any situation needing improvement in your life. Everyone can ABSOLUTELY benefit from contacting CryptoVision. )

CryptoVision Inc. 8yrs of Experience | Over 300hrs in sales | Certified MSMMA & Six Sigma | Your satisfaction is OUR #1 Priority | Over 183 Clients Served

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Matty Pips Legendary Trader Exclusive Training Event. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar. 04/01/2021

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Matty Pips Legendary Trader Exclusive Training Event. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.

🚨🚨Private Exclusive event by invite only🚨🚨

🚀🚀THIS Thursday at 7pm with world renowned global educator and ambassador in the HFX space Mr. Matthew Thayer🚀🚀

And the #1 income earner globally in the entire profession featured in Forbes magazine, Rolling Stones magazine Mr Alex Morton!!!

🌎🌎🌎He is the #1 educator on the largest education platform in the world, his teachings and classes empower over 300,000 students on a weekly basis in over 180 countries around the world!!!🌎🌎🌎

🤑🤑Market Mastery🤑🤑
📈📈How to capitalize and position you and your family in front of this massive trend with the world's leading HFX educators and ambassadors Mr Matty Pips 📈📈

⏰⏰People say trading is something only those on Wall Street can do? ⏰⏰

🤔🤔But it takes all day to trade doesn’t it?🤔🤔

🏦🏦Takes years and years and hundreds of thousands to learn how to be a professional in the markets doesn’t it!?🏦🏦

💰💰Mattys story will inspire you to see that not only can he take this complicated topic and break it down so anyone can learn too, but also in under 5 years he has changed his families life for ever 💰💰

✅✅Come and see one of the legends in the markets show you what it takes to win for your family too✅✅

👉👉 Click Attend and make sure to pre-register 👇👇👇👇
And tag all your peeps so they can learn as well!!
XMA Header Image
Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Matty Pips Legendary Trader Exclusive Training Event. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Matty Pips Legendary Trader Exclusive Training Event. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar. Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Matty Pips Legendary Trader Exclusive Training Event. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.


IM Academy. Come join a community of like minded individuals on a mission to make a difference with education for a higher understanding in Business building, Crypto/Forex markets & compounding interest of residual income. True Digital Clarity

Greg Shillington-RE/MAX Grande Prairie Nicky Rempel IM mastery academy Free From The Rat Race! Entrepreneurs with a growth mindset


Motivation Makes A Difference in Building Businesses.
Are you only about numbers? $1Billion a year & increasing by Millions each year.
Are you having trouble building your business or getting viewers, likes & followers? IM Academy has the PERFECT IBO PROGRAM for you.
Contact us for info.. Click " send message "


👁‍🗨MAD Motivation-- Update👁‍🗨
MAD Motivation, listed as
"Business services", will change to "Business Building" with services to offer.. MAD Motivation was a page to Help Motivate others so people would become Motivated Business owners. Well this is still the idea but we're going to switch a few things & start to BUILD BUSINESSES & Business relationships, partnerships, & any other ships we can..
There will be a switch on the website as well & if your following any other pages watch for the change there as well.
Thank you kindly & NEVER stop never break, never back down..


MAD Motivational By MAD Mentors.
Your worth it! Never let anyone tell you different.. Your a badass at what you do, accept it & keep doing it! If they say you cant, you show you can. If they act better than you, wait till they get knocked off their high horse then help them up... People dont like the fact your doing what they want but wont cause fear of failure.. Always remember that the ones talking mess are the ones afraid to live life the way they want. Use these scary ass people as fuel to push you even further into your success..

MAD Motivation updated their website address. 03/08/2021

MAD Motivation updated their website address.

MAD Motivation updated their website address.

MAD Motivation updated their phone number. 03/08/2021

MAD Motivation updated their phone number.

MAD Motivation updated their phone number.


For more info DM (zoom)


IM Academy Zoom

Come get Motivated by some of the top people in the game.


☆MAD Motivation By MAD Mentors☆
I started chasing after my dream in 2013, launched in 2014. I didn't prepare & made choices without being experienced or educated in that choice. I've made A LOT, I've lost a lot but I've learned even more. I've never given up but I've fell victim to the depression of living the entrepreneur lifestyle because sometimes its lonely & u put up with a lot of failures, a lot of negative talk from others & a lot of rejection. I Never gave up. I had it in the palms of my hands once already but it slipped through my fingers. Now with 8 years of FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE I know what's needed to be successful. I hooked up with a like-minded community so it's not so lonely, I'm being taught the tools to perfect my experience & fill in the missing parts of my skills. I've partnered up with a one of the top company's world wide & now am in arks reach of my new life. I NEVER GAVE UP, I pushed forward & now have even more to offer to others. If u need help, I might have your solution..
MAD Motivation by MAD Mentor Jeremiah

Vision HUB 02/04/2021

Vision HUB

☆Let's Rewind Time☆
I'm up early today, couldn't slow my thoughts to sleep much. I posted yesterday about being laughed at & made fun of for chasing after my dreams. I could continue where I left off but instead, I'm going to provide proof of work I've accomplished be my voice.
If you've been with me for sometime there's been one major thing that stays consistent, IM ALL ABOUT BITCOIN & have been for years. I'm going to post some of my older content link's. The stuff that shows experience. Click the link.

Vision HUB Find a broker that is regulated by government institutions: You'll be happy to know there is a monitoring process for OTC Broker activity. Here is a list of agencies that regulate OTC Investment Broke


“The Mind Is Like the Moon in Water, the body is like an image in a mirror.”
~ Water reflects an image of the moon, a mirror reflects an image of a person’s body. The reflection of thing’s in the human mind is like the reflection of the moon in water, reflecting instantaneously.


Get MAD Motivation Custom clothing just DM your request.


Make your money work for u, at all times


MAD Motivation by MAD Mentors.
" E- Fever "
Entrepreneurial fever has been kicking into high gear, because when the economy slows down, Entrepreneurial activity heats up. In fact, Entrepreneurs flourish in down times.
Breaking away from those typical job structures & creating your own stream of income puts you in the best position to weather an economic storm, simply because you are no longer dependent on a boss or on the economy to determine your annual income. NOW YOU determine it!!
Stay MAD, Stay motivated..
MAD Motivation....



What type of entrepreneur are you!AsQV1Ny3Zw8Chz0yYIwBhlMYPeJe



I know its hard, if its easy its not worth it. Let other's judge, they can't walk on water so who are they to talk.. Speak only of what u know NOT what u assume.

Timeline photos 04/13/2020

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 04/13/2020

Building my momentum back up & getting to know more about YOU!!


Go MAD, Go visit, We are working on our site and want your comments, opinions and also want to do business with YOU! We would also appreciate a share. Help us Make A Difference.


MADLoL TOOLBOX _ Ready for full-time trading_.docx

Part 1. When you know your ready to trade full-time for your job.. Part 2 coming soon..!AsQV1Ny3Zw8Chyz8zGFdTBoQowuf?e=1e7VQi

MADLoL TOOLBOX _ Ready for full-time trading_.docx


Hustle Estates

Check out Hustle Estates

Photos from MAD Motivation's post 01/28/2020

Which Cover & Which Title should the final draft go to? Right to Left, 1-4. Let me know what you guys think.


Heard about Bitcoin? Not sure how to invest/buy Cryptocurrencies? Want to learn how to Trade and manage a portfolio? We are all about EDUCATION. Contact us for your guide into the Crypto world today.


CryptoVision Digital Marketing will help you grow your online presence. Get your business online TODAY. Expand your advertising to another level. Optimize your business' online efficiency.


Expand your Network, Grow your Social, Turn your Network into Net-worth, Save more time, have less stress & manage your projects clearly with efficiency. Analytics & tracking for projects or buying Real Estate IS NOW READY for use.


Join the M.A.D. L.o.L. Discord Server!

Hello MAD Motivators & Motivaties. Yes I've been away, Yes I have not kept posting Motivating content. Yes I have a reason as to what's kept me busy.. I'm working on a very cool APP for everyone & the last mobile App I developed that was on amazon was taken down yesterday to rebuild & update but will be back on amazon, the name is the same(EpicTrades). I'm also working on a VERY AMAZING partnership with Millionaire mastermind & CEO of GOLoLFlix, & soon to take JT Foxx spot the author of " Millionaire Underdog". That's not all I've been busy doing & there's not enough time in the day for me to accomplish it all so I get pulled away from groups. I will have a awesome layout & story to tell you all here shortly. Till then let's keep growing & expanding our network. If interested please feel free to join us in our Official discord.

Join the M.A.D. L.o.L. Discord Server! Check out the M.A.D. L.o.L. community on Discord - hang out with 2 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.


How does that makes sense to people? To busy judging people in the struggle & of need but wont lift a finger to help be part of the solution but have more then enough time to disrespect, degrade & make fun of people going threw hard times!! This is what really get’s to me: People say- “I’m all for helping people in need but only if their helping themselves”! I understand the mindset of the comment however, I’m not sure the ones making the comment even know what a person in need, that’s helping them-self looks like. I mean, how do these people know when a homeless person starts helping them-self? The only way someone can know this is when it’s to late & they no longer need the help, in a sense it’s like giving money to people with money instead of giving it to the people with-out & who need the money. The families & or individuals in tents pushing shopping carts sleeping outside on the side of the road, these are the people that need the help, these people don’t know how to help themselves or need a little more help than the rest to get moving again.

Now if you walk to the places where the Homeless gather you’ll hear “MAD Homes” & my name or “J” because I’m actively finding solutions to the smaller problems the homeless face. Helping does not have to be money or large gifts, it can be simply warm food, dry clothing, old tents or a conversation over a hot cup of coffee.

The cold season is here & from speaking to SEVERAL different Homeless groups, the small crimes will start to pick up as it gets colder. This is the ripple effect from the homeless stone thrown in Cowlitz County Community.

Think of it like this. If we could have came together to take care of our community to build a system that NOT only helps the homeless but it cleans up our city streets, reduces the drug problem, reduces small to large crime, saves our taxes, produces respectful individuals to our community, & shows the rest that we as a community stick together, we take care of & look out for the one’s who can’t take care of themselves, It shows the power of positivity & a strong community.

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IM Academy Zoom
Hustle Estates
MAD Homes
MAD Motivation




Marketing Services, Advertising Services, Real Estate Scouting Services, Educational Services, Business Broker & Concierge Services, "DSMC" Digital Social Market Consultant, Business & Personal Motivational Inspirational Speaker.



Longview, WA

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 11:30pm
Tuesday 8am - 11:30pm
Wednesday 8am - 11:30pm
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Friday 8am - 12:30am
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