Algalita Marine Research and Education

Algalita Marine Research and Education


Meet our Chief Scientist, Gwen Lattin. Gwen has been instrumental in developing methods for analyzing microplastics since 2000, working both with the Moore Institute and Algalita Marine Research and Education . She has co-authored numerous papers on marine plastic pollution and has thousands of hours of experience extracting micro and nanoplastics from water samples. If you know Gwen, you know she is fiercely intelligent, funny and incredibly kind. We're lucky to have her leading our laboratory!

CONGRATS! Kristal Ambrose and the Bahamas Plastic Movement are inspiring ocean activists. We had the opportunity to meet Kristal at the youth summit at Algalita Marine Research and Education. Please check out her book Kai and Gaia Discover the Gyre.
Let’s talk about plastics - and our work to phase out single-use plastics in the City of Los Angeles.

Yesterday, I led a landmark, unanimous vote to end plastic pollution in Los Angeles by phasing out these types of plastics - utensils, for example - at City facilities and City-sponsored events.

The vote builds on several actions we have already taken - including reducing single-use foodware accessories, plastic straws on request, and reducing plastic bags - as well as our ongoing ‘LA100’ plan to achieve 100% carbon-free energy by 2035.

We’re leading by example and are well on our way to creating a plastics free future.

Thank you Paul Krekorian, Paul Koretz, Nury Martinez and my colleagues for your leadership, as well as the amazing advocacy from Reusable LA, Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance, Plastic Pollution Coalition, 5 Gyres, Azul, Surfrider Foundation Los Angeles, Heal the Bay, Break Free From Plastic, Algalita Marine Research and Education, Habits of Waste, Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, WeTap, members of the Mayor's Youth Council for Climate Action and so many others.

Subscribe to my "Greener L.A. Updates" to learn more and stay involved in these efforts.

📸 The Graduate (1967)
from BYO LB

The first 2022 beach cleanup with Algalita Marine Research and Education and Long Beach Waterbikes was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came out to help and to the sponsors that hosted and did all the hard work of organizing!
Stay tuned for more opportunities coming every month.
from Algalita Marine Research and Education

Alamitos Bay cleanups are starting again! Join us to clean out the winter rain debris. Walk the docks with Keene Yacht or waterbike with Long Beach Waterbikes . Activities, prizes and discounts from Bring Your Own Long Beach , Malainey's Grill and One Hell of an Irish Bar, and The Original Wax Stash . (Plus a free ticket to Hydrobike for all participants!) Must register at

See ya there!
Hello fellow despisers of single-use plastic! If we keep cleaning up after the polluters, how will that encourage them to change?

FoCo Trash Mob, a part of BFFP, collaborates with ocean and litter clean-up groups to make their work effective! Be The Sollution to Pollution and the Anacostia River Clean-up groups will hold a "MLK Clean-up Day." Repost and message Here:
Join us for our CHAPTER SOCIAL!
WHEN: Saturday, October 16th from 8:30 to 10:30
WHERE: Up near 54th St around H***y Corner
WHY: To clean up Alamitos Bay in partnership with Algalita Marine Research and Education

Bring your own kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, or any other water vessel you prefer, to clean up the Bay. If you don’t have a vessel, we have 10 double kayaks available for use at no cost to you, donated by Kayaks on the Water. Email us at [email protected] ASAP to reserve a kayak spot.

Please arrive by 8:30 to set up your gear and meet other volunteers. We will have coffee and light snacks, but please bring your own mug! The clean up on the water will be from 9 to 10. We will also have folks cleaning up on the sand if you don’t want to go out on the water.

We are super stoked for this and can’t wait to see you there! 〰️
📸: Catherine Canac-Marquis
Daar zijn we weer, over een paar minuten begint de tweede editie van de : een uniek congres over de gevolgen van voor de gezondheid van de mens.

Wil je op de hoogte worden gehouden & “sneak peeks” zien? Volg ons op Twitter en Instagram voor updates gedurende de dag!
Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) Mirpuri Foundation Shaw Institute Gallifrey Foundation Familia Schurmann Surfing Medicine International Algalita Marine Research and Education A Plastic Planet WECF International WECF Nederland - Women Engage for a Common Future Parley for the Oceans Just One Ocean Tegengif Center for International Environmental Law Trash Hero World
TNP would like to welcome our new members and thank our returning member organizations! Check out the incredible work they are doing in our communities by visiting their websites or social media profiles.

Members receive discounts on workshops and events, free access to Foundation Directory Online, free job postings on our job board, and more!

For questions about membership, please contact us or visit or email us at [email protected].

Algalita Marine Research and Education
Catalina Island Conservancy
Centro CHA Inc
Villages at Cabrillo
Families In Schools
Left Propeller Salesforce Consulting
Long Beach Blues Society
Long Beach Organic
Love In The Mirror
South Coast Chorale
Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre (SCDA)
Stroke Support Association
The Bucket List Project Foundation
The LGBTQ Center Long Beach
WomenShelter of Long Beach
Young Horizons Child Development Centers
Make it count.
Here are more ways you can make a difference, starting today:

🅰️ Refusing any single-use plastics you do not need (e.g., straws, plastic bags, takeout utensils, takeout containers), when you refuse single-use plastic items, help businesses by letting them know that you would like them to offer alternatives. 🅱️ Purchasing and carrying with you reusable versions of those products.

Recycle Properly ♻️
This should go without saying, but when you use single-use (and other) plastics that can be recycled, always be sure to recycle them. At present, just 9% of plastic is recycled worldwide. Recycling helps keep plastics out of the ocean and reduces “new” plastic in circulation. It’s also important to check with your local recycling center about the types of plastic they accept.

Participate In (or Organize) a Beach or River Cleanup🐬
Help remove plastics from the ocean and prevent them from getting there in the first place by participating in or organizing a cleanup of your local beach or waterway. This is one of the most direct and rewarding ways to fight ocean plastic pollution. You can simply go to the beach or waterway and collect plastic waste on your own or with friends or family, or you can join a local organization’s cleanup or an international event like the International Coastal Cleanup.

Spread the Word🗣️
Stay informed on issues related to plastic pollution and help make others aware of the problem. Tell your friends and family about how they can be part of the solution.

Support Organizations Addressing Plastic Pollution🌀
There are many non-profit organizations working to reduce and eliminate ocean plastic pollution in various ways, including Oceanic Society, Plasticpollution, 5 Gyres, Algalita Marine Research and Education, Plastic Soup Foundation International, and others. These organizations rely on donations from people like you to continue their important work. Even small donations can make a big difference!

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Here is my latest project: Please PLAY and SHARE! Thank you.

(The price we pay for throwing away)
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Friday Feature: Algalita Marine Research and Education ⁣

If someone said to you, billions of pounds of plastic swirl within our oceans, could you even picture what that looks like?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

The great Pacific garbage patch is estimated to be twice the size of Texas. For perspective, driving from the west most to the east most point of the state takes approximately 13 hours to traverse the 1,400 kilometres. Now imagine driving across plastic, stretching as far as the eye could see, for more than 26 hours.⁣

Algalita was born when founder Captain Charles Moore witnessed this unfathomable sight. He began to question everything that got us to a point where it seemed there was no turning back for the plastic crisis impacting our oceans, waterways and animal life - his Great Plastics Awakening.⁣

Their organization has remained true to its mission on educating and empowering future generations on more sustainable practices and organizing action days like their Waterbike Cleanups to help recover stray plastics. They have also developed a 3-part webinar series to engage students around one of the most impactful documentaries known as ‘𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘚𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘺 𝘰𝘧 𝘗𝘭𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘤’. They also provide teaching kits targeted for middle school educators, to help young minds better understand microplastics and their impact on ecosystems through hands-on activities.⁣

A team member, Julie Darrel, serves us a powerful reminder on how small actions can have a collective impact: “Perfection is not the goal, but progress. We can’t all do everything, but everyone can do something."⁣

If you’d like to support their efforts or get involved yourself, reach out to their team at Also check out their social media feed linked above to learn about partner opportunities.⁣

Tax ID: 33-0657882⁣
📸: Lucien Wanda⁣


As originators in the field of plastic pollution prevention, we don’t simply clean up trash – ou

As the pioneer in the study of plastic pollution, Algalita was the first to spearhead the research methodology for collecting and analyzing micro/macroplastic samples from the ocean. Since Captain Moore’s 1997 discovery of the “plastic soup” in the North Pacific Gyre, we’ve continued collecting samples through multiple expeditions in the North Pacific and around the world. In 2016, we plan to publ

Operating as usual


Join us at on 12/10 to learn how to deploy Algalita experiences in your classroom! All participants are eligible to earn LAUSD PD hours and everyone will walk away with a FREE Plastic Ocean Teaching Kit. Light refreshments will also be available.

RSVP Required: [email protected]


Vendor highlight 👏🏻👏🏻 Introducing Marley's Monsters] ❤️❤️

Hands down, some of our best selling products at BYO at Algalita. Not only do these home and self-care reusables WORK, but they last forever and come in super cute prints. We love the way Marley's Monsters] brightens up our home and our lives. Thank you for all the hard work, Sarah and team 🙌🏻🙌🏻


In 2020, our Executive Director, Katie Allen, and Algalita Founder, , decided to establish a new sister organization that would investigate plastics pollution beyond the ocean environment. The dream was to develop a lab capable of analyzing in tap water, air, soil, consumer products, etc.

immediately came on as ED, and BAM! The dream became a reality…

Today MoorePlasticRes]] is working towards becoming the first-ever accredited lab to test for microplastics in drinking water AND they’re leading the effort to develop the first-ever open-source data system for tracking water quality. These are just two of many projects MoorePlasticRes]] has taken on since it’s inception.

This is a picture of a new device they’re working on called, the 💧Essentially, it’s a simple way to collect microplastics from tap water for analysis. More details coming soon!!

In the meantime, check out this fantastic article from the San Francisco Bay Chronicle (link in bio ☝🏻)

"California becomes first state to test drinking water for microplastics"

Featuring the MoorePlasticRes]] lab 🥼🧪 and many of their collaborators and contacts, like Scott Coffin from and from OSU Coastal

Be sure to follow them to keep up with all the awesome stuff they’re doing!! We are so stoked to work alongside them in the same office :)

Photos from Algalita Marine Research and Education's post 11/05/2022

Thank you to all the amazing businesses who donated to the BYO/Algalita anniversary grab bags 🥰

All of our guests left our party with a: laundry liquid sample from Root & Splendor, lotion bar from LB Love Organics, toothpaste tablets from Huppy, bamboo toothbrush from Brush with Bamboo, and a snack bag from Stasher 🙌🏻

We are so grateful for your friendship and support 🌎

Photos from Algalita Marine Research and Education's post 11/02/2022

📣 The Team is seeking to hire a new Advising Director, to join their core team and oversee the growth + development of their student advising systems! 📣⁠

Candidates for this position will demonstrate a passion for supporting student leadership, understanding of zero waste and environmental justice, and strong creative problem solving skills. ⁠

To read the full position description and apply, visit! Application deadline is Monday, November 14 🗓️


Another amazing vendor you can find at our shop with - introducing Nudi Goods] 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Owner, Jaime Boddorff, handcrafts beautifully simple and products our customers LOVE. From lip balms to mascara and shimmer sticks, all of her products are plastic-free and non-toxic.

Thanks for all your hard work, Jaime!! We’re proud to carry Nudi Goods] at our shop ☺️


Throwback 🙌🏻 7 years ago TODAY, our friend and local artist , installed this treasure at . A sunset mural made from 5,000+ lighters (he himself) collected from the shores of Long Beach. This picture was taken before BYO at Algalita existed 😮 Today, this is the corner where the refill bars are located 😍

Thank you for all the years of friendship, Thom!! You’ve impacted thousands with your creations 👏🏻👏🏻


A pro tip for long-lasting - use twine and pins to hang dry your beeswrap, stashers, reusable sponges and scrubbers, and pot scrappers!! Works great and looks super cute too ☺️

You can find all these products and more at our low-waste shop, BYO at Algalita 🙌🏻🙌🏻


We are so lucky to be at the Hollywood Bowl with and tonight!! So many people have stopped by the Algalita booth to learn about our efforts, and a TON of educators have signed up to receive our free teaching kits 🙌🏻🙌🏻

We are definitely feeling the love ❤️


All At Once comes to life at the Jack Johnson concert where you can get inspired and connect with us and other non-profits in your community. Visit in the Jack Johnson Village Green at the Hollywood Bowl this Sunday, take action and enter to win great prizes!!

Photos from Bring Your Own Long Beach's post 09/29/2022

One of the many reasons we love Bring Your Own Long Beach ❤️


We LOVE 💚 Marilyn puts her heart and soul into creating cleaning goods with simple ingredients that WORK! Visit our refill shop, BYO at Algalita, to test out her collection of laundry essentials, cleaning sprays, and more!!

Thank you for all your hard work, 🙌🏻🙌🏻

REMINDER! Free food, drinks and giveaways for the first 50 people to register for our 5yr Anniversary Party (visit https//


THANK YOU to the team at for selecting to be their charity partner at the 2022 Healthcare Facilities Symposium 🙌🏻🙌🏻 We’ve met so many incredible people doing life-changing work. Next time you walk into any healthcare facility, take some time to appreciate the thoughtful architecture and design aimed at creating places for healing.

Photos from Algalita Marine Research and Education's post 09/26/2022

So proud of our sister organization 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Here’s a great short from reporting on California's new initiatives to measure microplastics in drinking water.

Hear from , , Moore Institute’s Executive Director and our double-founder as they talk about their roles as scientists in this world-first requirement for monitoring microplastics.

You can access the article and watch the story at the link in the bio


We’re having a party 🎉🥳🍻 Join and as we celebrate 5 years of partnership serving our local community 🙌🏻🙌🏻 We’ll have free food, drink tickets and giveaways for the first 50 people who register (link in bio👆🏻) or visit https//

Can’t wait to see you all there!!
10/26 6pm, 140 North Marina Drive


We’re having a party 🎉🥳🍻 Join and as we celebrate 5 years of partnership serving our local community 🙌🏻🙌🏻 We’ll have free food, drink tickets and giveaways for the first 50 people who register at https//

Can’t wait to see you all there!!
10/26 6pm, 140 North Marina Drive


MATCH MET!!! And then some 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Thank you to everyone who contributed. We are so inspired, and encouraged, by you ❤️


Today is THE DAY! And we are exactly halfway to our goal of reaching our $2,500 match from the Johnson Ohana Foundation 🙌🏻 All donations (here will go to support our newest program, Wayfinder Classroom, which is launching this fall!! WFC gives educators free and open access to real-world and real-time lessons to deploy in their classrooms. The portal will connect directly to the already existing Wayfinder Society, our online program packed full of action items for students. Programs like these are the best way to keep educators, and their students, up to speed on what’s really happening out there 🌏

Remember, all donations today will be matched and all donors will be entered into a raffle to win tickets to see at the on 10/2 🎶

Thank you to those who have already donated ❤️


Celebrating the incredible entrepreneurs behind the products sold at our refill shop in partnership with 🙌🏻 Meet Love White, of Love & Snow (). Handcrafted in Los Angeles, Love’s products promote healthy hair and scalp w/o compromise. Stop by our shop at 140 North Marina Drive to check out the selection 🫶🏻🌨 Or visit their website for more ❤️


We’ve set a goal to raise $2,500 by end of day Thursday, Sept 22 🙌🏻🙌🏻 All donations (here will be MATCHED by The Johnson Ohana Foundation, and donors are entered into a raffle to win tickets to see at the on 10/2!!

Thank you to those who have already donated ❤️❤️ We’ve got a great head start!!

Again, thanks to our amazing friends and partners at for this amazing opportunity!!

Photos from Algalita Marine Research and Education's post 09/17/2022

Thank you to everyone who came out to our today! Over 50 volunteers pulled 150lbs+ of trash from Mother’s Beach and Park. We even had a dive team searching for trash on the bay floor 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Stay tuned for more community events ❤️


starts today! Donate to Algalita between now and 9/22 and your donation will be matched by The Johnson Ohana Foundation, up to a total of $2500!! ❤️ All donors during this time will be entered into a raffle to win tickets to Jack’s show at the Hollywood Bowl on 10/2 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Link to donate:

Thank you to our friends and partners at for providing this amazing opportunity 👏🏻👏🏻


Check out our founder Charles Moore in this article from USC Annenberg Center - CCLP , "How plastic manufacturers have warped California’s landmark plastics act".


Our refill shop in partnership with is filled with amazing products made by REAL people 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Over the next few weeks we’ll be celebrating the incredible entrepreneurs that help make living a and life possible. Today, we are excited to highlight Kristin Fracassi of ❤️❤️

From room and body sprays to laundry essentials, Root and Splendor works hard to ensure the impact of their products, packaging, and profits benefit people and the planet. As a closed loop delivery partner, Kristin delivers products in 50 gallon barrels that are later repurposed.

We appreciate all your hard work, and are proud to carry your fantastic products at our location 🌱🌎


Out at the Naples Island Swim this morning! Amazing seeing all the swimmers navigating Alamitos Bay. We love helping to keep our bay plastic free 🏊‍♀️🏊🏊🐟🦀 we ❤️LB

Photos from Long Beach Green School Campaign's post 08/17/2022

TONIGHT 5pm! Show up to the first LBUSD Board Meeting of the school year at 1515 Hughes Way, LB 90810 to encourage the Board of Education to pass the updated Green Operations Policy! Follow (on Instagram) for more information and to support this youth-led movement towards transitioning LBUSD to 100% renewable energy.


STUDENTS!! From now until September 30, bring your current student ID to any of the locations and get 15% off all refill products!! The BYO location is less than 3 miles from (140 N. Marina Drive, Long Beach CA 90803) - right next to .

Stock up on hand soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, and anything else you need!

We’re open daily 11-5 🙌🏻 Student discount cannot be combined with any other offer.


We’ve been busy making educational displays for our refill shop with ! Here’s a timeline of over two decades of history 🙌🏻🙌🏻 It wasn’t easy to create since our organization has accomplished so many incredible things over the years. The best part is, customers actually stop and read it ❤️❤️


That’s a wrap!! 100 free teaching kits packed and ready to be shipped to educators across the US 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Because of teachers, these reusable kits reach thousands of students every year. Thank you for being our greatest allies as we push towards our vision where plastic pollution is unthinkable ❤️❤️

Also a big shout out to our Education Director, Anika, for giving it 110% — 110% of the time. Also, Emily from for jumping in to help today 🌎🌎 We have an incredible team.


They WON!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️❤️❤️ What an incredible game!!! We are so lucky to have such amazing friends and supporters!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, especially Team 🙌🏻🙌🏻

If you missed the episode last night, you can still watch it on Hulu. Best game ever!


Celebrity Family Feud & Algalita!!! THIS Sunday, August 7 at 8pm ET // Comedians Rhys Darby and Jay Pharoah will face off to see who will win the most money for their respective charities. Team Rhys Darby has selected and Team Jay Pharoah will be playing for Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters! You can also watch the episode on demand and on Hulu following the 8/7 ABC premiere.

A BIG THANK YOU to Rhys, Finn, Fleur, David, and Samba for this incredible opportunity 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Good luck!! We’ll all be rooting for you!!


Have you seen Captain Planet Foundation's new Blue Climate Action Summit Series? If you're passionate about protecting and restoring our oceans, lakes and waterbodies - be sure to register before the July 22 deadline! The series will be held the weekend of 29 July 2022. To register, go to

Planeteer Alliance


Getting ready to assemble another round of free gyre teaching kits for public school educators 🙌🏻🙌🏻 1,826 have gone out to date, and they are reusable every year! 100 will become available this fall, first come first serve. Sign up at

Our Story

As the pioneer in the study of plastic pollution, Algalita was the first to spearhead the research methodology for collecting and analyzing micro/macroplastic samples from the ocean. Since Captain Moore’s 1997 discovery of the “plastic soup” in the North Pacific Gyre, we’ve continued collecting samples through multiple expeditions in the North Pacific and around the world.

Algalita realized long ago that in order to make a real difference, educating our future generations was critical. Our science-based educational programs are innovative, hands-on and reach thousands of students across the globe every year. We strongly believe that effective environmental education raises an awareness that provokes action. Algalita provides individualized support for students and teachers interested in finding their place within the movement to combat plastic pollution.

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MATCH MET!!! And then some 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Thank you to everyone who contributed. We are so inspired, and encouraged, by you ❤️#lon...
Take Action! Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act
Wayfinder launch video
2020 Long Beach Gives - Jude
2020-09-16_Circularity Video
COVID 19 Just Recovery: Principle 1 - Prioritize health for people and planet.
Just COVID-19 Recovery Principles
Plastic Plague - Eco Justice Radio





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