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Do you ever have moments when you didn’t even realize how burned-out you were until you had a chance to feel bliss?
Sometimes in the midst of it all, it can sneak up on you- yes even after your whole spiritual awakening, learning, overcoming challenges, building, remembering, creating, resting, self-care, meditating, aligning, thriving…

But how? You’re doing ALL THE RIGHT THINGS?
You’re here to be human, and this is a human thing. It’s part of your cycle.

I see it in ALL of my clients, regardless of where they’re at or what “level” they’re on in any way, every single one of them. Even Animals burnout sometimes.

I burnout. I’m coming out of it as you read.
I recently moved to an amazing new place, had some massive energetic upgrades, found the perfect collective to work from, got ideas about my soul’s perfect offer to bring into the world, lots of “good” things yes,
But it really knocked me out!

“I’m so happy, how can I be burnt-out?”

I’ve been having a hard time unpacking, being present online, building my business, staying active…
I’ve been meditating then doom-scrolling
Dreaming but not posting
Dancing, coloring, but can’t talk about how to arrange our new home with my partner.

Can you relate?

I didn’t even realize how burned-out I was until I woke up in Hawaii, swam with a sea turtle, watched the supermoon rise over the ocean, saw the brightest meteorite fly by, went to a gorgeous Japanese temple and prayed, hiked through the mud to a breathtaking waterfall in the jungle…
It took me a FEW days of overwhelming beauty and gifts to finally feel it!

And then I couldn’t stop finding bliss.
Now I’m hanging onto it as I come back.

It’s a process.
Let go a little more.
Rest a lot more.
Ask for support.
Advocate for your peace like you would for your best friend.
Let it all fall apart.
Just burnout and wait for the bliss-out.
Because a lot has been happening!

The world is changing and so are you.

Soak it all in.

🌺Where are you at right now? Feeling more burnt out or blissed out?

Photos from Jaguar Spirit Cora's post 06/27/2023

I’m so grateful for my Dad and the life he was able to offer me. (Yes this is a late Father’s Day post, I’ve been busy moving!)

He taught me so many of my favorite things, and the things that shaped me. From cooking delicious meals, to living in integrity, generosity, and humbleness.

He instilled his love for a broad range of music in me, a passion for traveling and always indulging curiosity.

I remember he always told me “Whatever you are, be a good one. If you’re digging ditches, be the best ditch-digger, whatever you’re doing, put your all into it”
he taught me to have respect and intention for whatever I do and to put my heart into it. I attribute a lot of my successes in life and my authentic work ethics to his teachings.

He brought me all over the world and taught me how to be a grateful and respectful citizen of Earth, having a unique education and perspective of humanity.

Because of him and his hard work, the sacrifices he made, and his vision for his family, we grew up traveling and finding home wherever we went.

I learned to adapt and ground myself regardless of which ground my feet were on, Earth was always home. We lived in Turkey, England, and Germany, traveled to diverse places like Egypt, South Africa, Scotland, Prague, the Canary Islands, Italy, all over Europe- I had been to over 37 countries by the time I was 20.

We spent my childhood in ancient Castles and ruins, old growth forests full of magic, antique shops with items older than this country, and houses filled with sacred memories from all over the world.

He’s been a great Dad: silly, funny, serious, wise, has a commanding presence, amazing leadership and inspiration skills, he chooses to be of service to others, and remembers to indulge in the finer things in life.

The more I grow on my own journey, the more I get to be grateful for him. Through my own healing I got to let go of my childish resentment, so that I can instead appreciate everything his life journey, to know that he gave it his all, and he really showed up for us. He is a human just like me, and he is perfectly imperfect.

Thank you, Dad. I love you.


🌈As a Q***r-owned business, I want to celebrate Pride month and express my gratitude to my incredible 2SLGBTQ+ community.
So, I’m giving you two gifts to support you on your journey- things that have helped me learn to heal and thrive- because we need you, and honey, you deserve to be honored! 🎉

There will be 2 winners total, prizes are:

1. 🐾 Pet Reiki & Communication Session (60min, virtual, $175 value)

2. 🐆 Intuitive Healing Session (60min virtual, $250 value)

— To Enter: —

1. Follow (you must be following to enter)

2. Like this post 👍

3. Comment an empowering adjective about the Q***r community:
-with a 🐾 for prize 1
-or a 🐆 for prize 2
-(you can enter 1x per prize if you want both)

>>FAM: *If you identify as LGBTQ+ add a “🏳️‍🌈” to your comment for a DOUBLE entry*✅✅

—(Optional) Additional Entries:

4. Uplift! Tag friends & fam in the comments. Each comment= one entry

5. Share and TAG me to your story or feed= one entry.

>> 2SLGBTQIA+ participants that include the “🏳️‍🌈” in their action will receive double entries for every regular entry. You must include the “🏳️‍🌈” for it to count (I’m not about to be assuming anyone’s identity)
*This means if a non-queer participant has one entry, a 🏳️‍🌈queer participant will have two entries for the same action (e.g., commenting, sharing, tagging).

— The giveaway will run until 6/26 at 6pm PST. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries.

🎉 Winners will be announced on my IG account on 6/27 by 7pm PST. They will be contacted via DM and must respond within 24hrs to claim their prize. (Otherwise an alternate winner will be selected.)

💚Happy Pride!💚

(Giveaway terms: The giveaway is open to participants worldwide. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Instagram. By entering, participants release Instagram of any responsibility and agree to Instagram's terms of use.)

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A powerful affirmation emerged from my recent sessions, resonating deeply within. It's a message we all need to embrace and share.

Throughout my life, I was bombarded with judgement about my body, misshaping my perception of self. The 'positive' and 'negative' opinions both hindered my growth, because both excluded my true essence- change.

Constantly being compared and comparing to others, striving for external happiness led to the onset of Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune condition.

For years, I tried fitting into society's controlling standards, neglecting my well-being.

One day, I reached a breaking point. Seeking help yet again from others, I was told that I was fine and to keep going the way I was.
I finally realized that my body was the ONLY one telling me the TRUTH.
All the harmful habits I’d been taught, only created imbalance, and dissonance.
I alone held the power to heal, because I was the only one who could hear my body’s language.

I discovered my body had been telling me her needs, but I had been tuning out instead of tuning IN.

Yet, she never abandoned me, even through my worst mistreatment, and always putting her last.
Her only goal was to bring me back to health, regardless of how much I got in the way.
I committed myself to her that day.

To truly live, I learned to listen, advocate, and safeguard my body, my essence. It became clear that my body is a unique vessel, a gift for experiencing life that only I could comprehend.

Together, my body and I achieved the unimaginable. We cured blindness, numbness, chronic pain, and fatigue. Defying all odds, we conquered MS and have been living symptom-free.

You, too, possess the inherent knowledge of your body's language, a mother tongue embedded within. The challenge lies in filtering out the external noise to attune to its wisdom.

DM me '🥰' to connect about how you can tune-in to your unique language too!

Photos from Jaguar Spirit Cora's post 06/02/2023

☀️June Energy Oracles☀️
🌸Choose 1-2 cards to get your guidance for this month

Overall June is initiating us gently into summer. This month is giving beautiful, full of encouragement, grace, and Divine Mother nurturing.

🩷Comment below which cards you got 🩷
🌸Tag a friend so they can see what their focus will be this month too!🌸

Thank you to the Earth Warriors Oracle deck from Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Bryna

Photos from Jaguar Spirit Cora's post 05/26/2023

✨🧿Have you heard of all of these? Let me know in the comments how you like to cleanse your space! 💦✨

Notice anything extra spooky that’s not leaving in your regular cleanse? 👻 Entity and spirit attachment releases are one of my SPECIALTIES!!

#777 #222 #🧿

Photos from Jaguar Spirit Cora's post 05/23/2023

✨Potent message that came through for a client and friend during our last session. It was from the Ascended Masters that work with her, but they would like me to share it with you as well because of it’s truth for the collective right now.

You are perfectly aligned and you are ready to claim your highest potential.

Go for it! Flow with it.

This is an example of the type of messages that come through during the Intuitive Sessions that I offer.
Multiple pages of dialog from your higher guides.

It’s always EXACTLY what you need to hear and HOW you need to hear it so you can feel the depth of it’s truth.

If you’re interested in going deeper with messages meant just for you, let’s talk about doing an Intuitive session together!

🌟What’s an Intuitive Session?

The perfect blend of all that I have to offer, depending on your current needs.
✨Relax, cleanse, and heal with Holy Fire Reiki and Kundalini Reiki.
✨Listen to personal messages from your Guides, Animal guides, Ancestors, and Ascended Masters, and more.
✨Journey safely to different realms and dimensions to learn more about your own gifts!
✨Receive clarity from a grounded and loving perspective.
✨Clear spirit attachments or entities and upgrade to live with joy and thrive!
✨ Feel more rested, grounded, happy, loved, and lighter!

Photos from Jaguar Spirit Cora's post 05/17/2023

💚Your spirit guides love to send you messages, make you laugh, and give you signs to reminder you that you are so loved!

🌱They communicate with you in countless ways, whether you even realize it’s them or not.

🌿The more you notice the signs, the more they tend to send!

Have you experienced any of these?
🍀What are your favorite ways that your guides talk to you?

💚Share to help other people connect with their spirit guides too!

#111 #777


🐸Frogs are everywhere right now ready to assist!
CALL IN Frog to help you transition into a new chapter!

Frogs are quirky, spirited, somewhat mischievous guides that bring deep experiences of fairytale proportions!

🌟Make sure you are ready to RECEIVE!!!🌟

Frogs know what they want, and are CLEAR about it; they are SO persistent- sometimes annoyingly so, they do not take no for an answer!

Be wary of judgement (your own, and others): you never know what’s underneath. They remind you to uphold your integrity at all times, in ALL situations.

🌟BLESSINGS often come in the disguise of inconvenience!!
⚠️CURSES often come wrapped in shiny temptations!!

So stay true to yourself and your intuition, don’t allow others to cloud your judgment or poison your thinking. Be open, but protected.

Frog is a symbol of ancient magic, knowledge, fertility, balance and abundance.

They carry both the water and earth element, plus both feminine and masculine qualities.

💦Frog is associated with the moon, goddess, witchcraft, and darkness. They can bring mischief, and misfortune, but also amazing transformation, abundance, and resurrection.

☘️As a tadpole, they come in large numbers shaped like s***m, symbolizing fertility. They live exclusively in water until they transition into frogs and reach a more balanced state, living on both water and earth.

💦It is time for cleansing, washing away burdens as you grow!

✨Frog is a magical animal that exists as many things at once, helping you embrace your own magic, intuition, and multi-faceted nature.

💰Frog is bringing you financial abundance at an unimaginable scale, flourishing opportunities, luxury, and true blessings 💸

🐸Just be aware:
Frog loves to have FUN, and teach you a lesson! But you never know how it’ll show up 😅

💦Share with someone who needs 🐸 in their life right now 💦



🎉Eeee I am SO excited to announce that I am now offering in-person healing sessions (and more!) at Kevala Wellness and Ayurveda () in Long Beach, CA!

🧡When you walk into this beautiful space you immediately feel deeply relaxed, you are welcomed to feel safe and protected to open your heart, feel the warmth of a hot cup of Tulsi tea in your hands, while you begin to melt into the healing you’ve been waiting to experience in a quiet and calm environment- all tenderly created with your ultimate peace and wellbeing in mind 🧡

This space truly feels like home, and calms all of your senses so you can be fully present (or you might just drift away into the ethers) 🥰✨

Sessions here are an upgraded next-level flavor of what Jaguar Spirit has for you! Ready for your highest potential? This is a great start!

I’m grateful to be a part of the amazing Kevala family and team 🙏
And I’m happy to share that I made this decision because we have aligned ethics and values foundational to both of our practices: mindfulness, integrity, open-hearts, sustainability, community, service, and with BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ people centered.
You are welcome here! And you are honored here!

💚 Are you ready to experience what this space has to offer you? 💚
Call or text me at (562)-350-4377 for more info or to book an appointment 🎉

Love, 🐆Cora

Photos from Jaguar Spirit Cora's post 05/01/2023

🦋Blessed Beltane and month of May!!🪽
🐞Choose 1-2 cards for general guidance for your month, or you can ask a specific question…
or do both- feel out what’s best for you ❤️

🦋This month is a POWERFUL one- you might just resonate with all 4!

🐞Comment below which ones you got! Do you know how you’ll use this energy? 🦋🕷️


From Diana Cooper’s Archangel Animal Oracle deck ()




✨Most Reiki teachings we know of in the Western world are taught from the lineage of Master Mikao Usui 🙏
Usui Reiki, from Japan.

Usui passed down 5 basic principles for you to practice with daily meditation and cultivation of your relationship with Reiki.

While the translation and wording varies person to person, the sentiments stay the same.

Simple, but powerful.
☀️I practice these every morning to start my day.

✨To practice:
• Place your hands in prayer position (Gassho) 🙏
• Gently close your eyes 😌 (after you know them)
• Say out loud:
“Just for today,
-I will not be Angry,
-I will not worry,
-I’ll show gratitude to myself and others,
-I’ll show compassion to myself and others,
-I will live and work honestly”
• Repeat 3x
• You may choose to continue with a reiki practice or meditation or simply carry on with your day 🥰


It’s important to note that anger, worry, and other emotions are completely natural to experience, but in these ideals, you are choosing to practice not acting out of anger or worry.
Rather, you learn to witness your emotions, and move through them to maintain your inner peace.

There will also be times that you will not be in gratitude, compassion, or integrity, but the reiki ideals simply draw you back to a place of peace and serve as a gentle reminder to practice them each day, one by one.

I recommend for all of my students, or anyone who resonates, to put them up somewhere they can see them everyday.
A post-it note, make some art, save a pic on your phone, whatever you feel!



🎨Our 2nd Aura Painting Watercolor Workshop is coming Thursday 4/27 at 🙌

🦄In this workshop you'll learn how to interpret cues from your intuition and all of your senses to pick up aspects of an aura.

We'll translate these messages onto paper, in a simple and fun painting of a person's energy field.

The last one was absolute perfection, I hope you can join! 🙏🥰

💜 Space is limited, please RSVP to save your spot, link is in bio or

*No painting experience necessary, all levels are welcome.


Photos from Jaguar Spirit Cora's post 04/02/2023

🐣Pick your April Animal Guide card!✨
What energy are your guides bringing you into April?

Comment below how you’re going to use your guidance! 😍

Deck: Archangel Animals, Diana Cooper



Photos from Jaguar Spirit Cora's post 03/27/2023

My painting workshops aren’t really about painting- the paintings you see are the visual effect of the inner journey that I guide you through.

It’s about tapping in deeply with all of your senses, your intuition, the energy around and within you.

It’s about connection.

It’s ceremony, ritual, it is a sacred experience.

We are all still buzzing from this beautiful event 🙏🥰 it truly was better than I could have dreamed ✨

More to come soon! 🐆

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