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#The Sleeveless Pullover features concealed zip pockets to the side offering the perfect, customizable fit.
hello tried to message u did not go through look forward to speaking to you on 09/25/2020.
Hello so looking forward to speaking to you. I have a scheduled phone appointment on 09/25/2020
No excuses! This is a photo of a bench that this homeless man made behind the baseball field that I manage.
💙 #iamkada
My handstand walks from Friday’s workout.
The Hardest part of change is taking the FIRST step, last night was the first for me to do a virtual workout, was the same as being in a class, no, but it was actually a LOT of FUN. It is easy to use this time as an excuse to take a 'break' or find other things to do (like what??). KD Kaiser and Darin Kaiser are going SO far and above what any gym would do to make sure we stay healthy - mentally and physically! We have NO idea how long this will all last, please take that FIRST step tonight and join us on Zoom for the 5p workout (if you can), You will be VERY glad you did!
A most amazing family owned and operated business designed for your success. Check it out!
Here’s another shout out for CrossFit Kada! When I began, I wanted to be able to do a pull-up. With amazing coaching and support, look at me now!
Hello guys, a few of us talked about doing brunch on Saturday 02/22 at around 11:00am after the morning workout. Please comment below if you would like to join and feel free to suggest places. Thank you.
Hey friends! Work sucked me in (again), so I’m sad to say I’ll be missing my noon happy hour workout today. Too late to cancel. 😢 Have fun, y’all!

Welcome to CrossFit KADA, where fitness can....BE FUN!!!! Welcome to CrossFit KADA, where fitness is fun, life-long teammates are found in the sport of CrossFit and going to the gym is no longer a “chore,” it’s an activity you look forward to.

Serving Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Denver and Lakewood, our purpose at CrossFit KADA is to help you reach new health and fitness goals while learning that getting your exercise in can actually be a blast. We are a small husband and wife owned and operated gym, but don’t let our size fool you as dynamite comes in small packages. Our goal is to provide you with an intimate and small trai

Operating as usual

[01/22/21]   Loving @cspealler programming from @pivot_cyclesusa cause I get told to go ride bikes 😮😮. Is dirt jumping considering bike riding 🤔. I think so :)

@denverbikeparks thank you so much for keeping things up year round! Such a good day!


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Can You Be Successful Without Fitness Accountability?

Can You Be Successful Without Fitness Accountbaility?

Did you know the first question we are asked most from clients is… how much does it cost?

This price question comes before:

How does it work?
What is included?
Will it work for me?
How long will it take to reach my goals?

​My point in sharing this with you is to help break down what’s really holding you back from your goals and to let you know the answer cannot be found in the question of “how much does it cost?”

After working with over 5,000 clients in the last decade, I believe the real answer is in the question…

What are you missing out on by not living with the results you want?

❓How would it feel to look in the mirror and be pleasantly surprised?
❓What would it mean to you to feel stronger, fitter, and more confident?
❓How would your life change if you had a routine that inspires and excites you each week?

Take a moment to answer these questions today. Answer them honestly and fully.

Then… reflect on the answers because they are connected to your motivation for getting started and staying committed to your goals.

Most people don’t have the time or bandwidth to create the program or tools to stay disciplined when life gets busy or stressful. You have work, kids, relationships that fill your time and energy up. Which is why accountability is needed. Either from a friend or a coach.

Without accountability you may notice that exercising slows or stops completely, your food choices become unhealthier, or attention to your healthy habits waiver.

I hope these questions help inspire you to lean in to your health goals and take massive action!

If you are someone who is a great executor and the only thing missing is the plan, steps, and accountability then I encourage you to schedule a discovery call with us and we can help you answer all of your questions needed to begin fulfilling your goals.

​Click the link in our bio to schedule your call with a coach today!

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Pro Tip: Russian Kettlebell Swings


Pro Tip 🙂 Cluster aka Squat Clean Thruster


Get Your Fitness Back on Track!

Get Your Fitness Back on TRACK!

It’s normal to face adversity when making life decisions, but when it comes to making lifestyle changes with the support of your significant other it can be one of the toughest conversations of all.

Here’s why it holds back so many people…

For one, there’s a rhythm that relationships move with. These norms settle into place and become your lifestyle as a couple… So, when one partner wants something different it disrupts that rhythm creating unwanted change to your significant others comfortable routine. Which is why it’s natural to want to protect that, not alter what’s in place, and even prevent the conversation all together.

Sadly many people start to feel shame or guilt for wanting their own goals because it means inconveniencing someone else.

What if they don’t want to change with me?
What if they won’t support me in the way I need?
What if they don’t believe I can do it?
What if they say it’s too expensive?
What if they tell me to try something else?
What if they say it’s not worth it?
What if they won’t understand why I want this?

If you’re serious about change and want the support of your significant other before you start, then…

Talk through these 3 conversation:
Explain what your goals are and why you want your goals. (This needs to be the real reason, and although I want to look better or lose 10 lbs. may be true…Why is it important to you). ​Share what changes will be needed in your life to get on track and stay their long term. (These changes are necessary to your success and not optional if you’re going to succeed at your goal). Discuss the expectations that will come with this decision, even if it will be difficult.

​Remember, paint a future picture of how it will make you feel to fulfill your goal and how that could impact your relationship for the better.

If you don’t want to do it alone we can help! Just set-up a discovery call to discuss where you want to be in 6 weeks and our coaching team will show you how we can get you there!

​Like, comment or DM us for more information or to talk to a coach!


When your wife is flossing behind you for your entire last lift 🙄 man that was hard today. #whatanerd #iloveyousweetie
@juicecompound @juice.facility

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Do Your Coaches Get Coached?!?


Holiday Gift Ideas :)


Such a good day! Feeling great on the large line @denverbikeparks #rubyhillbikepark 😊😊.

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Advanced Training Tips: Handstand Walks :)


Push It...or...Pace It?


CrossFit KADA's cover photo


Technique Tip! Wall Ball Shots!


How to Get Into Weight Training...Even If You're Scared!

How to Start Weigh Training...

Even if You’re Scared 😱

[10/23/20]   FNL WOD #4 Live at 8pm!!


Do you want to build a strong, lean, toned body? The truth is… it’s one of the most desirable goals for people that want to get in shape.

So, why do so many people want this goal, but few are reaching it on their own? When we asked our successful clients what held them back from reaching this goal sooner they said “I wish I had learned how to incorporate weight training sooner.”

Top 3 weight training fears that hold people back from their results:

1. Safety- “I don’t feel comfortable with the form and I don’t want to get hurt”
2. Knowledge- “I’m not sure what exercises to do or how much weight is right for me”
3. Challenge- “I know I need to push myself, but what is too much and too little?”

For these reasons, many people never start... even if they understand that weight training is a major factor in achieving their goal body. So, how do you overcome the learning curve and nervousness of starting?

If you want to get started with building a strong, lean, toned body, but don’t feel confident to do it alone then it’s time to hire a coach!

You’ll learn:
How to use correct form, so you are safe and can feel confident performing exercises properly
How to tap into more effective workouts by reaching new workout levels that can’t be reached without weight training
How weight training can build muscle tone to look better in the mirror or in your favorite outfit
What exercises match your current fitness level and how to progress from there

If you want to get started on your ideal body and ready to learn how to use weight training to speed up the process while building lean muscle then here’s what you need to do!

Drop a “💪” in the comments below and I’ll help you get started.


Technique Tip! DOUBLE UNDERS 😊


3 Red Flags -> That You're SABOTAGING Your Fitness & How to FIX IT


This may be hard for some to hear, but I’m a coach and it’s my job to be honest with you on this subject.

Your fitness is “stuck” if you’ve:

👉Been telling yourself you’re going to start, but haven't followed through
👉Been telling yourself the reason you’re not fit is because starting is too expensive
👉Joined a gym, but rarely go or feel off track with your progress
👉Created a routine of letting yourself off the hook for not being where you want

If you have goals, if you’re not where you want to be right now let’s chat!

Click below to schedule your call with a coach today!


There is nothing you’re facing that those succeeding haven’t gone through or are working through.

Your mindset is the most powerful voice of influence. You can use it to see the opportunities in your life or to dwell on the reasons you’re not where you want to be.

Want to know what separates the two…?


The successful ones believe it’s their choice!

It’s your choice to play the victim of circumstance
It’s your choice to be stuck
It’s your choice to be ready for change
It’s your choice that the timing is not right

Get out of your head and into a new belief in yourself.

If you have goals, if you’re not where you want to be right now… I’m talking to you!

Once you get a taste of success, once you feel the impact of action I promise you’ll want to keep going.

Some of you needed to hear this message to snap out of dragging your feet. You’ve been waiting, hoping, wishing for your dreams to happen. There’s no guarantee for tomorrow, so you can’t hold yourself back any longer.

All you have to do today is START!

Let’s talk about where you want to be in the next 90 days!

Click below to schedule your call with a coach today!


First Driven Nutrition PreSale Order Just Dropped! So stoked to bring them onboard!


How To Motivate Yourself to Workout: Even If It Feels Impossible!


Have you ever been envious of an ultra-fit friend or scrolled through Instagram dreaming of having one those rockin’ body pictures? Of course you have… you’re human!

But why is it so hard to get started or keep a healthy routine going when you’re a driven professional or have kids? You may of said this before:

Do I need to choose my career over my health right now?
Does having kids mean I have to give up my fitness goals?
Does being career driven or a parent mean there’s no time left over for myself?

It may seem like it sometimes, but the truth is you can have it all with the right strategy!

The solution to this balancing act is in understanding what drives a successful career and family! Do you know what that driver is…?

It’s YOU!
You are the person keeping it all together, coordinating all the moving parts, and responsible for the outcomes.

You might be saying… Duh! But how does that actually help me? Give me the “Secret”!

Spoiler alert!!! The secret that the “successful” “healthy” “fit people” are using is actually the same secret that busy parents with careers have forgotten.

Here’s why I know this…

When career ambition grows it shifts your priorities and unfortunately many people put themselves last and work first.
When your family grows parents begin prioritizing their kids' needs over their own.

It’s a natural response to put more focus on what you want to build and nurture. But here’s the missing link for many of you reading this!

In order for you to do it all! You will need to make yourself the priority “BEFORE” anything else.
So here’s my advice for parents and driven professionals putting yourself “AFTER” your career or kids right now.

There will never be a more important driver to your career or family than your health.

There will always be a personal responsibility to put yourself first.

If you are a busy professional or parent that wants to build a long term healthy lifestyle so you can show up your best for your career and family then I want to help!

Let’s discuss the steps and talk over the plan that’s right for you!

Click below to schedule your call with a coach today!


✨Friday Night Lights✨
Week 2




Wait for it 😂

@dkcfkada getting boo’d 👻🎃

#happyhalloween #fitfam


If you have a goal of losing body fat or living a healthier life, then you’re better off than most! Those with clear goals are more likely to succeed than those without a desire to change.

Here’s why... If you are thinking about what you want regularly, to the point that you can envision how much better your life would be if you realized the change, then you’re already past the step of knowing what your goal is and why it’s meaningful to you:

🤩You’d feel more confident in the mirror.... how you look in your clothes.... or even naked.
🤩You’d feel more energized at work to give more effort to projects or improve productivity
🤩You’d have more room for your relationships to grow with your significant other and kids

The biggest mistake you can make with your health is doing nothing about it. Sitting on it, waiting, or telling yourself you’re “not ready.”

Thinking like:
❌It’s not the right time
❌I’m not fit, healthy, or strong enough right now…
❌I’m not financially ready

The truth is no one is ever ready for change. But... I promise you this! No one that has invested in their health and stuck with it was ever disappointed with sacrificing the time, effort, or money!

Our fitness program is designed to get you on track in 6 weeks!

Here’s what to do: Schedule your discovery call now!

Here’s what you get:

✅ A real conversation with an expert coach
✅ An opportunity to share your fitness and nutrition goals with someone who knows how to achieve them.
✅ Professional advice and exact steps we recommend to achieve your specific goal.

Here’s why you can’t wait: It’s FREE and a quick 15 min. conversation. No pushy sales tactics here [we’re coaches, we serve… not sell]

Click below to schedule your call with a coach today!


🔥Functional Fitness🔥

....what does that mean?

✨Stamina to play outside games with your kids
✨Endurance for tennis dates with your spouse
✨Strength to hike a 14er
✨Balance to walk up and down stairs
✨Speed to rush to your kid to save them
✨Coordination to catch and throw a ball
....among many others.

Spotted one of our members showing off how our program taps into so many of these. ✨Hot Date Wife Wife ✅


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Jumpin through the week like...

@williamallen6645 doing the first workout for Friday Night Lights last week. Bill shows up and doesn’t make excuses. He’s a dad and runs his own business. It’s about effort and not perfection ✨


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Short Term Intensity vs Long Term Sustainability


If you’re like most people who want to improve their health, you can picture exactly what you want. It’s so clear that if you:

🙌 Lost 2 inches around your waist
🙌 Dropped 10 lbs
🙌 Looked more toned in the mirror

Then you’d be happier and would feel more confident in your body. But… If only it were as simple of visualizing what you wanted and getting it… right?

Well… the truth is there is no shortage of goals and desires in the health and fitness area for people.

The real issue preventing people from achieving these kind of results is “Starting”!

So, why do people have clarity about what they want, but so few get to experience it?
The answer is in overcoming the mental roadblocks holding you back from starting…

❓Will this work for me?
❓What if I fail…?
❓How will I make it work with my kids?
❓What if life gets even busier?

As a long term professional coach, I’m here to let you know it’s our job to help you develop the successful habits and mindset which delivers the goal you want.
Trust me when I say… YOU are not expected to have fitness and nutrition “figured out” on your own. So take that pressure off yourself and start focusing on what you can control.

🤔When your car is broken you take it to a mechanic.
🤔When your a/c breaks you call an air condition technician
🤔When you’re sick you go to your doctor
🤔When your sink clogs up you call a plumber

If you are not currently on track with your goals, it’s time to call a coach to help fix your problem.

Here’s what to do: Schedule your discovery call now!

Here’s what you get:

✅ A real conversation with an expert coach
✅ An opportunity to share your fitness and nutrition goals with someone who knows how to achieve them.
✅ Professional advice and exact steps we recommend to achieve your specific goal.

Here’s why you can’t wait: It’s FREE and a quick 15 min. conversation. No pushy sales tactics here [we’re coaches, we serve… not sell]

Click below to schedule your call with a coach today!

Did You Know?? Fitness can be FUN!!!

It is our mission to help every day people enjoy working out and have FUN. We teach you how to move properly, personalize your nutrition and help hold you accountable. Join our 45 day transformation to see results in 6 weeks!

Click here to find out more!

Grab a friend if you want to! Make fitness more FUN!

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Can You Be Successful Without Fitness Accountability?
Get Your Fitness Back on Track!
Push It...or...Pace It?
How to Get Into Weight Training...Even If You're Scared!





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