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youtube.com 12/15/2020

"I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS": Doctor pleads for review of data during COVID-19 Senate hearing


youtube.com Pierre Kory, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at St. Luke's Aurora Medical Center, delivers passionate testimony during the Senate Homeland Security and...

[06/22/19]   Mark your calendars! The 2019 Serak Symposium will be held by Uncle Bill in the same facilities as usual the weekend of September 28th and 29th, a few short months away! More details will be provided as the date(s) draws closer.


Uncle Willem De Thouars

A letter from Uncle...

It saddens me to hear the recent news that Dr. Andre Knust Graichen has recently passed away due to a heart attack due to recent fight challenge between him an a PDT Bukti Negara student. My prayers and heartfelt condolences to Dr. Andre Knust Graichen and his family and students. It brings my family and I great shame to hear he was involved in a challenge fight with Jule Sims from the PDT academy. This is not the way my family & I do things. If you are claiming Serak and you are doing Serak you should be humble and if you truly practice a de Thouars family art you should be uplifting people and making people better. Its not about the fighting. Its about building a stronger community and stronger relations with each other regardless of what you train or who you train with. Jule Sims this will be with you for the rest of your life you should have never challenged or accepted to fight a man who has had previous heart surgeries and heart issues. You will now carry that burden on your shoulders for ever. You would have been the better man to not fight Dr. Andre and you would have shown a true strength in being a better man. If my brother Paul de Thouars was alive he would have been ashamed to hear you made this challenge. This is not how the de Thouars do things. Our art is for survival not EGO fighting. You have to know how to pick your battles. This was a poor decision and a battle based on the ego one which you should have never engaged your self in. Now the death of Dr. Andre Knust Graichen will always linger on your head due to your ego. Dr. Andre should have also never brought himself down to that level to accept fighting Jule Sims. Some fights are not worth it the heart ache nor the problems it can bring to the families involved. This is a disgrace to my brother's Paul, Maurice, Victor, Myself & ultimately to Pak Serak. Your Serak is for defending your self & your family and friends from real dangers in the world and real threats. Not to fight for the sake of ego. I as the last of the de Thouars am truly disgusted with the current PDT Academy board of directors for engaging themselves in such stupidity. This sort of thing does not represent my brothers & I nor Pak Serak. In fact it brings a bad reputation to the de Thouars name which ultimately is a disgrace to us. What kind of a person chooses to fight a man that has known heart conditions? That is the act of actual coward. Students can in a control manner spar and test the art but it should be done in a circumstance with proper coaching and people to make sure no one gets hurt. It should be based on Adat Hormat and not hurting each other because of EGO. It should not be that a younger stronger man challenges an elder man with heart conditions. This is truly a disgrace. You all from the PDT Bukti Negara group should be ashamed of yourselves who supported this action. This does not represent the true spirit of the Art of Pak Serak and the de Thouars Family. My students are not allowed to engage in such ego circle jerks. Your role is to train hard and use your training to become better human beings better men & women, better family members to their family, better people to society. Use the art to bring people together not to bully or hurt people. To my students and those that train with my instructors make sure you never disgrace or misuse the de Thouars name nor the name of Pak Serak. Be true to your selves, your family, your teachers and to the Art. Make sure you avoid the ego based pissing contests that go no where. They do not serve a purpose in your training. My prayers to the families dealing with the loss of Dr. Andre. It was news that saddened me today. This is a true disgrace to the art, my family name and to Pak Serak. Jule Sims & the Board of directors of PDT Academy I am disgusted with you all you are a disgrace to my brother Paul de Thouars, Maurice de Thouars & myself and most of all to Pak Serak. It was the PDT Academy board of directors that sent Jule Sims to fight Dr. Andre. This is bad Adat Hormat and does not represent the Serak practice of the de Thouars Family. Dr. Andre's family should take legal action against the PDT academy board of directors and Jule Sims. These are the actions of a thug & Bullies not men of Serak de Thouars. This is a shame to the art of Serak, and Silat as a whole. This is against the culture of Pencak Silat. A big shame to the de Thouars family with the tragedy of Dr Andre Knutskraichen and his passing. Because of one thug showing of his ego in pride. I think the whole Bukti Negara legacy, their Board of Directors in particular Dr Louie Yu and followers need to be sued legal action should be taken.

Uncle Willem de Thouars

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[03/10/18]   My web site has been hacked, I keep finding post that I did not make. I was made aware of this from someone asking about a post, that is when I found more than one strange posts. I apologize for them and they have been removed and I'm starting on a new page. Thank you, Ted.

jewsnews.co.il 03/06/2018

Fukushima Has Now Contaminated Over 1/3 Of The Worlds Oceans (And It’s Getting Worse)

jewsnews.co.il Most people do not realize the repercussions that disasters like the Fukushima nuclear meltdown have on the world. When it happens the media is all over it, and then soon they trickle off and nobody ever thinks about it again.

congress.gov 03/04/2018

Text - H.R.5087 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

congress.gov Text for H.R.5087 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

youtube.com 02/23/2018

Antifa Professor Confronted About Chasing Fields Into His Car at Charlottesville

wow, I had not heard this from the news…

youtube.com Dwayne Dixon of Redneck Revolt was confronted by the editor in chief at Big League Politics about Charlottesville, and he panics. Original video at BLP: http...

[02/21/18]   so true.

youtube.com 12/18/2017

"Living" Fibers Fell From The Sky In Germany

youtube.com Have you seen those in your backyard already? What is this stuff?? pls comment below, share and take care Mark Passio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvnoL1S...

prisonplanet.com 09/26/2017

Sudanese Migrant Who Shot Up Tennessee Church Radicalized by Anti-White Rhetoric?

Please be prepared, you never know when or where a conflict may happen.

prisonplanet.com Paul Joseph Watson | Sympathized with Mic



The KUN TAO SILAT DE THOUARS shall never have one appointed successor only. Anyone who have the fulfillment of my expectation, and still trains under me is an acknowledged successor - as there are many. I resent to run my martial organization or association like so many others who appoint a successor. They all made a mistake, as did my brothers. Soon as one is appointed a successor becomes a humanistic tyrant, because he is under a humanistic condition. My legacy is made up of family orientated group of intelligent and well versed individuals -- will always be understood that we are together in, as one family in one spirit. There is no infighting or disagreements among the members who made up my legacy. As my successors will make Serak, and kun tao from what I knew , just stronger and more adoptable in training, teaching and in practice. My doors are closed to outsiders, and I had allowed some to come in and train, however as they were under their humanistic condition for not allowing them selves to commitment for training and showing up as promised are hereby removed, and will be informed. I am not running a chain of hotels or motels where anyone come in as pleasing himself. In my legacy, we commit out selves to family hood, understanding and are strongly motivated to social inner action, and morale support for each other. Loyalty to devotion and training is the key factor to our success. Oom Willem de Thouars.



Steve Gartin and followers should really consider stopping their practice of bad silat and bad kun tao. I only could see to watch their performances for badly skllls in silat or kun tao. I wished no longer watching Gartin, Joe Judt and others who are Malabar and in their American kun tao silat. I got bored for watching them, and their whipping pistols.They are doing all bad karate, bad kempo or by seeing them see only self improvised martial practice as bad kempo. Steve Gartin trying to do kembang is better of to learn the Polka dancing is more suitable for his body frame., and all his other followers guided by him. Bill Chang knows only in how to slap weaker opponents with his know how in non traditional kun tao, and is a more suited practitioner of the modern ci mande and iron skin training. He has great slapping skills but relentless unproductive of hurting me. He lacks the true jurus of old ci mande and old traditional forms of old hand kun tao -- was always out performed by me. Bill Chang has skills to overrate his skills, was always a spoiled breathe, and only knew how to bully weaker opponents with his bad jungle book story telling. I am glad Steve Gartin, Chaster Clements and the whole American Kun tao silat found in him their teacher. Why the hell is Steve Gartin always contradict himself unwisely and was already long noticed by the best of common people. Why the hell does he not quit making sales of badly produced tapes of my martial skills, and system? Why the hell does he always holds on for dear life to me, unable to make money without my name, and presence on filmed material with me? Why the hell does he not quit using my name, and family. I call Steve Gartin, and Joe Judt and Chester Clements out as wasted dump in our de Thouars family. I shall always hate them for ever and ever. The smooth talking Steve Gartin is nothing more but a profiteer in lust for making money off the sweat of others, and a great specialized bad performer of my system He sure is a piece of work for an ex old part time student who knows nothing of the old kun tao and silat tradition, and remain like Joe Judt the bad performing Cinderella dancers with no glue. All they know is kempo slapping like kiddies in a kinder garden. They never look more spiced up but always tiresome to watch their performances. I resent even to watch their best efforts --still look like a better example for donkey wasted dumb. By Oom Willem de Thouars, the last of the brothers, and the last of the old style Serak. Never show me any serak you was taught by Maurice, Paul or Victor would be an insult to me. Never show any Serak that came from any of the de Thouars brothers to another brother in the de Thouars family. You remain an insult to me, and my knowledge. Bapak Willem de Thouars, martial arts leader kun tao silat de Thouars.



Like I mention before, that there is always much writing to be done. My consideration is the art of Pentjac Silat Serak, that the old teachers before us were the worse of innovators for the re-creation of the system, they actually had studied from the founder himself. They never stayed to long, and left out the most important part as an attachment to Serak, was the founder himself. Their Serak they had taught in practice became in many versions. There are all sorts of Serak, from the coastal regions to the Preanger regions of the province West Java. Always forgetting to mention the true exponent of Serak who taught them. Mas Djoet was one of those examples who reconstructed the original jurus of Serak suitable to fit his bodily structure by claiming was necessary for him to do in order to teach Serak. Because a clubfooted teacher could not teach appropriately could only show a humanistic condition. But lucky for my discoveries that Pak Serak had 8 devoted disciples who stayed with him, and were the walking encyclopedias of the founders system -- I had dedicated my self to for spreading the art after long intense studies under three disciples, and also had trained the family art under uncle Ventje and uncle John de Vries. My studies were quite intense and my research broadened. I am proud at my loyal and devoted instructors who I had taught my explicitness of the system Pak Serak --they stick in what I had shared with them and became stronger to respectfully honor by treasuring the founder through me. The hundreds of others I needed to remove were totally disqualified for me to consider them students - I just deeply consider them ex part time students no longer able to be acknowledged by me, in for who they really were. I am proud at Chad Bailey, Santiago Doblos who knows all the curriculum of Maurice and Paul, and also had his deeper studies under me, and the many others who I had trained the same way all the time. They were also always the very best of listeners. Especially my Denver group, and even had also to terminate two members for not making the grade was the best for them for my dismissal, and glad they are now with the happy kempo slapping American kun tao and Malabar under Steve Gartin who could never make the grade for my acknowledgement. Others under any of the de Thouars brothers made up their own Serak systems -- might be good to lead the blind but for those who really had trained Serak remain a big questionable mystery why try to change a good art for an art of substitution. Show others but not my trained experts who have been with me fr years. They will laugh at you thinking you came up with a better system. Then again it is America, and as for me who had gotten old with Serak will only keep my Dutch East Indian custom, culture and tradition to keep Serak where it really belong is to remain the old ways is better and more fruitful for the history and practice. Go ahead make up your own system, and please don't ask me my opinion that you may not like to hear. Why the symposium for October 21-22 is to honor and respect the creator-founder Pak Serak, and you who created your own Serak system would find your self out of place. You end up doing kempo slapping. In grace Bapak Willem de Thouars, martial arts leader kun tao silat de Thouars.


Antifa So Awful in Berkeley, Media Finally Change Their Tune | As the Narrative Crumbles

Tweet me @MLChristiansen http://www.twitter.com/MLChristiansen Email me: [email protected] Find me on Minds: http://www.minds.com/MLChristiansen...


BREAKING: 6 Police Officers Shot – Media Eerily Silent

Be careful out there my L.E.O. friends.

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Berkeley PIGs Betray Us All - Joey Gibson Attacked while Riot Continues

Got to love the peace and love from antifa group. A true Fascist group! Please be prepared, you never know when you may need to defend yourself from one of these unhinged people who may attack you just for your hair cut. For self-defense classes please contact us for class times.

Updates for today's rally/riot. The Organizer of yesterday's rally in San Francisco, Joey Gibson can be seen mobbed by these hysterical terrorist SJWs.


Lies & Madness - Rally in San Francisco Aug 26, 2017 - Joey Gibson, Patriot Prayer, Antifa & More

Patriot prayer's rally in San Francisco was officially cancelled but it's not that simple. Politicians & media continue to lie about this and other rallies. ...

prisonplanet.com 06/27/2017

Undercover Vid: CNN Producer Admits Russia Narrative ‘Mostly Bullsh*t,’ Pushed For Ratings

prisonplanet.com Information Liberation | This has to be devastating for CNN. The timing is perfect.

foodbabe.com 06/26/2017

Do You Trust Snopes? You Won't After Reading This.

I have said this for awhile about this site...

foodbabe.com The big players in the GMO and agrochemical industry – Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Syngenta, DuPont – are engaging in an extensive public relations, advertising, lobbying and political campaigning to make sure that genetically engineered crops (GMOs), and the chemical pesticides they require, continue to…

youtube.com 05/28/2017


youtube.com Last week, Fox 5 DC's report incited a storm of controversy after former D.C. police homicide detective Rod Wheeler stated that there was tangible evidence o...

youtube.com 04/16/2017

SHOCKING - Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails

I think about this every time I wok out outdoors and see these trails.

youtube.com Follow us on FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/ReptilianRaceNWO/ Follow us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/StrangeThings16 -StrangeThings- Thanks for watc...

awarenessact.com 03/13/2017

Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered

awarenessact.com Several holistic doctors have been found dead, in apparent suicides. The medical community is now speechless due to the timing of their deaths, based on the fact that they were all researchers working on a breakthrough cure for cancer. This new breakthrough cure, which you can learn more about in th...





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