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Helping Leaders and Organizations Drive Results

Harbour Resources helps leaders and organizations create high-performance in themselves and their workforces. We design, deliver, and implement solutions that help companies gain a competitive advantage by helping in selection, hiring, retention and development and coaching great talent.

Mission: “Helping Leaders and Organizations Drive Results"


Episode 96 Does First Place Matter in Leadership

podbean.com I love to win, maybe you do too. However, does winning at all cost in leadership help us sustain the prize. Maybe you should listen to this episode and learn what I mean.


Episode 96 Does First Place Matter in Leadership

leaduppodcast.podbean.com I love to win, maybe you do too. However, does winning at all cost in leadership help us sustain the prize. Maybe you should listen to this episode and learn what I mean. ...


Episode 95 Stagnant Leadership

podbean.com Leaders do you ever feel stuck? Are you feeling that way now? Maybe you have become stagnant and this episode is ready to help you move forward again.


Episode 94 No Limits Leadership

podbean.com Are you limiting yourself and others as a leader. One of the most dangerous things we can do as a leader is place a cap on others potential. Tune in to this episode and learn how to blow the cap off your leadership potential.


Episode 93 The Key to Excellence in Leadership

podbean.com Excellence is not something that happens once in a while, and perfection is impossible, but as leaders we can strive for it and achieve the excellence others need from our leadership. Listen in to this episode and learn how to get there to increase your influence and impact.


Episode 92 Leaders Daily Compass

podbean.com Hey leaders, how often are you looking for more time at the end of the day to get done what you din't get done. Well, if this is you, you need to listen to this episode. Get my FREE Daily Compass


The Lead Up Podcast

leaduppodcast.podbean.com Great leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. The best leaders step up to lead, they don't wait on others, they never stop working to make themselves better. They understand that everything rises and falls on leadership. That's really why The Le...


Episode 91 LEAN In Leadership

podbean.com In this episode I share a formula for you to LEAN in and Lead more effectively to unlock the full potential of yourself and those you lead.


Episode 90 Are You A Focused Leader

podbean.com Don't get distracted! Learn how to hone in on the things that matter most and get focused.


Episode 88 5 Derailers in Leadership

podbean.com We all have blindspots and if we don't know them, them we are in for a crash as leader. In this epsiode I share 5 things that can trip you up if you are aware. Learn more at www.leadupacademy.com/IYLS

Change your thinking, change your life. #JMTeam

In order to have confidence in yourself, you must have confidence in your vision. #JMTeam

Greatness means you not only have the capacity for success, but you also allow others to benefit from your success. #JMTeam

Passion is fuel for the will. Passion turns your have-to’s into want-to’s. What are you passionate about? #JMTeam

Success is not a destination; it's a daily thing. You too can have the success you desire. #JMTeam

Are you enacting daily habits to further your goals? Is your daily agenda conducive to success? #JMTeam

It's important to focus on your haves which are your ideas, energy, gifts & talents and not on your needs. #JMTeam

Transformational leadership starts from within. It spreads from me to we. #JMTeam

What can you do today for those around you? Today matters. #JMTeam

Self discovery spurs change, which leads to growth. Never stop discovering! #JMTeam

Embrace your mistakes. How will you learn from yours? #JMTeam

What you are going to be tomorrow, you are becoming today. #JMTeam

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. #JMTeam

Fall in love with where you are. You're there for a purpose. Enjoy where you are right now. #JMTeam

Never stop learning, growing, and changing. There is no end to these pursuits. #JMTeam

Live to learn and you will really learn to live. - John Maxwell #JMTeam

We need to be intentional about being prepared, so when opportunity comes we can immediately seize the chance. #JMTeam

If you don't change the direction you're going, then you're likely to end up where you're heading. #JMTeam

Success is measured in inches, not miles. - John Maxwell #JMTeam

In the long game, character is more important than charisma. #JMTeam

Achievement in life requires a tremendous amount of discipline & focus. #JMTeam

Don't shy away from your mistakes. Face them head on, and turn them into opportunities to learn, grow, and change. #JMTeam

In what areas of your life are you going to build more confidence & who are you going to share this confidence with? #JMTeam

There is no replacement for dreams. Hold fast to them, for when they are gone life is a barren wasteland. #JMTeam

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. - John Maxwell #JMTeam

Get rid of limiting beliefs that hold you back from your potential. #JMTeam

Change happens from within. Without change, there can be no growth. #JMTeam

What has life revealed about your spirit? #JMTeam

Passion fuels life. What are you passionate about? #JMTeam

Sometimes a word is all it takes. What could you do if you committed yourself intentionally to be all you could be? #JMTeam

What would you like to change about yourself? Keep in mind that growth comes from within. #JMTeam


Power Principles

harbourresources.clickfunnels.com Leadership PDF Download

Laughter is good medicine; it benefits the body & soul, so put on a smile today. #JMTeam

Transformational leaders have a calling in life; a purpose; a cause; a belief they stand upon. #JMTeam

Friendships bring encouragement. Encouragement and a positive outlook are powerful tools. #JMTeam

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Harbour Resources Inc. is a service based company delivering Executive Healthcare Search, DiSC Assessments, 360 Leadership Surveys, Executive Coaching, Training and Speaking for the Healthcare and Banking Industries.
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