Shawnee AEP, Lima, OH Videos

Videos by Shawnee AEP in Lima. Shawnee AEP (Academic Enrichment Program) is part of the Gifted Education Program at Shawnee Schools

Class of 2023. 5th grade simple machines

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Class of 2023. 5th grade simple machines

Addi KR and Shashank’s 1st place flight in Wright Flyer

Trying out their new plane, Addi KR and Shashank got flights over a minute.

Good day with Ping Ping Parachute for Science Olympiad

The Ides of March are come. Most of the Caesar videos are available at shawneeaep on YouTube. Class of 2020

Ping Pong Parachute- Science Olympiad

Wright Flyer
Finally got in the gym! Science Olympiad