Women's CEO Roundtable

Women's CEO Roundtable


Hi Ladies! Do any of you know someone skilled in SEO?

Would also love to share my latest entrepreneurial venture: www.cheersinabox.com Take a look! Hope everyone is doing well.
Women's CEO Roundtable has great advice when it comes to preparing for the hiring process. There's a lot to consider, including how the new hire will fit in with your existing vision & goals.

What other advice can you offer for those preparing to hire in their business?

To read more, follow this link: https://bit.ly/3ifPdi7
I had an ah ha moment.. and the women's CEO group is the perfect place to share this! I often receive requests to pick my brain about how to start a care management business, I have taken over 20 of these calls over the years and mentored at least 8 new care managers starting their own company all for FREE. In the last two weeks I received 3 requests to "pick my brain". The thing is I love helping other women get their care management business up and running and and I love working with women who have a passion for working with Seniors because they are NEEDED... BUT my time is valuable and the lessons I have learned I have learned through hard work. So I responded to all three of these ladies that I would love to help them although my time is valuable so we will need to formalize the relationship as I am not open to brain picking anymore.
Women's CEO Roundtable is back with more tips for your business!

They've broken down simple automations to increase sales. Download the PDF here: https://bit.ly/2XUh531
Women's CEO Roundtable has created a helpful checklist of 9 time management hacks & we want to share them with you! Tell us, which step resonates with you the most?!

To read more detail about each step, head to this link: https://bit.ly/3gozn3M
Thank you, Women's CEO Roundtable, for the shout-out! I have loved being a part of such an amazing group of women!!
Hi boss ladies!

I’m looking for a tech writer with acquisition/FAR experience OR an acquisitions specialist that can help write SOWs/PWSs/SOOs.

Let me know if you can refer anyone that fits this profile.

Tina Johnson and I started the Women’s CEO Roundtable because we wanted to build a community that provides women business owners with everything they need to reach their greatest personal and professional potential. Women take on so many roles, and because of our pressure & perfectionist tendencies, we are prone to high anxiety, which can be debilitating, paralyzing, and even dangerous. Our mission is to provide a wide array of resources to help women in all aspects of their lives. I’ve discovered an amazing podcast that breaks down the anatomy of anxiety and provides wonderful strategies. Check it out when you are focusing on you - perhaps on a walk or in the car. Listen in segments if you must, but give yourself this gift.

The Women’s CEO Roundtable is a group of high-growth female business owners from noncompeting orga

Operating as usual


If there is one aspect of entrepreneurship people want to get right, it is leadership. With the right leadership, you can get your workforce to reach heights that are seemingly unimaginable. To be a good leader, you will have to make learning a priority.

As John F. Kennedy put it, “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other,” and one of the best ways to learn on how to be a good leader is by reading books about leadership.

Explore the list of best books of 2020 for Entrepreneurs: https://smallbiztrends.com/2020/08/leadership-books.html


Launching your own business? GREAT! But, “word of mouth” can only get you so far. Now it’s time to accelerate growth by marketing your company.

The goal of marketing is to find the right audience for your products/services and apply the appropriate marketing strategy to reach that audience. Fortunately, small businesses can choose from a plethora of marketing tactics to achieve their objective.

In this practical guide, explore the seven strategies to successfully execute marketing for your small business: https://www.fool.com/the-blueprint/small-business-marketing/


Hiring and managing a quality team is a small business manager’s highest priority. In a uniquely people-driven environment, small organizations and startups rely on employees to impact everything from profits to company culture and morale. To grow a successful business, you must be thoughtful and deliberate about each hire and have a plan for effective team management in place.

In this article, explore the "ins" and "outs" of Effective Team Management, from team hiring to appropriate team management. Read on: https://online.uwa.edu/news/effective-team-management/


For female founders who face unique challenges (especially when trying to break into male-dominated industries), having a mentor could be the missing piece of the entrepreneurial success puzzle.

Navigating the roadblocks to business success becomes much easier when you have mentors with experience to guide you. Mentors can make connections, introduce you to trustworthy legal and financial advisors, and point you in the direction of affordable resources and financing. At a very basic level, they can also help fine-tune a business idea and advise you on what not to do.

Take look at the mentoring resources that women business owners can use to help start, grow and expand their business, here: https://startupnation.com/grow-your-business/mentoring-resources-women-business/


When it comes to funding, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Aside from every business having unique funding needs, each funding option differs in availability, terms, funding amounts, and eligibility criteria.

Check out this compiled a list of funding sources, from a variety of places, to help you research and narrow down the best option for your business: https://articles.bplans.com/number-ways-fund-small-business/


Quick Tips from Women Business Owners: Do you have a professional mentor?

Women business owners at the OPEN for Women: CEO BootCamp event discuss how they met their business mentors and what they have gained from those relationships. Do you have a mentor that's made a positive impact on your career?

See more from AMEX: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAD48STRxYJVIfjHTZU7zIg


Business owners around the world often need to wear multiple hats. Their responsibilities range from the brand establishment to getting the appropriate talent onboard, while also putting best efforts to maintain long-term customer-business relationships. While promoting growth in their business, they usually run into back-end business problems, and accounting issues are often the big ones.

As a business owner, you want to keep track of your business accounting and, more importantly, of the profits it generates. Accountancy typically involves recording, organizing, and analyzing financial transactions that further help you determine profit & loss and plan your investments accordingly.

Discover the top accounting problems businesses often deal with and how to solve them:


The Covid-19 outbreak has disrupted people’s lives as well as businesses. In this article, see examples of the most successful marketing strategies that you can immediately implement in your company.

With the right mindset, you can use the crisis to your benefit and find future strategic ideas to make your company thrive. The secret lies in understanding your market and customers to identify new opportunities to take your business to higher levels of success.

Check it out: https://teamstepup.com/marketing/5-successful-strategies-examples-to-adopt-during-and-after-covid-19/


The primary reason it takes so long is because effective leadership means being able to balance a number of skills, all of which require their own learning curve. In fact, "skills" isn't even the best word for it. They actually qualify as virtues more than anything else.

Though different leadership styles can be used at different times to build and run an effective business, these eight character traits should be universal in each and every leader: https://www.inc.com/bill-green/the-8-characteristics-of-an-effective-business-leader.html


It takes great leadership to build great teams. Leaders who are not afraid to course correct, often make difficult decisions and establish standards of performance that are expected to be me, and are being improved upon, at all times. Whether in the workplace, professional sports, or your local community, team building requires a keen understanding of people, their strengths (and weaknesses), and knowing what gets them excited to work with others.

As you evaluate the sustainability of the team you currently lead and its real impact on the organization you serve, look into the six ways successful teams are built to last: https://www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/2012/10/01/6-ways-successful-teams-are-built-to-last/


To stand out among peers, business owners must also focus on getting involved in their local community. While building a name among locals will increase sales and brand awareness, making an effort to serve the community also creates happier employees and more loyal customers. By establishing themselves as pillars of the community, an owner can add real, immeasurable value to their business. Community involvement is directly tied to the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

To better understand this concept, realize how vital it is for your business development and long-term success, and begin this process, click here: https://www.inc.com/bob-house/how-to-add-value-to-your-business-through-community-involvement.html


Good and effective management of finances makes the difference between a business that continuously climbs the ladder of success and one that falls at the very first hurdle. Look at some proven financial tips that all businesses must follow in order to keep growing and enhancing their success: https://businesstown.com/10-useful-financial-tips-businesses-follow/


For all the new technologies, trends, and emerging channels we hear about, the best marketing strategies in 2020 don’t have to be cutting edge.
Great marketing strategies connect with customers as humans. It’s those connections that create beloved brands.

The reason? People are onto marketers. They can spot your motivation from a mile away. The solution? Providing real value outside of direct product experiences.

From creating branded entertainment to meeting customers directly in Google search results, check out the best marketing strategies to create real value for your customers! Read on: https://blog.alexa.com/best-marketing-strategies/


An organizational chart is the document that tells everyone in the organization who is in charge of whom. It’s a document meant to illustrate and solidify reporting hierarchy. Creating an organizational chart is easy. Why? Because everyone already knows the reporting hierarchy. That is ingrained into the day to day operations of nearly every business in the world. An Accountability Chart is very, very different.

The Accountability Chart sets out exactly who is accountable for EVERY task in the entire business. At the end of the day, one person is accountable for making it happen.

Learn the three steps for creating an Accountability Chart and explore the potential benefits, here: https://whittleandpartners.com/2018/03/15/what-is-an-accountability-chart/


3 Sales Strategies to Increase Your Cashflow

Learn how to become a better salesperson through better customer service by downloading my FREE sales report: http://www.briantracy.com/influence

Not making enough sales? Do you ever wonder how you can increase your cash flow to your business?

There are 3 basic sales strategies to increase YOUR sales through strategic planning and customer service. Watch my video to learn more.


Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate leadership should be an important priority in professional settings. FREE 5 Essential Professional Communication Skills download:https://www.roffeypark.com/wp-content/uploads2/Compassionate-Leadership-Booklet.pdf


Too many organizations forget leadership is a team sport.

It is easy to forget that leadership is a team sport, as most of what gets written about the topic focuses on leaders. How many articles and blogs get published each year with authors claiming that their lists of characteristics or traits is all it takes for someone to be a great leader? What percentage of leadership development program content focuses on getting to know oneself better or being true to oneself? What role do individuals play in your organization’s recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, performance management, succession planning, and compensation systems? Teams rarely if ever get mentioned in the leadership literature, are underrepresented in many leadership competency models, do not make up any of the curriculum in a vast majority of leadership programs, or are taken into account when promoting people or appraising their performance. Yet humans are social animals, and the basic work unit in most public and private sector organizations is the team. An organization is typically made up of hundreds if not thousands of teams, including Boards of Directors, executive leadership teams, product teams, marketing and sales teams, cross-functional teams, task forces, committees, and the like. If the work to be performed involves some type of collective effort, rest assured teams will be used as the means for organizing people. Teams play a pervasive role in organizations, and those wanting to be effective team leaders will need to overcome seven challenges unique to teams: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/six-challenges-team-leaders-gordon-gordy-curphy-phd/?trk=v-feed


In today's climate, it's an essential skill that can drive real business benefits.

As a leader, directing and delegating may come naturally, but listening has become a lost art. Perhaps it's because we're all running in high gear, productivity is paramount, and we simply don't take the time to slow down and truly hear what's going on around us.

For leaders, this can be risky, because it could mean missing out on vital cues that impact performance, and even your own effectiveness and career growth.

There's immense value in listening to those around you, especially in today's climate. And while it can be hard to slow down and dial in, it's an essential skill that can drive real business benefits.

Here are six reasons becoming a better listener should be on your to-do list: https://www.inc.com/marcel-schwantes/top-leadership-skill-listening.html


The surprising truth in how to be a great leader | Julia Milner

The surprising truth in how to be a great leader Professor of Leadership, Director International Centre for Leadership Coaching This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


The Women’s CEO Roundtable, LLC is a group of high-growth female business owners from noncompeting organizations that are committed to developing their leadership skills and moving their organizations to the next levels of growth. In this confidential & educational forum, members will leverage their collective expertise to closely analyze their leadership strengths & weaknesses, develop the strongest organizational teams, resolve issues that impede their business growth, and empower each other to build scalable and sustainable companies that withstand all market conditions.

Visit our website to schedule Discovery Call: https://womensceoroundtable.com/


Do Women Have Different Financial Needs From MenEvery so often someone asks me the question, “Do women actually have different financial needs from men?” My answer is always, “Yes, absolutely!”

Most people tend to think that when it comes to managing money and building wealth, men and women face the same challenges. However, this just isn’t true – and there’s plenty of research out there to prove it.

Read on: https://www.moneynuggets.co.uk/do-women-have-different-financial-needs-from-men/


Despite enormous strides in business, government and other areas, women don’t always get the respect men do for their leadership abilities, even when they can boast greater accomplishments.

But the combination of a pandemic, a recession and an election that 2020 brought could be the impetus for changing the way people view women and their leadership styles, a development that many would argue is long overdue, says Andi Simon, a corporate anthropologist, founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants, and author of the upcoming book Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business.

“It’s time we started seeing women leaders through a fresh lens,” Simon says. “When we do, we will all benefit from their styles and their successes.”

Read on: https://www.intelligenthq.com/pandemics-politics-impact-women-leadership-roles/


What is Your Leadership Style? - Leadership & Management Training

Leadership coach Susanne Madsen helps leaders define their unique leadership style.


A lot of people don’t know how to listen to someone venting. Usually, people take one of two attitudes. Option 1 is to jump in and give advice — but this is not the same as listening, and the person doing the venting may respond with “Just listen to me! Don’t tell me what to do.” Option 2 (usually attempted after Option 1) is to swing to the other extreme, and sit there silently. But this doesn’t actively help the person doing the venting to drain their negative emotions. Consequently, it is about as rewarding as venting to your dog.

The way to listen when someone is venting is to ask them the following three questions: https://hbr.org/2013/05/how-to-listen-when-someone-is

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Women’s CEO Roundtable

The Women’s CEO Roundtable is the only structured, educational Women’s CEO community that serves women under $1 million. Each cohort is comprised of high-growth female business owners from noncompeting organizations that are committed to developing their leadership skills and moving their organizations to the next levels of growth. In this confidential & educational forum, members will leverage their collective expertise to closely analyze their leadership strengths & weaknesses, develop the strongest organizational teams, resolve issues that impede their business growth, and empower each other to build scalable and sustainable companies that withstand all market conditions.

The Women’s CEO Roundtable is an established, proven program that is a year-long commitment scheduled to meet 10 times per year for 4-hour professionally moderated learning sessions (first class is a full day session). It is for women business owners with a minimum gross revenue of $250,000, that want to seriously commit to learning and implementing the tools and strategies to help grow their business to a higher revenue level.

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Quick Tips from Women Business Owners: Do you have a professional mentor?
3 Sales Strategies to Increase Your Cashflow
Compassionate Leadership
The surprising truth in how to be a great leader | Julia Milner
What is Your Leadership Style? - Leadership & Management Training
Charles Duhigg Asks: What Makes a Great Team?
Campaigns and Communities for Women in Business.
What it takes to be a great leader | Roselinde Torres
Why good leaders make you feel safe. - Simon Sinek
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