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Videos by Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg in Leesburg. Our unique preschool is designed for the curious, the adventurous; for parents seeking opportunities

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Welcome to our Villa Montessori Cookie Exchange! The children and their families baked these cookies at home and shared ...

Welcome to our Villa Montessori Gingerbread Village of the Village! ❤️#villageatleesburg #gingerbreadvillage #leesburgva

Happy Parent Appreciation Day!

🕊Light a candle for peaceLight a candle for loveLight a candle that shines all the way around the worldLight a candle fo...

Thank you Mr. Moore with Victory Martial Arts! Our students loved your visit! 🥋🤩

Chinese Ribbon Dancing! A great activity for our students to do while learning all about Asia this week! 🙂 #leesburgva ...

Villa Montessori Leesburg

Our Electrostatic Sprayer!

Our students love our ‘Artist of the Month’ Gustav Klimt! They used his paintings as inspiration to create their own! 🎨

Our Toddlers had so much completing the egg and spoon race in honor of our school studying Australia! 😀

The Kangaroo Hop! Our students are having a blast learning about Australia!

We started our World Travelers Summer Program! Our students started their journey in Australia and they created their ow...

Our Toddlers are learning their letter sounds!

Reggio Time!! We love using the light table to enhance our fun and learning! :)

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 🤩

Thank you to all our amazing teachers! 😍