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Conquer the Chaos


Conquer the Chaos offers Organizing & productivity expertise. Kerry Thomas is a Certified Productive Environment Specialist. She specializes in helping small business owners with ADD create and maintain an organized workplace so they can be more efficient and productive. She loves using her background as a Special Education teacher combined with her years as a Professional Organizer to teach others how to implement systems to simplify their lives.

If you are passionate about eliminating all forms of clutter, including mental and emotional, visit her website:

EPISODE 31 | Clear your physical, digital, mental, and emotional clutter with guest Kerry Thomas

In this episode we interview Kerry Thomas, creator of Conquer the Chaos Kerry specializes in small business owners with ADD, and believes that anyone can have a productive environment, all it takes is the right combination of tools and techniques. She is passionate about helping clients optimize their environments, personal or professional, for productivity, success and inner peace.

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Kerry Thomas, M.Ed., Owner of Conquer the Chaos, is an Organizing & productivity expert. She specializes in paper & digital clutter and systems for the overwhelmed Hands on and virtual coaching services worldwide! She is a Certified Productive Environment Specialist and she specializes in helping small business owners with ADD create and maintain an organized workplace so they can be more efficient and productive. She loves using her background as a Special Education teacher combined with her years as a Professional Organizer to teach others how to implement systems to simplify their lives.

Visit her website at:
What I Love about conquer the chaos is that Kerry knows how to meet each individual’s learning style so that her approach to you conquering your own chaos is uniquely designed for your brain 🧠!! I love love love what Kerry does!!

Organizing & productivity expert. Hands on and virtual coaching services worldwide! If you are passi I am a Certified Productive Environment Specialist.

I specialize in helping small business owners with ADD create and maintain an organized workplace so they can be more efficient and productive. I love using my background as a Special Education teacher combined with my years as a Professional Organizer to teach others how to implement systems to simplify their lives.

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Starting to organize and declutter can cause you to become overwhelmed, especially when trying to tackle a large area or a large amount of clutter. What’s the solution? My suggestion is to pick one small area, a junk drawer, or a closet. Take everything out and begin the process of decluttering and organizing. Get rid of the things that don’t belong, or you no longer want or need. Find containers to help sort and organize the space before putting things back away in a neat manner. Success in organizing smaller areas will give you the confidence and momentum you need to continue with bigger projects.



This week’s challenge goes along with the theme of national recycle awareness week. I challenge you to reduce the amount of paper you use each week. Four million tons of paper are used each year in office settings alone! Only print documents when absolutely necessary. Use email for most memos and office communications. Use both sides of copy paper when you can. Be intentional with your paper usage.


Brain dumps are a great tool when it comes to organizing your thoughts. After you get all your thoughts on paper, here are ways to separate and tackle each type of item on your list:

· Quick Results: Anything that can be done in 10 minutes or less

· Upcoming Tasks: Things you can’t do today. Work on prioritizing the tasks in order of importance and figuring out when you can focus on them.

· Projects: Break up large projects into smaller action items. Always ask, “what’s the next action to move this forward?”

· Errands: Your brain dump will likely include a variety of errands to run and things to buy at the store. Create a specific checklist for each.

· Thoughts and Feelings: Any thoughts that aren’t task-related, like feelings of loneliness or stress about being unhealthy, try to think of one or two actions you can take in the next week
or two that will help.

· Delete and Delegate: As you review your brain dump, take some time to identify items that you can delegate or simply leave undone.

To read more on this check out my blog post on brain dumps! Link is in my story


Affirmations and mantras alone will not change your life.

They are a part of the Internal Clutter Toolkit I teach my clients.

One of the core messages of my TEDx talk in 2017 was that just like you take donations or trash out to get rid of physical clutter, you have to DO something to eliminate the mental and emotional clutter.

You have to "take it out" and intentionally replace those thoughts and beliefs with something else.

Mantras and affirmations are one of the tools that enhance that work.

My next Frustration to Freedom group program starts October 25th and if you want to learn all the tools for BOTH internal and external clutter removal, DM me. 🥰


Today is National Fight Procrastination Day. Almost everyone struggles with this at some point. It is a product of both fear and resistance, and the only way to get past it is to get into action. Even the smallest action will create momentum. Ask yourself, “what is the next, smallest action I can take right now to move this forward?” Then do that. You might surprise yourself and get in a groove


Each Monday I'm going to share a new "weekly mantra" about organizing, mental clarity, clearing your space, etc.
I hope these affirmations help you through the week.

✏️ Write them down.
🗣 Say them.
📱 Record yourself saying them and play it back.

Whatever works for you.
If you have favorites that you already use, message me and I'll add them to the list.

I hope you enjoy this new weekly dose of positive thought.


I teach clients that the most effective way to organize any space is to take everything out and only put back things that help you accomplish your work or enjoy your life. The same is true for thoughts and ideas that take up space in your head. By getting everything out (journaling is a great way), you free up space for creativity, giving yourself the ability to focus on and tackle those important tasks.


Tackle those quick tasks you keep putting off. You know the ones. That one paper floating around your desk waiting to be scanned. That one email in your inbox so long that you’re now anxious about answering. Take a moment and do them. Putting them off continues the cycle and only adds to your stress level and to-do list. Maybe this is your sign! So... what quick task will you do as soon as you’re done reading this!? I would love to know, and if you want help tackling your tasks, book a call with me today here


Don’t let your mind get bogged down by ideas, reminders, and thoughts flooding in during the day. Keep ONE notebook near you (or use your phone) to jot down things that come into your mind. This helps you remember important things and keeps your mind free from all that mental clutter! Which do you prefer: paper lists or virtual notes? Read more about the importance of brain dumps here:


Today is national “Pandemonium Day.” It might seem strange to celebrate things that are disorganized, unpredictable, or just plain chaotic, but today is a great day to throw the rule book out the window! What’s something you’ve wanted to try in a new or unique way? I coach my clients to work with their unique strengths instead of fighting against them. Sometimes pandemonium is just what you need! What unconventional organizing or productivity hack do you use?
If you want to brainstorm, schedule a call with me today here: and feel free to join my Facebook group “Less Clutter, More Peace” today!


I love the name of this “holiday!”
Every job has its ups and downs. Too often, we dwell on the parts of work that cause us dread instead of those that bring us joy. Today is gruntled workers day, and the point of today is to celebrate the part of your job that brings you joy. What parts of your job do you love?

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When it comes to organization, 1. keep things simple, and 2. less is more.
My challenge for you today is to make a plan and take action on one area that is in need of simplification. Let me know how it goes down below!

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Let’s face it - none of us have it all figured out. But letting clutter hold us back - whether physical, mental, digital, or emotional - is doing ourselves a disservice. In my Frustration to Freedom Program, we work simultaneously on eliminating your internal and external clutter, because the good news is it doesn’t matter where you start! One tiny step forward in eliminating any type of clutter gets the momentum going. Ready for freedom from clutter? What’s one small action you can take today? If you’re ready to finally conquer your chaos and eliminate the clutter from your life, I’d love to talk about how I can help. Schedule your free call today so we can get to know each other and take the first step in moving forward:

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Happy Hump Day! I hope each of you had a great Independence Day weekend and had a chance to refresh to get through this short work week. Not only is it important to relax on national holidays but finding time during busy work weeks is important as well. Tuesday was national workaholics day, which is a day set aside to bring awareness of the importance of having balance between our work and home life. Both of these parts of our lives are equally important but can become unhealthy when work becomes higher on the scale. The best way to keep the scale even is to keep a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. If you have any questions on the best way to set a schedule, schedule a call with me today at, or feel free to join my Facebook group “Less Clutter, More Peace” today!

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