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Look what we caught at the Seal Beach Pier! #seastar#starfish#fishing

Ms. Jill’s Science Moment. Where did all this sand come from?

How does gravity keep the water on our planet from flying off? Look at the water I am spinning overhead!

Today at Ohana days in Seal Beach

California Grunion eggs hatching-Science-2-U moment
Watch the California Grunion eggs hatching!

NEW Ms. Jill’s Science Moment

Ms. Jill’s Science Moment- Gooseneck Barnacles

Science moment with Ms. JillSand crabs

Ms. Jill’s Science Moment- What Is This Thing? Send me your guesses + find out on Facebook! Tag your friends #Science #S...

Science moment- tortoises

Ms. Jill's Science Moment- Lewis' Moon Snail
Today Ms. Jill will teach us about the Lewis' Moon snail!Here's more info about the snail too.Moon snails lay thousands ...

Ms Jill’s science moment- kelp continued! What do you want to learn about next? Leave me a comment and I’ll see what I c...

Surfing Science Moment - Kelp
Hi everybody! It's Mrs. Jill for a science moment while catching some waves this morning!There's so much to learn in the...