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VOTE: SoCal Prep Legends Girls Athlete of the Week 10/18/2017

VOTE: SoCal Prep Legends Girls Athlete of the Week

One of my favorite students, Bria Augustine, is up for Southern California Legends Athlete of the Week! Please click on this link and scroll to the bottom and vote for Bria!!!! Even if you haven't met her, trust me...she deserves this! She is one of the great ones!

VOTE: SoCal Prep Legends Girls Athlete of the Week Click on the newspaper links below the athlete’s name to read about their performance from Oct. 9 to Oct. 14, and then vote for who you think is the best athlete this week. The overall winner will be announced on Friday, Oct. 20. Voting poll at bottom of the page. Megan Lund Flintridge Sacred


Auditions for Grease: November 1st and 2nd room 801 3-6 pm. Audition packets available in room 905! Share because, Grease is the WORD!

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The book I am reviewing is "After Iris" by Natasha Farrant. In this realistic fiction novel we are let into the life of young Miss Blue. Blue and her family are struggling with dealing with the loss of her twin sister. This book gives you insight to what her life is like after this devastating event occurs, and how Blue is copping with it. Blue wants to deal with her feelings about losing her sister, but her family chooses to pretend nothing ever happened and distract themselves, so they can avoid reality. There are a lot of family arguments and issues. Her family struggles with expressing how they feel and take it out as anger towards each other. There is a lot of family fights, but also a lot of love. This book shows what it's like to raise teenagers and how we have mood swings and how our behavior change. The kids in the book also are exposed to seeing their parents fight and fear their parents getting a divorce, which is something a lot of us can relate to. "After Iris" is very relatable and entertaining. I would recommend to a friend. -Emily Martin Del Campo P.5


My book report is called split" the main character name is Jace, Jace going threw a hard life first his brother Christian left , Jace father abuses him and the mother. As I was reading the story, Jace dad have did a lot of things to his family and jace had enough. Jace dad and and the main character Jace start to fight. Jace lost so the dad decided to kick Jace out , so Jace stay in the car because he didn't have no where to go. Till the next day his mom came out side gave Jace the keys and a letter that Christian been sending and the address where his brother lives. Jace brother Christian haves a girlfriend in this story and live right next to each other. Jace haven't seen Christian for 5 years and also live in Albuquerque drives out there just to have somewhere to stay till his mother leave the abuses dad and come Jace way . as I start getting to the story a little deeper Christian cares for jace , only the little things but when it's the big thing Christian starts to feel uncomfortable. Jace over heard a conversation between Christian and Christian girlfriend and Jace was so irritated that he couldn't believe his own brother would talk about him. Jace been emailing his mom asking when she ever going to leave his dad , Jace mom was planning on leaving the dad soon, so Jace is patiently waiting but Christian doesn't know . The story starts to get even better because later on Christian finds out but he doesn't think his mother going to leave the abusive dad, but Jace does and Jace said to Christian she going to be here in 39days she promised Jace thanksgiving. Also Jace is in love with his new girlfriend Dakota. the book is really interesting! .


In the novel Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein the main character Rose has an interesting life which revolves around flying fighter planes for the British royal air force, and poetry. In the beginning she is discriminated against because she is a women. Even though she is one of the best pilots, she is never chosen to go on missions. One day she convinces the people in charge to let her go on a mission. On this mission she ends up getting captured and lives in a N**i concentration camp. One detail in this book that I really liked was the verisimilitude it presented. Every log made by Rose in this book is dated. If you pay close attention you notice that there is a gap in time from when she was abducted to when she comes back from the concentration camp. She describes details about the great relations she makes with some very unique people inside the camp, which keeps the reader interested in the book. Overall I enjoyed this book, and that is coming from someone who is very selective with their readings. I would recommend this book to anybody.


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This book literally have changed my life. The story mainly set in different characters or couples I would say. The two boys that are actually kissing are Craig and Harry, these two used to be a couple but, I always feel like that these two are still in a strong connection. The other couples are Peter and Neil, Avery and Ryan. The most impacted character that shows true Realism to me in Cooper. In the story, Cooper is alone, He loses friends as he grows up and become more sad and emotional. The reason why Cooper impacted me more was how similar we encountered our situation about being figured out as a gay person. The story is mostly on parts about how it is like to be gay either in or out. The story showed different kind of love which are open and eager, tentative and cautious, pained and scared. I have a lot of questions as I read through this book, like when will Cooper become more free and loved? When will Peter and Neil become together? When will Avery and Ryan learn great love? Many questions run my head as It was in a marathon winning a gold prize. This book is very deep and emotional. I really recommend this book for people to know how it feels like to be in a gay person's shoes. I definitely will give it a 5/5 stars and put this in my highest recommendation.


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The Eighth Confession written by James Patterson is about a very respected detective whom has solved various crimes in the past due to her ability in being able to capture very small details of the crime scenes. One day while at the agency Linsday Boxer is told about an automobile explosion that was on a very crowded street taking many lives, as well as a murder that had also occurred. Throughout the investigation Lindsay Boxer is taken into various dead ends of no evidence to be able to find anything to be able identify the killer. The book leaves a person guessing when another victim will be found or the killer in any circumstances. I really enjoyed this book because it shows both the points of view from Lindsay Boxer and the tactics used by the killer himself. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys murder mystery.


Great student book review!

Joselin Ruiz Period-5
The book " The Hiding Place" by David Bell really captivated my attention from the very first chapter because the author began by explaining the mystery of the death of Justin Manning. The Manning family have been living their lives without Justin for 25 years and they now finally find out the truth. Janet Manning, Justin's sister, was visited by a man who knew what really happened the day of Justin's death and since that moment she couldn't find a moment of peace without thinking of her brother. Ashleigh, Janet's daughter, never met her uncle but she wanted to figure out the truth for the sake of her mother. At the day of the crime scene, Janet was with her childhood best friend Micheal who finally came back to dove point after years of being gone. She fell in love with him at a very young age and finding out that he killed her brother really devastated her and made her feel extremely guilty since a innocent man was put in jail for a crime he did not commit. Janet found out that Justin was actually not her biological brother and that Justin and Micheal were half brothers but Micheal hated Justin. When Micheal found out that Justin was the source of his family's problems he accidentally pushed him and killed him out of anger. His father, Ray, was going to leave them for Justin so he didn't know what else to do. This was very shocking to me and the entire novel was very interesting and it left me wanting more and more. David Bell definitely surprised me with this plot twist, but this unexpected choice of his really made the book more thrilling. I really enjoyed this book and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries and crime.

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The beauty of the English language..

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Like Classical Art Memes for more

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$3,000 Grand Prize: Real Simple’s Life Lessons Essay Contest 09/16/2016

$3,000 Grand Prize: Real Simple’s Life Lessons Essay Contest

$3,000 Grand Prize: Real Simple’s Life Lessons Essay Contest Real Simple Magazine is currently hosting their ninth annual Life Lessons Essay Contest. The grand prize is $3,000, and publication in their magazine. Second place is $750 and third place is $500.

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$39,000 Short Story Prize: The Sunday Times Short Story Awards 09/14/2016

$39,000 Short Story Prize: The Sunday Times Short Story Awards

$39,000 Short Story Prize: The Sunday Times Short Story Awards The world’s biggest prize for short stories is now open to submissions. Sponsored by EFG International and The Sunday Times, the prize offers £30,000 ($39,000 USD) for the winning short story.

11 Magazines that Pay for Short Stories for Teens and/or Children 09/13/2016

11 Magazines that Pay for Short Stories for Teens and/or Children

11 Magazines that Pay for Short Stories for Teens and/or Children The painful truth is that Highlights for Children and the Cricket Group magazines reject the vast majority of stories sent to the. Fiction writers aiming for the under-18 crowd need other options besides the highest-profile publications, which are also the hardest to get into.

$300 for Superhero Stories to Be Published in “Behind the Mask” 09/12/2016

$300 for Superhero Stories to Be Published in “Behind the Mask”

$300 for Superhero Stories to Be Published in “Behind the Mask” Meerkat Press is currently seeking submissions for their upcoming anthology Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology. They want stories about the ordinary challenges faces by extraordinary superheroes. How do they cope with growing old, changing diapers, or simply fitting in?

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Happens far too often...

19 Short Story Publishers that Pay $500+ Per Story 07/14/2016

19 Short Story Publishers that Pay $500+ Per Story

For all the short story writers!

19 Short Story Publishers that Pay $500+ Per Story The following is a list of short story publishers that pay $500 for short stories. Some of them pay more – all of them pay at least $500 for some of the stories they publish.

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