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Class is in session this summer!Learn how to become a hemodialysis technician and register down below:https://npcollege....

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HVAC-R Program
Ready for a change or simply need to find your way? Let us help with that.

NPCollege Class of '20 '21
Congratulations to all NPC grads!!!Your hard work has yet to pay off 😉

Looking for a change! Look No Further!

Happy MRI Tech
When you land that job you worked so hard for...MRI Technologist Program at

National Polytechnic College

The fast track to a high-paying medical career!


Do you know what it takes to work in Television & Radio?
Learn the all aspects of Television Production and Broadcasting in just a few months. Register for Fall 2018!www.npcolle...

Npcollege Graduation Celebration

Npcollege Graduation. Be strong Be Proud

Npcollege Graduates

Congrats grads!!

NPCOLLEGE.EDU Graduation 2018 Setup

NP College
National Polytechnic College prides itself on its easy, step-by-step process to turn you into a full-fledged professiona...

Ever wondered what it takes to produce the shows and commericials you normally watch on TV? Now you can start your caree...