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Caught these two in the act! Love how they just laughed !
For those of you who were not around last Sunday: We are meeting at the stables in Schabarum Regional Park in Rowland Heights (off Hwy 60) at 2:30. Parking is $6. Hope to see you there!
Bear is such an awesome horse.
I got to sponsor and work with him for a little over 1 year. He is now going to Williams, AZ. Adopted to his "forever home".
I'm excited for him and to see who I can help next.
Shoestring City Ranch is looking for the following volunteers:
• Web Designer and Administrator (Marketing and Social Media) promote adoption and foster of our precious animals
• Volunteers to feed horses Tuesday nights, pony feeding Saturday and Sunday
• Volunteers to assist in the carrot program
• Volunteers to fill the hay bags, daily or weekly
• Volunteers to bathe the horses on hot days, ongoing
• EMERGENCY Animal rescue assistant, ready to go on emergency calls
• Volunteering assisting the foster families
• Training volunteers for horses, and small animal rescue
• Looking for volunteers to walk horses during the week!
• We are in urgent need of financial sponsoring of horses
To make donations online go to:
Stop by today to Shoestring City Ranch and be the difference in these animal’s lives
11369 Carson St., Lakewood, California
IF INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT: 562-818-7930 or email at [email protected]
Karen Thompson, the head of Shoestring City Ranch was awarded a Long Beach Unsung Hero award tonite for all the good she does for the community via the Ranch and beyond. Congratulations Karen Thompson!!
Karen wanted me to let you all know that Rose passed away today. According to Karen's neighbor in Big Bear, who was riding her horse past the property at the time, Rose was standing with the other horses, then suddenly fell over dead. We suspect that she probably had an aneurysm or an acute heart attack. She was healthy up until this point, and her death was instantaneous and she did not suffer. Dakota, Johnny Cash, Sourpatch, and Gambler were with her when it happened, and they are all doing fine.

Rose was loved by many people, and despite her past issues with HYPP, was doing very well and loved it in Big Bear. Her passing had nothing to do with her HYPP. I will add pictures later, but for now I'll just encourage people to share pictures of her they have and tell their stories.

She will be buried tomorrow morning on Karen's Big Bear property and rosebushes will be planted on her grave. Shoestring will be taking donations to help cover the cost.

(Copied from my post on the Lakewood Equestrian Center page. Please consider donating to Shoestring City Ranch. This was a huge shock as Rose was ~14 and the youngest horse on the Big Bear property.)

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, 100% volunteer-run organization that focuses on education through the us

Located in the heart of Lakewood, CA, 501(c)3 Non-Profit Shoestring City Ranch provides free & low cost rural experiences to city kids while teaching teamwork, respect, and leadership skills in an ecologically friendly green-space working with rescued animals. Kids keep and care for their own chickens, goats, ducks and horses, and ongoing animal husbandry classes are offered each month.

Operating as usual


Kids 5-18 come and join us for a fun filled week of Summer Camp with the horses. To Register please got to

Help with Sully's Medical Costs 06/30/2023

Our horse Sully was injured and needed surgrey. If you are in the position to donate we would surely appreciate it. We would also appreciate if you would pass this information along so we can reach as many people as possible to help out.

Thank you

Help with Sully's Medical Costs Click here to support Shoestring City Ranch.


Join us at Schabarum Park for Spring Break Camp!

Hobby Farm Experience, Sat, Jan 28, 2023, 12:00 PM | Meetup 01/23/2023

Want to learn what it takes to run a hobby farm, or have more time with the animals?
Join us at Wishing Well in Phelan! Please sign up to come using meet up so we know to look out for you.

Hobby Farm Experience, Sat, Jan 28, 2023, 12:00 PM | Meetup Come see what it takes to have a hobby farm. Interact with the goats, Sheep, llama and horses. Be ready to get dirty and lend a helping hand. We kindly ask for a $20 tax de

Foaling Around | Bonfire 01/10/2023

Perfect shirt for Valentine's Day! Order yours now to insure enough shipping time.

Foaling Around | Bonfire Grab your limited edition Foaling Around merchandise before the campaign closes. Featuring Sport Grey Classic Unisex Tees, professionally printed in the USA.

Someone say HAY! | Bonfire 01/10/2023

The second shirt in in the 2023 collection is up! Please share to all your horse loving friends and help support our rescue.

Someone say HAY! | Bonfire Grab your limited edition Someone say HAY! merchandise before the campaign closes. Featuring Dark Heather Grey Women's Slim Fit Tees, professionally printed in the USA.

Horse Shoe Dark Collection | Bonfire 12/31/2022

New 2023 Merchandise is going up! get your new designs to start off the new year looking good and supporting our rescue horses.

Horse Shoe Dark Collection | Bonfire Support Shoestring City Ranch Kids Program.. Support your favorite non-profit by purchasing your 2023 apparel. Profits made from the sales of merchandise, goes directly...


Don't forget to get your ice cream happening today till closing.

Shoestring City Ranch Annual Fundraiser 08/21/2022

Don't forget to get your Spaghetti Dinner Tickets!

Shoestring City Ranch Annual Fundraiser Join us for dinner at the ranch as Shoestring City hosts our Annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser benefitting our horses and youth program!


We lost a very special Soul amongst us when Jax crossed over the rainbow bridge today. Jax lived on this earth for 27 years, but even those who knew him just a short time fell in love with him

Being greeted by Jax's loving curiosity filled you with joy and amazement. He didn't let having only one eye impact him. In that he provided an excellent example for us all.

We will miss you Jax.

This is a tribute post and we would love for everyone to share all photos and tributes to Jaxs and how he has touched your life.

Please post to Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag If you have any extra special pictures, please text them to Karen at 562-818-7930.

Photos from Shoestring City Ranch's post 08/30/2021

Hey everyone! We have a lot of very sweet dogs and cats that are looking for their forever homes!
The black dogs are Shilo, 7 years, and his sister. Both are very nice dogs, leash trained, already fixed, and have all their shots and chips! 💙
The two kittens are about 4 months old and are brother and sister, so we'd IDEALLY love to keep them together. Already spayed/neutered, have their shots and are chipped! 💖
We ALSO have several more furbabies looking for their forever home - their owner sadly passed and they now need new homes.

💫SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE. You can contact Linda 562-522-2901 or Karen at 562-818-7930 via text. Please share this and thank you all for your help in getting these babies to the homes they deserve.💫

Photos from Shoestring City Ranch's post 05/21/2021

We're sad to announce that our sweet pony Mary crossed the rainbow bridge on Wednesday, due to a shoulder fracture and infection. She was loved by the kids and passed with her hair french braided.🤍 We are kindly seeking donations to help cover the cost of her care and vet bills. Thank you all for the love and care you gave to our pony.🦄


Due to the excessive heat warning, today's group will be canceled. Stay cool and we'll see you next weekend!🌞🐎


Happy Friday!🌞 We hope you're all doing well and staying cool! A little throwback of Commander enjoying some hay.💕 Speaking of, today is ! Can you donate just $5 today to our hay fund and help keep our rescues fed? Please also consider sharing! Every donation and share goes a long way and we appreciate your support immensely! Thank you!🐎


"They want the fly mask....on? Hm, says you.😝"

Such a cute video of these two! Houdini really is the perfect nickname for Diamond Bar!❤️

Photos from Shoestring City Ranch's post 07/04/2020

One of our amazing volunteers, Kelly, always supervising and ready to help when needed!🙂

Have you made your monthly donation for hay yet?! You can donate through our COVID campaign on Kindest - the link can be found on our website's donation page, or below! If you cannot donate at this time, we ask that you please share this post to help spread the word! All of us at the ranch (especially the horses!) appreciate it so much!

And don't forget to bring your pets inside tonight if possible! Many pets are scared of fireworks and a nice, safe spot inside with blankets and some music to drown out the noise can help keep them calm.🐶🐱 Happy 4th and we hope you all have a lovely evening!💕


Life is better blonde, featuring Chloe and Scooby-Doo!👱🏻‍♀️🦄😄

Photos from Shoestring City Ranch's post 06/15/2020

A bunch of sweet felines are still looking for their forever homes! If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, please contact Becky Scott at (951) 201-3928 and give one of these cuties the home they've been waiting for!🐱❤


Friendly reminder to keep signing and sharing the petition everywhere you can! We have a few months left to show the city that the Lakewood Equestrian Center means a lot to so many people!❤ is the web's leading platform for social change, empowering anyone, anywhere to start petitions that make a difference.

Hay For Horses! | Bonfire 05/20/2020

1 day left to order your "Hay For Horses" shirt for this campaign!
Have you donated your bale of hay for our rescues this week?😄🐴❤

Hay For Horses! | Bonfire You can help support our rescue horses by purchasing this design - or even a bale of hay!. This design was specifically made to spread the word that we're in need of ...

Photos from Shoestring City Ranch's post 05/19/2020

So many friendly and beautiful cats are up for adoption and ready for their forever families! Add a little love to your home by giving one of these cats a second chance today!🐱❤

Please contact Becky Scott at (909) 201-3928 or Kitty Corral nonprofit at (562) 522-7487 for more information!
Thank you!🐈


We are incredibly sad to announce today that Granola has crossed over the rainbow bridge.🌈 🐎
She was a younger horse so this was a shock to us, but we take solace in knowing that she's in a better place now. Her tail was cut in remembrance and an apple tree will be planted on Karen's property in Big Bear in Granola's honor.🍎
If you have any photos or stories of her that you'd like to share, please do - we'd love that.❤
We are kindly accepting donations at this time to help with the costs associated with the passing of our beautiful and beloved mare. Thank you.❤

Photos from Shoestring City Ranch's post 05/13/2020

Who's up for some coloring?! 😄 Here are some templates and we'd LOVE to see if you can color them to match any of our rescues! 😉
Get creative and have fun with it!🐴❤


Sweet Granola will be getting her x-rays done and taken care of on Tuesday! A BIG thank you to Lisa for sponsoring her to make that happen!❤

Granola is still looking for her forever home and would make a lovely pasture companion - she sure is eye candy!🤩
If you or someone you know may be interested in her, please share this and feel free to contact Karen Thompson for further information!💕

Sign the Petition 04/27/2020

Kind reminder to keep sharing this petition with your friends and families to help us keep the center open!🐴❤ Even with COVID-19 calling for the temporary closure to the public, we still need all the signatures we can get to ultimately be able to keep this treasure open!
Thank you so much! x

Sign the Petition Take Action To Save The Lakewood Equestrian Center!

Hay For Horses! | Bonfire 04/21/2020

Please consider supporting our efforts in raising funds for hay to ensure our beloved rescues can stay fed and healthy during this uncertain time!
By purchasing one of our "Hay For Horses" shirts, the proceeds from that, along with bringing awareness to the ranch by wearing the design, will truly help us in sustaining the needs of our horses!🐴
You can also show your support by sharing this post to help us spread the word - we sincerely appreciate it!❤️

Hay For Horses! | Bonfire You can help support our rescue horses by purchasing this design - or even a bale of hay!. This design was specifically made to spread the word that we're in need of ...


Some Granola, anyone?😉
We hope you're all continuing to stay safe and keeping your spirits up!❤

Photos from Lakewood Equestrian Center's post 04/15/2020

PLEASE do not dump or abandon bunnies at the Lakewood Equestrian Center. Not only is this a crime, but these domestic pets simply cannot survive by themselves in the wild. Our feral rabbits have adapted to their surroundings and even then, a lot of them still fall prey to other creatures. These pets, unless rescued by volunteers in time, will not have a happy ending.
It hurts us deeply to see these innocent animals being put in these kinds of situations. If you see anyone dumping or releasing a rabbit in the center, please immediately notify someone in charge and try to safely capture it.

If you are able to foster or adopt a rabbit, or know someone who possibly can, please contact us either here or via email at [email protected] ! Thank you! 🐇❤


During tough times like this, we feel so fortunate to have these lovely creatures in our life to make the days a little bit brighter. Social distancing and isolation can take a toll on all of us, but the only thing the horses care about is seeing their favorite people - offering us the comfort and joy we could all use right now.❤
Like many other businesses and organizations, Shoestring City Ranch has been deeply impacted by COVID-19. Many Spring fundraising events have been canceled or postponed, unfortunately including our own. Despite this, ranch expenses such as vet care and particularly buying animal feed/hay don't just stop. We understand that some simply cannot donate right now. But if you can help by donating a one-time gift, or even simply sharing this with people you know, we'd be so incredibly grateful!
With your support, we will be able to ensure that these incredible creatures can continue to provide peace and happiness to the people who have come to love them as much as we do.❤
Please visit the link below to learn more about how you can help. Thank you so much to our Shoestring family for continuing to support our ranch and rescues - we're truly blessed to have such wonderful patrons!🐴❤

Photos from Shoestring City Ranch's post 04/07/2020

UPDATE: Splash was able to be seen by the vet and her sarcoid has been removed!😄
A massive thank you to everyone who donated and shared to help get this sweet girl taken care of!💖🙏

Shoestring City Ranch's Store | Official Merchandise | Bonfire 04/06/2020

Are any kids or volunteers up for a little contest?🐴
We want to challenge you guys to design your best t-shirt for our ranch! Have some fun and get as creative as you want with it. After a vote, the winning design will go up in our bonfire shop for purchase!
Be sure to submit your design by Sunday, and remember to have FUN!😃

Shoestring City Ranch's Store | Official Merchandise | Bonfire Here you can find multiple different designs for your Shoestring City Ranch t-shirt! Shoestring City Ranch is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on educating...



We are now asking that our volunteers wear a mask when visiting the ranch to further ensure everyone's safety.
If you don't have a mask, some alternatives work too! Bandanas, scarves, handkerchiefs, or even cloth napkins can help!
If anyone knows how to sew, this article gives a great tutorial on creating masks. Maybe we can find a LOVELY volunteer that might be willing to sew a few masks for our group??😇🙏
(Click the link - ignore the bottom grey bar.)


Photos from Shoestring City Ranch's post 04/04/2020

We're in urgent need of cat food and litter, as well as foster homes or adoptions! All kittens and cats are already spayed/neutered and have their shots! Please contact Becky Scott at 951-201-3928 or Kitty Corral if you can help!🐈
Please consider giving one of these cuties a home - or donate some food if you can't foster.❤
Thank you!

Photos from Shoestring City Ranch's post 03/28/2020

Darling little Splash.😍 This mare is currently in need of a vet visit to remove a sarcoid (skin tumor) from her nasal cavity! We know times are tough right now, but any and all donations for this girl are immensely appreciated!
Would you consider making a $5 donation today to help Splash?!🐎
Please share this as well - a simple share can help so much. Thank you!❤


Time well spent.💕 We hope everyone is staying safe and keeping a positive attitude! If you're tired of being cooped up at home, isolate with your horse - it's a win-win situation!😉


We are currently looking for some foster homes for some of our animals - specifically horses/ponies and cats!
If you can foster a horse/pony or know of someone who can, please contact Karen Thompson at 562-818-7930.
If you can foster a cat or two, please get in touch with Becky Scott at 951-201-3928 (text messages preferred)! Thank you!🐎❤🐈


Due to the safety measures the state has recently rolled out regarding the Coronavirus and the stay-at-home order, we wanted to update everyone regarding the Kid's Program here at Shoestring City Ranch.
We're still holding our usual Sunday volunteer group, but we're following the guidelines for low group numbers, social distancing, hand washing, etc. We will still be expecting our regulars and sponsors, but if newer volunteers or anyone else would like to volunteer, please contact Karen Thompson at 562-818-7930 to schedule with her as we need to know who's coming.
However, we'd like to keep the program going at this time for our youth, as working with our equines is a good way to get outside, take care of their health and distract ourselves from the stress and uncertainty we are facing right now.
Lastly, in order to keep our very valuable program going, we really need your help!
Please consider joining our Shoestring City Ranch family by becoming a monthly donor! Your contribution will go a long way in helping our horses and sustaining our youth program.
If you cannot donate at this time, please share our link - every share is greatly appreciated, as are all of you that continue to support what we do. Thank you!🐴❤


Did you know that a horse's hoof is considered to be one of the most important parts of the animal and is sometimes referred to as the second heart? When the horse takes a step, the frog pumps blood back up the legs, and when the pressure is released, blood flows back into the hooves. Proper exercise and movement promotes healthy circulation and good hoof health! Never forget the hooves!🐎❤


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Our Story

Located in the heart of Lakewood, CA, 501(c)3 Non-Profit Shoestring City Ranch provides free & low cost rural experiences to city kids while teaching teamwork, respect, and leadership skills in an ecologically friendly green-space working with animals.

Kids keep and care for their own chickens, goats, ducks and horses, and ongoing animal husbandry classes are offered each month.

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Time well spent.💕 We hope everyone is staying safe and keeping a positive attitude! If you're tired of being cooped up a...
Trash day at camp ground




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Lakewood, CA
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