EXCEL Computer Solutions - E.C.S

EXCEL Computer Solutions - E.C.S

The page was generated for services like; Website designing, Mobile computer training,software installation and distribution, ETC..

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We are reminding you that we have started anew session and below are the completed packages,therefore guardians with students who wish to join us,connect with us via our communication media platforms above to enjoy from our new program for excellence in basic computer skills.
Completed packages;
"Computer introduction"
"Software" and
N.B,Guiding tips will be provided to assist you grasp the major concepts in each package you complete.


A student on her laptop carrying out research from Excel computer solutions online research services.

Education Commission of the States | Your Education Policy Team 12/16/2015

Education Commission of the States | Your Education Policy Team

For quick Assistance,connect with us via our communication channels or email us on:( [email protected]) or Text Us On Palm ID 1098995484 .

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Services Offered At ECS:-(software installation,website Designing,mobile Computer Trainning(word,excel,power Point, Acces,interneting )& Other Complicated Packages, Networking,taging,labeling,career Guidance and cancelling,businnes Planning, modems,online advertisement,interneting Services, Dealers in electronic gadgets,research,computer programing,distance computer learning .ETC.