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YANA Community High School is a not for profit High School in Kamuli district, Eastern Uganda. Our mission is to ensure that ALL children get chance to access quality secondary at the lowest cost possible!

All children have a right to education!

Operating as usual

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 02/17/2022

On 10th Feb, we awarded over 90 scholarships to new beneficiaries at our school and here guardians and the students had gathered to sign contracts.

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 02/17/2022

We have got no time to waste!
We have to compensate for the time lost during the lockdown!
The chemistry class preparing the doctors and chemists

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 02/17/2022

This flu has not spared us either!
The girls are the most affected because they don't want to take the medicine. I now have to administer the treatment myself for better results.
I like the nickname "Dr. Director" πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
The girls are stubborn me

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 02/17/2022

Thank you so much Rotary club of Seattle and of Source of River Nile for the library grantπŸ™πŸ™
Let learning begin now

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 06/01/2021

Its always a tough time when examinations shoot in. We are closing on to the end of the academic year which this time will begin in August!! Students will be expected to meet the requirements for progression to the next level!

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 02/25/2021

Our 26 O level candidates today left for their examination centre ahead of their briefing tomorrow at 8:30am. The Uganda Certificate of Education exams will run until the 5th of April.
Despite the abnormal academic year, we prepared them to excel and we have high hopes that they will perform very well.

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 02/13/2021

Our new Normal!
Distance, masks, sanitizers, frequent hand washing, vigilance and survillence and the related budget will characterise our new normal after the nearly one year lockdown.
The school calenders has changed, school time reduced and school attendance staggered although the syllabus is still the same.
We are however still committed to bringing education to the most vulnerable, with quality in whatever the system offers us the opportunity.
We were able to secure a certificate of compliance from the education ministry, registered our S. 4 candidates for UNEB and now ready to take on the semi candidate class on 1st March.
Credit to our partners for the flexible support.

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 12/18/2020

Today 18th December, we have come to the end of our school therm 2 of this year and for only the Candidate class. This iscontrary to the normal circumstances where we come to the end of the 3rd school term in early December. The tension and fear of possible covid-19 infections, the high running costs against the poverty on the side of the parents have all characterised this term, although through all this we remain committed to delivering the much needed education.
We have been able to register for UNEB only 26 students, mostly boys out of the 43 in the class and sadly 98%of these who failed to raise the UNEB fees and therefore failed to register are girls.
Credit to our partners Tusubira for facilitating our transfer to our own school site, this means we shall no longer have to pay rent except for the staff residences.
We are exploring other innovative ways to keep the students learning even with Covid-19 and the lockdown.
Thank you so much everybody that has helped us through this journey and be blessed.
Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 08/16/2020

This is our likely new face when our schools open! This is in away that ensures that there is enough space as part of the standard operating procedures to minimise the spread of COVID - 19

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 02/29/2020

YANA Community High School Children's Church meet under this tree to worship, praise and thank God on the day of worship! We sometimes host ministers from the churches around, although students are so much involved in all church activities!
But most importantly the students are finding a lot of hope, joy and comfort in the worship of God and the church is becoming a must meeting point for everybody and the number is growing steadily!
Please join us in our prayer to find a securer place of worship and better facilities to make our interface with God more enjoyable!


Just in case you missed the message on our sports day 2nd August!

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 07/08/2019

Today has been the official launch of the YCHS SPORTS SEASON 3 with a football match between the staff and the students. The season that will be concluded on the 2nd of August will feature athletics, football, bicycle race,volley ball, netball and music dance and drama at an annual event called the SPORTS DAY!
The students are divided into three sports houses; THE GIRAFFES, THE PANTHERS AND THE SPRINGERS, in which they compete.
Our theme this year is "A SOCIETY FREE OF TEEN MOTHERS"
You are all invited at YCHS for this big event!!😌😌

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 04/26/2019

The teachers met to evaluate their term 1 performance and to set strategies for term 11 ahead of the official break for term 1 holidays today.
Hunger remains the biggest challenge in the students learning, especially be cause the guardians who would be asked to make a contribution for the children to feed at home can't afford two fair meals a day. This is affecting students regularity in attendance of school as well as concentration in class.
We are however striving to improve teacher effectiveness and the quality of the content given to learners.
It will be holidays until 20th May, when we expect the students back!
Thank you so much our dear partners for making this possible.

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 04/23/2019



21st Sunday was a solidarity match between the school and community. The community wanted to reassert their commitment to to love and support the school project that has offered hope for the orphans and needy children in the community.

The occasion that was massively attended by graced by the former area member of parliament Hon. Muzaale Martin Mugabi who urged the community to stick together and support all interventions that have the potential to change the community.

The Match ended in a 1:1 draw.

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 04/09/2019

NOTES AUDIT started today until Friday, ahead of the end of term examinations later next week.
This is intended to ensure that students have all the notes for the whole term before they sit their exams. They are by this policy forced not to miss a class or if they must then they have to make an effort to get the information they missed.


Happy christmas

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 11/07/2018

Our candidates, the pioneer S.4 class are winding up their examinations this week at Standard College Buwagi and our hopes are high for a good performance.
We thank God for this achievement and pray that girls and boys are able to compete in creating opportunities and transform their communities.

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 08/16/2018

End of term for S.1 to S.3 and mock examinations in progress


Only at YCHS.

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 08/06/2018

All these and more at the YCHS cultural gala on 3rd Aug 2018.


Cream of the cream of Kamuli I n the 2017 A level exams!!
Surprisingly some of them are concentrating much of their energies fighting emerging actors!

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 02/18/2018

The fact that in a period of just one year, YANA Community High School has become an item for discussion in board meetings, staff, general parents, class and classified strategic meetings of schools around, is a clear testimony that we have established ourselves not only as formidable change agents but leaders of the change in education.

We have been greatly overwhelmed by the kind of publicity given to us by those who fear us, through the miss targeted negative publicity. It's so exciting are a model upon whom some schools are basing their policies. This confirmed how freely we shall set the pace without a serious challenger.

At the moment we are consolidating our year one achievements and implementing strategies for the redemption of education in our area.

Everybody come on board, we compare notes, stage a health competition, desist from our hate attitudes and steer the community to another level.

A blessed 2018.

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 12/21/2017

We thank God for our wonderful partners, friends, guardians and the children that we support and congratulate you upon completion of a very successful inaugural year of YANA Community High School.
Indeed a lot has taken place in just one year and we trust the upcoming years will change a lot of things in the area of education in our community.
We are looking forward to improving our performance in all area through the continued support of the community generally, the guardians and students and our dear partners.
Congs once again, we hold you in high esteem and wish you a merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 12/01/2017

Thank you Lord!!?

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 10/31/2017

Celebrating the acquisition of a home!!
Thank you Lord for this direction!




YANA COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL (YCHS) Board meeting today to evaluate this year's performance and plan for the upcoming year.
We have registered so many achievements in a shirt time and the board has recommitted themselves and set very wonderful targets to steer the model institution to another level in the upcoming years.

This clears doubts from ONE SHAMELESS IDLER who has been driving a long distance to TO MAKE A FOOL OF HIMSELF talking a lot of I'll against the school in the community.
While we don't have much time for his foolery, we have a know a lot of that we could speak, but we choose to keep quiet because this is not our business.

To the parents, well wisher, partners, we are in a race against ourselves, setting our own pace on basis community challenges that we seek to address.
We shall therefore have little time for any destructors but to keep focused.


Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 10/09/2017

Our alternative school uniform!!

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 09/12/2017

We opened for our term three yesterday 11th September and it's business as usual!


Tomorrow will be a staff meeting to evaluate performance for this term and agree on strategies for a better performance next term. The students will get their report cards on Friday 18th Aug. and this will mark the start of their term II holidays. We have achieved a lot and are continuing to score! The needy children MUST get quality secondary education, they must live a meaningful and productive life!
The struggle continues.........!

Photos from Yana Community High School - Nawanende's post 08/10/2017

"A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special."
Nelson Mandela

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