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Why some top juniors make it and others don’t
Love the subtle trigger to start the Masters Champions swing.
Great zoom session today with working on keeping extension in lead wrist longer on takeaway to get the club set up on plane and getting some bend out of her trail arm on downswing. After in white shirt. Anna was getting her lead wrist working towards flexion too soon on takeaway causing her trail wrist to work towards extension too early causing too much bend in trail arm and the club getting behind her. Wrist angles in the first part of the swing can greatly influence how the trail arm works. Great work here Anna ⛳
This was a session yesterday with a new beginner golfer who had a wide open face and more planes to the swing than Boeing. Literally could not strike the ball. Got him in a good grip to fix the face, got his posture better and put him in this swing plane station. Flushed every shot. I teach club face because face is king and the body responds to the face, swing plane, and pivot. You get those three things and you can play golf

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Tommy Fleetwood warming up prior to the third round at Innisbrook PGA Tour event. Professionals and amateurs have a completely different approach and I have never understood why. A professional may have an issue with trajectory, strike, shape, or distance. They identify the problem then identify why the problem exists like a root cause then they apply a solution. And they are not afraid to use a trading aid or set themselves up in a station like Fleetwood is doing here using the Swing Plane Perfector Professionals understand that the solution can take time because old motor patterns are being replaced by new ones. This takes time and repetition applying the correct solution. Professionals understand that this is a process that can continue their entire golfing life, they have to keep applying the solution. That is why professionals are always working on their swing. Like many great players have said you never arrive, you never get there. It’s a process it’s about the journey not the destination. On the other hand most amateurs I see recognize an error like distance, ball flight, trajectory or strike, and they try to apply a solution without first identifying the real problem and then they expect it to go away in a day or two. Most are afraid to use a training aid or set themselves up in a station for fear of being ridiculed, and being self-conscious about how they practice. So instead, they dump a bucket of balls on the range and mindlessly hit balls without any feedback from a station, training aid, or video, and they expect to improve. If amateurs practiced more like professionals and practiced like my clients do with feedback, they would improve so much faster and they would stay on track. ⛳


22 years ago today Annika shot 59 in an LPGA event. She is still the only person in LPGA Tour history to post a 59. Annika was not a female golfer she was simply a golfer and one of the best of all time.


Movement is good. Pumps energy into the club early on backswing. Too many clients I see start their swing statically

The Bomb and Gouge era is over. We've entered golf's '+1' era 03/05/2023

The Bomb and Gouge era is over. We've entered golf's '+1' era

Of the current top 20 players in the world only 3 are in the top 10 in driving distance.

Is the bomb and gouge era ending? You definitely need additional skills to survive on tour

The Bomb and Gouge era is over. We've entered golf's '+1' era To contend at next week's Players Championship, distance will be a critical factor. But as the recent wave of highly successful players shows, it takes an extra, higher-echelon skill to truly be among the elite


On line session today with working on set up and move away which affects the rest of the swing ⛳


Congratulations to for another top 10 finish in a D1 collegiate event in AZ posting a 54 hole total of 2 under par. Anna has really improved the past year. ⛳


Mike Granato Golf and Shaun Webb Golf of Athletic Motion Golf with a great video that will help you understand the concepts of shifting, re-centering, and eliminating sliding on downswing


app Download today and simplify your golf training with accurate 3D data. Get to the root cause in your swing faster and start improving today. ⛳

Timeline photos 02/18/2023

Best Driver in the world

Most played driver at Riv.

Most played driver on the PGA TOUR.

More players are teeing up a NEW TSR driver at The Genesis Invitational than any competitive model, with NEW TSR3 drivers as the field's favorite model.👌


Padraid Harrington at age 24 on left and on right at age 51 hitting it 40 yards further today. Get the arms up, learn to use the ground, get stronger and maintain mobility


NEW VERSION NOW AVAILABLE: Auto capture and voice commands added for self individual use. All upgrades come at NO COST.


Experiment, explore, play, have fun. Something I have my clients do often. ⛳


UNLOCK Proper Weight Shift in Your Swing ✅

Using BOXING to Get Better at Golf? 🥊 #Shorts 02/02/2023

Using BOXING to Get Better at Golf? 🥊 #Shorts

Using BOXING to Get Better at Golf? 🥊 #Shorts In today's clip, we shows you an uppercut drill that will help you swing the golf club better! It only takes a few moments to do and requires no equipment at...


Congratulations for committing to play for University of Hawaii. Well done it will be a great collegiate experience. ⛳


Do THIS if You Want a Strong Pivot! 💪 🔄

Photos from Paul Weyland Golf, LLC's post 01/31/2023

JUST RELEASED. Take your game to the next level. Download the App on your iPhone or iPad today. Stop guessing and start improving. Easy to use, accurate and provides great insight into what is really happening in your golf swing. It’s like seeing an MRI of your golf swing. You can see the one main issue that is causing other things affecting your ball flight. ⛳

Photos from Bull 3D Academy's post 01/31/2023

Photos from Bull 3D Academy's post

Photos from Paul Weyland Golf, LLC's post 01/28/2023

Completed the golf ball fitting certification and Titleist sends me the ProV1 and ProV1X to test on putting, finesse wedges and distance wedges, soon as the snow melts


Coming next week, Bull3D on iphone and Ipad.


Move Your Trail Arm Like THIS For a TOUR-LIKE Backswing 🏌️‍♂️🏆

Photos from Titleist's post 01/16/2023

Fittings available soon Falcon Crest Golf Club with Paul Weyland Golf, LLC

Timeline photos 01/11/2023

Timeline photos

Taking everything that made TSi the most played driver on the PGA Tour and packing even more performance into every head.👌

From new face technologies to CG improvements and aerodynamic refinements, new TSR drivers are designed to help you .

Learn more and find the right model for your game:


SHALLOW Your Downswing Like A PRO 🥇

Photos from Paul Weyland Golf, LLC's post 12/31/2022

Happy New Year’s to all my clients, friends, and family and best wishes for a great 2023. These are the top 10 fishing photos of 2022 caught the biggest Brown Trout. Wishing everyone good health, success, tight lines, and lots of birdies in 2023.

⬆️ What Goes UP Must Come DOWN ⬇️ #Shorts 12/31/2022

⬆️ What Goes UP Must Come DOWN ⬇️ #Shorts

⬆️ What Goes UP Must Come DOWN ⬇️ #Shorts Join us for today's video as we teach you how to properly move your arms throughout the golf swing.Today we discuss a common MYTH that we often hear about th...


Start Positioning Your Golf Ball For SUCCESS 🏆


RIP Kathy Whitworth.

RIP, Kathy Whitworth. No player, man or woman, won more on a single tour than Whitworth.

Photos from Paul Weyland Golf, LLC's post 12/25/2022

Merry Christmas to all. Thank you for your continued support this past year and trusting me to help you with your golf games. I am blessed to have great friends and clients. I wish you and your families health, happiness, and fulfillment, and many birdies this New Year.

Finesse wedge on a downhill lie 11/25/2022

Finesse wedge on a downhill lie

Downhill and tight lie, short sided. What do we do. Have a look and find out Titleist Vokey Design Wedges

Finesse wedge on a downhill lie Setup is key to success with a finesse wedge on a downhill lie.

Photos from Paul Weyland Golf, LLC's post 11/24/2022


UPDATE. Went to University of Utah Medical Center yesterday so doctor could see me about the nerve pain in right leg.

After reviewing MRI and doing a physical exam yesterday where the nerve pain is the Doctor said this nerve pain is not coming from my back. He said the leg must have been pressed against something in recovery or the compression socks were too tight, or legs crossed too long in recovery.

He did steroid injected around the Peroneal nerve and said it should resolve in the next couple of weeks. Although the nerve pain hadn’t been too bad past couple nights he still wanted to see me yesterday. No nerve pain last night.

He also examined my back and my movement patterns in flexion, extension, side bend, and rotation, and he was very happy with how I was moving and how its feeling in movement

I told him I still feel a lot of soreness and he said because I developed the hematoma and he did 4 levels I will be sore another 3-5 weeks. He said 6-8 weeks is common for full recovery with doing 4 levels L/3 to S/1. So he said that ice after any activity. He said ice is my friend.

He cleared me to hit pitch shots up to an L to L swing just let soreness be my guide and ice afterwards

His nurse and his Athletic Trainer were both in the room and since I am moving so well his Athletic Trainer is sending updated harder exercises. Very encouraging visit

11 hours in car driving yesterday and zero back pain. Prior to procedure if I drove more than a couple hours or less my pain would be severe. And NO nerve pain last night either
Very Happy 😃

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Two time US Open winner Curtis Strange talking about PGA Tour. I agree with him 💯 %. Nobody could have said it better. #...
How good is this Rory driving the ball. Incredible. Notice his hand path in transition/ downswing. He makes a little fis...
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@ella.stoll_golf working on a trigger to get her swing started by increasing pressure into her lead leg to pump energy i...
@ella_arnzen_golf really getting better. Here she is working on a drill I call the water pistol. Make a water pistol wit...
If needed, changing the intent / concept of what a player is trying to do is the first step to improvement. This may loo...
@ella_arnzen_golf has been struggling lately with her upper body bend going into extension at top of her swing. This cau...
Lesson with my beautiful wife Carmen Weyland today. First shots she has hit in four months. Worked on getting her arms d...
Professional Golfers like @officialtommyfleetwood understand and know their tendencies. When they practice they use feed...
Love the subtle trigger to start the Masters Champions swing. #mastersweek #mastersgolf #golf #titleiststaff #titleistst...





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