Knightdale High School National Honor Society

Knightdale High School National Honor Society


Knightdale vs. Leesville Road | North Carolina High School Football Playoff
Knights vs Pride
Watch Live Here:
The Leesville Road (Raleigh, NC) varsity football team has a neutral playoff game vs. Knightdale (NC) on Friday, November 19 @ 7p.
This game is a part of the "2021 NCHSAA Football Championships - 4A" tournament.
Leesville Road High School class of 2016
Leesville Road High School Alumni
Leesville Road High School PTSA
Leesville Road Middle School
Knightdale High School National Honor Society
knightdale high school football
Knightdale High
Knightdale North Carolina

More Than Just An Honor Roll National Honor Society is an organization established in 1921 to recognize outstanding high school students. The four pillars of focus are character, leadership, service and scholarship.

Operating as usual


EVERY NHS SENIOR must email a picture of themselves (preferably graduation picture) to [email protected] ASAP ...Our next and final meeting is next week tuesday on the 8th .......ALSO Volunteer Logs are due / Newly accepted members dues ..are due at this meeting


Don't forget your minimum of 5 dollars tomorrow!


Make sure EVERYONE in Nhs stop by the table at lunch either tomorrow, friday, next monday-tuesday. You will be helping collect money for March of Dimes. ALSO if you're a senior make sure Brianne has your name, school of acceptance/school you wish to attend, and Senior picture.




Hey everyone, don't forget we have a meeting after school tomorrow! Please make sure the inductees know since we don't have their emails yet. =)


Inductions are Thursday, March 8th at 6 PM. Officers should be there at 4:30. All other members who are attending should be there around 5. Inductees will also be arriving around 5. If you cannot help with your assigned group, please find another group that you can assist with as we need all the help we can get. Here are a few reminders to ensure inductions will be a success:

Officers: Wear black and white. Choose appropriate clothing and shoes please. Rehearse your speeches.

Line Control: Everyone must wear blue. Please choose appropriate clothing and shoes.

Refreshments: All refreshments are due ASAP and can be dropped off in Ms. Eatmon or Ms. Hoffman's room. Below is a list of people who signed up to bring something.
Julian Gilyard : 3 liters of soda
Karen Branch: 2 liters of soda
Shevan Alston: 3 liters of soda
Allie Minori: 2 Liters of soda
Jessica Crandell: 5 bags of chips
Tatianna Blount: 3 bags of chips
Hunter Williford: 1 bag of chips
Sara Awad: 1 bag of chips
Rami Awad: 1 bag of chips
Annie Phan: 3 cases of cookies
Zack Andrews: 3 cases of cookies
CJ Moose: Assortment of cases of cookies
Logan Wheless: assortment of cookies
Wiley Foil: 3 cases of Bottled Water
Sheridan Iroegbu: 2 cases of Bottled Water
Logan Wheless: 1 case of bottled water
Olivia Jahouri: Juices
Reese Bridges: Case of cookies

Programs: If anyone can pass out programs, please reply back to this email. We are looking for 1 or 2 extra people. Please dress appropriately and formally if you will be handing out programs, although there is no set color scheme.

Decorations: It appears you all have discussed ideas for decorations and what you will be providing for the ceremony. Please make sure if you are responsible for buying anything that it is turned in to Ms. Eatmon or Ms. Hoffman ASAP.

Thank you to everyone who is helping make this indcution ceremony successful!


Everyone in the Refreshments committee. DO NOT forget to bring the items by tomorrow to MRS. HOFFMANS room


NHS MEETING TOMORROW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




There Will Be An NHS MEETING tomorrow !! Be There !! If you cant make it because of tryouts in a sport MAKE SURE to email Ms.Eatmon and tell her !


If anyone needs volunteer hours you are welcome to Come to the Green Club Clean Up Wednesday in room 1618. They will be cleaning up Forestville Road. It will be about an hour and a half of volunteer hours :D


The next member meeting will be Tuesday, February 14th! See you there :)


This is a final reminder that all dues are due this Friday, January 13th to Ms. Eatmon. It must be $15 in cash. If you do not pay dues, a letter will be sent home. Thank you :)


NHS MEETING TOMORROW !!! Dues will be due tomorrow as well :D !!!!!!!!


Just a reminder that the next member meeting is January 10th :)


Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying your break. Our next member meeting will be Tuesday, January 10th! See you there :)


Christmas Packages


Thank you to everyone who helped stuff our care packages today :) We made around 40 packages :) Hope everyone enjoys their holiday break!


ATTENTION: All NHS members DO NOT FORGET to get your christmas package items by tuesday. Tuesday will be our meeting to package the items. Below are the suggest items to get but ofcourse these are just suggestions and the items are not limited to these below

Boys Girls
Coloring books/ crayons Coloring books/ crayons
Toiletries Toiletries
Action figures Dolls
Bubbles Bubbles
Cars Cazoos
Happy holidays cards Plastic jewelry
Deck of cards Deck of cards


Remember to bring your supplies in by Tuesday :) Thank you!





100 Bryan Chalk Ln
Knightdale, NC

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